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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com (the same nutty family as NutsOnline).

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"Nuts.com is awesome!!!!! They delivered my order ahead of schedule, everything was right. You have a customer for life. I have also informed friends and family of you company. I couldn't fine the candy I wanted anywhere. I needed this candy for my daughters candy buffet. Found it online @ nuts.com and 1 1/2 days later I had it at my doorstep. Thank you guys so much."
Nov 2014 -- LaTora, Garfield Hts, Ohio

"Your service cannot be compared to any other. You are the best and the quality of your products and especially the packaging and quick response is exceptional. Keep up the good work. I'll continue to come back for all my needs."
Nov 2014 -- Nereida, Jackson Heights, NY

"Dear nuts.com, First of all, i want to express how much i love your products and company. You have incredible selection, excellent prices and exceptional freshness. If you shipped a little faster, you would truly be THE best in my mind. Subscribing to a few of those overpriced hipster snack websites like nature box and graze helped me understand my snack preferences but also helped me realize i don't want to waste money on mediocre (in taste and quality) snacks. Nuts.com is a great alternative and i can't believe you offer 1) samples, 2) custom trail mix (!!?!) and 3) surprise extra stuff you throw in for FREE! i'm telling all my friends about you now. Thank you very much!"
Oct 2014 -- Dorian, Orange County, CA

"My package arrived yesterday. I found everything packed nicely and better then I expected. Enjoyed your sense of humor and the mailing box was cute - I am saving it to show friends. Donita"
Oct 2014 -- Donita, Big Pine Key, Fl

"Another great delivery--ordered yesterday, got it today. All as I have asked for AND a little gift of salted cashews! Yay. The organic papaya are a staple here, and always welcome. The boiled peanuts are as good as I had anyplace, and it is the third time I order those, too. Same for the Wasabi peas--consistent quality is one of your hallmarks, you Nuts people. :) (Nuts in the best way possible!) Thanks again!"
Oct 2014 -- AnnieNY, New York City, NY

"Really like the quality of your products. Enjoy the prompt shipping too. Thank you for the chia sample - I will try the drink."
Oct 2014 -- Bettye, Lothian, MD

"I'Ve already given a review but I ordered raw mixed nuts so I put some in my ninja blender/ chopper and made a wonderful nut butter, did not need any other ingredients. had it with apples and bananas. absolutely wonderful."
Oct 2014 -- Dirinda, Philadelphia, PA

"I just wanted to Thank all of you. My daughter lives out in L.A. and loves peanut chews and her favorite holiday is Halloween. They arrived yesterday and she is now in Peanut Chew heaven. You are the best to put me in a position so far away from her to make her happy with my surprise."
Oct 2014 -- Angela D'Ambro, Exton, pa

"One super purchase..........These nuts are as good as if I had personally picked them out myself. Very fresh"
Oct 2014 -- BARBARA, MARIETTA, Georgia

"When I first got the product I decided to try it right out of the bag since they said some people do that on the website..... ok so even though I did that I was STILL willing to use the product :P The information out about hemp and it as a complete food source and all the benefits were just too much for me to pass up. After trying it with milk I switched to Soy Vanilla. That made a difference but I knew exactly what the flavor needed (no one really had a decent hemp protein recipe!) all it needed was dark chocolate and peanut. I found a whey protein at GNC that is made using quality ingredients and natural dark chocolate (also helps the blood sugar which helps regulate energy and so much more) I put those two together and Sweet Sally we got a winner! It tastes like an old school fudge sickle, the kind you wished you could live off of..... well guess what, you can with this! I have eaten primarily that combination for weeks now. I also eat about 6-8 eggs a day, some tomato soup, avocados, and snack on greens and fruits. I also kayak 5 times a week and train for at least an hour every day after work (I kayak during lunch at a lake near my job *I know super awesome and lucky!*) And let me tell you! I am becoming more and more well sculpted. Not swollen or giant but extremely well defined features that are starting to borderline chiseled. I grew up an outcast and odd ball so to have this figure and this feeling of complete health is rocking. I highly recommend this product."
Oct 2014 -- Micah, Baton Rouge, LA

"Wonderful service, excellent product---Thank you."
Oct 2014 -- Marie, Millville, N.J.

