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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com (the same nutty family as NutsOnline).

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"I really liked the packaging, shipping cost/time, and the product. it takes about a month to get from america to my country (korea), but it only took 2 weeks from this store. Their packed my jawbreakers in cute orange seal-able plastic bag, which was really nice. The jawbreakers are excellent!! my tongue already hurts, but it hurts so good.... It's hard to find such a good company like Nuts.com these days. Will definitely order again!!"
Oct 2014 -- Seung Hun Kang, Seoul, Korea

"I ordered the red licorice scotty dogs. Big mistake! They were delicious, too delicious. I ate one, then another, then vowed this was the last one. After a few minutes, I ate some more. I couldn't stop! Now I have a bellyache. Now I know to eat only 3 in one sitting, instead of half the bag!"
Oct 2014 -- Janet , woodland, wa

"Hi there I just received my order and am amazed at the quality of your products for their more than reasonable prices. That and how quickly I received the order and the lovely product packaging. I'm the chef and like nuts.com work at a family owned and operated business. I look forward to cooking with the items especially the green tea powder which I use to make green tea rice pudding and green tea Creme brulee. This was my first time ordering with you but definitely will not be the last!"
Oct 2014 -- Daniel, Chicago , IL

"Great!!! My order arrived today & I have tried all the "new" products I ordered & the gift of Medjool dates, they are delicious!! Thank you sooo much. I have found only one I have ever ordered that was disappointing , and that was the "Turkish Delight"... it is ok, tastes good, Only I don't care for Jelly beans & they remind me of them.... :) I gave them to someone who does like them... so, nothing lost. ;) Thanks to you, I now have almost everything I need to do my holiday baking for this year."
Oct 2014 -- Maybelle, Wellsville, Missouri

Oct 2014 -- JANE, LANCASTER, O

"You guys are the BEST! Service is incredibly quick. Your prices are reasonable. Your packaging brings a smile to one's face. Your product is fresh. You include a generous-sized free sample. And it is a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for being so good at what you do!"
Oct 2014 -- Polly, Lakewood, CO

"fast shipment, definitely jumbo peanuts, great quality... and thanks for the gift of the flax seed."
Oct 2014 -- Jerry Epley, New Market, TN

"This is amazing - my favorite! The white chocolate is creamy and delicious and, it is full of whole almonds (not pieces or slivers). I will order this again."
Oct 2014 -- Judy, Santa Clara, CA

"I just wanted to say that I have been buying and eating Squash seeds for over 40 years, and yours are by far the best I've tasted. They are plump and fresh. I love 'em."
Oct 2014 -- Janice M Jayko, Bolingbrook, IL

"Placed my order on Monday afternoon, and received my order on Thursday morning. I ordered 2 bags of the caramel popcorn and 2 bags of the mini sea salt chocolate caramels. Best thing ever made. I have been ordering from Nuts.com for some time. Good products, fast service"
Oct 2014 -- Chuck, Friendsville, TN

"I love getting some extra money so I can order from nuts.com. I so love everything I have ever ordered. The spicy fava beans are delicious. Give them a try!!"
Oct 2014 -- Kat McCormack , Roswell, NM

"My mother brought back some okra chips from a trip she took. She gave me some and they were so good. She couldn't remember the brand. I went online to find okra chips and got nuts.com. I am so glad I pick you guys to order the chips. They were even better than the ones my mom had. I Order a few other things too. Everything was so good will keep ordering from you guys. Thanks for the add surprise berry mix. Will order some of those to when I reorder."
Oct 2014 -- Dianne Madison, New Orleans, La.

