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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com (the same nutty family as NutsOnline).

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"These are very tasty to the point that I had to hide them from my parents. This one was a top favorite"
Oct 2014 -- Elijah, Stamford, Connecticut

"I Received my order I love everything , Fast S&H , Great Prices : ) When People ask me where I get my " Teas " & " Candy " and Tea without the tea bag I tell them at www.Nuts.com the only place I buy at cause I love " Nuts.com " every time : ) I'm always glad and I will be back ! Oh Guess where I ordered my " Birthday " stuff from for Oct 5,th ???? If you guessed at " Nuts.com " You are right : ) !!!"
Oct 2014 -- Jeannine, Providence, R.I.

"I love NUTS.com ! I received my order and I love everything , Quick shipping , I love your " Teas " in bulk no " paper " tea bag taste all " great " tasting tea ! I am always happy with everything I order ! : ) I will be ordering more ! When people ask me where I got my Teas & Candy & Chocolate I tell them At www.NUTS.com They are the only online place I shop at ! Cause I love NUTS .com : )"
Oct 2014 -- Jeannine A. Johnson, Providence, R.I.

"I am always happy to order from your company. I have been a customer for a few years now and never once had any problems. I wish all companies would be as efficient as yours. Thank you for the Nuts.com Pint Glass, that was so nice of you!"
Oct 2014 -- Karen, Avondale, PA

"Wonderful! I ordered it on a Monday and it came on a Thursday! Super fast shipping. I put mine in a smoothie and I love it. I can not wait too see what else I can add it to."
Oct 2014 -- Brianne, Traverse City, MI

"I love this company~ great products and outstanding customer service. I am always pleased when I receive my delivery Nuts.com. The product quality is excellent, the price is very good and the delivery is super speedy."
Oct 2014 -- Mary, Grass Valley, CA

"Received my order today and I was very happy. Fast shipping! I am so happy with the chopped figs, as they will save me a lot of work. I will be busy making Fig Newtons."
Oct 2014 -- Connie, Gap, Pa

"HOLY POTATOES! these are good. I had it for dinner they were so good. I loved everything I got today. I will be trying more stuff soon. It arrived early and your prices are great. If anyone is reading this trying to decide whether or not to place an order... DO IT."
Oct 2014 -- Ella, Keego , MI

"Great taste, excellent service, fast delivery! Thank you for driving us NUTS! :):):)"
Oct 2014 -- Raisa, Derwood, MD

"So glad to discover this company. Order delivered double quick and nuts are delicious. Thank you."
Oct 2014 -- Ernestine, Pearland, Texas

"I have just begun shopping with Nuts.com. Their products are superior, I can always find really great items and the customer service is second to none. No more grocery stores for most me. Nuts.com has earned my repeat business."
Oct 2014 -- James P Flynn, Aurora, Colorado

"I was delighted to receive my order so quickly all the way here in Texas! This was my first time ordering, but my mom has previously sent us a package from Nuts.com when we first moved to San Antonio, TX so I knew you have good quality products. Everything arrived in perfect condition in your adorable packaging :) My husband is already enjoying pumpkin and sunflower seeds, which are simply delicious raw or toasted and are a great healthy snack for work. Also, thank you so much for "something little extra"- Chia seeds! I will be adding those to my cereal or yogurt along with the freeze-dried berries! Love the variety of produce and excellent service you provide!"
Oct 2014 -- Olga, San Antonio, Texas

"package arrived finally last stop on truck almost ran out ."
Oct 2014 -- stephen, spring hill, fl

"My pecans arrived quickly! They taste great! I really appreciate the sample of organic raw almonds. This is my first time ordering from here. I definitely want to order from here again. Thanks for great customer service"
Oct 2014 -- Kerri, Paw Paw, MI

"I want to say thank you so much for the fast shipment. The nuts are Real Good too!!"
Oct 2014 -- John Jones, Denton, Tx

"I gave a bag as a gift (already had some of my own). The recipient took the bag to work and I'm told she and her coworkers are now addicted!"
Oct 2014 -- Fred, Pittsburgh, PA

"I love everything I get from nuts.com I use your boxes to put gifts in people just love them"
Oct 2014 -- ruth , garland, texas

"Yum! Yum! Yum! It's all so good, but I tend to pick out the green beans, carrots, and squash first. Better than potato chips!"
Oct 2014 -- Carolyn, Navajo, NM

