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"Well I did get my order a day early and am excited about that and even got a smoothie ready to try it out. Was a bit sad when there was no sample inside. Everyone who has left you comments said they loved that you sent a sample but I didn't receive one, not that I am not happy just was looking forward to a little surprise. Like everyone talked about. I do like the box that is quite cute."
Aug 2014 -- nichole, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"thank you, your the best, fast delivery and friendly service...I couldn't believe the fast service, I definitely will be buying from you again in the future. I am so glad that I found you. once again thank you from the heart..."
Aug 2014 -- Brenda, Bronx, NY

"Wow! Ordered Friday. My package just arrived. It wasn't supposed to be shipped until today. What fast service. Everything looks great. Very anxious to start baking bread again."
Aug 2014 -- Elizabeth, Fredericksburg, Va

"I have purchased from many times. Items always arrive very quickly, correct and fresh. Love the packaging too, I will be shopping again very soon."
Aug 2014 -- Margi, Pensacola, FL

"Second time ordering Halawi dates, and I am very happy with this purchase. They taste amazing and are great quality, plus I received my order super fast (the next day after ordering) which was the best thing :)"
Aug 2014 -- Sumra, Richmond, VA

"I've never tasted anything quite like these almonds. They're kind of like the best of both worlds...the roasted almond and the BBQ potato chip. But wait...there's more smokiness to these than the chips. And they're better for you. This is my second time ordering these; I love 'em."
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, MN

"I ordered a pound of the Berry Mix with my first order. I ordered two pounds of the Berry Mix on my second order. I guess you might say that we love this mix of berries. In fact, we'll probably order a five pound bag with our next order, we love the stuff that much! This one is available in a sample size, and you should get a sample if nothing else. I know you'll be back for more. Awesome."
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, MN

"These goober peas are perfectly roasted and salted just right. While the nuts are not uniform in size, I have not encountered even one bitter nut after a half-dozen hands-full. My wife swears that these taste better than the national top hat and monocle brand."
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, MN

"This coffee is just plain good. There's a perfect balance here. I'm sipping a freshly-made cup of this as I write; the aroma is rich and there is no bitterness to this brew whatsoever. I'm glad I selected this one; it will be part of my coffee corral from now on. This one is available in a sample size, so you oughta try the Deluxe House Blend coffee sooner than later. I think you'll be happy that you did."
Aug 2014 -- Paul, faribault, MN

"We portioned this out into one-ounce servings in zipper bags, as we maintain a careful diet. What impressed me about the Deluxe House Mix was how plump, fresh and wonderful are the dried fruits. WoW! Everything is so fresh and bursting with flavor and color. I have a feeling those little snack bags will disappear quickly. Time to start filling my shopping cart...again. LOL"
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, MN

"The name scared me a little. I don't like things that are *too* spicy, but the Southern Heat Mix is just right. It brings the heat, flavor and savor without the pain. Next order, I'm getting the five pound bag of this one. Delicious!"
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, MN

"These lightly salted pistachios are delicious. Unlike others I've tried, these aren't too salty; there's just enough to bring out the sweetness of the nuts. Excellent!"
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, MN

"My first order for roasted sunflower seeds was placed because I couldn't find them locally and was getting desperate. The seeds from are larger and fresher than the retail ones I was buying and the packaging is ingenious. Love them and have placed my second order! Also love the surprise package that was included in my shipment."
Aug 2014 -- Cathey, Atlanta, GA

"Super convenient and Super simple!!! I navigated the site found what I was looking for; very reasonably priced by the way...and checked out with my smart phone on 17% battery left. I LOVE NUTS!!!!!!!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Rose, Pueblo, CO

"I'm just NUTS about my order of M&M Minis. They're fresh and delicious; the order was filled and shipped so efficiently: and the packaging was excellent. Thanks, too, for the sample of dried fruit - so NUTricious and tasty! I SHELL surely order from you again!!"
Aug 2014 -- Martha, Parkersburg, WV