"I ordered some Halloween gummies from Nuts.com and I am beyond impressed. The gummies are fresh, the packaging is adorable, and I got my order extremely fast. They even threw in a complimentary treat!! The price was very reasonable and I will definitely order from them again!"
Oct 2014 -- Cheryl H., Henderson, NV

"My order came really fast and its all awesome . This is my first time ordering from Nuts.com . THANK YOU ! and thank you for the free gift GOJI BERRIES . I am sure I will be ordering again . PS. your prices are the best and one of the reasons I ordered from Nuts .com. THANK YOU AGAIN"
Oct 2014 -- melanie, concord twp., oh

"My first order from Nuts.com, and I couldn't be happier! My macaws are going crazy over these mini bananas :D Thank you for offering such a unique and tasty treat!"
Oct 2014 -- Donna, Harding, PA

"I did an experiment just recently. I had purchased some of these unsalted mixed nuts from you, then purchased some mixed nuts from Sams Club. They were salted so I washed the salt off and dried them in the oven. They don't even come close to yours! They were bland and flat tasting. I wound up throwing most of them out back for the squirrels to eat! Yours may cost more, but they are top quality. I have learned a good lesson. Thanks for your fine quality products."
Oct 2014 -- David, Boalsburg, PA

"LOVE YOU GUYS! You always deliver great nuts. always on time. You can not beat that."
Oct 2014 -- Elizabeth Turner, Brooklyn, NY

"Just made the Organic Harmony Soup for the first time and I'm so glad I did! Excellent flavors and so handy. Thanks for a great product."
Oct 2014 -- Maureen, Bernville, PA

"My baking has improved so much because of you guys! Thank you so much. If you would, please take a moment to visit the blog, www.handfulofrecipes.com and you will be able to see what I do with my orders from nuts.com."
Oct 2014 -- Vijayalekshmi H Iyer, East Windsor, NJ

"Fresh with a great nutty taste. Delish!"
Oct 2014 -- Jon, Catonsville, MD

"No Mess Nutcracker What a great product !!!!!! It cuts through the shell neatly and easily leaving the nut intact. No more time consuming gleaning through pieces of nut and nutshells ! I did 3 dozen almonds in a fraction of the time. So glad I bought two. Highly recommend !!!!!"
Oct 2014 -- Rick, south plainfield, nj

"Love these peanuts, the Jumbos are the best thanks for a good product and prompt delivery"
Oct 2014 -- Timothy, Pace, FL

"The reason I keep ordering from Nuts.com is that their nuts and seeds are ALWAYS fresh, and they stay fresh a long time. I don't know of any other source that I can trust like this! Also, I love the easy-open, tough, recloseable bags."
Oct 2014 -- Sylvia, Rural, Iowa

"This was my first order with nuts.com. First I just love how the delivery box is decorated, and the neon color green of the product bags, I just all the quirky nuts quotes, sooo much fun and love the freeby I got, the order was shipped and delivered very promptly. The product I ordered was exactly what I wanted and fresh. Already planning another order : )"
Oct 2014 -- kim, lebanon, ohio

"Wow! Talk about fast and good service! I placed my order yesterday, and it arrived today! Yay! I am so excited! I already ripped open the Greek Yogurt dips, and I am not disappointed! Delish! I cannot wait to have my dark hot chocolate tonight! What a fantabulous company! Thanks for the great customer service, great delivery time, and most of all, the great products! I will be a repeat customer!"
Oct 2014 -- Kay-Ann , Nrth Arlington, New Jersey

"Thought the box the stuff came in was too cute! The bags are great because they reseal and keep stuff fresh. But I loved what was in the bags! The dark chocolate malted milk balls were so big and outrageous, the chocolate covered cranberries were juicy & delish! And what are those caramel puffs? They're addictive & I just ordered more! Also just ordered some spices, the prices are amazing! Shipping is super fast! Nice to do business with a small family owned company! Small businesses -- the backbone of America, you keep us strong! And thanks for the free gift! I'll be back again and again!"
Oct 2014 -- Mickey England, BETHLEHEM, Connecticut