"So glad I found this site! Products are excellent quality ! Sent my brother a gift basket from here and he was beyond happy with products! Very nice how they throw in a little something extra. I recommended this site to everyone I know! Keep up the good work."
Oct 2014 -- Karen, Pittsburgh, Pa

"I can't stay away from your nuts especially the Turkish pistachios keep up the good work. You know how to do it right. Thanks and also for my free trail mix."
Oct 2014 -- Joyce, Montgomery Village, MD

"I arrived home this afternoon, and there were my dates that had arrived on the day you said they would be delivered. I could hardly believe I could have received them on Thursday after having ordered them around midnight on Tuesday. I really had doubted you when I received your message concerning the delivery in two days. I could hardly wait to tear into the box to see what kind of company I was dealing with--one that would send me a box of dry, hard dates that I would have to gnaw and chew on as I've seen some tobacco- chewing folks trying to lop off a chew of tobacco from a plug--or a company that would do as it advertised and send jumbo, plump, soft dates that would melt in my mouth. Well, after I picked up that first fat date and placed it in my mouth, I knew Nuts.com was the company for me. That date was unbelievable--large, soft, fruity, melt-in-my-mouth delicious--the best I had ever had! You should have heard my husband and daughter sounding off their yums and wows as they plopped the dates in their mouths. This was my very first order from you--15 lbs. of your jumbo medjool dates. Thank you for the reliability your company has shown through your promptness in filling and shipping my order and for the excellent quality of these deliciously plump dates. They are wonderful!"
Oct 2014 -- Wanda, Greeneville, Tennessee

"I'm totally nuts about nuts.com, no joke. I'm originally from California but live on the East Coast now, and winter can get pretty depressing with respect to fruit. On top of that I'm very, very picky - I worked at a produce company and have always loved fresh fruits and veggies. I've supplemented my fruit habit with expensive dried fruit bought on amazon or fresh direct. The quality varies, and whew it's expensive! Nuts.com saves the day! I was shocked to see a 1#bag of Organic, unsulfured nectarines for such a low price. On top of that, THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!!! I like my dried fruit to have a tart little zing. It's not too tart, and milder than conventional dried peaches (sulfured) which I love but have to limit because of the sulfur dioxide. My new favorites are these delicious nectarines. I ordered a bunch of other stuff, and am pleased with almost all of it. The cherry on top was that I was able to get a credit for some product that was not what I expected, no hassles. I couldn't eat the strawberries because they were too sweet for me, and the peppermint balls were too hard. And my email was replied to the same evening, way after work hours! A+++++ My entire experience has been exceptional, and I'm definitely going to be re-ordering. Nuts.com, you're an oasis in the desert of online shopping & east coast dried fruit. Thanks to the 100th power."
Oct 2014 -- Cristina from CA, Brooklyn, New York

"Absolutely the BEST nuts I have ever tasted! I definitely see more nuts from you in my future! Love your boxes, too! Thank you!!"
Oct 2014 -- Barb, South Whitley, IN

"I read much feedback about how quickly orders were shipped, but I was still amazed at how fast it was! Placed my order at 6PM on Tuesday and the order arrived the next day. Unbelievable! Keep up the great work and I'll keep coming back for more."
Oct 2014 -- Ned, Philadelphia, PA

"I just cannot believe how fast your ordering process is I wish some other Co's. follow your lead WOW! you can teach them a thing or two. I Placed an order today, less than 35 min.a ago it is getting ready to fill the order & ship all before 4 p.m today! Good service, good snacks, keep up the good work can't wait to try the Harvest rail Mix,NUTS.COM, LOVE whole crew and NUTTY GANG THANK'S!"
Oct 2014 -- Ttownlady, TULSA, OKLA.

"These flowers are fantastic! It takes very few to make nice strong tea. My toddler has a cold, so I brewed her some with a little honey. What a great way to get her some extra Vitamin C. Was also pleasantly surprised that a pound is a LOT of flowers."
Oct 2014 -- Martha, Clarksburg, MD

"I have placed several orders with them over the last 6 months. The product tastes great and I cannot get enough of their almonds with cinnamon and sugar and light vanilla granola. I am very a very picky eater and these are the best!! The order arrives within the same week to Canada and my order comes via courier right to my door. I highly recommend them!! you won't be disappointed. Alana"
Oct 2014 -- Alana Bidgood, Greely, Ontario, Canada