"I just wanted to tell you guys that you are by far the best company around. I have been a customer of yours for a while now. First off, shipping is always superfast. The freshness of the almonds were by far some of the best I have ever had. I recently ordered the Acai Berry and Hemp Superfood Cereals, never had anything like it, but the taste was amazing. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your company, keep up the great work."
Aug 2014 -- Anne, Lafayette Hill, PA

"Excellent company - shipped same day, added a free sample of chocolate covered espresso beans to my order. Even though the parcel shipped from NJ to CA in the middle of a very warm summer (which I was warned about before my order shipped), my chocolate covered espresso beans arrived in perfect condition! Excellent packaging and some cold packs kept my chocolate beans from melting, and overall, I am truly pleased with this wonderful company. Thanks, Jeffery & family! :-)"
Aug 2014 -- Larry, Lodi, CA

"I love all of your products!!!Wonderful organic and great quality, you deliver so quickly too! I started by ordering coffee from you and I'm truly a coffee snob. Your coffee is the best! I like a deep roast but not burnt tasting. I like your sumatran and the colombian medellin ,and others! I do expresso and french press. I've ordered many other products too for my green smoothies, like : bee pollen, spirullina,many nuts, and seeds. I'm a health nut! Ya'll were even so sweet to send me a free t-shirt with "nut-a -licious!! That was really nice. Thank you! Pam"
Aug 2014 -- pam , cornelius, North Carolina

"I order this frequently for my mother and she eats them faster than I can reorder them. I am very happy with your service and product and delivery. Thank you so much. Tonmy"
Aug 2014 -- Anthony , Surprise, AZ

"Sent as a gift, my niece loved the packaging. The truffles to die for. Love this place, will order again soon. Thanks"
Aug 2014 -- Elizabeth, Camarillo, CA

"OMG… I LOOOOOOVE this company, everything about it, and all it represents, from the great informative website, to the super lightning fast shipping, to the great packages that the products come in. Ive placed a couple orders and will definitely be placing many many many more. Love you people!!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Lynette, West Nyack, NY

"Thank you for the excellent business! I ordered quinoa and it reached on time. Tasted, it is really very fresh."
Aug 2014 -- Souraiya, Memphis, TN

"I always have very good experiences with and their products are excellent and shipped in a quicker than timely manner!!!"
Aug 2014 -- linda, austell, ga

"This is the first time I have ordered anything on-line...It was FANTASTIC..EASY...AND DELIVERY WAS EVEN EARLY...Love this company...Thanks Nut guys"
Aug 2014 -- Patty, Lockhart, Texas

"VERY TIMELY! Thanks much."
Aug 2014 -- rick, arlington, Nebraska

"I am a very loyal customer"
Aug 2014 -- Evelyn , bowling green , KY

"Your company is lightening fast! I recently started on a gluten free diet and needed various flours in order to bake. In order to get all of the flours, I could have traveled to a couple of starts, but with, I got them all in one place -- no travelling, no aggravation if a store didn't have Teff flour, etc. Thanks for your great service, good prices and quality packaging which allows me to reseal the flour bags. I am very satisfied and grateful for your service!"
Aug 2014 -- Carol, South Portland, ME

"Fast delivery.I got my order delivered next day. Awesome service and great products. I will order soon again......"
Aug 2014 -- Larisa, Brooklyn, NY

"We were vacationing in South Carolina and had found 3 of the sand buckets with lollipops and knew that our 8 grandchildren would love them. Upon investigating once we arrived back home was a relief to find did indeed carry these unique treats. I placed an order on line and the product arrived a few days later along with a sample of nuts to try. Shipping was rather expensive, but our grandchildren were very pleased and happy to have a treat and toy in one. Thank you for the service and the treats!"
Aug 2014 -- Rose, Toledo, Ohio