"I love this place so many varieties of goodies to choose from. I have just ordered more of that yummy candy corn. The last order I received was amazing!! Everything from the mini peanut butter cups, passion fruit tea mix, wheat bars, and fruit snacks was fresh and delicious. I haven't tried the cheddar cheese powder, but I'm sure it will be another favorite of mine. Thank you for the free sample of veggie chips they were a lot for a sample and they taste incredible. I made a small order for this week, but I will make a large order again soon. I am Nuts about you guys:) continue doing an exceptional job of providing great quality goodies at affordable prices. Yes my next order will include the veggie chips and wheat bars they are so good!!"
Oct 2014 -- Nic, Newark, DE

"I am one of the dwindling number of people who make fruitcakes in the fall -- this requires MANY POUNDS of dried fruits and nuts, which can get expensive. I always shop around, but have found that NUTS.COM is consistently low price and high quality -- and you even have hard-to-find items like candied citron! Thank you."
Oct 2014 -- Lefty, Leverett, MA

"I love ginger balls and was so excited to receive my order. I used to have to wait until someone sent them to me but now that I've found Nuts.com I will never again be without them. I love your friendliness and your speedy delivery. I'm yours for life."
Oct 2014 -- Diane, Eagan, Minnesota


"I will be ordering more at Nuts.com. I ordered the Fava beans and am very pleased with the product and was very amused with your fun packaging. Your box cracked me up. Shipping was extremely fast by the way :)"
Oct 2014 -- Mireille, Feeding Hills, Massachusetts

"Nuts.com provides great service and huge wonderful tasting walnuts. This is my third order and I couldn't be any happier."
Oct 2014 -- Lorrie, Redlands, CA

"I have been a customer of nuts.com since 2006. I have never been disappointed in the service or the quality of the products I ordered. I am and will always be a nuts.com customer."
Oct 2014 -- lawrence, Hendereson, texas

"Ordered the silver 'rocks' (with chocolate inside) for a Halloween Food contest...my order arrived in two days and they look and taste FANTASTIC! Will definitely order again."
Oct 2014 -- Donna, Milwaukee, WI

"Love the fruit pectin! The price, the results, your service. Can't beat it...tell all my friends about you guys."
Oct 2014 -- Jen, Franklin, VT

"This Broad Bean roasted tasted so great. The bag lasted for 4 days."
Oct 2014 -- Pinky, San Jose, California

"I love your organic mango it's not to sweet. I love you pumpkin seed, your product gets here quick that is what so great also about nuts. I had to stop because of the shipping was so high now that it can come po box I am back. Thank you for doing that, I real miss getting my product back then. EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD!"
Oct 2014 -- mary, wingate, nc

"Fun fun fun. And fast. And yummy good, too. Great emails. Shipment box covered in doodads and silliness. I ordered mixed nuts, fruit bars, chocolate covered orange peels, licorice pastels, and coffee. Coffee was a bit of a disappointment after reading rave reviews, BUT everything else was SUPERB. Not to mention the low prices!! Will be back for Christmas stuff. WELL DONE, NUTS.COM! THANK YOU!"
Oct 2014 -- Sue, Mahwah, New Jersey

"We have placed about 4 orders after so happily discovering nuts.com. We would be nuts -crazy -insane to go anywhere else to make our nuts purchases & not let anyone else know about our wonderful find."
Oct 2014 -- Trish , Union, NJ

"Nuts arrived on Saturday, just as promised. Loved the box LOL. You cant get boiled peanuts in this part of the world, people in Seattle area never even heard of 'em. I got hooked on them in Florida 10 years ago. So they arrived at noon on Saturday and Its now breakfast time Sunday, and were eating BOILED PEANUTS and waiting for the Seahawks/Rams game to start. WooHoo!"
Oct 2014 -- Daniel, Everett, WA

"Sitting here finishing my spaghetti squash for lunch, I started to munch on your veggie chips, which indeed are delicious. I had a thought or maybe even an idea that I wanted to share with you. If you don't think it will work, that's perfectly fine. What about veggie snack Vidalia onions or radishes? Red or white radishes? I thought it sounded good. Have a super sparkly day!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Oct 2014 -- Kim, Berlin, Md

