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"These cashews are the best we have ever had. They taste almost buttery. We can't leave them out on the counter because everyone grabs a handful as they walk by. They dry roasting means they aren't oily and the salt is light, not overpowering."
Sep 2014 -- Lesley C Rowe, East Haddam, CT

"Thanks for your great service and amazing packaging of the cacao butter. the complimentary cacao nibs was sweet of you guys, thanks."
Sep 2014 -- Nathan, brooklyn, New York

"Everything is always delicious and fresh..Everytime I order I like to try something new. The shipping is sooooo fast!!"
Sep 2014 -- Eva, staten island, new york

"I am so glad I found this place. Everything came on the same day they scheduled and I love the packaging too. You have a new fan. All of the products were fresh and moist and tasted healthy but delicious!"
Sep 2014 -- Taryn, Ewing , NJ

"I can't believe how tasty this is. I love how you can still taste each ingredient individually *and* it's not too sweet. I will definitely keep this in stock. Love it!"
Sep 2014 -- Taryn, Ewing, NJ

"I placed an on-line order on Friday, figuring it would be shipped on Monday. To my amazement, it showed up on my doorstep Saturday afternoon! How did you DO that? I already loved you for your products; now I'm just blown away. Any faster and you'll be delivering my order before I place it!"
Sep 2014 -- Lenore, Park Ridge, NJ

"Oh WOW! I am extremely pleasantly surprised! I ordered chamomile tea, which has actual full flowers (just like my grandmother's from her garden), i have always been unsuccessful in finding such chamomile tea around here. I am your customer for life! thank you for the Goji berries treat! P.S love the box, and the delivery is super quick(i received it on the second day)! love you for always, Kseniya from Philadelphia"
Sep 2014 -- kseniya, philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Just received this coconut oil. and...OH MY!! it is amazing! i have bought an organic coconut oil before at the local organic store, but this is so much more flavorful, and aromatic! I use coconut oil for eczema on my face- just apply daily on my skin (really, it is good not only for face) and no more dry patches! Also, it is also great for cooking. definitely suggest it to anyone!"
Sep 2014 -- kseniya, philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I just open my bag of dried apples. Wow. These are amazing. Sweet, fresh,plump, and moist. This is the first time I have ordered but I will definitely Order again. Thank u so much for a product that is so good. Suzanne"
Sep 2014 -- Suzanne Brown, My juliet, Tn

"I just put a heaping teaspoon in a cup of fresh brewed coffee, and yummy! Try it, you'll like it."
Sep 2014 -- Larry, Strongsville, Ohio

"Thank you so much for such excellant service. I have been pleased with everything I have purchased from you and will continue to come back for more and recommend you to friends. Much continued success to you."
Sep 2014 -- Maria, S D, CA

"Fastest delivery ever!!! Never tasted cashews this great before!! I will be a return customer...Love the box <3 <3"
Sep 2014 -- Brenda, Plaainfield, NJ

"So so delish! And so reasonable compared to the freeze dried peas from Whole Foods. Amazing, fast delivery, and just a pleasure overall. Thank you!"
Sep 2014 -- Julia, Phila, Pa

"I received my 2lb. Bag of freeze dried strawberries today! Yum - they are delicious! I eat them as a snack, put them in salads and in oatmeal & pancakes! You don't have to worry about spoilage! The shipping box is so cute!"
Sep 2014 -- Pat Wilson, Rockwall, TX

"Great products! We ordered from here to fill our wedding snack bowls and everything tasted great!"
Sep 2014 -- Scott P Clement, Newaygo, Michigan

"Confession... I bought some supermarket pistachios, and they were horrible.. Big mistake... I promise, I will never stray again, and I hope you nuts can forgive me."
Sep 2014 -- Karen Ray, Portage, Mi

"I have been eating candy all my life and I am quite sad that I never knew candy can taste so good and fresh. Thank you nut family for the FRESH stuff. I know I will be a constant customer, because my first order was just amazing and now these jelly beans that I just got are almost done. So thank you nut family. And the best of luck on expanding. Well worth it."
Sep 2014 -- Jonathan E Dominguez, Richmond hill, Ontario

"What can I say but....Purrrfect Love, Love everything I have ordered from you. Your Nuts are superior to any I have had as well as all The other products I have ordered. I will definitely be back for more of everything and continue To try new items. Love seeing all my Nutty Bags in my pantry. Thanks again family"
Sep 2014 -- Eila Stephenson, Summerfield, FL.

