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Home Dried Fruit Raisins


These plump and delicious organic raisins are certified by CCOF. They contain no preservatives.

These Jumbo Golden Raisins are out of this world. They are huge, almost as big as a grape itself, and with double the deliciousness of ordinary golden raisins.

Our jumbo flame raisins are plump, moist, and delicious. Flame raisins are famous for their sweetness, so they're a yummy, healthy snack. They're perfect for baking, too!

Currants, are much smaller than raisins and have a tart taste. These Zante Currants are delicious in cakes, jams, and other dishes.

Delicious and nutritious California raisins covered in a smooth chocolate. Without a doubt, our most popular chocolate covered item.

The California raisins are rolled in a yogurt mixture to create a very rich and sweet snack.

All natural and organic sultana (golden) raisins. Grown without chemicals or pesticides, these sultana raisins are absolutely delicious. Great as a snack, in cereal, or used in baked goods.

With so many great tasting raisins, why limit yourself to just one variety? Treat your taste buds to our delicious Jumbo Golden, Crimson, Thompson, Flame, and Golden Flame Raisins.

All natural organic raisins covered in organic dark chocolate.

Delicious and nutritious California raisins covered in a smooth dark chocolate.

These plump raisins are giant, about two to three times the size of a regular raisin!

Deliciously sweet dried grapes. Dark raisins are high in iron. Excellent for snacks. Even the kids love them. Great for baking as well.

Delicious and nutritious California raisins covered in a sugar free chocolate!

Raisin Coconut Kale Granola is a new and excitingly delicious treat. Made with all greens and no grains, these kale chip pieces are gluten-free, raw, not baked, and loaded with amazing flavors.

These small organic golden hunza raisins pack a wonderful sweet flavor. Prized for their taste, organic hunza raisins are a real treat.

Plump raisins covered in a delicious creamy sugar free yogurt covered coating.

Organic and natural apple raisin granola. Fresh granola with raisins and apple pieces. Great as an energy boosting snack or as a topping on yogurt and ice cream.

These jumbo raisins could be the best tasting raisins EVER. Crimson raisins have a similar taste to golden raisins, but a little sweeter.

This Thai Pineapple Sprouted Trail Mix is nothing short of amazing. Made with all natural and organic dried fruits and nuts, it's sweet, crunchy, salty, with the perfect little kick of heat.

Mini raisins are the perfect snack. Great for cooking and baking too!

Gorp energy squares are packed with good old raisins and peanuts, and chocolate of course.

Our freeze-dried grapes are simply sweet and delicious grapes. This crunchy fruit has nothing added at all. These grapes make the perfect healthy snack.

Strawberry yogurt raisins are a new twist on an old treat!

Organic monukka raisins, also known as manukka raisins, are grown in the mountainous Hunza region. These plump and chewy raisins have a unique and distinctive flavor.

Dark sugar free chocolate raisins? We call that a healthy treat threefer - dark chocolate, no sugar, and fiber-filled raisins. We've found a guilt-free way to indulge in a classic!

Raisins covered in delicious carob coating. A perfect substitute for those who can't have chocolate.

Simply currants. Sweet and delicious freeze-dried black currants. This crunchy fruit has nothing added at all. Naturally sweet and and a delicious snack.

Jumbo golden flame raisins

Made with Grandma's secret recipe, this Red Currant Jelly is delicious

Chewy raisins covered in a smooth no sugar added carob coating.

Plump raisins covered in Greek yogurt. With less fat and more protein than regular yogurt, these raisins are a new twist on a delicious treat!

All natural grape fruit leathers are the perfect snack on the go. Packed with flavor and great taste.

All natural organic raisins covered in organic milk chocolate.

These Jumbo Thompson Raisin Clusters are fantastically fresh and pack the optimum flavor and sweetness.