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"I just received my shipment! First of all, the packaging is too cute and makes you smile. Once you open the box and bags, you really start smiling. The fruit and nuts are second to none! I know what everyone on my Christmas list will be getting this year! Thanks so much- Stephanie"
Jul 2014 -- Stephanie Cutshaw, Hahira, GA

Jul 2014 -- mona, san francisco, ca

"Just received my first order. Came very fast!. I have not dug in yet but it looks good... I was most impressed by their service as they made sure to update me at every step of the way. I'm sure I'll be ordering from them again."
Jul 2014 -- Melvin Jones, Tallahassee, Florida

"that was the quickest delivery I've ever had and the product is awesome packed so well and it's fresh and delicious thank you I will become a regular customer !"
Jul 2014 -- Cynthia , Branford, CT

"I have been ordering from you for years.. and you never fail to impress! Always, honest, delicious, and I love the little surprise treats. I can't stay away. The best quality for your money for sure!"
Jul 2014 -- april, Conroe, Texas

"i have received the raw almonds. Thanks."
Jul 2014 -- sandy, oakland, ca

"Wow! I ordered at 7 last night, and my shipment arrived at 10 this morning. I'll definitely be a repeat customer :)"
Jul 2014 -- Kim, York, Pennsylvania

"We received the box pretty soon. The almonds are perfect, they are a gift for my nephew who is getting married. So I cannot try them yet. They are really big and no cracks on them, very shiny. I am so sorry I did not got an extra bag for me. But I will pretty soon order again for another activity that will have for the family and this time I will make sure to get something for my house. Excellent service. I will recommend it to everybody. Thank you again."
Jul 2014 -- Annette, Ocala, Florida

"I bought the small 4 oz bag to try. I polished it off in 2 days. Very good! I will definitely order again."
Jul 2014 -- Joanne, Montreal, QC

"Two of my favorite things - chia seeds and crystallized ginger - waiting for me when I got home. Thanks."
Jul 2014 -- Kate, Fort Worth, Texas

"Wow. You are so wonderful...just like your most appreciated nutritional products...thank all you folks who make happen our reasonable prices and prompt service is also my continued occurring bonus."
Jul 2014 -- G, Tahoe, Ca

"Ordered these on a Monday and they came the next day - crazy fast shipping, I'm impressed! As for these sticks, they did not disappoint. They make a lovely little snack, cheesy and a little kick at the end. They were not as spicy as I hoped they'd be, but then again, I like my spice. These were perfect, even for my sister who has an extremely low spice tolerance, she dug right into them! These were such a delight, so many come in the smallest package, well worth the money to try it! I love how packages everything in resealable bags and they're very sturdy. Love it, thank you!"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Mission Viejo, Ca

"I've never heard of Mulberries to be honest, but they looked like a healthy snack, thought I'd give it a shot! I'm so happy I tried these. They remind me of mini gummy bears, but berry flavor. I've never had any flavor like this - but it's really good. They are very, very small and chewy, I think that's why I really loved it. Helped me curve my sweet tooth a bit. They have stems, careful while eating, other than that - enjoy! These are super flavorful and delicious! There's a TON in the 1lb bag. My order shipped out on a Monday and I got it the next day - earlier than expected, yay for!"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Mission Viejo, Ca

"I was so happy to see Jerky on this site. Ordered 2 different types, Black Pepper and Western Style. This Western Style was a HUGE hit in my household (lasted an entire 1 hour) - had this nice soy flavoring (made my mouth water) and the jerky itself was not too chewy nor too dry. I loved the freebie of Goji Berries, thought that was cool! Order went out on a Monday and I received it the next day - earlier than expected, yay! This Jerky lasted about 3 hours in my household... next time I'm getting a bigger package!"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Mission Viejo, Ca

"I was so happy to see Jerky on this site. Ordered 2 different types, Black Pepper and Western Style. Personally, I was in love with the Black Pepper - has beautiful flavoring and the jerky itself was not too plumpy/chewy nor too dry. I loved the freebie of Goji Berries, thought that was cool! Order went out on a Monday and I received it the next day - earlier than expected, yay! This Jerky lasted about 3 hours in my household... next time I'm getting a bigger package!"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Mission Viejo, Ca