"I can't believe how jumbo the Israeli sunflower seeds are! My order came in fast, ordered late Wednesday night, got them early Friday morning. The pumpkin seeds are awesome, both salted and 50% less salted, fresh, I will buy again! thanks for the free gift!"
Sep 2014 -- Martin, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada

"Always a pleasure to buy from. Very fresh products, good prices , very fast service and shipping and fun reading the boxes. The dried porcini mushrooms are really the best I have found. All in all, a paradise for nutty nut/fruit/mushroom lovers."
Sep 2014 -- Cornelis van Popering, The Villages, Florida

"My first time ordering with and really impressed with the products freshness and receiving order when I was told. Was very Happy and will be ordering from them again and again. Thank you"
Sep 2014 -- Sue Brown, Charleston, WV

"My first time ordering with and really impressed with the products freshness and receiving order when I was told. Was very Happy and will be ordering from them again and again. Thank you u"
Sep 2014 -- Sue Brown, Charleston, WV

"This is the 1st time I have written a testimonial for any product but, I just had to stop and tell you what a wonderful store you have. I have ordered 3-4 times and each transaction has been flawless. The quality of food, the timely shipping and most of all, everyone who eats these goodies have always enjoyed them. Thank you so very much. Michelle"
Sep 2014 -- Michelle L, Festus, MO

"I recently ordered unsalted Macadamia Nuts and unsalted shelled Pistachio Nuts. If I am reincarnated I want to come back as a squirrel. Until then I want a job a"
Sep 2014 -- Carl, Ambridge, PA

"I ordered tons of candy for my daughter's wedding. Her new name is Green so we had a Green candy buffet. was AMAZING!! When the boxes arrived, they were packaged so cute, we couldn't resist opening the boxes and sampling. I highly recommend this particular candy site. I know there are many, but we couldn't have been happier with all of our candy!!"
Sep 2014 -- Lori, Yazoo City, MS

"My brother is a body builder who lives in Europe. Once a year I order him 10 lbs, of macadamia's for his birthday and some nuts,seeds and cocoa nibs for myself. Without a doubt you are the absolute best as far as freshness, quality and service is concerned, bar NONE ! I ordered Tuesday. Today, Thursday, it was at my front door, in the morning ! I've already tasted the Mulberries. Wonderful ! Don't ever change."
Sep 2014 -- Christine, Southaven, MS

"I ordered a few pounds of gummies to surprise my boyfriend, they're delicious and the shipping was real quick ! I placed my order on Sunday and these were at my doorstep by Thursday afternoon ! Thanks a lot for the cashew sample too, they were delicious ! Great service !"
Sep 2014 -- Alexandra, Québec, Canada

"Just opened my "nutty box" and found some new-to-me goodies that I am anxious to try. The Olives look yummy! I'm going to try them as soon as I click "send" on this. And the "Power Mix"... can hardly wait to try that also..... I'm going to have to put these under lock & key so I won't eat them all in the next hour. Thank you Nuts for your service & good products."
Sep 2014 -- Maybelle, Wellsville, Missouri

"Haven't tasted my nuts yet, but loved your nutty shipping box. I'll be sure to recycle it when I send cookies to my (nutty) grandsons!"
Sep 2014 -- Mary, Beaver, PA

"Great service. Product is fresh and packaged nicely. Will order more from them."
Sep 2014 -- John, Fayetteville, Tennessee

"My search for dry fruit is over! EXCELLENT! Will purchase again, Thank you!"
Sep 2014 -- Nicole, FERNANDINA beach, Florida

"Boy these were good! And I love the way they were packaged in a nice resealable package. May I suggest to warm them a few seconds in the microwave. This was my first time ordering from this company and I will order again & again."
Sep 2014 -- Bunnies Opinion, Aquia, VA

"I love your company!!! The best nuts I have ever tasted!! Your level of customer service and delivery time is shockingly efficient! I tell everyone about your company. The nuts....WOW! They are out of this world delicious! Thank you!! Juanita Ferro"
Sep 2014 -- Juanita, Weymouth, MA

"Have gotten the five pound bag for myself several times stay fresh for months as long as you keep them sealed and taste fresh daily.Use them to take to lunch with me had them on a jar on my desk but co-workers kept coming so the boss said to take my jar home"
Sep 2014 -- eddie, Killeen, Tx