"I live in Canada, this is my first time order, I love the quality and service. Thank you so much!"
Oct 2014 -- Linda, Calgary, Canada

"Ordered Ceci & Fava - they remind me of when I was a child and my grandfather had them in our grocery store They are delicious - can't stop eating them glad I bought several bags. The apricots are large & plump - delicious"
Oct 2014 -- Joanne, Endwell, ny

"I won't order bulk nuts from anywhere else! We have four parrots and we already have their bulk seed mixes shipped to us from California because we did not want to change their diet when we moved to MN. We only order bulk walnuts, brazils, and almonds from Nuts.com because of the quality and prices, ease and speed of ordering and the prices are the most reasonable of any we have found. I would love to work at your fun company if I lived closer! Thank you for such quality products!"
Oct 2014 -- DIANNA, Fairmont, MN

"Ive been making Bisquick pancakes for as long as I can remember. I have always prided myself with my own ideas in making cakes but I got a bag of the 7 grain pancake flour and the very first time I made them I look at my box of Bisquick and said now what. 7 grain has taken over and it only took me 30yrs. Love it!"
Oct 2014 -- Robert , Edwardsville, Kansas

"Received my raw peanuts today, simple excellence from packaging to nuts. I have some soaking to boil, to take to the USC Football Game on Saturday and I cannot wait. I am a customer for life."
Oct 2014 -- winford, Fullerton, Ca

"I decided to try making nut milks at home to replace dairy, so shopping at nuts.com was a no brainier when it came to sourcing inexpensive organic ingredients. The shredded organic coconut is a real winner! One cup of coconut with two cups of warm water blended for a few minutes and strained through a nut bag equals a rich creamy milk that is SO much more delicious than any store bought non-dairy milk I've ever tried! Perfect in cereal, coffee, or my favorite- chai tea!"
Oct 2014 -- Bronwyn, Kathmandu , Nepal

"First of all, your products are fantastic. Not only that the almond flour is cheaper, even with shipping, than what I can get here. Speaking of shipping, any Canadians reading this, my order came to my door in rural Alberta, quick and without a hitch. Yeah, I'll be back."
Oct 2014 -- Sherri, Stony Plain, Alberta

"In a bit over a month, I've placed like 8 orders and not small orders at that! Went to a party over the weekend and mixed up two kinds of trail mixes. People went nuts over your products and begged for the name of your company so you should get some nice orders from Indiana soon. I love that you have wonderful customer service, that things come to my home so quickly, that they are always fresh and delicious and that you have such a wonderful variety of items. One thing....I wish you sold little individual packs of some of your nuts and snacks and candies so I could have purchased for Halloween. I did buy a couple of bags of stuff to add to my bowls, but would love to have been able to give out some really good stuff from you."
Oct 2014 -- Brenda K. McQueen, Eaton, Ohio

"I was so excited when I got my Mac nuts. They are delicious I will be ordering again. Not sure how to use buckwheat"
Oct 2014 -- Sylvia , Hibbing, Mn

"WOW what a great company!!! Discovered this wonderful site about 2 years ago and we adore your products!!! This time around we got candied peels (can't start baking too soon for Xmas) as well as organic Dried Dragon fruit (super yummy) and hoorah for organic Milk Thistle seeds. What a terrific healthful addition to so many baked and cooked items!!!! Always 100%+++++!!! We're just NUTS for you guys!!!!"
Oct 2014 -- d.r., conway, nh

"I place my order on line late Wed night and it arrived Friday around 4 pm - WOW - Now I can start baking - my banana bread and Nuts.com walnuts are a pair everyone loves. The ginger snap chocolate covered cookies are awesome. Thanks"
Oct 2014 -- Cheryl, Wake Forest, NC

"I discovered Medjool dates in one of my orders from Puritan and without question, these are the best damn dates I have ever tasted. There is NO comparison with any other. Now that I know who and where you're located....my next shipment will come directly from you.........along, of course, with some of those chocolate goodies."
Oct 2014 -- Tony, San Luis Obispo, CA

"We've tried the rest... this is the best! Being a fan of plain 'ol almonds, we've tried a LOTS of different brands, ordered from all sorts of places. Nuts.com is hands down the best. We keep buying bigger and bigger quantities with each order. We can't get enough of them!"
Oct 2014 -- Jenn, San Antonio, TX

"Excellent company!!! I am a 100% satisfied customer:-)"
Oct 2014 -- Lynne, Horseheads , N.Y.

