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"First time buyer at, and I am not going anywhere!!! Best dried bananas I have ever had! And the box they came in was truly genius! Love the product, love the box, will be back soon to double my order and try something else! Thank you so much!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Daniela, Galveston, Tx

"Thanks for great products and fast shipping!!!!!!! I loved my Goji berry, they are so juicy!!! God bless!"
Aug 2014 -- Yelena, Elk River, MN

"You folks are amazing !! WONDERFUL customer service and shipping time :)"
Aug 2014 -- Sherry Lindsey / A One Of A Kind Gift, Albany, NY

"I love these products!!! and my order came in so fast. I ordered it on Friday and was there on Monday. Will absolutely use again!"
Aug 2014 -- Olga, Goose Creek, sc

"The selection, the price, and the speedy shipping are great! Looking forward to my purchase , in the mail, as I type this!!"
Aug 2014 -- Larry, Tiffin, OHIO

"Yummmmy delicious fresh fast shipping this is the second time order from you I will buy more more more"
Aug 2014 -- Laith naeem, Richmond , VA

"The piece of my mind from this nut is you guys are AWESOME! I've ordered from you guys for years and you've grown and all your products are WONDERFUL. I've never been disappointed and am always happy beyond expectation!"
Aug 2014 -- Lydia, Cressona, Pennsylvania

"Thanks so much for the fun Tshirt!! Great color!"
Aug 2014 -- mary, dahlonega, ga

"thank you for my "nutty box of summer treats" thought there could be anything more fUn than getting one "just a 'lil something" with every single if you nutty and sweeeeeet, kind guys aren't already generous enough.....a whole BOX of "just a 'lil something" is amazing!! that adorable box!! :-) kept the lemon snaps (YUM!!) and lemonade mix.......gave the dried mangos, mango iced tea mix (and a house coffee mix "just a 'lil something" i already had) and watermelon candy sticks to the family down the street....and i only gave the candy sticks (handed them to their oldest daughter and the rest to their mom) 'cause i didn't get the must have run out... the rest of my order is ALWAYS....this time pistachios (unsalted in shell), unsalted cashews, freezed-dried asparagus (oooooooh my!! delicious!!) and haribo gummy bears........weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :-) a lover of all of you MOST wonderful nutty nuts there.......forever....and ever.....xoxoxo"
Aug 2014 -- tracey, las vegas, nevada

"So glad I found your site. I love the way when I click on a product the detail description is so vivid with clarity. Just two thought I liked to recommend as we all live in a world that is so multi tasking. 1- I would have loved that short description sent along with the products. 2 - Since I haven't created an account just yet, you may already have this one. A wish list. It usually comes up with the shopping cart, rather then just the trash can, the customer has the option of saving the product to their wish. It is a neat feature. That save feature is like a little note to thy self."
Aug 2014 -- Patricia A Coomes, West Frankfort, IL

"Coming back to you for the thyme, being as how I use it for cooking and am also trying out its disinfectant properties. Those tiny jars in the grocery allow for about 1 batch of disinfectant and cost SOOO much more than your quality stuff. Same as when I bought cayenne from you for critter control as well as cooking. That worked, too."
Aug 2014 -- Pat, Greenbelt, md

"You guys are awesome and super fast! And thank you also for the sweet surprise you put in my package. Thanks! I love it all!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Leila pate, Tucson, Az

"Very happy with my purchase, unfortunately didn't get enough. Will have to reorder soon. So glad I found y'all! :)"
Aug 2014 -- meg, tallahassee, fl

"It arrived exactly when you said it would it arrive. I love the tapioca pearls, It took only 30 minutes to prepare unlike the other tapioca pearls that took the whole day to cook. I served it cold with piloncillo syrup to our church gathering last night. Everyone loved it. The turkish delight was good. I would definitely be a returning customer."
Aug 2014 -- Virginia, vallejo, california

"Awesome!!!! My Macaw is very happy with his 25lbs. of Walnuts that he received. We got a good laugh out of the box and e-mail that told me I had a package at the door. Nice to see someone that has a sense of humor and obviously loves their job! Thanks! : )"
Aug 2014 -- Tammy, NEWAYGO, Michigan