"This is the part of my order I was really looking forward to and it did not disappoint at all. They were very fresh, crunchy, packaged in it's own resealable bag, and the Sour Cream & Onion flavor is the BOMB - gone in 2 days! Order went out on a Monday and I received my package the next day on Tuesday... I paid for 5 day shipping. How wonderful is that? Also received a freebie of Goji Berries, what a great way to try something new! Thanks!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Mission Viejo, Ca

"Ok, I was a little hesitant, but I am SO happy I tried these. They were very fresh, individually packed in its own resealable package, and the Ranch flavor is absolutely delicious! Order went out on a Monday and I received my package the next day on Tuesday.... super fast shipping and I paid for 5 day shipping. How wonderful is that? It's like an early Christmas! Also received a freebie of Goji Berries, great way to try something new, loved it! Thanks!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Mission Viejo, Ca

"These were great in flavor - doesn't punch my taste buds, not sour at all. Very nice taste, not too sweet, & it doesn't dissolve too fast - great purchase & my next order will include another pkg. I love these things! shipped my order out on a Monday and I got it the next day! Beautiful individual packaging. Loved the freebie of Goji Berries - perfect way to try something new :)"
Jul 2014 -- SarahQ, Mission Viejo, Ca

"I came across in a very roundabout way. I do bookkeeping for a gift store (Bibelot) in the Twin Cities, and one day I was reconciling our company weekly shipping statement. I saw that we were billed for a very heavy shipment to a "" from a second party. Well, I was very confused! We didn't authorize it, so I had to file a claim to get it corrected (turned out to be a keying error for a big bunch of cashews, I think), but I was initially confused. Who was The name could've meant, well...anything. I imagined a website for counseling. Or satire. But I was intrigued when I checked it out. It definitely explained the cashews. A few weeks after, I decided to try your product, on a lark. And was instantly hooked. Your selection is diverse, your pricing very competitive, your marketing is fresh and friendly, and your shipping affordable. Oh, and everything I've bought is swoonarific! In short, you guys absolutely rock. I'm glad your distributor accidentally charged my workplace for your bulk shipment. Otherwise I wouldn't have been curious enough to check you out. Serendipity!"
Jul 2014 -- Mark, Saint Paul, MN


"I've been a customer for some time now and really enjoy the great selection, quality, freshness,and yumminess of everything I've purchased. The customer service is outstanding. Thank you for the sample bag of almonds sometimes I forget how good they are just raw. I'm enjoying my current box of treasures that arrived in great condition despite our triple digit heat."
Jul 2014 -- Brenda, Boise, Idaho

"Love everything I've ordered from, especially the organic trail mix, raw honey, raw organic mixed nuts, soan papdi. Customer service and the care put into every package are also commendable."
Jul 2014 -- Susan, Sacramento, Ca

"Received my package a day before I expected it, talk about quick service. Was so excited to get my order, everything looks great and the power pak extra was wonderful. Will soon be ordering some more seeds and want to try the tahini. So glad my aunt told me about y'all. Will be hearing from me again."
Jul 2014 -- cindy, HOPE, Arkansas

"Everything arrived on time and great as expected. It was about 95 at time of delivery but no issues thanks to the cool packs!"
Jul 2014 -- Linda, Chesapeake, VA

"What an incredible experience! I ordered two pounds of the NY mix of chocolate covered espresso beans which I will be taking all the way to Ireland for my upcoming wedding! My coworkers couldn't believe it when the package arrived the very next day and everyone begged to try! The espresso beans were so delicious (and sought after) that I regretted opening them! My only wish is that I had ordered more! Thanks! Christi"
Jul 2014 -- Christi, Braintree , MA

"great selection and very fast service. product was great. will definitely be ordering again in the future"
Jul 2014 -- greendog32, PHILLY, PA

"You have done again! Good quality products. The fastest cheapest shipping and handling charges around... and a nice present with every order. I will be ordering again pretty soon."
Jul 2014 -- Gus Garcia, Queens, NY

"I was very pleased with my recent order of candy corn. I couldn't find candy corn anywhere being the middle of summer. This was a life saver for my upcoming party. The package arrived in a very short time and the packaging was impressive. I am glad I ordered the heat resistant packaging and am sure I'll be ordering again. Couldn't be happier!"
Jul 2014 -- Courtney, jacksonville, fl

