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"Got my order in three days. Was surprised with a decent sized free sample as well. Thanks from a New customer that will be back."
Aug 2014 -- BillyJoe Soaper, Spfld, mo

"My 10 year old African Grey parrot has been nibbling your unsalted roasted sunflower seeds for 4 years. Nothing else compares to yours, and believe me we've sampled other sources. (He'd write you himself, but he prefers a shout-out!)"
Aug 2014 -- marion, NY, NY

"Very ....very .....very good! Did I mention very good? My advice.... stay true to the suggested serving size and the package will last longer. By the way good luck with that!"
Aug 2014 -- Reg, Flin Flon, Manitoba

"Love this snack! Very hard to resist eating the suggested serving portion. Just the right combination of heat, sweetness, garlic, and vinegar gives that distinct buffalo sauce aftertaste. This recipe is bang on!. Will be buying more of this one."
Aug 2014 -- Reg, Flin Flon, Manitoba

"I ordered the oat groats to make oat milk. It is amazingly simple to make and oh so delicious. My grandchildren love to help with the process and then consume the results!"
Aug 2014 -- Suzanne, Vero Beach, Fl

"There is a large pecan supplier about 25 miles away from me but the pecans I get from are so much better tasting that I am willing to pay for shipping!"
Aug 2014 -- Debbie, Tucson, AZ

"Wow! These are the best tasting almonds, walnuts, cocoa nibs ever! We feel invigorated eating them, instead of fatigued with liver pain from moldy allergy causing nuts normally bought here. The nutrition, flavor and calories in these are most appreciated! Nothing nutty about that! You are the best, sending such a wonderful box! Will keep it for 'giggles with gratitude'! Thanks too for the Goji Berries. I always wanted to try these! Cheers! Shelley"
Aug 2014 -- Shelley, Newmarket, ON

"Freshest of fresh,Some dang Good Coffee and Nuts. This is my Fourth order and Going to order more in the future!!! Can't wait to try the other coffee's. Very pleased with! Very quick Delivery to my house!!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Kurt, Emmaus, Pa.

"I just love this flour. After finding out I needed to have no grain in my diet I was looking at different flours. I have an allergy to almonds so there are so many gluten free products with both rice and almond products. This delicate flour is wonderful on fish, crab cakes etc. Can't go wrong with using this flour"
Aug 2014 -- Michele, Coupeville, WA

"You all are such a GREAT Family, and the Quality and the Service is unable to compare to ANY website. You all are #1 in my book!!! Stay Nuts!!! -Joey*"
Aug 2014 -- Joey, Old Forge, PA

"Just got my first order, love the products will be buying more. so glad I came across your website."
Aug 2014 -- Candy, Tucson, AZ

"I have just received my order and am so excited! Everything looks great in the custom zip-lock bags. I cannot wait to try everything, use it up and place my next order."
Aug 2014 -- Veronica, Dallas, Tx

"I have to say the gummy bears are amazing and my husband just devoured them all. Those are his favorite now. I can't believe all the different flavors and their not oily like the black forest. Thank you!"
Aug 2014 -- Nichole, Rio Rancho , NM

"I've been a happy customer of these folks for several years. Simply stated, I buy from Nuts.Com because they sell superior quality nuts and snacks, at far better prices, than any other vendor I've been able to find. This is a small and well run company. If you want the best, shop no further - this is the place."
Aug 2014 -- Roger, Manassas, VA

"Loved the packaging and the nuts tasted great thanks I will be ordering more when I run out and I told my family and friends they will go nutty for ...Y'all Rock!!"
Aug 2014 -- Gabriela, Fontana, Ca

"Shipment came as ordered and on time. The nuts and seeds I received are of the highest quality as expected from you guys. Hey, the freebee bag of almonds was a nice touch. Thanx"
Aug 2014 -- Matt, Chicago, IL

"I ordered malted chocolate and rainbow dinner mints, and they came ontime, no melting at all, and had very nice packaging! I live in Western Canada, so I was really surprised it got here so fast and fresh :) thanks! I will definitely order from you again!"
Aug 2014 -- Canadian Girl, Edmonton, Alberta