"Great products, great price, fast shipping.However shipping costs could be lowered by using flat rate boxes from ups. Loved the free sample of veggie chips, so tasty, will be ordering some soon. Thanks for a great shopping experience."
Aug 2014 -- Dorothea, Los Lunas, NM

"Got my package yesterday and to stop myself from eating all of my pistachios in one sitting! I will be roasting my jumbo peanuts today. Ill probably eat the entire bag. I always love everything I purchase from you "Nuts!""
Aug 2014 -- Valencia, Bothell, WA

"As always, your product arrived super fast, the order was accurate and so fresh and yummy. My only "beef" is that it costs so darn much for shipping. Also, you recommended that we payed a little extra so the product wouldn't/couldn't melt in transit with the hot summer temps. I chose to NOT pay the extra and thankfully, everything arrived without melting...our temps up here on the shores of Lake Superior are much cooler than temps across the country. I realize I was taking a gamble as the package traveled across the country during the summer months but it came so quickly, I don't think it had time to even think about melting. See you on my next order."
Aug 2014 -- Christine, Grand Marais, Michigan

"First I didn't believe their delivery date as they said I would get it on a Saturday and I didn't pay for that. When the box arrived I was disappointed because I couldn't smell the hint of Juniper berries inside. But with the opening of each flap I couldn't there was a clue that I wouldn't be disappointed and was amazed to find the package so thoughtfully sealed. When I opened that, I was hit with not only the wonderful bouquet, but just how fresh they are! Something unexpected because of the economical cost. What can I say? Thanks for starters, but the only word to describe my experience with is, "Wow!""
Aug 2014 -- Michael Kohlman, Baltimore, MD

"Great walnuts, nice in big, great flavor, We loved the shipping box, Also we received them quickly, I will know longer buy the leftovers at the grocery store after Christmas. Ray"
Aug 2014 -- Ray, Bandon, Or

"Apricots were good, yummy and I would like to buy more at some point"
Aug 2014 -- Llywella, DE

"I had been looking for organic raw Brazil nuts for so long, as I had read several articles about the health benefits. I finally decided to order them online. Thank goodness I did!!! They were here in just a few days and I even got an email when they arrived!!! In the Arizona heat, that makes all the difference in the world. If I left them in there for even a day they probably wouldn't be "raw" anymore!! :) They also sent me a free sample of raw almonds and they are the best I have EVER had!!! I love this company's light-hearted attitude and super friendly customer service. I will never buy nuts anywhere else!!!! Today I placed an order for several other items and I can't wait to try them and share them with my friends and family!!!! I highly recommend these guys!!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Mandi, Glendale, AZ

"I was looking for dried cherries with nothing added and stumbled across I ordered the organic unsweetened sour cherries and they arrived much sooner than expected. They are absolutely delicious! I just placed an order for three more items and can't wait to try them. I highly recommend this company!"
Aug 2014 -- Lori, Madison, WI

"You guys are just too much! I placed an order for some Antep and Siirt Turkish Pistachio Nuts late Friday evening around 9 p.m.. Saturday morning around 10 a.m. FedEx was ringing my doorbell with my order. That is simply outstanding service !! Do you guys ever sleep? O.k., I’m located in upstate New York about 60 miles away as the crow flies, but really ! I’ve ordered from several times before and with such excellent service and terrific products, I’ll be an ever returning customer. You can be sure of that. Thanks so much."
Aug 2014 -- George, Middletown, NY

" is an incredible company! Ordering was smooth, shipping and arrival was incredibly fast. Very customer oriented. And the products... I'm so impressed. I've been waiting several years to get bubble tea again and now I can make my own! THANK YOU!!!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Erin, Berkshire, MA

"I am so glad that one of my co-workers shared a bag of Bhakarwadi with me. They are nothing like I have ever tasted. I asked where she got them from and she said I ordered a bag at that moment with my phone. Now this shipment, I ordered another bag and also Chia Seeds, Quinoa, and Wasabi bits. I can't wait to try the newer ones. I just ordered these a day ago and they came already! even gave me a gift. I found a bag of Goji Berries inside. All I can say is I wish every company was as efficient and nice as They truly make me feel like part of their family. Thanks, guys!"
Aug 2014 -- Kevin, Boonton, N.J.