"I ordered some sugar free nuts online Wednesday night at 9 PM. The delivery date was Saturday. I received the pkg just now @ 1:05 PM on FRIDAY!!! Unbelievable. Amd I thought Amazon was quick. Kudos to the Nutty Team"
Oct 2014 -- Seamus J McCormack, Nashus, Nh

"Goodmorning! I had great results on your brand of ginger snaps. Recently, diagnosed with breast cancer. I took two ginger snaps prior to chemo and 4 through out day. It keep all symptoms at bay. Now on day two and same results!@"
Oct 2014 -- Kathrine, El Paso, Texas

"Oh my goodness...I just placed an order to these guys Wednesday morning and got it Friday morning. You guys have super fast shipping. I will buy from you once every two weeks.."
Oct 2014 -- Tremansky, Benton, Ms

"Received my spice order yesterday and WOW! I couldn't believe how well everything was packaged and packed. I love to do business with a company that takes pride in their products and prove it to their customers. Half of the fun opening all of my spices, is smelling (and tasting) them....SUPER FRESH! Telling all my friends! Thanks Guys, Rick"
Oct 2014 -- Rick Froehlich, Omaha, Nebraska

"This is my third order from nuts.com and as with the previous purchases I have not been disappointed. Lightning fast, efficient and courteous describe this company. The service is unbelievably excellent. I'm prepared to be a lifetime customer."
Oct 2014 -- Nathaniel Enriquez, Bronx, NY

"Placed my order yesterday and lo and behold it arrived at my doorstep in less than 20 hours. You guys must have the "Flash" working for you. Now I get to enjoy the delicious goodness of your fine products so much sooner. You guys are totally "Nuts".com. Thank you for the great, high quality products and the fast delivery. Nuts.com forever Dave"
Oct 2014 -- David, Middleborough, MA

"I grew up in the South, a peanut farmer's daughter (put me through college for sure!). Since moving I'd not been able to find green or raw peanuts. I just ordered these jumbo peanuts. --- Soaked to rehydrate for 24 hrs. --- Then I boiled them off/on for 8 hours (takes a LOT of salt). ---DELISH & we've been eating them over a week. --- I HIGHLY recommend these! --- I WILL be ordering them again as long as they are in season."
Oct 2014 -- BECKY, CARMEL, IN

"I have been buying on a regular basis from Nuts.com for the last year. I could not be more pleased with their service and all od the products which I have ordered. I especially like their organic selection of nut and dried fruits. I loved the regular selection until I tasted the organics and there is a world of difference in flavor. I have recommended to many friends and relatives and will continue to do so. Order once and your are guaranteed to be hooked!!!!! I buy only nuts coffee no better quality and it is a POUND not 12 ozs"
Oct 2014 -- Toni, Daphne, Al

"I love Roasted White Chickpeas. I group in Italy and they are like a bag of potato chips in the US. I order (2) 5 lb bags and it took me less than 2 weeks to polish them off. I'm scared to order more. If the shipping was a little cheaper I would be the best customer."
Oct 2014 -- praniom, North Brunswick, New Jersey

"Great service and great nuts. !!!!!! Thanks"
Oct 2014 -- B, Sterling, Va

"As always package arrived on time and with your extraordinary products. My Blue and Gold Mc caw loves her nuts. And we can always depend on you providing them."
Oct 2014 -- lydia, Thompson, Ohio