"Tonite I cooked Freekeh with cubed steak and homemade gravy with sides of lemon garlic broccoli and roasted butternut squash...we'll let me tell you the Freekeh stole the show!!! Delicious with the added Chicken Bouillon my husband Loved it not to mention the nutritional components as well."
Sep 2014 -- Simone, Durham, NC

"So glad to receive my products. And the free nuts, that guarantees I will order again. Won't open till my newlywed gets home from work so we can try together. Thanks guys!!!"
Sep 2014 -- Derrick, Lexington, South Carolina

"my order fast quick can't believe how fast fresh yummy roasted nuts or all types to order Surprise!!!!!! Macadamia nuts thanks guys really surprised one to order nuts and goodies price not bad just find out how quick your order arrives"
Sep 2014 -- Kevin C Moore, briingham, al

"Highest quality products. Best c.s. ever! Love this site."
Sep 2014 -- robert d adelman, Providence, RI

" has been great to work with. Always responsive and friendly. Tasty nuts! - satisfied nut eater"
Sep 2014 -- lucas, blue bell, pa

"Your Turkish figs are heavenly - so moist and flavorful!!!"
Sep 2014 -- Lindley, Newburyport, MA

"I ordered several of your Almond items and have got a rave review for you! I guess I got used to eating an Almond Joy candy bar and thinking that was what Almonds taste like.......THESE Almonds are so far out of that class it's actually funny. They taste fantastic and are Sooooooooooo fresh! I love the Lemon covered Almonds. OMG those are to die for!!!! Just getting ready to order the sliced and maybe the silvered Almonds. I also love every order gets a little something extra. I've always wondered about one type of nut and you sent it to me in my last order. LOL it wasn't my cup of tea, but my neighbor LOVED IT!"
Sep 2014 -- Brenda, Eaton, Ohio

"We really enjoy this fruit but it's extremely sweet, so when we take a bit of it we mask the sweetness with one of your great tasting banana chips. We will keep buying and the health benefits are great! THANKS!"
Sep 2014 -- Lisa Marie Guermonprez, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"My husband and I had a nagging dry cough. My sister bought a batch of this on our last combined order. She gave me a sampling of this. It helped with that annoying tickle in our throat. I shared a 5lbs bag with my sister on our next order. I'm ready for winter cold season! Bring it! Lol"
Sep 2014 -- Joanne, montreal, qc

"This is my second time ordering from, I was thrilled with how quickly I received my order. The dried goods I ordered were delicious, especially the mulberries! I will definitely continue to be a loyal customer."
Sep 2014 -- Ewa, Sweden, Me

"Quality products, great selection, fast safe shipping! Highly recommended by me."
Sep 2014 -- Ally, Ewing, NJ

Sep 2014 -- stephen keefe, spring hill, F L

"love your site, love your nuts will be ordering again, love the box with all the cute writing, and the order was here in about 3days. Thank you."
Sep 2014 -- elizabeth , lemon grove, ca

"You guys are the greatest, I ordered 30min. ago, and it is now on its way. Everything you ship is fresh. Thanks"
Sep 2014 -- Carl, Sheldon, Illinois

"Hi, I appreciate the quick service/delivery. Right on time. I love the walnuts. They are fresh and the taste takes me back to my childhood in the South. We would crack open the hard shells and pop the goodies (nuts) into our mouths. What a treat?! I'm glad I found your site. Yippy-skippy!!!"
Sep 2014 -- Michelle, San Lorenzo, CA

"I am nuts about I received the wheatgrass powder so quickly. I thought that I would have to bribe my family into using it because I thought it would be bitter. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered it has no bitter taste. We love really enjoy it, and the fact that it is good for us is a plus. I put it in all my smoothies and juice drinks. Thank you for a great product."
Sep 2014 -- Rachel, Los Angeles, CA

"Sirs, Received your shipment very quickly . Tried most of samples,and found to be great. The Turkish figs sample is about gone. Not sure if I really like them or need money back ? Please send another sample ? HaHa, kidding figs are best I've ever had!!"
Sep 2014 -- T.A.Markel, Ashland, Ohio

"Very nice company. Everything I ordered was nicely packaged and shipped quickly. I've been sampling through the different things I ordered and they all appear fresh. I'd definitely order from them again."
Sep 2014 -- Eric, Spring Hill, TN