"These peanuts are awesome and they make the best peanut butter! You will never buy peanut butter again from the store after you try these! Thank you!"
Aug 2014 -- Nancy, Denville, NJ

"Super fast shipping. Great price and yummy"
Aug 2014 -- Ray, Sunset, Texas

"I ordered the Chili Mango slices. I can taste the sweetness of the mango, as well as the spicy flavors added. The freshness comes through. Great products and fast delivery! Thanks,!"
Aug 2014 -- Persida, New York, New York (NY)

"I opened the bag of dried pineapple slices and they are delicious. The aroma by itself, is amazing! The slice is dry outside, but moist when you bite into it. It tastes fresh! I also received a sample bag of dried apricots. They are delicious as well! Thanks,!"
Aug 2014 -- Persida, New York, New York (NY)

"I ordered a five pound bag of these peanuts for my husband, since he is trying to choose healthier snacks for after-dinner movie watching. :) Our whole family loves them! They have a rich peanut flavor and are seasoned with just the right amount of salt, unlike the badly over-salted peanuts my husband used to pick up at the grocery store. We have found our new bulk peanut source!"
Aug 2014 -- Genessa, Centennial, CO

"Echo, "The King Supreme Leader of the Know Universe" and our Scarlet Macaw says, and I quote, "Wow". He is a bird so don't expect a Shakespearean soliloquy. Thanks for the fresh nuts. How about a save coupon that does not expire in 15 minutes. Thanks again."
Aug 2014 -- Samuel, Morgantown, wv

"I placed my first order three days ago and it arrived this morning! Anxious to try everything...thanks for the sample! I looked for an FAQ or something similar on the website but couldn't/didn't find one -- Something that would be helpful is a primer on storage -- Trying to figure out the best way to store 25 lbs of raw cashews ;-)"
Aug 2014 -- Loretta, St. Louis, MO

"I was looking for tapioca pearls for bubble tea. None in Palm Beach County it seems. So I googled and found and ordered ordered black tapioca from you guys. I had NO idea about your service and attitude. It's way over a 10! With 2 pounds of tapioca pearls, this might be my last order for a while for them but it certainly will not be my last order from your company! Yes, it feels like family! Thanks again"
Aug 2014 -- Diana, Greenacres, Florida

" you are the BEST. I have not encountered a single company who clearly cares as much as you do about your products and keeping your customers happy. It is always a pleasant experience to place an order (dare I say it's becoming addictive) and receive everything fresh, delicious, and the next day. We are voracious consumers of nuts and snacks at my house and at work, and my co-workers are placing orders too after sharing these yummies and smiling at the packaging."
Aug 2014 -- Leslie, Essex, ct

"I have to say that I have a parrot and a macaw and this is the only place I will order nuts from. They are fresh,my birds love them and the shipping is fast! I have ordered from them for years and will never buy from anyone else. You can trust this company."
Aug 2014 -- Francine, Arroyo Grande, Ca.

"This is my first "Nut" order - got turned on to this site by my sister and I am swooning with delight! You guys are my main Nuts now!!! Going to share your awesomeness with some online friends. I know they'll love your stuff, your story and your unique energy as much as I do! Thanks Nut Dudes and Dudettes!"
Aug 2014 -- Barbara, Salinas, California

"Ok first let me just start by saying this is my first testimonial EVER on anything even if I didn't like a product, second thank you Nuts family for the little extra gift. I like consistency and y'all have proven to be that with each order (Bravo). Omg I think I'm going to need rehab because of those damn Chipotle BBQ Pistachios.. lol anyway thanks for having quality products."
Aug 2014 -- janneen, Washington, DC

"About to order more of the 50% less salt roasted almonds. My adult son and husband loved them and I don't want to run out. For ME, I'm getting more mulberries and some goji berries. So Good!"
Aug 2014 -- Mary, Dickinson, TX