"My mom came to live w/me in April 2014. Her blood glucose sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride were off the charts. I took info to doctor on your line of cereals, he reviewed and gave his approval. her blood glucose has dropped from 245 to 116, her cholesterol dropped from 239 to 200 and her triglycerides dropped from 600 to 265 (not where it should be but headed in the right direction). He doctor has told her these changes are directly attributed to her change in diet using good carbs and high fiber, which these cereals have instead of processed cereals...the plus is she likes it. We've just placed another order for 5# instead of the samples and/or 1# bags."
Aug 2014 -- Gwyn, Orange Beach, AL

"Very fast shipping. Excellent zante currant product. They are great by themselves, in oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, etc."
Aug 2014 -- GREG, STILLWATER, OK - Oklahoma

"Dependable supply of a quality product and the price is right."
Aug 2014 -- Don, Guymon, Oklahoma

"I just received my first order and I am extremely satisfied. I loved funny packaging, fast delivery a little gift ( pack of raw almond). I will definitely order again. Thank you Uncle Sandy, Cousin David, Jeffrey and his dad and whole Nuts family"
Aug 2014 -- Joanna, Schaumburg, IL

"I have found great quality of products order from here. I eventually gave gluten-free stuff I ordered to my daughter, who loved them. But the nuts, fruit, etc. are great tasting."
Aug 2014 -- Nancy, Renton, Washington

"I ordered about 6 items from you guys and all I can say is WOW!!! The free gift of Wasabi peas was very nice of you! I have tried the ranch peanuts and the Sing Bhujia nuts today and LOVE them! You boys have a customer for life!!! And now to get serious, never ever, ever, ever change the way you do business. From the way you package (LOVE the box!!!) to the nuts, I love your company and what you have to offer. If you were to change too much, your Poppy Sol would be heartbroken! You have a great company and product so keep up with the times but do NOT get so modern that the spirit is destroyed. Thank you again for your kindness, your generosity of spirit and your great sense of fun!"
Aug 2014 -- David, Los Angeles, CA

"Superb shipping service. Oh yeah and I got goodies ( a pack of chia seeds). Can't wait to try my Garcinia Cambogia powder and organic peanut butter. Packaging is great as well. Will buy again. Excellent service all round."
Aug 2014 -- Mitzie, Ajax, ON

"Received a sample of the Habanero pistachios with my most recent order and oh my are they yummy. I like spicy foods, they don't always like me, but these were not too spicy."
Aug 2014 -- B. P., Midlothian, VA

"I'm afraid Nuts.Com just got another life-long customer. The packaging is fun and adorable, prices are fantastic, and shipping was on time."
Aug 2014 -- Ally, Don't Go There, FL

"You guys rock! Great fresh product received in one day. I will be ordering other products in the near future. THANK YOU SL"
Aug 2014 -- Stuart, Bethel, CT

"Thank you for the delivery which came today, just as promised. Thank you, too, for the follow up phone call to check on the delivery. I was munching on pecans as you called me...and they are delicious!"
Aug 2014 -- Nancy, Brandon, FL

"Speedy delivery. Only source I use for hibiscus flowers. Thanks for goji berries sampler. I have been meaning to try them, they are delicious! Plan on using to make a snack pack."
Aug 2014 -- shirley, Greensboro, nc

"Just received my first order. I was very happy to see how great they were packaged and how quickly I received them. I will order again. Thank you."
Aug 2014 -- Deb, Stone Harbor, NJ

"I am nuts about They offer fresh, well pkgd , healthy nuts, seeds, fruts, sweets, and just about anything you want and will want forevermore!!! If you don't agree, email them or email me. I will find it hard to believe but they will honor your request and try to make you happy. What could be better???? Check em out and tell em I sent you. Deb"
Aug 2014 -- Deb Van Brocklin, Cedar, MN

"Thanks fir the Soy Lecithin Granules, and the other products,. They are great! I especially want to thank you for letting have a sample of the Goji Berries! They are so tasty!! and sooooo delicious!!! The delivery was expeditious as usual. I just recommended this site to some of my friends."
Aug 2014 -- Glenn, Jacsonville , Little Rock