"I have a pet squirrel I rescued six years ago when he was only a few days old. He is the second one I have raised, the first one lived to be eleven years old. This is the only way to buy nuts for him. I would definitely recommend this assortment of nuts in the shell for squirrels"
Sep 2014 -- Betty, Tavares, Florida

"I got my package with in days, very fast. Great packaging, easy to open. I ordered pepitas and have tasted the almonds. great natural flavor. I was very satisfied with my order and have recommended you to others. Thank you."
Sep 2014 -- Denise, West Frankfort, Ill

"These were wonderful--smooth consistency, wonderful balanced blueberry flavor that was neither too tart or too sweet, and of course the dark chocolate. Who could forget that? Even that was smooth and quality. Everything I've bought so far has been wonderfully balanced--even products that I hadn't imagined would need it."
Sep 2014 -- Jennifer, El Cerrito, CA

"These were above and beyond anything I expected. Every part of the experience, from the initial smell upon opening the bag to crunching through to the middle, was more than I expected. Their apparent crunchiness gave me pause, but I bit in to one and found the inside was still soft and sweet, complimenting the crunch and cinnamon spice perfectly."
Sep 2014 -- Jennifer, El Cerrito, CA

"I loved these. Sunflower seeds have become very standard for me--something I've always liked and will always buy, but I had no expectations and they still somehow managed to surprise me, like every other product I've bought so far. They were not overroasted and soft, or overly chewy, and the shells crack properly instead of falling apart. I also got a sample of another sunflower seed in my order, though I'm not sure which because I can't read the package (no fault of yours), a rough-shelled and very large type which I like because I've always liked larger sunflower seeds."
Sep 2014 -- Jennifer, El Cerrito, CA

"I've had this originally with a friend of mine on one of their holidays, though I don't remember which one now. I was a little apprehensive about it because every time I go looking for the Indian food I remember, I end up disappointed. This was a wonderful surprise, with the right amount of crunch and a flavor very close to what I remember."
Sep 2014 -- Jennifer, El Cerrito, CA

"These are the best pretzels I have ever had. I love the pumpkin flavor. You are the BEST. Thank you!!!"
Sep 2014 -- lisa, petaluma, California

"I don't normally fill out a review for an online purchase, but I'm making an exception this time. I will admit that I waited a while before I actually opened my shipment, but that's because I was too busy reading all the cleverness on the outside of the packaging. Once I did open the shipment I was more than pleased with the items I ordered and the way they were packed. I have NEVER seen such humorous packaging. This will seem strange, but 3 of the items (the lima beans, the pinto beans and the popcorn kernels) were purchased as decorative items. These will be layered inside an antique fruit jar from my Dad's collection so my color scheme of "red, white and blue" will continue. Thank you so much for the speed with which I got my order; for the quality; and for the good "belly laugh" I enjoyed as well."

"Order will be under my husband's name but he doesn't do when able..I do review for him. And certainly deserves a positive review. Pretzels were ordered on 9/12...arrived 9/13. Due to the incredible care taken with packing....pretzels are intact/look great. Highly recommend. Thank you kindly!"
Sep 2014 -- Susan, Worcester, Massachusetts

"I love your mini marshmallows to snack on at night while I'm watching TV. I go though 5 or more10.5oz a night. I was wondering How much they cost in the case. Could I get them cheaper buying from you? I have a bad habit of chewing. I chew ice and your marshmallows Fast Free. I just can't stop eating them a lot of time I fall asleep with some in my mouth and my hand in the bowl. Please let me know."
Sep 2014 -- Karen, Bethpage, Tennessee

"I've always received quality products at reasonable if not lower prices than competitors and a huge selection!. And delivery is also fast. Nuts, your the best!!!!"
Sep 2014 -- Vicky, Akron, Ohio

"WOW! This is my 4th order...From the ease of ordering and the vast options, to the quality and price of your products...hands down there is no competition! The automated order status and tracking updates, leave me nothing to worry about until I can tear into my bag of treats! Every order I get includes a tasty sample of something and all your communications are so positive and outgoing! From the packaging to the packing list..there is always something positive in your message. What a great business you have. Everything is done right the first time!!!!"
Sep 2014 -- Suz, RUtland, VT