"Great price and fast shipment. Thanks! I will be back!"
Jul 2014 -- Leon, Alabaster, Alabama

"Received my Mega Pop popcorn today. Gonna pop some tonight in my Gold Medal P60 popcorn popper."
Jul 2014 -- William, Baton Rouge, LA

"I could not be happier. I have looked far and wide for white circus peanuts that are not peppermint. You had them in a rainbow pack. Yippie! They are perfect and arrived with lightning speed. The box and packaging are adorable as well. Thank you! Now perhaps you could offer white circus peanuts on the own. Apparently, they are in demand for use as horse heads per hello cupcake recipe."
Jul 2014 -- Heather, Royal Oaks, Ca

"I absolutely love these jumbo roasted peanuts. They are so delicious! Thank you guys very much, I really appreciate it!"
Jul 2014 -- Catherine, Sugar Land, Texas

"Received my package already! I have not ordered from for some time. In fact, not since you were! Love my products, chocolate nibs and hemp seeds. Only disappointed in that you are still using foam peanuts for packing material. Even the plastic bags full of air are better than those. Please reconsider! You can put old newspapers in my shipments."
Jul 2014 -- Karen , St. Louis, MO

"You must have the sugar fairies working for you. I ordered yesterday and at my doorstep today! How do you do it??????? Must be a lot of hustling going on behind the scenes!"
Jul 2014 -- Polly, Queenstown, MD

"It all was delicious. I will be ordering again. Thanks for the variety of sugarfree items you have to choose from."
Jul 2014 -- Tammie Kemp, Lagrange, Kentucky

"I Love this company, they make me go nuts. I have rules for the nuts I get from 1) No nut that comes out of the bag is ever allowed to go back must be consumed. 2) Nuts get top priority for kitchen cabinet space, ever thing else out of the way! 3) No nut is to be eaten with out already being in the process of shelling the next tasty bite.....this keeps a constant flow of nuts into your mouth for that ultimate burst of flavor. Follow these 3 simple rules or I will not let you touch my nuts...ever! Why because you just don't appreciate them enough if you cannot follow the rules! Keep those fabulous nuts coming my way. Bravo"
Jul 2014 -- JoAnn Rago, Lehigh, Florida

"Excellent products and FAST delivery. You can't go wrong with"
Jul 2014 -- Robin, Argo, Alabama

"All of the reviews are true! I got my shipment 2 days after I ordered it...from NEW JERSEY to MONTANA! The Taro powder smells FANTASTIC and I can't wait to try it! Thank you! I love all the positive energy and family oriented aspects of this business. Keep it up!"
Jul 2014 -- Trish, Bozeman, Montana

"Ordered malted milk powder, pleased with the resealable bag, will order from again"
Jul 2014 -- Phyllis, laval, qc

"I am very happy with all of my purchases! The no salt sunflower seeds in shell are delicious. The unsweetened coconut and dried mulberries are wonderful too! I will be ordering again!"
Jul 2014 -- Christine, Atascadero, California

"My shipment arrived and I am blown away by the value for the money. I ordered spirulina and cacao butter and got twice as much for half the price of what I would pay at GNC or natural food stores. I will be a repeat customer. thank you"
Jul 2014 -- terri, marietta, ga

"Lucky me! I live in NJ and my orders arrive the next day. But even if I had to wait for them to travel farther I would not mind. Everything is perfectly fresh, the selection is great, and the service is fast and friendly. Thanks for a great online store!"
Jul 2014 -- Judith, Willingboro, NJ

"Service was great. I will order again."
Jul 2014 -- Lori Boles, Spring City, Tn

"I love red string licorice. Ordering form is easy and fast. The customer service is wonderful. I love the clever status update emails. The strawberry laces have great flavor; my boys and I fight over who gets the first piece. We will be customers for life!"
Jul 2014 -- Amber Harmon, Eureka, IL

"Loved your mochi so much that I ate the entire pound before I bought any yogurt to go under it, so I ordered 2 pounds of the delicious treat this time! I love everything about your company, including the free sample box of veggie chips. Will be ordering those next time, as well. What a treat to pick a co. at random and be so very pleasantly surprised!!! Thank you, Tammie"
Jul 2014 -- Tammie , Lake Charles , LA