"A favorite of my husband and daughter! (And mine, too.) They are so delicious, and that vibrant green color is awesome!"
Oct 2014 -- Carolyn, Navajo, NM

"I've ordered many products from Nuts.com over the years and I'm so pleased with the delectable items and outstanding service. The nuts are always fresh (very important to me) and there is a huge selection of healthy foods that I like to try out via your sample sizes. I also like to order healthy items for my friends and family, and Nuts.com makes it so easy to mail items to multiple addresses in one order. Simple, delicious, fresh, healthy! I love it."
Oct 2014 -- Brenda, East Bridgewater, MA

"I had to say thanks for the fast shipping and fresh products. Keep up the good work."
Oct 2014 -- Kerry, Augusta, GA

"Ordered the walnuts as a gift for friends. They arrived promptly and were enjoyed immensely. Thanks for a good product efficiently delivered! Nancy"
Oct 2014 -- Nancy, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

"Simply wonderful, real food. Tastes different and to me they're almost a pistachio flavor but with a much better after taste. These nuts contain the highest fat of any nut and are highly recommended for HFLC (all low carb) food plans. My preference is for a larger quantity bag or bulk."
Oct 2014 -- Mike Levine, Dexter, MI

"Never left a comment before on here and have enjoyed many of your products but the Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels are fantastic!"
Oct 2014 -- Scott, Bethlehem, PA

"I am amazed at how fast you ship. Also the good quality of the products, (the cute little bags are awesome). I really appreciate the little surprises you put in my orders. This is my favorite online store. Keep up the good work!"
Oct 2014 -- cheryl, maurice, LA

"Amazed at the quick delivery! Haven't tried the nuts, as they are a gift, but they look DELICIOUS! I WILL order some for myself."
Oct 2014 -- Shirley, Lakewood, NJ

"this is my third time for this product , very tasty and quick to make , usual very fast service two days , ive ordered quite a few things from you guys over the years and never been disappointed. thanks steve"
Oct 2014 -- Stephen, canton, mich.

"As always, extremely fast service. I have yet to receive anything I wasn't 100% happy with. Once again, this pink salt was superb. Thank you so much for keeping your prices reasonable and offering such outstanding service and high quality items. It's very hard to find all 3 in today's times!"
Oct 2014 -- Debbie, Greensboro, NC

"I placed my first order last week for the Israeli Roasted and Salted sunflower seeds and word can't begin to describe how good they are. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur as I have been eating them for about 40 years. I lived in Spain for part of the time and considered the Spanish seeds to be the best but I have to now revise my thinking. These are by far the largest and tastiest seeds I have ever eaten. I ate a pound of them by myself in a matter of days and am now reordering 4.5 more pounds. that will probably last a week or 2. The shipping is incredibly fast and arrives in a matter of day. Go ahead, place your order, you won't be disappointed."
Oct 2014 -- Michelle, Louisville, KY

"Ordered the Black Milk tea powder and it arrived in less than 5 days. Unbelievable, being that I live in Guam USA. Fast shipping and excellent product!"
Oct 2014 -- April, Barrigada, Gu

"I'm a diabetic that lives in a rural area and the selection of treats in stores around here is sadly lacking. Nuts.com has great selection and everything I order is very fresh. Just received a shipment today and I'm finally able to have the sugar free chocolate covered raisins I've been craving for weeks! They're wonderfully rich and satisfying."
Oct 2014 -- Amanda, Woodburn, IA

"I love Nuts.com! My favorites in my last box were midnight blue popcorn (small but tender popcorn) and Ethiopian Harrar coffee. What a surprise to find a free sample of goji berries. Thank you!"
Oct 2014 -- Cheryl, Paramount, CA

"I'm always pleased with the products I order from you and the little extra treats are a bonus. The prices are what I consider more than just. You are always on time and most times, ahead of time in the mailing. Thank you so much for the variety and quality of products you sell."
Oct 2014 -- Ms. Arliver Grant, Brunswick, GA

"Just got my latest nuts.com order and I have to tell you how happy happy our family is! One of my kids loves your BBQ sunflower seeds, I love the Israeli no salt sunflower seeds and the matcha powder. I drink green tea daily and match is wonderful iced. My husband loves your pistachios and our kids love love the cheddar cheese powder. I make it into mac and cheese. This was my second order of the orange goodness as I did not want to run out. Looking forward to trying the green pea powder to make a quick winter soup. Only problem is it is too hot to try it. Anyway, can't wait to order again! What should I get next? Thanks again! Sara"
Oct 2014 -- Sara, Palos Verdes, CA