"Since I am making fruitcakes this year, I opened my bags of dried and candied fruit immediately and started cutting and measuring. And tasting. One of the cakes I make is traditional, with diced, candied peel, etc. I have never tasted candied orange or lemon peel that is as good as yours. Both have a very, strong citrus taste, rather than the disgusting syrupy, sugary taste of most commercially-made peels. Delicious! But the real surprise was the citron. I don't like any citron that I've ever used in the past. I only use it because most traditional fruitcake recipes call for it. Yours is wonderful, really tasty and citrony The best! The other cake is a chocolate fruitcake, with lots of Grand Marnier and cognac and almost no flour. For those cakes I use dried fruit - apricots, peaches, prunes, dates, etc. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) your dried fruits were delicious, tender (easy to cut up) and I can't wait to try the cake. Alas, that won't be for several months, until all the liquor is soaked in. Anyway, thanks so much for such wonderful products."
Sep 2014 -- Victoria, Vermillion, SD

"Oh my goodness I placed my order Monday afternoon, and my parcel arrived Tuesday. Why can't other companies do this? So delicious. I love finding the bonus that is always in the order. The very best on line company. Thankyou very much."
Sep 2014 -- Clair, East Lyme, CT

"Wow, I got my orders in the mail today.....and I was so impressesd again. Thank you for sending the recipes for the products I ordered. Pistachios as a free gift? That was like Christmas morning, they were the best tasting pistachios I have ever had. Keep up the great work, I love your company. Repeat orders will be coming your way shortly."
Sep 2014 -- rachel walls, loogootee, in

"The customer service for is topnotch. I did not receive a delivery (not the fault of the seller but the shipping company) and after notifying, they sent a replacement shipment right away."
Sep 2014 -- Gillian, Orlando, FL

"I always laugh when I get a shipment from you. The packaging is hilarious! I always know I'll Get what I ordered. Keep me laughing And I'll continue ordering!"
Sep 2014 -- Cindy, Dade city, Florida

"Dear family, Just wanted to express my joy at finding your box delivered just two days after I placed an order and I live in the mountains! My daughter and I fell in love with the free strawberry sample and she has instructed me to purchase these by the pound next time. She will be packing these, some dried Kiwi, energy squares and nuts for after soccer practice and games. The tiny candy coated Fennel Candy is simply scrumptious and addicting and of course the chocolate candy coated sunflower seeds are wonderful! Thank you so much for my delicious and speedy order and also the cheery packaging puts a smile on our faces! Sincerely, Betsy P.S. Mocha the kitty loves the shipping box and it suits him well!!!"
Sep 2014 -- Betsy, Long Lake, NY

"I needed peppermint bark in the middle of September (to make peppermint bark ice cream for my niece's birthday) when most companies usually don't stock it until the holidays. Thank goodness for!! They have reasonable prices and shipping costs and I received my shipment one day early. Oh, and the peppermint bark is DELICIOUS!! I will definitely order from again!"
Sep 2014 -- Beth, Los Angeles, CA

"Loved the packaging and the nuts tasted great thanks I will be ordering more when I run out and I told my family and friends they will go nuts after tasting them..... Highly recomended. You guys are the best, and soooo funny. Thank you so much Lucy"
Sep 2014 -- Lucille, Charlotte, NC

"Just posted the following on my Facebook page: OMG just got in another order from and I'm loving it. Found these almonds in a lemon coating and they are to die for. Also, found lemon chips and they are wonderful. How about cinnamoned apple wedges or my favorite the diced dried pineapple, maple or peanut butter malted milk balls, etc., etc., etc. I have yet to find one bad item from this company. Also, in every order they give you a free sample of another product and their customer service is top notch and you place an order from their NJ location and I have it a day and a half later. Plus, s&h is pretty darn reasonable. You all have got to try this site, but don't be's not the that's also out there! Good munching and baking!!! P.S. Just tried the cinnamoned walnuts....yummy and everything is SUPER fresh!!! ROFL........I guess you all can tell I love this nutty family!!!"
Sep 2014 -- Brenda K. McQueen, Eaton, OH

"great company! delivers on time. great taste, great products!"
Sep 2014 -- Shachar, los angeles, ca

"I was searching for a place to buy raw peanuts for our blue jays, when I went online and found What a wonderful company! Besides the peanuts being fresh and good quality, they arrived promptly and I love the packaging!"
Sep 2014 -- Shelley, Los Angeles, CA