"Okay y'all! I'm gonna try a can of boiled peanuts on your say so. I live in New York, but grew up eating & cooking them - my parents are from South Carolina (there are still a few stores or roadside farms that sell green peanuts). It would be nice not to have to wait a couple of hours for them to cook. And it would be even greater to save my family from burning their tongues 'cause their in a hurry to eat them."
Aug 2014 -- Kim, queens village, NY

"The organic rye flour is fantastic! Just used it to cultivate a sourdough starter and then made a loaf of sourdough rye that made my German husband very happy! He said it was just like the bread he remembers from home! Great product!"
Aug 2014 -- Anita Payne Landgraf, APO, AE

"Great Products, Good company to do business with, always timely shipment!!! Good prices! We purchase two to three times yearly!!"
Aug 2014 -- Bill, Chattanooga, TN

"As a veterinarian and an avid bird lover, I choose the best for my feathered flock. My cockatoos prefer the finest pine and pili nuts only available fresh from Thanks for keeping the Cook Cockatoo Condo just a little less crazy!"
Aug 2014 -- Doc , CICERO, Indiana

"My order of walnuts arrived on Saturday, August 22nd. I was delighted to find a sample of Turkish Figs along with my walnuts. They were delicious. I am also enjoying the English walnuts. They are fresh, tasty and more economical than what I could by at Kroger. You can be sure I will be placing another order soon. Thanks!"
Aug 2014 -- Barbara, Indianapolis, IN

"Best nuts ever and considering the APO shipping the order arrives quickly! Everyone gets a laugh from the box also. Great prices too! Thank you !"
Aug 2014 -- Mel, Afghanistan, Afganistan

"The diced coconut is so addicting! I also love the wonderful customer service. Thank you!"
Aug 2014 -- Gillian, Orlando, FL

"I buy the Honey Roasted Cashews and ship them directly to my 94 year old Mother on a regular basis. She loves them and says they help keep her regular. The shipping is super fast, I can order on a Monday and they are delivered on a Tuesday. My wife loves the Pistachios and they are actually cheaper and bigger here than in Walmart."
Aug 2014 -- Jim, New Bern, North Carolina

"Nuts. com, At first I was skeptical but all doubt was cleared when I got the first shipment. Your delivery was so quick it was mind blowing and the price for shipping and handling was very reasonable. The Taro was amazing. I am hooked and not only that several of my friends now want to buy the stuff. The sample packet was yummy and may buy some of those wasabi snacks myself. My only thing was the tapioca balls. I really did not like them at all. Maybe I should have first read they were starch balls vs tapioca. They also don't go well with the tea. It made me a a bit sad but it is ok because the rest was great. Actually I already made a second order for other things. Thank you all at!"
Aug 2014 -- Silvanna Francesutti, Boston, MA

"From beginning to end I rate you five Stars! Th"
Aug 2014 -- Ruby Golinveaux, johnston, RI

"Service has always been great. Thanks"
Aug 2014 -- Judith Pazmino, covington, KY

"Thank you for having high quality products. When the work then the whole body benefits! I say that because I have seen such a difference in just a week than I have from anything else I have ever tried! To start off with I received the moringa powder on monday first and by the third day I was feeling great. Then I got the maca and garcinia cambogia to add to my diet not to mention the BBQ jerky is awesome! I also received kelp and wheat grass and your amazing spiced chia tea mix that I can't get enough of. With all these other powders added to my diet I felt even better by Friday. That's six days! And being over weight its hard to have the energy to do things that need to be done and play with my two beautiful girls. So I had heard of moringa and after researching it I came across your website and decided to try it, and many other items. Well today is Monday and I have lost 7 lbs. I feel so much lighter than what I am and my moods are happy and I just have this overall feeling of wellbeing. THANK YOU for your quality in your products and showing it in everything you do for us customers!!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Nichole, Rio Rancho, NM

"Exceeded all expectations. YUM!"
Aug 2014 -- Jo Ellen, Sunrise, FL

"I ordered a lot of candy for my Candy Bar that I am having for my wedding. All of the items shipped very very quickly and nothing was crushed. My only two issues were the size of the rock candy and the Chocolate pearls. They were a lot tinier than they looked online. Especially the pearls. They are about as small as BBs and I thought that by the photo they were the same size as the malt balls. Other than that, everything went smoothly and quickly. I would definitely order from here again."
Aug 2014 -- Brianna, Milford, NH