"omg fast fast service in 48 hrs, very surprised and grateful thank you respectfully your adele bitakis"
Oct 2014 -- adele bitakis, trinity, fla

"Love, love these fruit chips. My son who's a picky eater visiting us tonight liked them too much he brought home some. Now I have to order again and for him too."
Oct 2014 -- Arcelie, Virginia Beach, VA

"I got my order today and the dates are wonderful. They are fresh, plump and delicious. The goji berries are fresh and delicious too. Shipping was lightning fast as usual and the box always makes me smile with all the cute notes on the outside. And, thank you for the surprise. It's like Christmas when I get an order from you."
Oct 2014 -- Patsy, Conway, Arkansas

"My black walnuts arrived today....they are delicious! Cannot say enough about the customer service. Also, I received the most wonderful e-mail announcing the delivery. It made my day! What GREAT customer service."
Oct 2014 -- Fran, Lake Worth, FL

"Fantastic products! Fast shipping! Great customer service! You would be a "nuts" if you order from anywhere else! Much obliged, guys!"
Oct 2014 -- Ali, Acworth, GA

"I really like the wafers. The last time I purchased them, I found the 5 lb package. For some reason I could not find it this time, I did order 5 1 lb bags and received them today."
Oct 2014 -- larry, belleville, Illinois

"The beans are very nice quality and make for a delicious warm soup, and they arrived very quickly!!"
Oct 2014 -- Anne, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"What incredible service and products from Nuts.com. I am delighted to have found you. Shipping is almost instant. The Dark Chocolate Turbinado Sea Salt Almonds are addictive. I love them! Thank you again for your fine service and products!"
Oct 2014 -- Melissa Slaughter, Chamblee, Georgia

"Just got the new box of WONDERFUL stuff and husband has been into all of it. Yes it is wonderful. BUT... Can man live on nuts alone? I think my husband is trying. You guys are going to break my food budget!"
Oct 2014 -- Beverly, Holden Beach, NC

"WOW! We love almonds here, but these Marcona almonds knocked our socks off! They are so yummy. To me, they seem to taste like a cross between an almond (duh) and a macadamia..buttery flavor like a macadamia, but dryer like an almond, not so oily. Out of curiosity I looked around the internet a bit, and nuts.com has everyone's price beat by a long shot, so get them here. You will not regret your purchase."
Oct 2014 -- Vicky, Lovington, NM

"Absolutely incredible!!! This stuff is amazing. One of the best things we have had from you all thus far."
Oct 2014 -- The Neely Team, Marble, NC

"Delicious! The shipping was quick and efficient; the packaging is excellent; and the product is superb. Thank you so much! Looking forward to placing another order again soon."
Oct 2014 -- The Neely Team, Marble, NC

"Love these pretzels! Fresh and delicious. Thank you for the excellent service."
Oct 2014 -- The Neely Team, Marble, NC

"As usual ordering online was easy, prompt and the follow up was excellent. The delivery date was as promised. One of my favorite sites."
Oct 2014 -- Alan, Roslyn Heights, NY

"I purchased a few items for my moms 75th Bday party . The items arrived on a timely manner and was delightfully delicious !! Thanks so much for the gift they were yummy as well !! Will defiantly spread the word to my to family and friends about your company !!"
Oct 2014 -- Veronica day, New York, Ny

"I'm so glad that I found you and I've been telling everybody in Minnesota about your great speedy service and delicious products. I also love the free samples that you send with my orders. I think I'm hooked on you forever."
Oct 2014 -- Diane, Eagan, Minnesota

"take these peanut butter filled pretzels dip these in chocolate. I did it today. Amazing taste."
Oct 2014 -- Michael Sawdey, Russellville, AR

Oct 2014 -- YAN BON LIU, New Taipei City, Taiwan

"Butter pretzels arrived yesterday & are yummy in the tummy."
Oct 2014 -- Barbara, Cocoa, FL

"I use the pectin with 8 0zGrape Juice very day, helps my arthritis, and basic aches and pains."
Oct 2014 -- Cindy, san diego, ca

"I just received my first order. It was an amazing experience. The nuts I received were very fresh, delicious and high quality. The packing was good. And there was more - the words on the box made me smile and felt eager to open the box. Thanks so much for caring even the small things. Definitely, I will order more in the near future."
Oct 2014 -- YZ, Victoria, BC, Canada