"One of the 5 Best Food Sites on the Internet! High quality, great value and outstanding customer service that should be the envy of any organization."
Sep 2014 -- Mark, Westport, Connecticut

"OMG! I ordered the chocolate covered oreos and they were soooooo good! I will definitely order these again. You only need to eat a few for those who have a sweet tooth. Another happy and satisfied customer!!! I received my order so quickly too a MAJOR plus!"
Sep 2014 -- Kimberley, Chicago, Illinois

"I would like to tell the world how awesome you guys are! Not only did you ship my order on time, it arrived when you said it would, but you have invested in packaging that protects the chocolate from melting to ensure that it doesn't arrive in one hot mess! Thank you being smart and caring about your products!!"
Sep 2014 -- Jodi, Anchorage, AK

"I placed my first order with Nuts.Com on Monday around noon and received the order early Wednesday morning! The products are very high quality at a good price with an adorable shipping box and packaging! Thanks for the "surprise" sample gift. This certainly will not be my last order with this company."
Sep 2014 -- Janet, Clarksville, TN

"I'm glad I included these in my order."
Sep 2014 -- Merri, Newnan, GA

"I moved to a small town and I was having trouble finding a place where I could find good quality nuts and dried mango and that they did not take months to restock items when they ran out. By chance I looked on-line and saw the page for I liked the idea that it was a family owned co. and not a multi-national. I took a chance after reading other testimonials and I loved the first order. The products were fresh and great quality (and I liked the free samples). I kept trying other products (organic mango, cashews, marcona almonds, pecans, dates, energy squares etc.) I have been blown away with how awesome and fresh every single item I have tried is. I am definitely a customer for life! (and I still like the sample bags that get me to try new things). Prices are reasonable and shipping is lighting fast. Everything about this business makes sense and they know how to do things right. Just amazing!"
Sep 2014 -- Maria, Selinsgrove, PA

"I will order nuts from here as they are fresh and delivered on the date they say it will be here, I have a green-winged Macaw named Peabody and they are for her...I buy in 25# boxes....I know I spoil her but I want the best for her...and these are the best"
Sep 2014 -- Farel, Clayton, WA

"Talk about efficient: I placed an order online at 12:28 and it shipped at 12:47. Sheesh! If you start using drones for delivery, you could turn an order around in a couple of hours!"
Sep 2014 -- Gerald R Oaks, Hudson, IL

"Bought this for my daughter who competes in body building for a quick snack on the way to the gym, we spread it around and every one just loved it and wanted to know where we got it. THANKS! For a healthy snack at a good price."
Sep 2014 -- Jeanene, Tucson, AZ

"I am tickled at the speed with which we received our orders, less than 24 hours at a very reasonable cost. Awesome!!!! My family and I are addicted to the Raw Cocao Brazil Nuts and Mulberries. It is our go-to snack. I add the Chia seeds to Organic Peanut butter and dip in my fruits or vegetables. All the products we've tried are of top-notch quality. I intend to try some new recipes on your website and experiment as well. I love, love for its never-ending ability to deliver as promised. My hat goes off to you."
Sep 2014 -- Sotonye, Hamden, CT

"You've been sending me cashews for the past year. Everything is amazing...from the de-lish salted cashews right down to the cool shipping carton. It's easy to tell the order is packed with friendliness and the desire to please. will be my forever supplier! Thank you for being so awesome."
Sep 2014 -- Vicki, Gettysburg, PA

"The best in price and the orders come fast. Can't get any better than that."
Sep 2014 -- Diane Beagle, Saratoga Springs, NY

"The Scottish Oatmeal is a favorite of our family. We put it in smoothies, make goji berry hemp oatmeal, bake cookies, use in homemade turkey meatballs in place of bread crumbs, make pancakes with it, and this week we even made pizza crust with it! Pizza crust recipe was 3/4 cup Scottish Oatmeal, 2Tbs hemp pulp (left overs from making hemp milk), 2Tbs olive oil, 1Tsp yeast, 1/2Tsp parsley, 1/2Tsp basil, 1/2 Tsp garlic powder, and enough warm water and flour to form dough consistency and roll out! We made 3 mini pizzas or could make one extra large. Bake at 400 for 20 min with desired toppings. Our sauce was just simple tomato and olive oil in the blender."
Sep 2014 -- Josie, Ft Worth, Texas