"I was amazed at how fast my order was delivered!! Thank you so much."
Aug 2014 -- Amy Saraka, Ashley, PA

"my order was 150 % satisfactory It came faster than I expect , all the items are fresh and tasteful and it is a joy to see the way you pack everything Thank you for your high level of care. Now I am NUTABOUTYOU2"
Aug 2014 -- Emilio, Baltimore, MD

"I have been using for years now. I customize some trail mixes once or twice a month and me and my family love them. I love trying all the different dried vegetables. Also since I live like, 10 miles away, my deliveries come in 1 day!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work you nuts!"
Aug 2014 -- Brian, Glen Ridge, NJ

Aug 2014 -- Sharon, Birmingham, Al

"I just received 5 lbs. of raw pepitas from It took about 3 days which is fantastic. I will be using these seeds at my commercial bakery for pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread and pumpkin scones. I must admit I kept a pound for home use and have already roasted them for snacks. The people San Luis Obispo, CA will soon be very happy at their local coffee shops. Thanks you nut jobs!"
Aug 2014 -- John, Cayucos, CA

"I placed my online order on a Thursday afternoon and received it Saturday morning. Super fast delivery. I am a professor of marketing and I must compliment you on doing extremely well at not only offering a great product, but the packing all the way from the plastic bag the cheese comes in, to the box (with all the great slogans) it is shipped in, and the packing slip and even the the styrofoam shaped nuts are perfect for your company! I'm going to use it as an example in my marketing, advertising and other business classes. I'll be a repeat customer."
Aug 2014 -- Vickie, Wakarusa, Ks

"Discovered roasted soy nuts a few years ago. These are most affordable and are very tasty. Try in combo with dried berries and other nuts for a super energy trail mix."
Aug 2014 -- Vicky, Sevierville, TN

"Love nuts for good protein & energy snacks. Best dry roasted almonds I've ever tasted. Another 1 oz. snack bag grab-no-go snack. Try them in hot oatmeal!"
Aug 2014 -- Vicky, Sevierville, TN

"Yummy! Love nuts for good protein & energy snacks. These are so fresh. Divide them into 1 oz. snack bag packs for grab-n-go."
Aug 2014 -- Vicky, Sevierville, TN

"Only last week I learned about & placed an order for a bag of raw peanuts (for my wildlife friends!), a bag of salted, roasted peanuts, sesame peanuts, & Deluxe House coffee. I received the order in 2 days, & WOW! I have always been a lover of salted, roasted peanuts, but quit purchasing them in stores because they always seemed to taste old & stale, & I would rather not eat any at all than bad ones! I was absolutely delighted to try these! They are fresh & perfectly salted...I don't think 4.75 lbs. will last long at all in my house! The raw peanuts are just as fresh, & the critters love them! The sesame peanuts are unique & very delicious, & the coffee is smooth & luscious. I could not possibly be more thrilled with the products I received as well as the fast delivery & wonderful packing (including a really cute shipping box!) I can't wait to order more for myself, & also I plan on ordering gifts for other people as time goes on. I'm so excited to have found! Thank you!"
Aug 2014 -- Debi, Lexington, KY

"First time customer, and got my order yesterday. Who ever was responsible for your box and bags - please tell them they rock! I laughed at the box. Thank you! The products that I have tried so far are soooo good. I will be bragging about you to everyone and returning for sure!!"
Aug 2014 -- Heather, greenfield, Indiana

"My favorite place for all kinds of Salted and sugar free nuts. They are the best buy on the internet and the shipping is super fast. I don't buy this product from anyone else. Thanks, Tom OC."
Aug 2014 -- thomas oconnor, Alton, Missouri

"their products are excellent. the delivery is ultra fast! reasonable price."
Aug 2014 -- Fadi, Amherst, NY