"Every time I shop here I experiment with some new product I've not tried before. This time is was the malted milk balls. I expected to receive a bag of little balls similar to what I buy in the stores. NOT! These are gigantic, mouthwatering, meals-unto-themselves malted milk balls. and they are delicious beyond any of my prior experience, and believe me, I've eaten a LOT of malted milk balls in my five decades. Who knew something so common could be improved on so much? Great job, Nuts.com! Thanks for reinventing one of my favorite childhood sweets!"
Oct 2014 -- Jim, Cleveland, OH

"love your stuff, just waiting for the next order to arrive."
Oct 2014 -- Sandra, Baldwinsville, New York

"My order arrived today on day ahead of the scheduled arrival date. I love the taste of the apricot seeds and I thank you for the little gift. I'll be ordering more apricot seeds in the near future. Thanks again."
Oct 2014 -- Garfield, Labrador City, NL, Canada

"Awesome! Supreme roasted mixed nuts, peanut butter stock organic hemp seeds .Ty Jeff@Debi :-)"
Oct 2014 -- jeffrey, wenonah, New Jersey

"Received a sample size with my order. I finally cooked them. They are absolutely delicious! I cooked them in my rice cooker; the texture was perfect. I will be including these in my next order!"
Oct 2014 -- Shelly, Glen Mills, PA

"I have been purchasing items off your website since 2010 before i shipped off to japan for my overseas tour, i have never been dissapointed. i have been on 3 deployments and every deployment i order a variety of different goodies. Now i have a few of the saiors on my ship also buying items off your site. i love that you are military friendly adn ship to FPO APO addresses. but my favorite by far are you Praline Pecans which are amazing and your assorted flavored gummy bears. thank you for what you do. HOO-YAH!!!!!"
Oct 2014 -- hector, US Navy, Deployed

"Best company ever. I have only had really good experience with Nuts.com. Everything is good...I want to say thank you for such great service an offering excellent product. I will always shop with you. I also enjoy the free samples you send its a great surprise."
Oct 2014 -- charlene, Fayetteville, Nc

"The silly bananas taste just like banana runts! I ordered 5 lbs and they arrived very quickly! They made great favors for my son's 1 birthday party which was monkey themed!"
Oct 2014 -- Stephanie, Townsend, De

"Those jumbo peanuts boiled up great what freshness, size and flavor, going to buy some more today!!!:)"
Oct 2014 -- Tanese, Owasso, OK

"I'm in love with Nuts.com!!! When I placed my very first order 2 years ago, I didn't know what to expect. I was in love the moment I saw the fantastic graffiti-covered box, not knowing that the best was yet to come. My entire order came in orange bags! Orange is my favorite color in the world! And I placed my order one day and received the box the next!!! You guys are NUTS! The fastest delivery under the Sun! And, did I mention all the yummy treasures that came in those funky orange bags??? Outstanding quality! And, with my last order (placed on 15 July), not only did I get the usual small gift package of chia seeds, I even got a free T-shirt! WOW! Too bad it was blue and not orange :-(. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Just placed my new order minutes ago! Can't wait to get my healthy yummy goodies that I keep bragging about to everyone! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! Keep up the great work! I keep singing your praises everywhere I go! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Kindest Regards, Nicole"
Oct 2014 -- Nicole, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

"We love nuts.com! The quality of your products is excellent! We appreciate the fast service and it brings a smile on our faces to receive "Just a little something". This speaks volumes and we appreciate it every time. May God continue to bless your company! Thank you for your impeccable service"
Oct 2014 -- Kristena, Nyack, NY

"I will definitely use you again. My order shipped and arrived quickly. The packaging was fun. I was impressed by the price of the product and am excited to have found you."
Oct 2014 -- Jodi, Huntsville1, UT

"Wow!! ordered Wednesday night, delivered on Saturday. I know how delicious these nuts will be because of my previous order. I'll start sampling the coffee tomorrow. I really am impressed with the sturdy packaging even using the nut containers as food storage bags. A friend was really delighted with your deluxe nut and goodie package that I sent him last year, so much so that this year I'm ordering two, one for myself. Thank you for your super products and service."
Oct 2014 -- Carrol, Limestone, Maine

"I LOVE this tea!"
Oct 2014 -- Diane, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania

"Received my candy shipment bright & early on the day promised. As usual every item is delicious. Thank you NUTS for being so dependable!"
Oct 2014 -- Ethel, Youngtown, Arizona

"Received my order within 4 days and in good shape. Enjoyed black walnuts in steel cut oatmeal. Gifting some to family and a friend. Will continue to order as needed."
Oct 2014 -- shirley, san diego, ca

"This was the first time that I have ordered from your company. I ordered chocolate covered sunflower seeds to be used as favors for my son's wedding. The reason I chose your website was that I was able to choose the color of candy coating to match the wedding colors and was able to order in bulk. Having received my order promptly I have to say I am impressed. The freshness and quality is outstanding. I confess to nibbling quite a few as I was filling the favor bags. Being a nut lover of all sorts, I certainly will order from you again!"
Oct 2014 -- Sharon, Omaha, NE

"Each year I send your candy corn to my daughter as a special Halloween treat. There is one other company from which I order it as well, but yours is always the favorite. The creaminess in each piece and that unique flavor only your candy corn imparts, is what separates it from all the others. Awesome!"
Oct 2014 -- Karen, Virginia Beach, VA

"Super fast delivery. Great tasting pumpkin seeds with just the right amount of salt. You can't go wrong ordering these."
Oct 2014 -- Aimee, Honolulu, HI

"Nice looking bags. Also fresh nuts and fast shipping!"
Oct 2014 -- Ross, PHOENIX, Arizona

"I placed my order on Monday, received package Wednesday. Everything was good especially the jumbo Medjool dates they are to die for between me & hubby they're gone. I also ordered the tropical fruit salad ( the starfruit in the mix is so good), the chili mango, and jackfruit. Hubby said the jackfruit is good but unfortunately for me it doesn't taste like the fruit I'm used to. Thanks also for the Turkish figs sample. Again I don't like figs but hubby loves them. Will be ordering more goodies to try soon."
Oct 2014 -- Arcelie

"I don't know how you guys do it. I placed an order on a Wednesday and it arrived on Friday. WHAT FAST SHIPPING...and my customers just love it. I am selling almost 200 lbs. of jumbo boiled peanuts a month and they say they are the best they ever had. The more I sell, the more customers I have. Thank you very much."
Oct 2014 -- Howard, Gaston, SC

"Yea Mon, (Jamaican) thanks for ur Products,the Maca root powder is off da chain, very good for ur Libido:), Wheatgrass, Spirulina good for Elimination with ease, also mentioned is Moringa powder supposed the Miracle Heal all Powder, all good to da Core."
Oct 2014 -- Laurie, Houston, Tx

"I recently purchased chocolate covered sunflower seeds from Trader Joe's. I figured it would be essentially the same product, and it was more convenient to purchase when I was already there in the store. For the record, nuts.com chocolate sunflower seeds are a far superior product. The TJ's product were much harder (more shell, less chocolate) and the flavor of the sunflower seeds was hard to discern. The nuts.com product lets you taste both chocolate and sunflower seed in each teensy treat, and I always get white because I see no need for food coloring. I'm coming back to nuts.com and will not stray again :--)"
Oct 2014 -- Janet, Ambler, PA

"I really liked the packaging, shipping cost/time, and the product. it takes about a month to get from america to my country (korea), but it only took 2 weeks from this store. Their packed my jawbreakers in cute orange seal-able plastic bag, which was really nice. The jawbreakers are excellent!! my tongue already hurts, but it hurts so good.... It's hard to find such a good company like Nuts.com these days. Will definitely order again!!"
Oct 2014 -- Seung Hun Kang, Seoul, Korea

"I ordered the red licorice scotty dogs. Big mistake! They were delicious, too delicious. I ate one, then another, then vowed this was the last one. After a few minutes, I ate some more. I couldn't stop! Now I have a bellyache. Now I know to eat only 3 in one sitting, instead of half the bag!"
Oct 2014 -- Janet, woodland, wa

"Hi there I just received my order and am amazed at the quality of your products for their more than reasonable prices. That and how quickly I received the order and the lovely product packaging. I'm the chef and like nuts.com work at a family owned and operated business. I look forward to cooking with the items especially the green tea powder which I use to make green tea rice pudding and green tea Creme brulee. This was my first time ordering with you but definitely will not be the last!"
Oct 2014 -- Daniel, Chicago, IL