"Love Chia seeds! Love your service, and the love the happy little samplers you include. I'm now healthier, and hope to stay that way because these little seeds are wonderful. Thank you, each and every one!"
Oct 2014 -- Chris, Akron, OH

"I ordered pecans for family members, who live in California. The pecans came in record time, and are DELICIOUS! My family members are both pecan-addicts.....and can't stop raving about your pecans. The tracking notices you sent were very helpful. Words can not express how happy I am with the order. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks!!"
Oct 2014 -- Carol12, AMERICUS, GA

"When I read your reviews I said to myself "sounds like one of your employees must have written them. To good to be true!" I placed my order around 5:00 pm and received it the following day around 12:00. You exceeded my expectations! I haven't tried the product yet, but if it is half as good as your service I should be in for a treat."
Oct 2014 -- Mike, Bridgeport, New York

"I used to get these for my wife from Caribou Coffee and was thrilled to be able to get these from you! She loved them!!!! Thanks for a great product and tremendous service. Delivery was quick!"
Oct 2014 -- Dave, Carol Stream, Ilinois

"Tried these chips for the first time and they were awesome. I definitely plan on making these one of my favorites. Awesome!"
Oct 2014 -- Amos, Prince Frederick, Md

"I have lived in Lancaster County all of my life and never heard of honey butter until within the past year. (My 70th birthday is hammering at my door ;-) I see on you container that you are based in Manheim. The supermarket where I shop has stopped carrying it and I am not a happy little camper!! I LOVE IT!!! I love to drizzle a teaspoon of it over my oatmeal each morning. It is SO GOOD!!"
Oct 2014 -- JoAnne, Willow Stteet, PA

"Six separate nut types, dry roasted / unsalted, in one pound packages, each very fresh tasting. Thanks!"
Oct 2014 -- William, Brookings, Oregon

"I love these! Great product and service."
Oct 2014 -- Kendra scott, Charlotte, NC

"I thought the regular pitted dates were wicked good, but I had no idea these medjool variety could be so much better! They are HUGE, the pits pop right out and they are about the sweetest tasting ever!!! They have a honey like flavor and an almost bready texture. You will not be disappointed with these, guaranteed."
Oct 2014 -- Chris, Dover, Delaware

"The best company!!!! Everything is delicious and fresh!!! Your order is received the very next day!"
Oct 2014 -- Jamie, Scotch Plains, NJ

"I was really excited when I got to the website and saw options for a kosher filter, made me choose your company over other and I'm glad I did. Got the order a week later (sooner then I thought) and was happy with all the products I ordered. Well be back for more"
Oct 2014 -- tova, Vancouver, bc

"YES, YES. It is fresh. salt is well balanced. Fast delivery. This is the place to order nuts. Keep your standards."
Oct 2014 -- hanyramgt, Nashville, TN

"I am so happy to have found Nuts.com! I have been ordering from them for a few years now and have never been disappointed. My order arrived an hour ago and that's less than 24 hours from when I placed it! I will be ordering from Nuts.com for many years to come. Thanks for the great products and excellent service!"
Oct 2014 -- Lisa, Andover, Massachusetts

"I absolutely love you guys! My business is world cuisine meal mixes and gluten free products. You save me so much time and money with your products. Not to mention everything is delicious!"
Oct 2014 -- Kristina Arnold, North Liberty, IA

"Great products, service, and prompt delivery!"
Oct 2014 -- Harold L Ruffin, Richmond, CA

"Fast Shipping, great quality products all around. Just received my Maca Powder, Wheat Grass Powder, Cherry Acerola Powder, Stevia, and my favorite Matcha green tea powder. This site rocks!"
Oct 2014 -- Matthew, Syracuse, New York

"Thank you for a quick delivery, your nuts are simply delicious. The honey pistachio energy squares are " wunderbar ", yum yum, great snack for folk with high colesterol. Nuts about your nuts, great job. Eva"
Oct 2014 -- Eva mckinzey, Methuen, Ma