"I was so excited to receive my first order, and was unable to keep myself from sampling from each of the 8 types of dried fruit and the walnuts I had ordered. The pluots and the freeze-dried tart cherries were my hands-down favorites--unbelievably flavorful, tart and delicious! I think I will order both of these regularly. I loved everything else except the kiwis and guava (too much sugar and I couldn't taste the natural flavor of the fruit). Seeing the 100% satisfaction guarantee, I called customer service and was so impressed by the response I received. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of the product. A wonderful company all around!"
Aug 2014 -- Michelle, Minneapolis, MN

"Thanks so much.....The order arrived.....Each kid picked out a candy of their choice and now they are working for it.....and I mean housework & extra school work.......They love it.....Thanks again, Their Grandma!"
Aug 2014 -- West Hills, CA

"Loved the peanuts! Boiled them for my son's 18th birthday gathering and everyone commented on them. Great quality. I ordered coffee as well and it is terrific. Loved the box and marketing theme you all have very cute. I will order more products for sure!!!!!!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Karen, Tallahassee, FL

"I ordered the gelatinized organic macaroni powder, which is great. My only concern was that it was shipped usps and sat baking in my mailbox til I got home from work. The contents state to keep in a cool dry place."
Aug 2014 -- Anthony F Guidicessi, CLEARWATER, Florida

"Good Morning, I just want to thank you for the wonderful surprise that I found inside my box when I opened it. I just love the T-shirt. And seeing how I work at a college, the T-shirt will come in very handy. Especially when we began our Bean Beetle experiment. In which we will be using the beans that I ordered. I will be taking a picture in my wonderful / colorful T-shirt picture and will post it to your facebook page. Again thanks so much, my order was received very well packed and sooner that I had expected. Tangie Welton, a very happy and blessed customer."
Aug 2014 -- Tangie, Cincinnati, OH

"Top quality products, excellent prices and super fast shipping."
Aug 2014 -- Leroy, Windsor, CT

"My fantastic order arrived yesterday less than 48 hours after placing it. Everything was packed beautifully. The box itself was awesome as it was insulated to protect my chocolate items from the heat. You really do a super job. I can't wait to sample everything. Thank you so much."
Aug 2014 -- Arlene Rose, Fort Erie, Ontario

"I received my package very fast, next day of my order. the packaging is perfect and everything is 100% fresh. AAAA++++++ love it. I will always order from you"
Aug 2014 -- Larisa, Brooklyn, NY

"received my order yesterday. open everything and tried them. Dried cantaloupe was very good not my favorite but my wife loved it. Raw peanuts in the shell brought me back to my childhood sitting with my grandfather on his porch in tucker ga eating raw peanuts that he had just harvested from his field. Milk chocolate covered peanuts are great. Melting parmesan sticks are fantastic but price is a little high for 4 oz. Roasted pistachios salted inshell are great and priced well. Cheddar cheese sesame sticks are fantastic snack. My order was delivered a day before it was expected great! My only problem with buying from Nuts is that the shipping is a little expensive. Hope you will address that in the future. I will.continue to order because of the quality of the extensive products and you stand behind your products."
Aug 2014 -- lee, hilton, New York

"Your company is amazing, super service, unbelievable choices of goods, samples. Loved the shipping box, decided to save it for future use. Almost overnight delivery. The family loved everything so I placed another order. If all business followed your example there would be no need for customer complaints. I am sharing you with all my friends....."
Aug 2014 -- Joy, Elizabeth City, NC

"good nuts good service nice people John h. crawford"
Aug 2014 -- john , corvallis, oregon

"This is a ready-to-serve party tray featuring four different kinds of delicious roasted nuts. Wow!! What a treat for the office party, poker night, baby shower or whatever. Beautifully presented and delicious! And as always, wonderful service and fast, fast, fast delivery from nuts. com. Want proof that I'm a fan? This item was part of my fourth order within six weeks' time! I'll probably order next week, too. LOL"
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, Minnesota

"The order arrived so quick and the packaging was so original and unique! The quality of the products I ordered were great! We love the rice crackers & energy bars! Was so happy to receive a free sample too!"
Aug 2014 -- Sylvia , Orlando , Fl