"WOW!!! Nuts.com you have done it again. Just got my order today, talk about fast service, just ordered it on Friday This is my "secret order", I didn't tell anyone I was getting them. They are locked in a drawer in my desk at work. Last time I had to share them with others and hardly got any for myself. My favorites the Salted Cashews and my first try Of Blister Peanuts. WILL KEEP ORDERING. Got a e-mail alert for the Christmas ribbon candy and the Christmas cut rock candy, can't wait until u get those in. Thanks again Nuts.com, you are the best."
Oct 2014 -- Chuck, Friendsville, TN

"you're nuts!!!! i thought i was nuts; thanks & have a llaauugghh....."
Oct 2014 -- steve decker, milford, pa.

"With love from Italy to wonderful Minnesota's bears."
Oct 2014 -- Chiara Giorgiutti, UDINE, ITALY

"So sweet, so delicious. I am so happy to have a source that is not only reasonable, but wonderful to do business with! Nuts.com you guys are the best!"
Oct 2014 -- Julia, phila, pa

"First time ordering, arrived when I was told they would so I didn't have to spend time tracking my purchase. Dates are fresh and yummy! I will definitely be ordering again."
Oct 2014 -- Janet Jordan, Hollywood , SC

"I ordered candy from your company based on reviews. The order came as promised and super fresh. I ordered candy by color for a candy buffet for my daughters bridal shower. Beautiful display and delicious? A hit for any occasion."
Oct 2014 -- Patricia, Jacksonville, FL

"Oh my word! I just fixed my first batch of Gluten Free Homemade Bread Mix and it is better than just about any bread, gluten or gluten-free, that I've ever had! I made mine with my bread machine. I did not mix the yeast into the wet ingredients as listed on your directions because that just didn't sound right. I mixed the wet stuff together, then put them in machine, added the bread mix and yeast and it came out perfectly. Even my husband, who isn't crazy about gluten-free stuff usually raved about this bread :)"
Oct 2014 -- Christine, Central, OH

"Great products! Great customer service! Fast delivery! What more can you say? What an exceptional company. You have a customer for life!"
Oct 2014 -- Kevin L Mills, Lancaster, PA

"I've been buying your products for over a year now and I love them! My favorite is the raw organic cashews! I have celiac disease so eat a strict gluten free diet. Thank you for offering certified gluten free products I can feel safe eating! I make all kinds of things with the cashews like vegan cashew creme cheese and vegan cashew vanilla frosting. I also have multiple food allergies and don't eat dairy so nuts are a,must in making alternative things. During holidays I make all kinds of treats using the cashews and all my family and friends love it! Look forward to seeing more certified gluten free products! :)"
Oct 2014 -- Jessica, Orlando, FL

"Nuts.com is the absolute best! For the past few years, we have placed both larger and smaller orders. Each time, the products arrived amazingly quick. Each time, the products were amazingly fresh. We love all of the raw nuts, and also the new peanut varieties. And the packaging is adorable, making it great for gifts. My Aunty loved the chocolate covered malted milk balls! This company is terrific!"
Oct 2014 -- Susan , Sparta, NJ

"I just opened my box of natural crystallized ginger. LOVE it! The're just the right size to pop in recipes without having to cut first! So glad I bought them! They're perfect, soft, fresh; great job, nutty people!!"
Oct 2014 -- Linda, Portland, MI

"I just received my second order from Nuts.com, & am just as pleased with it as I was the first! The products are delicious & very fresh, the selection is spectacular, & the customer service is outstanding! I find myself already planning what I want to try next time! What a great company!"
Oct 2014 -- Debi, Lexington, KY

"Very impressed with the size of the jumbos. I use a vintage 1911 barrel roaster and they roasted very nice. Also super fast shipping. I will buy again. Thanks"
Oct 2014 -- Smoke, nottingham, pa

"I purchased the one-pound package of marshmallow bits for cocoa and mocha. I could only speculate what one pound looks like, but really had no clue, so I'll tell you. The little mini bits are packaged in a resealable, extremely plump (approx.) 9x12" bag with the unique Nuts.com presentation. Great, fresh product in a fun, quirky bag. All smiles in this house!"
Oct 2014 -- Tina, EL PASO, Texas