"Delicious! Everything I expected. Shipping was wonderful; with 2 days. A customer for life. The sample was so unexpected and thoughtful. Thanks bunches."
Aug 2014 -- Asenath, Euclid, Ohio

"I love this place! Good quality candies and great customer service. I couldn't be happier when I received the candies I ordered, they shipped very quickly and were nicely packed! I highly recommend!"
Aug 2014 -- Magnolia, Chicago, IL

"Got my order of Almond flour. Quick delivery! Yummy flour! Thank you!"
Aug 2014 -- Carol, Protivin, IA

"Hello, i just got my first order. I'm really impressed, i got my order so fast, and i'm very happy with order."
Aug 2014 -- Elizabeth, miami, florida

"I just received my third shipment. All products are fresh and delicious, plus the price is the lowest of any other site that I have ordered from. Packaging is great and I always look forward to the extra sample that is sent with every order, never knowing what it might be. It's always a tasty surprise. Thanks to the family!"
Aug 2014 -- clanpheare, Grand Prairie, TX

"I have been ordering from you guys for a few years tomorrow and each time I go to order I find more and more delicious stuff!! Everything is supreme quality, so much variety...and so YUMMY! I have joked with friends and family about the shipping, claiming that you must be my neighbor. The shipments often arrive in less than 24 hours with standard shipping! I am a very happy customer and plan to continue to do lots of ordering and eating of your nuts & goodies :)"
Aug 2014 -- Alyssa, Parsippany, Nj

"Ordered these as a new try it treat for myself. After one try, they will now be ordered as that one special treat I hide from everyone else. The combination of salt and crunch is amazing."
Aug 2014 -- Jonell, Fullerton, Ca

"Oh my goodness. I just got notice that my order has shipped. YOU are shipping my order in a shorter time than it took me to place the order! From the placing of my order to your shipping had to be less than an hour. WOW and thanks. You are fantastic."
Aug 2014 -- Sharon, Beavercreek, Ohio

"I just received my order and opened the Sesame Sticks with Honey. WOW! These are the best ones I have ever tasted!! I have not ordered anything I wouldn't order again. Including the Buffalo Peanuts, which are sweet and spicy too."
Aug 2014 -- Melody, Fort Knox, Kentucky

"I have been ordering mechandise online for years, but I have NEVER had anything shipped with the expediency as Thank You, Kit"
Aug 2014 -- Dr. Kit Barker, PhD, Highlands, NC

"I hardly had a chance to hang up the phone when there is a knock at the door (Tap ,Tap ,Tap,...),the FEDEX guy standing at the door holding a box with printed puns ,one liners , advertising promotions ,email address's , all having to do with Nuts. I thought I was hallucinating , My Nuts arrived in less than 24 hours in a happy package , which carried my favorite snack in the whole world (whole nuts), in a time frame that made my day,week ,year. I have found the wholly grail of true Nut purveyors . I thanked the driver who had never seen someone go Nuts over Nuts and sent him on his way . I rushed over to my favorite seat and began to savor the roasted , delicious taste of my Israeli unsalted in the shell , seeds,. I savored the fresh taste of wholesomeness and nuttiness that I used to taste in these delicious little natures delights. For the past several years I have not found a reliable consistent source for these seeds, (size ,taste, freshness,availability). So, while reading and turning the pages of books that I have lined up to read, I enjoy the added treat and knowing where to go for my "honest to goodness",Israeli unsalted in the shell sunflower seeds. I have attempted to juggle turning pages and eating nuts for 50 plus years , I'm almost there. Thanks, , you have won me over .I don't want to forget to thank you for the included little gift. I might share it with my wife. Best to you ,Charles"
Aug 2014 -- CHARLES, Westbury, New York

"The fruit slices lemon I ordered were the best I have ever had. fresh and tasty. Always had trouble getting that lemon flavor with a tart tang from any place I tried to buy it. I never could get the flavor in the quantity I received now just the way I like it. Thanks a bunch"
Aug 2014 -- Daniel, PenArgyl, Pa