"Your Family does a wonderful job with the speedy delivery, the great products, and I always appreciate the little bag of freebies, the last being roasted pistachios. Your jumbo medjool dates are best!!"
Aug 2014 -- Linda, Sheboygan, WI

"This was my first order from your company! I am very impressed!! Prices were good and shipping costs were fair and fast! I quit using my other company due to shipping costs being outrageous! Amazed at the freshness of the Brazil nuts!!! They are awesome!!! Will definitely be a repeat customer!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Jan, Irwin, PA

"Wow!! Super fast shipping ordered yesterday afternoon and got it today!! Awesome thanks! Will do business again!!Now to try my Match Green Tea!"
Aug 2014 -- Rose, Milford, CT

"The only place to buy toasted, salted, sunflower seeds. Thanks again."
Aug 2014 -- Carolyn, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Everything I ordered is fresh and wonderful ! YUM !! I'll be ordering again soon. Sincerely , Susan"
Aug 2014 -- Susan, WINCHESTER, VA

"Very happy on the process of the order. Only thing was, I was expecting a mild mint flavor. I talked to someone there, the day I ordered and they said that these these mints had a little bit of mint flavor. They are more fruity to me. They are for a reunion that I am having at the end of August. Thank you for your fast service."
Aug 2014 -- janice Miles, West Union, Iowa

"Perfect! Thank you"
Aug 2014 -- Doris Turner, Casey , IL

"Thanks for the super fast shipment!! I look forward to trying your products!! :)"
Aug 2014 -- Diann, Laramie, WY

"Son in law is enjoying his birthday nuts! Fresh and sooooo good."
Aug 2014 -- Helen, Hillsboro, Ohio

"I ordered buffet candy for an upcoming party and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the order arrived, literally the next day and in great condition, carefully packed. Thank you for the quick turnaround!"
Aug 2014 -- Elizabeth, Queens, NY

"Oh my! I love guava jam and is difficult to find, then I found you, yeah! The real thing, is delicious, I'll be regular customer. Thank you, you really know your stuff, even if you are .... Well a little nutty. Love y'all from texas"
Aug 2014 -- Nina, San Antonio, Texas

"Let me tell EVERYONE this company and my chia Seeds are the BEST EVER!!!!!! I do NOT write reviews... but i need to do it The product is THE BEST II TRIED ((i have tried with 3 until now). The service is excellent.. the shipping fast. One WORD: AWESOME!"
Aug 2014 -- ANGELA, MIAMI, FL

"Fast shipping, Thank you for the free gift! I would recommend."
Aug 2014 -- Ashley Thomas, Buffalo, Ny

"good nuts and good service delivery!!! thank you!!!"
Aug 2014 -- mary, flushing, ny

"Thanks again for the freshest and best product!"
Aug 2014 -- Theresa, Virginia Beach, VA

"I am so amazed at the delivery. The nuts are so fresh. I definitely will order again.....and you have my favorite "jelly belly" jelly beans. You're simply amazing!!!"
Aug 2014 -- sheran, washington, dc

"I was very pleased with my first order from you. I had a small issue and was missing something from my order, however Sam was very helpful when I called and the items were shipped immediately. I will be ordering again in the future."
Aug 2014 -- Tracy, danville, Illinois

"Your prices are the best, and your delivery is excellent. I can't imagine myself being foolish enough to buy elsewhere. Thanks so much."
Aug 2014 -- Edward, North Eastham, Massachusetts

"What great service! Order was received when promised, and I got a great follow-up email as soon as it arrived! This was my first time using this website, and I will use it again! Thank you!"
Aug 2014 -- Cake Concoctions, Old Town, ME

"I am thrilled with the speedy order and delivery. I am sure they will enjoy the wonderful nuts. Thanks so much and I will be ordering again in the future. Pearl"
Aug 2014 -- Pearl, Ridgedale, MO.