"Super quick shipping and these are the BEST!!! Back to order more!!!"
Oct 2014 -- Michael D. Smeck, Amherst, OH

"Loved the nutty box the order came in. Loved the dried apricots. Haven't used the flours yet but will soon. Am glad to find a place to order them."
Oct 2014 -- Elizabeth, Belleville, Mi

"Love, love, love Nuts.com! GREAT products, super fast shipping, SUPER friendly people, and the boxes make the post office workers laugh :-] Thanks so much!!!1"
Oct 2014 -- Lea, St Petersburg, Florida

"I am so happy with Nuts.com. I have been a customer of theirs for quite a while now and keep going back. They are great to work with and are so perfect with those last minute needs. It is so great that they ship and its here the next day. Highly recommended!"
Oct 2014 -- Gretchen Geibe, Lancaster, PA

"All I can say is, "Delish!". I didn't notice that the instructions called for more mix than the 1 pound bag. I made my loaf in my bread machine using all the amounts listed in the recipe and the 1 pound mix. It is just wonderful. Full of little wholes and full of taste! I'll make the same way next time, and there will be a next time! Thanks!!"
Oct 2014 -- Christine, Central, OHIO

"opened a can as soon as it arrived. YUM! how come I cant find these in san Francisco?"
Oct 2014 -- nona, san francisco, ca

"Yummy, Yummy, YUMMY! I really love these. They were devoured so fast by my family. I will definitely order again. I'm trying the rosemary flavor this round but will definitely order these on a regular basis."
Oct 2014 -- Kaye, Flower Mound, TX

"So good and very fresh! I am a fan. It feels good to get my omega 3s in a tasty organic crunchy fresh excellent walnut. So glad that I found this company!"
Oct 2014 -- Kaye, Flower Mound, TX

"The Best! We ran out way too soon. I ordered one for family and a secret stash for me this time. I can barely eat what we got from local supermarket now."
Oct 2014 -- Kaye, Flower Mound, TX

"These guys are great!! Shipping is quick and efficient. They are our sole supllier of nuts for our bird. Mango loves these pine nuts. She will be so disappointed not to have them until November."
Oct 2014 -- Jane , Lawrenceville, GA

"Thank you soooo very much for my gift of dried strawberries, that came with my order. Mom and I enjoyed immensely. Chocolates are for a bachelorette party that I know will be greatly enjoyed. I will surely be ordering again."
Oct 2014 -- jacqueline, Stone Mountain, Georgia

"Placed order on a Friday, they said it would arrive by Monday. It showed up on Saturday- the very next day! Love the little extra surprise in the box! This was my first order ever, I just placed a second, can't wait to get it! So happy to find you! Oh, and we love the packaging as well- colorful, simple and fun!!"
Oct 2014 -- Carol, South Lyon, Michigan

"I received my order today, the word that comes to mind is gratitude , for your entire family and that puts so much care into the high quality product , great packaging and I am always pleasantly surprised when there is a treat in my order, everything I ordered is scrumptious . Thank you:)"
Oct 2014 -- Carol, Meaford, Ontario

"so that is what apricots are supposed to taste like! Wow smells good and they taste great. Shipping super fast, love the light hearted humor and did I smell fresh nuts upon opening the package?... I wonder about those packing peanuts."
Oct 2014 -- Emily Phillips, Braselton, Ga

"Oct 2014 Fabulous! SELECTION & service. Really enjoying the products. MACAWS love the Nuts too. Thank you"
Oct 2014 -- Cheri, Farmersville, Tx

"This is my third 25lb.order. I boil them five pounds at a time after a good soaking for a full day. Delicious and huge. Wife takes them into work sometimes and they all say the same thing."Where did you get these...they are huge!" Of course we tell them, "Nuts.com...where else." I also roast these...they are delicious."
Oct 2014 -- William, Tallahassee, Florida

"You are the best! Your web site is so easy to use. I love that I can order candy by color- perfect for color themed parties! Everything I've ever ordered has been incredibly fresh and delicious! The shipping is always lightning fast. Love you guys!"
Oct 2014 -- Ann, Stratford, CT

"These guys are NUTS! As in Crazy Good! Top notch quality & service always!"
Oct 2014 -- Paul, Huntington, NY