"I received a free sample with my order. They are so delicious! I will consider actually buying them. Very tasty!"
Aug 2014 -- Veronica, Bronx, NY

"Wow! Products are So nice. Everything arrived just fine in an eye catching box. The lady at purolator was So curious about my package So I opened the box in front of her. She was amazed too! Thanks for the gift sampler it was much appreciated and So related with my choices. I Will, for sure, order again!"
Aug 2014 -- Anouk, Baie-Comeau, Québec,Canada

"Well I got my second box today! And tried everything! I do have to say my taste buds are going to have to make a change but that's why I am trying so much. My husband and I are making a healthy change and its hard because we are so use to sugar in everything. But I do love the spiced chia tea mix! I can tell the difference that this stuff is not genetically modified. And that is what we are headed for healthier food and better life. I have already been taking the moringa and in 3 days I can feel a big difference. My mood is better, I have energy and just over all feel great! Thank you for having the powder at a great price! I don't digest pills very well so powder is what I look for and was so happy to see how much you carried in powders! Thank you for having them and at great prices to help me make my life a better healthier one! Will update on the other stuff and the next box I am getting Friday!"
Aug 2014 -- Nichole, Rio Rancho, NM

"I ordered 2 packs of fat boba straws. The price was right, very nice quality and shipped/delivered way sooner than I was expecting. I definetely recommend their products. Excelent customer service."
Aug 2014 -- Danielle, Aliso Viejo, CA

"Excellent wrapping. Delivery in two days! Fresh nuts. Delicious gooseberry jam. Highly recommended."
Aug 2014 -- Elizabeth, New York, New York

"As usual, top quality, good prices and speedy delivery. I can always depend on you for all my needs. Thank you so much."
Aug 2014 -- Pam, Waleska, Georgia

"Ooooh the mixed berries smell sooo good, I had to open & taste. I may not have enough left by the time I'm ready to bake a loaf of sweetbread. I already know the pecan & black walnuts will make my banana breads special. As always, my order was here in record time & in perfect condition. :) Thank you much! I'm sure I'll be ordering more for Christmas baking in a few weeks."
Aug 2014 -- Maybelle, Wellsville, Missouri

"Wow! You are extremely fast! I just put in my order, and you are already shipping it. Additionally, I don't believe I've ever had a bad nut from your company. Take it from this nut lover, I really appreciate your company."
Aug 2014 -- Jackie, Woodinville , WA

"Bravo! Your service never ceases to amaze me. And the quality of your products is always of the highest level. Also, love the free samples!"
Aug 2014 -- Susan E Huser, Windsor, CT

"I love dried fruit--just about any kind. Your Strawberry Rhubarb might be my very favorite. Sweet, tart, great texture... all-around wonderful. Thanks!"
Aug 2014 -- Jean, Boston, MA

"I recently placed my first order and I am more than pleased with everything. Order was received the next day, the packaging/box is so cute. I can't get over how less expensive it is to order from than the other place I was buying my nuts from. Thank you so much. I will definitely be a repeat customer and in fact, am preparing a second order."
Aug 2014 -- Maureen, poughkeepsie, ny

"This was my first order, and I fell in love with these chips!!! Everything I've tried to date has been awesome. Thanks for the fast delivery....the box is just the beginning of many wonderful items inside! Thanks for all the smiles :)"
Aug 2014 -- Starlett, Franklin, NC

"Many thanks for the sample cashews. They are yummy. I ordered the Turkish figs for the first time, and they are I've ever tasted. I'm trying to hold off a bit on the Brazil nuts and macadamias, lest I go overboard and finish them all off at once!"
Aug 2014 -- Peter, Green Valley, AZ

"I have previously ordered your Bonbons and both orders, had been shipped to my Waltham address, as well as my address in Florida. On time as well, as correct as ordered. I can not put forth enough praise about how well your business is being operated. my friends would be very happy to order from your company. Very professional. Orders are shipped when promised, and received, without delay. I will be happy to continue ordering more product in the future. I would certainly be more than happy to recommend your company to my friends and relatives. Thank you Walter."
Aug 2014 -- Walter, Waltham, Mass