"Your dedication to fast and accurate service with a humorous twist is a testimony to your family business! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK"
Jul 2014 -- Charles, Verona, New York

"I'm very happy with my purchase. All the nuts and seeds I ordered are very fresh and exactly what I was hoping for. The only thing I missed from the order was a surprise free sample which I have always received with past orders. I will definitely keep coming back to this site as the prices can't be beat for what you receive. Thank you!"
Jul 2014 -- Melissa, Yardville, NJ

""I found them!" is what I screamed from the top of my lungs when I saw that they carry Peachy Penguins. The whole experience was GREAT! This was my first order and definitely not my last! Thank you..."
Jul 2014 -- Otilio Cano, Chicago, IL

"Nuts arrived on time, can't wait to dig in and thanks for the free gift"
Jul 2014 -- john, Hickory, NC

"AWESOME! Wow, I NEVER leave reviews but has won me over for life!"
Jul 2014 -- Aiza, Rockville, MD

"Love reading the outside of the box and the goodies inside are the best! Thank you for the sample of dried fruits - very tasty!"
Jul 2014 -- Patricia, Seneca Falls, NY

"Your products are excellent. I am enjoying them all!! Highly recommend because you won't be disappointed."
Jul 2014 -- Camille, Lakeland, FL

"Everything ordered was delivered in perfect shape. Very pleased with your company."
Jul 2014 -- Carole, Houston, TX.

"Several years ago, I told my family we would no longer be using a microwave oven due to the health hazards of eating foods prepared in one. Unfortunately, popcorn was a very popular snack, and we had no popper, it was always microwaved. Recently, I purchased an air popper, and found all of your lovely popcorns online! The prices are great, and shipping is quick! And it has to be said, my kids are "NUTS" about this new healthy treat."
Jul 2014 -- Dawnne Horn, Kerens, Tx

"I love you, we enjoy so much your great products, but above everything else your great service and attention to your customers. I will always come back!!! I am NUTS about you!!!! Thank you very much!!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Karin, Port au Prince , Haiti

"Received today, am looking forwarding to enjoying them. Peggy"
Jul 2014 -- Peggy, Ashton, Md.

"Awesome service. I make pickles and can't believe how much money I saved ordering mustard seeds thru You'd have to be nuts to buy spices in those little jars with less than an ounce in them."
Jul 2014 -- Stu Gibeau, Black mountain, NC

"Quality at last. I was so tired of "corn syrup" candies, it was so good to taste products that I didn't know were there. Even popular brand candies have cheapened quality, I remember the Whitman's Sampler that is now replaced, with same name, a much less quality product. My first order was great, second even better!! Walt"
Jul 2014 -- walter, orleans, ne

"Received my order in the heat of summer and it wasn't melted!! Ordered chocolate covered brazil nuts. WOW!! I don't normally write reviews unless it is really bad or really good. These are really really good!! Buy now!! You will see how right I am! Sorry, I must go and munch some more now!! YUM!"
Jul 2014 -- Jeannette, Toronto, Ohio

"I am so glad I found you. These little goodies are so a favorite of mine, and no stores here stock them, even seasonal! You can expect more orders from me Thank you very much. Arrived in good timing and good shape, I am going to savor every small bite. Much appreciation, Kitty"
Jul 2014 -- kathryn, pahoa, hawaii

"I love ordering from Fast easy and the folks there are awesome. I order all the time and the pricing is very reasonable and most of the time beat my local Health food store prices. Even with shipping. I love the packaging also. Freezes easy. Thank you Nuts Factory your the best."
Jul 2014 -- Shirley, Jacksonville, Fl

"Hey there, this is Nutty Nancy, and you're right, my UPS guy brought me a funny package today, full of crazy stuff I haven't tried yet. I just wanted to tell you I love the packaging! I also read every word on the box and that put a smile on our faces. Thanks for the free sample... it's nice to get a bonus. I'm sure we'll be back for more after we sample everything! Thanks for being nutty.... I feel sooo at home!"
Jul 2014 -- Nancy, Princeton , IL

"we're nuts over your nuts, best brazil nuts i've ever had"
Jul 2014 -- Jonathan, Jamestown, NY