"I love the the snacks their they rates to good. They don't make u pay for something and give u something that's less than what their suppose to give at a fair price. I also love that they email you when your package arrived."
Oct 2014 -- Eriana, clifton, New Jersey

"I going to make this short and sweet (pun) intended I enjoyed your gummy bears more than words can say! And thanks for the "lil"soemthing extra."
Oct 2014 -- Teah, Huntington, West Virginia

"WOW! Another amazing package from Nuts.com! The Peanut Crunch is outstanding and the silly yellow bananas are exactly as I hoped. Such fast shipping & so much joy in that little box! Thanks again for being so great!"
Oct 2014 -- Jen Lindsay, Ashford, CT

"These almonds are outstanding. I need gluten free and oil free. Sometimes almonds are chewy and blah. No these!! They are perfect. These almonds and the dry roasted cashews are the best nuts I have ever tried. You will love them and keep coming back for more. You will not be disappointed."
Oct 2014 -- Kelly, Huntersville, NC - North Carolina

"These are the best, hands down, cashews I have ever put in my mouth. I need gluten free and oil free. These have the most incredible flavor of any cashew I have ever tried. The amount of salt is precise and perfect. I can't recommend these enough. You will not be disappointed and will come back again and again. They are nice and big cashews. No halves and crushed. Each one is big and flavorful. Go ahead and order. You will love them."
Oct 2014 -- Kelly, Huntersville, NC - North Carolina

"Your company is amazing! in terms of its customer service, products and super fast service!"
Oct 2014 -- Louise Chaput, Terrace, BC

"I just found nuts.com about 6 months ago an have ordered numerous items from them. They r always on time and everything is sooo fresh. My only complaint is I didn't find u sooner. Love u nuts.com"
Oct 2014 -- lauren, stillman valley, illinois

"My family and I were absolutely thrilled with our order! We LOVE the dark chocolate covered espresso beans and the cinnamon imperials. They are SO delicious! We couldn't believe how quickly everything was delivered, and how beautifully everything was packaged. We even received a free gift of a generous amount of organic almonds! It is rare to find a company as good as Nuts.com. You can tell they REALLY CARE about their customers."
Oct 2014 -- Therese, Pittsburgh, PA

"Absolutely the best shipping, packaging, and product. I use nuts.com for both work and personal orders, and I know that I'm going to see that super cute box arrive on my doorstep lickety-split with a whole bunch of yum inside. Great company!!"
Oct 2014 -- Rebecca, Coopersburg, PA

"Arrived fast enough to satisfy my craving. Plan on using these in hot chocolate. Tastes exactly the same as the marshmallows from the cereal we all know and love. Will definitely do business again!"
Oct 2014 -- Rob, Mineola, NY

"This "family run business" truly treats it's customers as family! I look so forward to receiving my products which have always been 120% satisfactory. Try them, you'll like them!!"
Oct 2014 -- Dianne, Omaha, Nebraska

"The almonds I order are for my 6 Cockatoo. They love them and are always fresh. Thank you Nuts .com for keeping my crazy nuts happy."
Oct 2014 -- Nina, Covington, Kentucky

"WOW....ordered dried persimmons on Monday evening and they were here by Wednesday morning ! Your description of these yummy slices does not do them justice.....absolutely delish....I am hooked on these babies....hope they last until this weekend so my grandsons can try them . Thank you for such a wonderful healthy treat...."
Oct 2014 -- Julie, Marietta, Georgia

"Absolutely. T H E B E S T P E A N U T S, ever. That is all."
Sep 2014 -- Valerie, Springfield, IL

"I have been going (no pun intended) NUTS buying and buying and buying from Nuts.com. However, I have to say these Pastel Chocolate Strawberries are ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR!!! I guess my 3 favorites are the diced dried pineapple, these pastel chocolate strawberries and the Lemoncello Almonds!!! OMG, died and gone to heaven is almost an understatement!"
Sep 2014 -- Brenda K. McQueen, Eaton, OH

"From samples to service, you Nuts are simply great. Since my first order about three years ago, I have been so delighted with the freshness, variety, tasty, and timely of all products. Especially the dried peaches. I love to give them as a gift to a treasured neighbor..stay great, Roseann"
Sep 2014 -- Roseann, Pittsburgh, Pa