"Great!!! My order arrived today & I have tried all the "new" products I ordered & the gift of Medjool dates, they are delicious!! Thank you sooo much. I have found only one I have ever ordered that was disappointing , and that was the "Turkish Delight"... it is ok, tastes good, Only I don't care for Jelly beans & they remind me of them.... :) I gave them to someone who does like them... so, nothing lost. ;) Thanks to you, I now have almost everything I need to do my holiday baking for this year."
Oct 2014 -- Maybelle, Wellsville, Missouri

Oct 2014 -- JANE, LANCASTER, O

"You guys are the BEST! Service is incredibly quick. Your prices are reasonable. Your packaging brings a smile to one's face. Your product is fresh. You include a generous-sized free sample. And it is a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for being so good at what you do!"
Oct 2014 -- Polly, Lakewood, CO

"fast shipment, definitely jumbo peanuts, great quality... and thanks for the gift of the flax seed."
Oct 2014 -- Jerry Epley, New Market, TN

"This is amazing - my favorite! The white chocolate is creamy and delicious and, it is full of whole almonds (not pieces or slivers). I will order this again."
Oct 2014 -- Judy, Santa Clara, CA

"I just wanted to say that I have been buying and eating Squash seeds for over 40 years, and yours are by far the best I've tasted. They are plump and fresh. I love 'em."
Oct 2014 -- Janice M Jayko, Bolingbrook, IL

"Placed my order on Monday afternoon, and received my order on Thursday morning. I ordered 2 bags of the caramel popcorn and 2 bags of the mini sea salt chocolate caramels. Best thing ever made. I have been ordering from Nuts.com for some time. Good products, fast service"
Oct 2014 -- Chuck, Friendsville, TN

"I love getting some extra money so I can order from nuts.com. I so love everything I have ever ordered. The spicy fava beans are delicious. Give them a try!!"
Oct 2014 -- Kat McCormack, Roswell, NM

"My mother brought back some okra chips from a trip she took. She gave me some and they were so good. She couldn't remember the brand. I went online to find okra chips and got nuts.com. I am so glad I pick you guys to order the chips. They were even better than the ones my mom had. I Order a few other things too. Everything was so good will keep ordering from you guys. Thanks for the add surprise berry mix. Will order some of those to when I reorder."
Oct 2014 -- Dianne Madison, New Orleans, La.

"I ordered some Halloween gummies from Nuts.com and I am beyond impressed. The gummies are fresh, the packaging is adorable, and I got my order extremely fast. They even threw in a complimentary treat!! The price was very reasonable and I will definitely order from them again!"
Oct 2014 -- Cheryl H., Henderson, NV

"My order came really fast and its all awesome . This is my first time ordering from Nuts.com . THANK YOU ! and thank you for the free gift GOJI BERRIES . I am sure I will be ordering again . PS. your prices are the best and one of the reasons I ordered from Nuts .com. THANK YOU AGAIN"
Oct 2014 -- melanie, concord twp., oh

"My first order from Nuts.com, and I couldn't be happier! My macaws are going crazy over these mini bananas :D Thank you for offering such a unique and tasty treat!"
Oct 2014 -- Donna, Harding, PA

"I did an experiment just recently. I had purchased some of these unsalted mixed nuts from you, then purchased some mixed nuts from Sams Club. They were salted so I washed the salt off and dried them in the oven. They don't even come close to yours! They were bland and flat tasting. I wound up throwing most of them out back for the squirrels to eat! Yours may cost more, but they are top quality. I have learned a good lesson. Thanks for your fine quality products."
Oct 2014 -- David, Boalsburg, PA

"LOVE YOU GUYS! You always deliver great nuts. always on time. You can not beat that."
Oct 2014 -- Elizabeth Turner, Brooklyn, NY

"Just made the Organic Harmony Soup for the first time and I'm so glad I did! Excellent flavors and so handy. Thanks for a great product."
Oct 2014 -- Maureen, Bernville, PA

"My baking has improved so much because of you guys! Thank you so much. If you would, please take a moment to visit the blog, www.handfulofrecipes.com and you will be able to see what I do with my orders from nuts.com."
Oct 2014 -- Vijayalekshmi H Iyer, East Windsor, NJ