"Always the best! A constant surprise of excellent product and awesome customer service. As an example, I ordered the packaging to keep the chocolate cool in transit. When I opened the box the freezer packs were plentiful and still cool to the touch! I love the little samples they send and the box itself is ingenious in terms of advertising."
Aug 2014 -- Christopher, Martinsburg, WV

"Nutsy Awesome! Ordered my fave, the dried pineapple, and tried the green tea powder. A whole pound of green tea powder, that is Certified Gluten Free! I wondered if it would be similar to the more expensive matcha powder I've bought in the past, and to my surprise it was right up there! Smooth and green flavor, excellent! And even better that I ordered it yesterday and got it today without paying for overnight shipping! Woo hoo! I'll be baaaaaaack (again and again)"
Aug 2014 -- BONITA, Alexandria, VA

"Just received my order. Thank you very, very much for the shirt, I just love it. All your products are the best. To bad the deliveries are so slow. HA!!! Seriously I can't get over how fast everything arrives. You guys are the best. Take care, JB"
Aug 2014 -- Judih , Waverly, NY

"I placed my first order on June 1st of this year. You have, in short order, become my favorite on-line operation. I get the seeds and nuts I love and I get to try your incredible *New Stuff* as I work my way through your list of innovative items. Plus, you are very user friendly and hopefully as a family operation, you maintain good rapport on your home front, too. I say you are fabulous on the business side of things. So, I foresee you keeping this family operation functioning and profitable for many generations to come!"
Aug 2014 -- Justina, Harrison, NY

"Never disappointed"
Aug 2014 -- linda, mickleton, n.j.

"thank you so much it was the best experience that I ever had. Was very surprised how fast order came, was expecting in 2-5 days and guess what order came right next day. and product cheaper than every where else and quality even better. Thanks again"
Aug 2014 -- maya, new york, ny

"Sensational product and flavor, the fruits are scrumptious and the nuts are the best and so perfectly salted. The web site is fabulous to work with and your packaging is outstanding, I had to keep turning the box to read every word and I just loved it. The order was packed perfectly and the yogurt chips did not melt at all. I was pleased with the special attention to the packing of the heat sensitive items. The order was received timely, you just made our have to have provider list. Thank you very much, The Kastler Family"
Aug 2014 -- Bradley S. Kastler, OP, kansas

"i can't write much, as i am a little busy stuffing nuts in my mouth. these macadamia nuts are A-MA-ZING! thank you. i'll be back for more soooooon!"
Aug 2014 -- eva, silver spring, md

"My order arrived in 2 days as promised. The box was slightly damaged, but it's a good thing fruit pectin is not fragile... Bring on the fruit... I soon will be jammin' Mon."
Aug 2014 -- Randall, Liberty, ME

"Whoa! This is my new favorite website! 15 minutes after placing my order, it had shipped! the packaging is so cute! The dried coconut is my new favorite thing ever! It is so much better than any sweetened coconut I have ever bought. I will be back for more from this site, and I will tell everyone how much I love it!"
Aug 2014 -- charleen, plant city, FL

"Awesome packaging and follow-up customer support! Can't wait to try the products :) Y'all rock!"
Aug 2014 -- Margaret, Phoenix, AZ

"Delivery was awesome :) everything was good... Love the pili nuts, dried mango, vegetable chips and almond bark the most :)"
Aug 2014 -- May, Dedham, MA

"Just received my box today and my family already ate it all! It was all amazing! You guys now have a life long customer."
Aug 2014 -- Jalanta, Colorado Springs, CO

"That was quick delivery. Very nice size peanuts. Will be making future purchases. Thanks!"
Aug 2014 -- Wesley, Baton Rouge, La.

"Love the products. The nuts are always fresh tasting and crunchy (got a batch of cashews once that wasn't as crunchy). Shipping is usually fast but latest order was late by 2 days. Anyway, I always looking forward to opening the box when it arrives. Love that they have spices too!! Will keep buying from and recommend it to friends."
Aug 2014 -- christa, Renton, wa

"Item shipped and delivered lightening fast!"
Aug 2014 -- Mary, Binghampton , NY

"Your company has exceeded all my expectations! Now I know what everyone was talking about! I couldn't wait to open the box...but I couldn't stop reading it! ha I want to open every package...but I am using my will power and only opened the delicious Light & Crunchy Granola! YUM ! I will be placing more orders for Family Birthdays!! Thank You for the smile of the day! ;-D"
Aug 2014 -- Sheila , Johnstown, NY