"Only a couple of words that says it all--- YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I have been using Nuts.com for over a year or more and they never disappoint me. Always look forward to the little sample of one of their wonderful products. Plus their service is the fastest of any I have ever had. Can't go wrong with this company."
Sep 2014 -- Shirley, Williamsburg, VA

"'Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans', the name alone sounds so deliciously good."
Sep 2014 -- Mary, Hampton, VA

"I was flabbergasted next day delivery and the snacks were superb I definitely will be a regular customer thanks"
Sep 2014 -- marguerite, phila, pa

Sep 2014 -- MARY, AKRON, OH

"I grew up in Boston's North End and I have been eating a pound or two every year since I was a teenager and I'm now sixty five. I take them hunting and eat them while watching TV. My brother sent me a pound of your dried chestnuts and the bag is gone, you have a new customer. Thank you for a fresh product. I eat them raw and still have all of my teeth."
Sep 2014 -- Joseph, Leesburg, Florida

"We have an indoor pet squirrel. We rescued him 6 years ago. I try very hard to feed the little fatty nuts and veggies. He does have a couple sweet teeth. But he loves his morning hazelnuts as much as I love my morning cup of coffee. I love that your products have always been of the best quality and a fast easy ordering process."
Sep 2014 -- Jere Mullen, Sumter, SC

"excellent service."
Sep 2014 -- don, toronto, 0ntario

"I loved all of the freeze dried veggies, and grapes. They are better than chips for snacks. The freeze dried grapes are nature's candy. Love em. Thanks for the macadamia nut lagniappe!"
Sep 2014 -- donna, atlanta, ga

"How awesome is nuts.com!! Out of this world customer service; incredible products (the roasted pecans are incredible!); stellar sense of humor! I love these guys. Please order lots - people this fantastic - we gotta keep them in business!"
Sep 2014 -- Amy, Columbia, MD

"Your chia seeds are the best I have eaten! I am ordering more! Thank you!"
Sep 2014 -- Mary, Brookhaven, MS

"From window shopping through delivery and wedding candy bar set up my families experience with the nuts.com family has been outstanding. Your products and personal customer service speaks volumes of your personal family pride. The quality of each item(flavor and freshness), visual presentation(theme color and detail of pieces) the old saying "you get what you paid for" certainly rang true. The brides were so happy with their surprise beach themed candy bar and the guests are still commenting on how delicious everything. This investment was one of the best purchases we made. Thank you for adding a fun yet elegant touch to my families very special day! You will be a part of our families special moments for years to come. Kristen"
Sep 2014 -- Rita, Quakertown, Pennsylvania

"grew up on it loved it muchly"
Sep 2014 -- don, denver, co

"Shipment has arrived, which ranks as great service. Humor on the shipping container ranks as another great. After I have taste tested the goodies, I will let you know how they rank. Sincerely, DBP"
Sep 2014 -- David, Tyaskin, MD

"Thrilled that I found this web site. So much to choose from, fantastic prices. Best of all shipped when they said they would and ARRIVED exactly when promised.... Too good to be true. Thank you so much - will enjoy coming back again and again.."
Sep 2014 -- Irene, Dedham, MA

"If you're looking for a quality company, excellent products , and screaming fast service then order from Nuts.com. I always enjoy seeing my surprise sample and the humorous correspondence. Do not hesitate ordering from these guys. They're AWESOME!"
Sep 2014 -- Sally, Hermitage , Tn

"Super fast shipping! Great product and we had a good laugh this morning ...fun packaging!Love supporting a family business, thank you for delivering in time for the holidays! We will be back!"
Sep 2014 -- Dorothy, Dunlap, Iowa

Sep 2014 -- Marion, ELIZABETH , NJ

"Your Gluten Free Hot Cereal is one of my most favorite things that you offer. It is amazing on a cool morning to warm me up. I usually go the more savory route when I eat it and do a type of deconstructed pesto. I use chicken broth or water as the liquid and then add fresh garlic and onion from our garden, pepper and sea salt before cooking. After it is done, I throw in some toasted pine nuts, dried basil from our garden or fresh depending on the time of year and a little bit of parm cheese. I have at times if I have on hand chop up some fresh tomatoes and sprinkle over the top after cooking or before cooking throw in some chopped up broccoli. Can you say... YUMMY?? Thank you so much for your assortment of all kinds of wonderful things and fast shipping. I am a repeat customer who has been shopping with you for years and am a fan for life."
Sep 2014 -- Jessica, Alum Bank, PA

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