"Fresh with a great nutty taste. Delish!"
Oct 2014 -- Jon, Catonsville, MD

"No Mess Nutcracker What a great product !!!!!! It cuts through the shell neatly and easily leaving the nut intact. No more time consuming gleaning through pieces of nut and nutshells ! I did 3 dozen almonds in a fraction of the time. So glad I bought two. Highly recommend !!!!!"
Oct 2014 -- Rick, south plainfield, nj

"Love these peanuts, the Jumbos are the best thanks for a good product and prompt delivery"
Oct 2014 -- Timothy, Pace, FL

"The reason I keep ordering from Nuts.com is that their nuts and seeds are ALWAYS fresh, and they stay fresh a long time. I don't know of any other source that I can trust like this! Also, I love the easy-open, tough, recloseable bags."
Oct 2014 -- Sylvia, Rural, Iowa

"This was my first order with nuts.com. First I just love how the delivery box is decorated, and the neon color green of the product bags, I just all the quirky nuts quotes, sooo much fun and love the freeby I got, the order was shipped and delivered very promptly. The product I ordered was exactly what I wanted and fresh. Already planning another order : )"
Oct 2014 -- kim, lebanon, ohio

"Wow! Talk about fast and good service! I placed my order yesterday, and it arrived today! Yay! I am so excited! I already ripped open the Greek Yogurt dips, and I am not disappointed! Delish! I cannot wait to have my dark hot chocolate tonight! What a fantabulous company! Thanks for the great customer service, great delivery time, and most of all, the great products! I will be a repeat customer!"
Oct 2014 -- Kay-Ann, Nrth Arlington, New Jersey

"Thought the box the stuff came in was too cute! The bags are great because they reseal and keep stuff fresh. But I loved what was in the bags! The dark chocolate malted milk balls were so big and outrageous, the chocolate covered cranberries were juicy & delish! And what are those caramel puffs? They're addictive & I just ordered more! Also just ordered some spices, the prices are amazing! Shipping is super fast! Nice to do business with a small family owned company! Small businesses -- the backbone of America, you keep us strong! And thanks for the free gift! I'll be back again and again!"
Oct 2014 -- Mickey England, BETHLEHEM, Connecticut

"I love this place so many varieties of goodies to choose from. I have just ordered more of that yummy candy corn. The last order I received was amazing!! Everything from the mini peanut butter cups, passion fruit tea mix, wheat bars, and fruit snacks was fresh and delicious. I haven't tried the cheddar cheese powder, but I'm sure it will be another favorite of mine. Thank you for the free sample of veggie chips they were a lot for a sample and they taste incredible. I made a small order for this week, but I will make a large order again soon. I am Nuts about you guys:) continue doing an exceptional job of providing great quality goodies at affordable prices. Yes my next order will include the veggie chips and wheat bars they are so good!!"
Oct 2014 -- Nic, Newark, DE

"I am one of the dwindling number of people who make fruitcakes in the fall -- this requires MANY POUNDS of dried fruits and nuts, which can get expensive. I always shop around, but have found that NUTS.COM is consistently low price and high quality -- and you even have hard-to-find items like candied citron! Thank you."
Oct 2014 -- Lefty, Leverett, MA

"I love ginger balls and was so excited to receive my order. I used to have to wait until someone sent them to me but now that I've found Nuts.com I will never again be without them. I love your friendliness and your speedy delivery. I'm yours for life."
Oct 2014 -- Diane, Eagan, Minnesota


"I will be ordering more at Nuts.com. I ordered the Fava beans and am very pleased with the product and was very amused with your fun packaging. Your box cracked me up. Shipping was extremely fast by the way :)"
Oct 2014 -- Mireille, Feeding Hills, Massachusetts

"Nuts.com provides great service and huge wonderful tasting walnuts. This is my third order and I couldn't be any happier."
Oct 2014 -- Lorrie, Redlands, CA

"I have been a customer of nuts.com since 2006. I have never been disappointed in the service or the quality of the products I ordered. I am and will always be a nuts.com customer."
Oct 2014 -- lawrence, Hendereson, texas

"Ordered the silver 'rocks' (with chocolate inside) for a Halloween Food contest...my order arrived in two days and they look and taste FANTASTIC! Will definitely order again."
Oct 2014 -- Donna, Milwaukee, WI

"Love the fruit pectin! The price, the results, your service. Can't beat it...tell all my friends about you guys."
Oct 2014 -- Jen, Franklin, VT

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