"I am a new customer. I found you folks online while looking for a place to buy large quantities of mini cinnamon chips at a reasonable price. I was impressed by the quality of the chips, as well as the ease of ordering and the next-day arrival. So, when I needed a lot of poppy seeds and to restock on cocoa powder, I ordered from you again. I will be shopping your site on a regular basis in the future. And we LOVE the boxes."
Aug 2014 -- Lesley C Rowe, East Haddam, CT

"You guys are the best with the best products ever!"
Aug 2014 -- carol, joliet, il

"Ordered at 9:00 pm and somehow got it by 3 pm the next day! Great shipping speed and my order came with styrofoam insulation and cold packs to keep my chocolate from melting."
Aug 2014 -- Erin, Troy, New York

"Just received my package of treats and I must say that the Fava(salted) and Chana Chor Garam is absolutely addictive. Looking forward to enjoying all the other items soon. is an absolute treat to deal with and eat."
Aug 2014 -- James, Edgerton, Ohio

"I am so glad I found you nutty people! The many products I ordered were fabulous! Can you believe that two adult males can go through a 5lb bag a trail mix in a weekend?! Well, they did and now I need to order more! I love being able to make my own trail mix as my son has tree nut allergies. Thank you!!!"
Aug 2014 -- June , Warm Springs, VA

"I was very impressed with ease of ordering, delivery and quality of candy I give you a TEN!!! Also, the little free sample was a nice bonus"
Aug 2014 -- elisabel perez, Oak Lawn, IL

"Fast delivery!! Tasty products!! Awesome box!!! Very happy consumer!!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Lisa, Spring hill, FL

"The lemon drops we ordered from were an experiment to attempt to replace a beloved lemon drop which is no longer available. Guess what? The lemon drops arrived quickly, are worlds better tasting, much fresher and much better wrapped than ever expected!"
Aug 2014 -- Ken, Malvern, PA

"Great customer service, packaging was wonderful, product delicious."
Aug 2014 -- Mary, Vernon Hills, IL

"Plesase be advised that the package to the Vavases family arrived and they were delighted with the contents.....but they had to guess as to who sent it since the package did not have the sender name on it. Fortunately they guessed correctly to call and say thank you since I had been their guest a few days prior."
Aug 2014 -- Ivan , Glenview, Il

"GoLightly's sugar free toffees...yeah right. You pulling my leg? These delicious toffees cannot possibly be sugar free. I want truth in advertising! All four flavors are creamy, sticky, gooey, chewy and rich. Sugar-free? Impossible. Are you sure, Sugar free? Honest?"
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, Minnesota

"I just placed my third order within 6 weeks' time. The sugar-free hard fruit candy by GoLightly is indistinguishable from sugar fruit candies. Colors and fruit flavors are vibrant, and the sweetness is just right. Your company is now officially my one source for sugar free treats. Thank you for doing what you do so well."
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, Minnesota

"Everything is always super-fresh, and delivered super-fast. We truly appreciate the quality of all the products. We're customers for life!"
Aug 2014 -- Jennifer, Brooklyn, NY

"Wow these were delivered fast! AWESOME packaging! The nuts are fabulous, very clean!"
Aug 2014 -- Kay, Lees Summit, MO

"The trail mix is good, the price is right, and it arrived in two days. What else could you want!"
Aug 2014 -- EARL, Sacramento, CA

"Dear Jeffrey, Kenny, Uncle Sandy, and Cousin David (as well as staff and all associates), I just received my first shipment from your company. I was sooo excited when I saw the box had arrived and my enthusiasm was matched when I opened the box, it felt like xmas morning. Not only was I very impressed with the quality of the products and packaging, I am still overjoyed to have found your website. By far, you are the best resource for nuts, spices and hard to find ingredients. I cannot wait to taste the gun powder tea. Thanks you guys, you are the best."
Aug 2014 -- Adrienne, Fresno, Texas