"I am new to your website. I recently placed two orders and have been extremely happy with the time it took to be delivered, the packaging, and the outstanding products!! I can honestly say that I will be a lifelong costumer."
Aug 2014 -- Brenda, MINGO JCT, Ohio

"I really enjoy this company. All products I've received are very fresh and very tasty. O yea. The boxes are soooo cute. Last but not least I always receive my order in a timely fashion. The only negative that I could say is for my loyalty I wish I would receive a discount code to encourage my continued business. I'm just saying!"
Aug 2014 -- dora, Lawrenceville, Ga

"my order came extremely quickly and everything was very fresh. i loved the thai cashews and the bbq cashews...did not care for the sesame teriyaki cashews and almonds but that is a matter of personal taste and not a reflection on the quality, i am sure that some people love them. i will not hesitate to order again."
Aug 2014 -- jennifer peterson, harrisburg, pa

"I received my nuts and tried them out "great"."
Aug 2014 -- Bill, Waterloo, Iowa

"I have ordered several times from you nuts and have not let you know how totally satisfied I am with everything I have ordered! the service is fast, the products are neatly packaged and the quality is superb. I have a spice business and if I don't have a certain spice, I buy it here and know it will be fresh. Thanks!"
Aug 2014 -- Barbara, Fuquay Varina, NC

"Very good qualities I love what I order. I will continue be your deliver."
Aug 2014 -- MuiHong Tan, Parsippany, Njduck

"As always "The Best"!"
Aug 2014 -- Stephen, Thomaston, Ct.

"i got my nuts handed to me by the ups guy today, and i was actually happy. you guys are great. you put the fun into shopping again. of course i love the fact that i can receive my hard to find nuts, in the mail. sorry, i just had to put it that way. thx again"
Aug 2014 -- ofer, indian trail, nc

"OMG! How awesome you are! I love the price, variety and little something added to my order! You care about your customers! Im a fan and will be ordering again!"
Aug 2014 -- Lisa Brown, port st lucie, Florida

"Shipment arrived a day early...these guys really are nuts!!! Highest quality & service!"
Aug 2014 -- Larry, Indiana, PA

"These nuts and the dried mango were so fresh that I will NEVER buy from the grocery store again. We'll certainly be returning customers. Really fresh and delicious! Plus we got a free bag of delicious cashews just for ordering."
Aug 2014 -- Judy, Carson , CA

"I am so excited to have found you. I tried several other suppliers.....not any where near your professionalism and service. You are the fastest shippers ever...that means a lot to me. I received my last shipment and you took the time to pack it with cold packs and it arrived fast and in perfect condition. Your merchandise is all awesome and of perfect quality. I will be a regular customer for a long time to come."
Aug 2014 -- ruth, Belvidere, Il

"I ordered potassium carbonate 2 days ago. It arrived today in a cleverly labeled box and even more clever container. I am very pleased and will buy from again!"
Aug 2014 -- Charry, Las Vegas, Nevada

"We bought the Oriental Mix as a bar mix for our wedding, and it was a hit! Great mix of flavors, including a little spice, but not so much to scare away the more cautious among us. We played it very safe and ended up with a lot leftover... we are NOT complaining! :) Thank you for a great product, and fabulous, fun, fast service!"
Aug 2014 -- Julie, Gorham, Maine

"Super fast delivery along with quality products. Highly recommend"
Aug 2014 -- Jim, Homer Glen, IL

"Wonderful, wonderful goodies. This is my third order and everything is awesome."
Aug 2014 -- Debbie, Halifax, VA

"I am so happy with my shipment. It came fast. The nuts are amazing and perfect for my special diet. I am so glad I ordered."
Aug 2014 -- Jennifer , Pittsburgh, Pa

"I love you guys. Everything I order from you is fresh and delicious. Plus, your packaging is fabulous. Added gift was very nice."
Aug 2014 -- Sharon, Hightstown, NJ

"The nuts arrived as promised, and are delicious."
Aug 2014 -- Susan, Atlanta, GA