"These are really beautiful! My first time trying dried mulberries and I really enjoy their taste. They're "berry" enough without being too sweet. I bought 1lb and there looks to be enough in there to last me for a good while. I would most certainly recommend these--a great snack alone or as an add in to a smoothie or trail mix!"
Sep 2014 -- Jackie, Lumberton, NJ

"I think you should offer free shipping more often on orders of at least $50.00. I would order a lot more especially for birthdays and Christmas . You candy, nuts and other items are number one on my list. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Thanks"
Sep 2014 -- Wayne, Hurricane, WV

"Thank you for correcting my mistake in placing my order. As always, I'm looking for to my package from to arrive. (Although I feel the shipping charges are a bit high for me)"
Sep 2014 -- Barbara V. Oliveira, Elmendorf, Texas

"Well, received my order and am so pleased, had to open several of the dried fruit packages and noticed one with Turkish Figs, love figs, they were a free sample, and delicious. Everything was packed beautiful and taste even better. Great your products, will be back for more."
Sep 2014 -- Lillian, montague , nj

"I just received another order from you and I want to thank you for the BBQ Toasted Corn sample that you sent. It is really delicious. I also received Snickerdoodles that I have to say brought me back to my youth. They are really great I have to recommend them to others. As usual I have never received anything from you that I did not like. You are one fantastic company and it is real pleasure to do business with you."
Sep 2014 -- Joseph, Congers, NY

"What a great first impression! Not only was the delivery charge reasonable, but the shipment was made promptly and arrived before the ETA. The packaging was neat, cheery and amusing. The nuts tasted fresh, a very important factor. And you surprised me with a small sample treat! Now that's good customer service!! - something so rare to find these days. I'm glad I found you and will be ordering again. Thanks for a pleasant overall experience!"
Sep 2014 -- Grace, King of Prussia, PA

"Ordered the Jordan Almonds yesterday, and they arrived at my doorstep before 1 pm today. How did you DO that? Not only is your service fast, but the almonds are outstanding (not like the ones I remember from when I was a kid). Finally, Krystin helped me yesterday, and she was so delightful. Love this company and will be coming back for sure!!"
Sep 2014 -- Martha, Silver Spring, MD

"I have ordered from you many times and just like before my order arrives very fast. I ordered on Thursday night and it was here today when I got home from work. I can't wait to try the 7 Grain mix and the soft white Spring Wheat Berries. I already used some of the Saffron and will be baking a Hazelnut cake with my Hazelnuts :) Thank you for the free Goji Berries!!"
Sep 2014 -- Angelika, Helenwood, TN

"I placed my 1st order the last week of August, then another and just now placed a 3rd order. While the diced dried pineapple isn't all I ordered, I have to say it's my favorite so far. This is great right out of the bag, by the handful or in cereal and I'm getting ready to make my grandma's pineapple pie!!! This stuff is good for you and the taste is absolutely to die for. Just a bit helps you resist eating higher calorie snacks and knowing it's healthier AND tastes great makes my day!"
Sep 2014 -- Brenda K. McQueen, Eaton, Ohio

"My roommate introduced me to chia seeds, and the past month we have put them into everything from yogurt to smoothies, even on salads. They are good with just about everything and help fuel my active lifestyle."
Sep 2014 -- Patty, Mansfield, CT

" is now my go to for any and all occasions. Got my 30lbs of chocolate to me quickly and in fine shape in 90 degree heat. The test was the taste and they passed with 100%."
Sep 2014 -- Jon, Bingham Farms, MI

"This company is fantastic! They have hard to find items, and offer the best prices. Let us not forget the awesome customer service, and super fast shipping! I am a very satisfied customer."
Sep 2014 -- Happy Buyer, Marietta , Georgia

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Want to try a smaller size before indulging big time? Check out our tasty samples! $2.50 a sample.

Jeffrey's Picks

Almond Flour Almond Flour
Deluxe House Coffee - Single Serve Cups Deluxe House Coffee - Single Serve Cups
Organic Chia Seeds Organic Chia Seeds
Dried Strawberries Dried Strawberries
Custom Trail Mix Custom Trail Mix
Organic Milk Thistle Seeds Organic Milk Thistle Seeds
Cajun Boiled Peanuts Cajun Boiled Peanuts