"Another order from you, many, thanks. TOM"
Aug 2014 -- tom, Bronx, New York

"Everything is sooooo good! I am totally addicted to it all! Everything is always so fresh and tasty! I can't go too long without your stuff. I always have to have some on hand! It's my idea of snacking. Forget the potato chips!! I'd rather some fruit and nuts!! Keep up the good work!"
Aug 2014 -- Teresa, Freeland, PA

"They were just what I ordered plus a free pack of Almonds, they were delivered fast and on time! great place to shop!"
Aug 2014 -- Richard, Lacona, NY

"Dear Jeffrey, Nuts, and all … The package arrived at my parents home and they were delighted. We all swear that, given the nature of your communications, we are all related. Must be distant cousins. Our family tree is pecans. Thanks for the great service, look forward to ordering more in the future."
Aug 2014 -- Alicia, Dallas, Texas

"What a fantastic company to do business with. The nuts are always great and the people do a wonderful job!"
Aug 2014 -- Stephen, Lakewood Ranch, FL

"I highly recommend to everyone. The nuts are so fresh and stay that way since they come in a zip lock bag. We just love them. Thank you."
Aug 2014 -- Dorothy, Port Hope, MI

"Fastest shipping on the internet. So excited to receive the big box of goodies! All was exceptional quality and I will definitely be ordering again!"
Aug 2014 -- Lisa, w winfield, NY

"Hi guys I just received my first purchase from you. I got the Supreme Roasted Cashews, and the white chocolate toffee Cashews. They are really yummy. The prices are really fair. I like your customer service. Having a nice, fun, personal experience when buying stuff, makes the experience more enjoyable. I will definitely be buying from you guys again. So many items you carry, really appealed to me. See you soon. You guys have wicked awesome nuts"
Aug 2014 -- Brian, Woburn, MA

"Have been purchasing from for over an year and the one guarantee I know I have is that all that I purchase is fresh. Tried snacks, nuts, sweets, baking goods so have a good diversity covered. Love the huge pistacious( you name it I have tried it and love them all!), the Mejdool dates, blister peanuts, pine nuts (with the shell on! ), Turkish delight,... You get the drift! Thanks"
Aug 2014 -- HP, Troy, MI

"Found exactly what I was looking for. Shipping was superfast and products were fresh and secured in nutty and protective packaging. The box even had the mail carrier smiling. Order with confidence."
Aug 2014 -- Jemma, Atlanta, Ga

"AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!! I will always shop, customer for life. Not only do they have excellent customer service, fast delivery and a vast selection of products, but the packaging brings a smile to my face everytime I receive a package from them!!!! Also, huge thank you for providing samples!!!! Can't wait to shop again, the whole process is a fun experience!"
Aug 2014 -- Denelle, Burlington, NJ

"So far, I have ordered and tasted a sample bag of your Jordan almonds, and everyone raved about them. Now I'm awaiting the prime time almonds that will be used for my son's wedding at the end of August. I'm sure they'll be here in no time..(just as the sample bag was) all 10 lbs. of them!! Your employees are polite and efficient on the phone, your taped message on the phone when I first called to place an order is cute; as are your boxes upon arrival. You seem to be very creative and customer friendly...very rare these days! Keep up the great pays to be nice! Thanks! Joan"
Aug 2014 -- Joan, Greenville, RI

"First time buyer at, and I am not going anywhere!!! Best dried bananas I have ever had! And the box they came in was truly genius! Love the product, love the box, will be back soon to double my order and try something else! Thank you so much!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Daniela, Galveston, Tx

"Thanks for great products and fast shipping!!!!!!! I loved my Goji berry, they are so juicy!!! God bless!"
Aug 2014 -- Yelena, Elk River, MN

"You folks are amazing !! WONDERFUL customer service and shipping time :)"
Aug 2014 -- Sherry Lindsey / A One Of A Kind Gift, Albany, NY