"This is my first time ordering from and it will not be my last. The shipping was amazingly fast and all of the products look really good. The packaging is nice and sturdy so that there are no concerns over repackaging what you buy to keep it fresh. The biggest draw for me to was the amount of information they provided on all of there products. It was nice to find such a large variety (one stop shopping) and all of the important information needed to make an educated decision on what to buy. Keep up the great work One of your newest long term customers Chris"
Jul 2014 -- Chris , Moorestown, NJ

"Ordered mulberry fruit, cherry fruit slices and the maca granola. Everything arrived on time and all is delicious! Great company with great customer service and products. Will order again thanks!"
Jul 2014 -- Cleo, Bel Air, Md

"Shipment arrived quickly, and thanks for the Turkish Figs!"
Jul 2014 -- Frank, Phoenix, MD

"I absolutely LOVE your products. They are all so yummy and the shipping is excellent. Happy to know that I am eating organic and it tastes so much better. Also love the humor with the little nuts with names! Am looking forward to continued purchases from you. Sincerely, Kathy"
Jul 2014 -- Kathy, Waunakee, Wi

"As always, great tasting peanuts, prompt delivery, and excellent service. This is my only place to purchase nuts. Always a pleasure!"
Jul 2014 -- Sally, Nashville, Tn

"It was the first time I got a smile on my face just taking a box out of the mailbox! I have never seen such a cute shipping box. I had to read all the cute comments on the box. I was thrilled to see a small bag of figs as a "gift". I had to eat some right away, when I was a young boy I used to eat a lot of figs as we had a "bush" next to the house. Next order will include figs. I was happy to see the bags were of the resealable type. I tasted all the order and now I'm too full for supper. But it can wait awhile. I rather snack on dried fruits than candy and now I have found a source. Where I live you can't find many dried fruits and nuts. I sure it won't be long and I'll be ordering a much larger amount."
Jul 2014 -- Norman, Woodbury, Tn

"Awesome fast!!! Love the almonds can't wait to try the rest!"
Jul 2014 -- Rhonda, moroni, utah

"Great taste, great packaging, great gluten free choices and great delivery speed!!! Thank you so much!"
Jul 2014 -- Jerry, Blaine, TN

"Wow, I ordered Tuesday about 8 pm. Now Wednesday 2 pm. My order is already delivered....Yippee!!"
Jul 2014 -- Aki, Troy, New York

"Great service! Wow !!!"
Jul 2014 -- B Tyler, Brewstet, Ma

"OMG!!! This is THE BEST ginger we've EVER TASTED! Each batch seems to taste better than the last, if that's possible! Our tummys are humming and our immune systems are singing! THANK YOU for a SCRUMPTIOUS product...see you in 3 months"
Jul 2014 -- Carol, Buckhannon, WV

"i have been ordering from for a few years and never received bad service or bad product..good stuff!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Ralph, Las Vegas, Nv

"I am a 48 yr. old quadriplegic in a nursing home who has bedsores. After hearing about all of the protein in a variety of nuts, I recently ordered $80+ dollars worth of your products. Upon receiving them I had to try all of them. Man'o'man am I ever happy with my order. Thanks for such great products and service."
Jul 2014 -- kevin , batavia , OH

" in 2 days! love the complimentary gift pack~~~nutty box of summer treats!~~~, eating some dried nectarines right now..not added sugar, just the right amt of all are rock stars! you do not disappoint!"
Jul 2014 -- Linda, Bedford, Ohio

"Hi! I recently received my second shipment, which included your chia chips, along with dark chocolate covered orange and ginger. Took these on vacation to New Hampshire and had the pleasure of staying in a very nice bed and breakfast where the owners grew their own food, the house is solar powered, etc., etc. Very health-food and back to nature people. The first evening we were there I put the goodies from you out on the table for everyone to snack on and they LOVED them! One of the couples staying there live on an Air Force base in Guam and knew people there who have ordered from you, but had never tried any of your products themselves...needless to say, I think that you will have new customers very soon!!! I LOVE!!!!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Robin, Syracuse, NY

"WE LOVE THEM! The minute i opened them my children immediately got handfuls. And it was their first time trying all the different kind as of nuts. The shipping was very fast with unbeatable prices. Thank you. I will buy more again soon :)"
Jul 2014 -- April, Deltona, Florida