"Best place anywhere to buy candied fruit and nuts, the service is amazingly fast. Great quality and prices makes this company #1 in my book."
Oct 2014 -- Lee, Gambrills, Maryland

"Been testing out candy options and companies delivery and customer service whole planning our candy bar for our wedding. You guys exceeded expectations with how fast the order shipped to Canada and the customer service. The relaxed attitude of the emails and even your packaging was fantastic. The candy is great too!"
Oct 2014 -- Holly, Calgary, Alberta

"You are amazing. I just ordered this morning and already it has shipped. I can always depend on great service. It is a real pleasure doing business with someone who cares. Thank you so much! Sandy Kaufmann"
Oct 2014 -- sandy, Phoenix, AZ

"Great products!Great Quality! Fresh and delicious! Every product I received was excellent, and very delicious:) Will order again very soon."
Oct 2014 -- Nic, Newark, DE

"The "nutty" customer service is just too good to be true!!"
Oct 2014 -- Whitney, Chelmsford, MA

"Ordered both the milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Ordered them for a gift ... but don't know if I can hold off actually eating them myself. They look wonderful!"
Oct 2014 -- Doris, Somerville, MA

"Live in a small town of 3,000 at the most, so food shopping is just the min. We're now able to get wonderful dried fruit, nuts, & many others one couldn't get here in the sticks. (Northeast Texas) Now I can by smoked salmon along with Turkish figs an eat good foods. Everything I've got from 'NUTS.COM' and I've tried a bunch of things were great. Still theirs so much yet to sample [-; life is very good now that I'm aware of Nuts.com. thank you for having such great quality foods BShale"
Oct 2014 -- Bill, Clarksville, Texas

"I think I have tried all of the sunflower seeds--Israeli, no salt, BBQ, ranch--and never a bad seed! I was hooked already, but this is worth it."
Oct 2014 -- Eric, Los Angeles, CA

"Love love this company and their products!!!!!"
Oct 2014 -- Debbie, Spokane, Wa

"I needed a birthday gift for my son who lives thousands of miles away from me. I wanted something creative, different ("Thanks mom for yet another shirt"...NOT) - and I needed something not too expensive. So I found your site, and was so impressed by the choices and the prices, and how I could buy him one of everything - (well, NO I couldn't do that) - BUT I got a great selection of snacks, a free birthday note attached, cheap shipping AND on-time...and now I am NUTS for nuts.com/ you Knew there'd be a 'nut' joke. Thank you for making this experience fun. "I'll be backkkkk.....""
Oct 2014 -- corine, Burbank, California

"Again, super fast shipping. The pumpkin spice yogurt pretzels were a gigantic hit and so were the pumpkin malted milk balls. I always look forward to ordering from nuts.com and will be again, soon!"
Oct 2014 -- Joella, Fremont, CA

"Amazing little morsels! They are jam-packed with tarty goodness and were a huge hit at the office. I am going to share my next bag with my nieces and nephews. The suckers must be awesome too."
Oct 2014 -- Reg, Flin Flon, Manitoba

"Eat your heart out Quaker! This Scottish oatmeal puts all the big name brands to shame!"
Oct 2014 -- Sarah, Zephyrhills, FL

"Just received my fall supply of Filberts. They are wonderful This is the BEST company for nutty people and nuts. The customer service is great. I will always use this company as I have for the past 5 years"
Oct 2014 -- Harold Gregory, Drakesboro, KY

"The cookies were yummy thank you!!!!!!!!"
Oct 2014 -- Kathleen McNeil, Columbus, OH

"Bought a 1lb bag and wow, that's a lot of turmeric. Very fresh, nice and pungent."
Oct 2014 -- Terry, Quincy, IL

"Received my first order of yeast. Great product, so fresh my bread and rolls were so puffy and good tasting. Your quick response to my order by email and delivery are to be commended. OH! yes your packaging and prices are super too...."
Oct 2014 -- Patricia L. Namie, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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