"I love these products!!! and my order came in so fast. I ordered it on Friday and was there on Monday. Will absolutely use again!"
Aug 2014 -- Olga, Goose Creek, sc

"The selection, the price, and the speedy shipping are great! Looking forward to my purchase , in the mail, as I type this!!"
Aug 2014 -- Larry, Tiffin, OHIO

"Yummmmy delicious fresh fast shipping this is the second time order from you I will buy more more more"
Aug 2014 -- Laith naeem, Richmond , VA

"The piece of my mind from this nut is you guys are AWESOME! I've ordered from you guys for years and you've grown and all your products are WONDERFUL. I've never been disappointed and am always happy beyond expectation!"
Aug 2014 -- Lydia, Cressona, Pennsylvania

"Thanks so much for the fun Tshirt!! Great color!"
Aug 2014 -- mary, dahlonega, ga

"thank you for my "nutty box of summer treats" thought there could be anything more fUn than getting one "just a 'lil something" with every single if you nutty and sweeeeeet, kind guys aren't already generous enough.....a whole BOX of "just a 'lil something" is amazing!! that adorable box!! :-) kept the lemon snaps (YUM!!) and lemonade mix.......gave the dried mangos, mango iced tea mix (and a house coffee mix "just a 'lil something" i already had) and watermelon candy sticks to the family down the street....and i only gave the candy sticks (handed them to their oldest daughter and the rest to their mom) 'cause i didn't get the must have run out... the rest of my order is ALWAYS....this time pistachios (unsalted in shell), unsalted cashews, freezed-dried asparagus (oooooooh my!! delicious!!) and haribo gummy bears........weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :-) a lover of all of you MOST wonderful nutty nuts there.......forever....and ever.....xoxoxo"
Aug 2014 -- tracey, las vegas, nevada

"So glad I found your site. I love the way when I click on a product the detail description is so vivid with clarity. Just two thought I liked to recommend as we all live in a world that is so multi tasking. 1- I would have loved that short description sent along with the products. 2 - Since I haven't created an account just yet, you may already have this one. A wish list. It usually comes up with the shopping cart, rather then just the trash can, the customer has the option of saving the product to their wish. It is a neat feature. That save feature is like a little note to thy self."
Aug 2014 -- Patricia A Coomes, West Frankfort, IL

"Coming back to you for the thyme, being as how I use it for cooking and am also trying out its disinfectant properties. Those tiny jars in the grocery allow for about 1 batch of disinfectant and cost SOOO much more than your quality stuff. Same as when I bought cayenne from you for critter control as well as cooking. That worked, too."
Aug 2014 -- Pat, Greenbelt, md

"You guys are awesome and super fast! And thank you also for the sweet surprise you put in my package. Thanks! I love it all!!!"
Aug 2014 -- Leila pate, Tucson, Az

"Very happy with my purchase, unfortunately didn't get enough. Will have to reorder soon. So glad I found y'all! :)"
Aug 2014 -- meg, tallahassee, fl

"It arrived exactly when you said it would it arrive. I love the tapioca pearls, It took only 30 minutes to prepare unlike the other tapioca pearls that took the whole day to cook. I served it cold with piloncillo syrup to our church gathering last night. Everyone loved it. The turkish delight was good. I would definitely be a returning customer."
Aug 2014 -- Virginia, vallejo, california

"Awesome!!!! My Macaw is very happy with his 25lbs. of Walnuts that he received. We got a good laugh out of the box and e-mail that told me I had a package at the door. Nice to see someone that has a sense of humor and obviously loves their job! Thanks! : )"
Aug 2014 -- Tammy, NEWAYGO, Michigan

"Great products, great price, fast shipping.However shipping costs could be lowered by using flat rate boxes from ups. Loved the free sample of veggie chips, so tasty, will be ordering some soon. Thanks for a great shopping experience."
Aug 2014 -- Dorothea, Los Lunas, NM

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