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Malted Milk Balls

Malted milk balls coated with a layer of dark chocolate, then a layer of milk chocolate, then a layer of white chocolate, and finally marbled!

Milk chocolate coated malted balls taste great!

A classic malted milk center covered in delicious dark chocolate.

These pumpkin spice malted milk balls are a perfect fall treat. They have that one-of-a-kind pumpkin pie taste. Pumpkin malted milk balls are so delicious!

Pastel mint and ground cookies malted milk balls.

Malted milk powder brings back those old time soda shop feelings. Mix into milk shakes for a wonderful malted taste.

Cookies and Cream Malted Milk Balls has smooth chocolate with ground cookies. Tastes so so good.

Everyone loves the sweet and crunchy malted taste of the chocolate malt ball centers. Now you can have them by themselves without any chocolate!

Love malted milk balls but can't choose just one flavor? Sink your taste buds into this delicious assortment featuring milk, dark, ultimate, mint cookie, and pumpkin spice malted milk balls

Malted milk balls with crushed peppermint sticks swirled in. A real treat.

Speckled Robin Eggs by Hershey's are an all time classic! Milk chocolate malt balls with a candy speckled coating. Absolutely delicious!

Peanut butter coated malted milk balls.

Yogurt covered malted milk balls are fantastic!

Orange Sherbet, Pineapple, Key lime, and Raspberry flavored Malted Milk Balls. A real fruity taste!

Milk chocolate and ground coffee fuse in this fantastic malted milk ball.

Delicious chocolate covered malt balls with low sugar.

Malted milk balls with a delicious blueberry flavor.

Coffee and Cream Malted Milk Balls are sure to please. Creamy chocolate with that perfect coffee and cream flavor.

Malted milk balls in a delicious and sweet maple flavor.

Malted milk balls with a spicy cinnamon flavor. These will wake up your taste buds for sure!