"OK, it seemed impossible, almost like it was a trick. I ordered some pignoli late Monday evening. At around 10am the following morning I received an email on my iphone that the order was delivered. I was shocked when I got home to find my order had arrived via Fedex! Absolutely amazing."
Aug 2014 -- John, Clifton Park, NY

"Thank you for the quick shipment of my order. I must confess I was a little off on how much I thought 1 pound of Thyme would be! :-) But I am super happy with all of my order and will be sharing it with friends, family and neighbors and will be spreading the word about the awesome site I have Thank you again!"
Aug 2014 -- Michelle, PANTON, Vermont

"I placed my order and within 1/2 hr got a notice that it has been shipped!!!! I love nuts and so I will be anxiously awaiting my order arrival on Fri!"
Aug 2014 -- Gwen, Lincoln, NE

"Unbelievable service!!!! How is it that you can order online and in less than 24 hours your package arrives??? Other major companies need to take lessons from you. Every item in every delivery is so fresh. Never have I received an item I did not enjoy!!! Congratulations on being the best company I have ever ordered from!"
Aug 2014 -- Elizabeth Forster, Staten Island, New York

"I bought "Almond Flour" from another site, and it was such a rough grind, it made my baked goods terribly lumpy. I had to regrind it! The Almond Flour is much finer, makes all my baked goods come out perfectly. I used the recipe on the packing slip for Almond Pancakes, and they were light and fluffy. A new family favorite!"
Aug 2014 -- MizzWilliams, Hagerstown, MD

"I just received these about 20 minutes ago, perfectly packed in an insulated mailer with a cool pack. These chips are simply delicious. I had to count out five pieces, and put it away. So good!"
Aug 2014 -- MizzWilliams, Hagerstown, MD

"These were a gift from a client....they are delicious and the most unusual flavoring. I will definitely order some of these in the future."
Aug 2014 -- Debbie, Virginia Beach, VA

"As always these pistachios are superior. The meat is salty and sweet in the perfect combination, and perfect for my low carb lifestyle."
Aug 2014 -- Karen, Portage, Michigan

"I ordered yesterday and received my jawbreakers two days later I am truly amazed at this site and me and my daughter enjoy them.If you have children I would recommend this product."
Aug 2014 -- Mella, RockHill, South Carolina

"Wonderful service and wonderful product!"
Aug 2014 -- Irene, Southlake, Texas

"Wow, I am so impressed ...your delivery service is awesome. I live in northern Manitoba and my package arrived within five days including Saturday and Sunday. I love the presentation of the box....the drawings were a nice touch. I immediately opened the free sample pouch of Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares. Very fresh and tasty, thank you! Everything looks great ...I can't wait to dig in. I will be ordering again in the near future. are now on my all time list of top ten bookmarks."
Aug 2014 -- Reg, Flin Flon, MB

"Swift arrival and excellent product...Thanks for the gift!"
Aug 2014 -- Evelyn L. Threadgill, Los Angeles, CA

"good experience so far"
Aug 2014 -- Grace, West Caldwell, NJ

"Excellent service and wonderful products at reasonable prices. These three things are basic to any successful business, but takes these three, throws in a dollop of fun, a dash of charm and a heaping helping of customer service. Plus, their products in my experience have all been "best in class." Great people sell great goodies here; you absolutely will not be disappointed. Less than six weeks' history ordering snacks and nuts from here, and I am a customer for life."
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, Minnesota

"The only explanation for their fast service is they must live next door!!! LOL. Always fresh, great prices, liked everything I have tried."
Aug 2014 -- Sally, Cape Coral, Fl

"Wow, where do I begin. All I can say is you folks must be nuts about what you do. I've ordered a variety of items and am back for more for us here and to send to family. The attention to freshness and quality of each product is just amazing. The choices on your site are outstanding and the proptness and care you take when shipping shows real attention to detail."
Aug 2014 -- chrsity, Farmington, New York

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