"Very speedy service! I ordered chocolate espresso beans and mint espresso beans! Both are very delicious! I am going to order again soon! Very happy!"
Jul 2014 -- Virali, New York, Ny

"I received your package on time, thank you so much. I will let you know after I try the product how it goes. Thanks"
Jul 2014 -- Elizabeth Miranda, Sharon, MA

"I just gave my Mom (an old school Japanese Woman) the mochi bits that came as a sample. I tried to give her some from another company at Christmas but, she said they were disgusting and threw them out! Well, she called to say how much she liked these, so next order will have mochi bits included! Home run!"
Jul 2014 -- Nina, Rochester, NY

"I haven't tried anything yet-but I'm ALWAYS been extremely happy with all your products-period! Don't ever stop selling. And I've noticed new products-thank you ever so much for that!"
Jul 2014 -- Lydia, Cressona, PA

"Wanna try something really good -- seed some big dates, wrap each with 1/2 piece of thick slice bacon. Fix with wet toothpick. Pace all on grill over drip pan. Bake in hot oven -- 400 -- 15 minutes 'til bacon "done." Use as appetizer, party pickup, or even entree'."
Jul 2014 -- Jerry, Longview, TX-Texas

"Amazing service and great candy. Thank you Keep up the good work."
Jul 2014 -- Kathleen, Henderson, NV

"best nuts in the land - will order again"
Jul 2014 -- sandy, milford, ct

"Thank you so much for the fast deliveries of the organic prunes, the flax seed and the brown sugar. As always better than expected. All looks so good. Thanks also for my surprise."
Jul 2014 -- Willemina, Kingston , NY

"great product, fresh and timely delivery."
Jul 2014 -- Christopher, sun city center, fl

"Thank you for a wonderful experience! I am so grateful that I ran into your company and that I placed an order. The package has exceeded my expectations. Everything was packed in an excellent way and taste so fresh. You have a customer for life! Thanks so much!"
Jul 2014 -- Melinda , Hialeah, FL

"Thank you for the fast delivery and the gift goody box, very nice presentation!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Linda, Lawrenceville, Ga.

"Speechless - completely satisfied!!"
Jul 2014 -- Don, Albany, NY

"You have exceeded my expectations again! You have a phenomenal company, so don't change a thing!"
Jul 2014 -- Teresa, Knoxville, TN

"My girlfriend ordered a box of Turkish Delights from here, came in the mail. But the candy is fantastic, just have one or two after a meal and it gives you that pleasant feeling of having a desert. Powder Sugar on the outside is yummy, get a few boxes and give some to friends that love sweets. One side note, my post person made me sign to get the box. Worth it."
Jul 2014 -- Randy, Baytown, tx

"What a pleasant and quick way to get something I couldn't find in local stores. Would use your website again in a heartbeat!"
Jul 2014 -- Ellen, Great neck, New York

"You guys are consistently awesome! My husband is addicted to Antep pistachios and you are my Number 1 source for them. Ordering is simple, delivery is fast and flawless, and your packaging always makes me laugh. You guys are the total nut package! Kudos! --"
Jul 2014 -- Christine, Jersey City, New Jersey

"I just got my package and it was super quick! It always is and I love to see what my sample pack is. It was black licorice and yummy! But, this is my first time ordering the sea salt and vinegar kale chips so I had to try them. I had to stop myself from eating half the container! They are scrumptious! Thank you for such amazing service and quality of product!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Laurie, Conway, SC

"Received goodies today after a super fast delivery. Every bag was so good. Thanks Carol"
Jul 2014 -- Carol, Cape Vincent, NY

"Love every-thing I get from, it's prompt, personal, witty and just the best service and product all around. They have very hard-to-find organic items like this almond flour that is organic, and sliced almonds that are organic... I can go on and on. Thank you, love your company!"
Jul 2014 -- Letty, Los Altos, CA

"I LOVE everything I ordered! I brewed two pots of Chocolate Banana Nut coffee for co-workers right away... they love it too so I was sure to hand out your web address! The dried pears are so fresh... they're perfect... Thank you so much!"
Jul 2014 -- Kim, Rockford, IL

"Ordered @ 7:30 pm on Monday, on my doorstep at 10:15 am Tuesday. You guys are phenomenal! Plus my husband loves your Antep pistachios."
Jul 2014 -- Gina, North Haven, CT

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