"Not only are your "goodies" good!........your tracking is easy, consise, and FAST!"
Aug 2014 -- Donald J Brock, Buffalo, NY

"We at Centene LOVE We order frequently for the monthly training sessions we have. Everything arrives quickly and the attendees RAVE over the snacks we bring them! THANK YOU NUTS.COM!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Stacey, Clayton, MO

"I am so happy to receive my mochi!! And the positivity and silliness in the messages for the delivery thingy was really lovely and made the opening of my package even better! If I ever run out of my 20lbs of mochi, I'll DEFINITELY order from here again! ^u^"
Aug 2014 -- June, Bedford, VA

"Our package of goodies arrived very quickly and in excellent shape! The birds all thank you, as do I. Flock Together Bird Rescue,Inc."
Aug 2014 -- Papa Dave, Windsor, SC

"So far ,very tasty! Looking forward to trying the cajun peanuts."
Aug 2014 -- Dave, Jacksonville, Fl

"Yay! My nuts arrived quickly and theyre tasty cajun peanuts. My friends already think Im nuts but I now have even more reason to be considered 'nutty' with 25# of spicy cajun peanutty goodness. Thanks for prompt service and tasty peanuts!"
Aug 2014 -- Chris, North Wilkesboro, NC

"My ordered arrived on time and in great shape. Thanks loads. Now we will enjoy the Chia and Goji berry snacks."
Aug 2014 -- Robert L Miller, Fort Myers Beach, FL

"Most amazing purchase ever. Has everything I need. The shipping was so fast and the packaging was amazing. Even got a free sample of chia seeds, which I love! Got the taro powder and tapioca which I can't find in stores - and is way cheaper and highly quality than even amazon! I can't wait to blog about this website on my food blog. Wish shipping was cheaper - but still going to be making monthly orders now to stock up!"
Aug 2014 -- Anastasia, College Park, Maryland

"Another FAST delivery of delicious goodies! Everything is always so fresh! And always a free sample, this time cashews!!! Excellent!"
Aug 2014 -- Amy, Gastonia, North Carolina

"Just got my was quick and delicious...the sample package of cashews are huge and delicious...will probably have to order some of them...thank you for consideration of not shipping over the weekend so it didn't sit someplace in ups all weekend...very thoughtful...thank you again...Barbara"
Aug 2014 -- Barbara, Ashland, OH

"First time customer and already obsessed with The chocolate covered raisins are amazing, as is everything else I ordered. Can't wait to order more!!"
Aug 2014 -- Peter, New York, New York

"I JUST NOW opened my 2nd shipment from you guys, which means the 1st shipment was stellar! Some of today's items are new to me, while the others are repeat items. With all the items on the table, I feel like a 5 year old in a penny candy store! I am having difficulty deciding which bag to open first. Thanks you, guys! You are doing a great job!"
Aug 2014 -- Kirk, United states of america, United states of america

"I ordered a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff from nuts to dried fruit and jams. I am VERY satisfied with the order and how quick it got to me. The delivery service, LaserShip even called to confirm that I received the delivery. Nice. ;-) I've been stuffing my face with Fava beans and hard to find Red Pistachios since I got them yesterday, :-D"
Aug 2014 -- John, Central NJ, NJ

"You all (y'all down here in Ga.) are world class, over the top in product and customer service. Thank you, for what you do! You are a major factor in my maintaining excellent health! Affectionately, Donna♡"
Aug 2014 -- Donna Richardson, Brooklet, Ga

"what can I say about you! Your products are great, your shipping is amazing as well as the packaging. I really enjoy the little surprises you pack in each box ordered. I always look forward to whatever it is! Thank you for being so customer oriented and using care at all times."
Aug 2014 -- margaret, camilla, ga

"Your packaging brings a smile to all recipients and such appreciation when they sample the contents! Way to go!!!"
Aug 2014 -- phyllis, Portland, Maine

"Fast shipping n great quality products. I will definitely order again."
Aug 2014 -- Linda, Talihina, Ok

"I love! I just placed an order for over $300, just one of many orders I've placed. I'm very happy with your vast selection, excellent products, low prices, and ultra-fast shipping."
Aug 2014 -- James, Assonet, Massachusetts

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