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"The quality of your products exceeds expectations. When I compare your products with what I have on hand from local supermarkets, there is no comparison. Most recently the pistachio nuts I received made the ones I had remaining from a supermarket purchase look like they must have been "seconds." Yours were twice the size and very uniform in color. Bravo"
May 2009 -- james

"OMG - I ordered a pound of your salted, in-shell pistachios to see if they really were better than the ones I buy in my grocery store. My husband and I were amazed at the size and the flavor. We are now ready to be lifetime customers. Thanks!!!"
Apr 2009 -- Lisa, Lincoln, NE

"I placed my third order for Turkish pistachios in less than one month, and continue to be very impressed not only by your prompt delivery but also with the quality of your product. Thanks!!"
Mar 2009 -- Gene, Harrisburg, PA

"Your pistachios are wonderful. Nice and big and so easy to get out of the shell. Now that I know how great tasting they are I will surely make a larger order the next time. Thanks for such great service and such good products."
Mar 2009 -- Patty, Woodbridge, Connecticut

"I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! They were everything I expected! I was so excited when they got here I could hardly wait to open the bag. For anyone who enjoys a great pistachio this is the place to go!!!!!!!"
Mar 2009 -- Mary, Moosic, Pa

"I haven't tasted pistachios so good in years, & the goji berries were fantastic too. Everything I received was much fresher and reasonably priced than I've found in stores and I also appreciate the super fast shipping. I'll be recommending this site to all the foodies I know!"
Dec 2008 -- Jonathan, New York, NY

"I bought 75 pounds of your pistachio nuts and have absolutely no regrets! Your pistachios are awesome! They are salted just the way we like them. Kids, family, and coworkers can't stop eating them. I used to buy them from stores every X-mas. This is the first time I'd order them. You can be sure I'll be back next year for another 75 pounds!"
Dec 2008 -- Jimes

"I live in the state that grows most of the pistachios in the country, but I buy my nuts from nuts on line, I know that I get fresh, roasted, and perfectly shelled nuts for all my baking and snacking needs! Thanks"
Dec 2008 -- Carol, Prescott Valley, AZ

"They were the BEST pistachios that I have ever tasted. I had trouble stopping eating them !!! THANKS !! It was my first order but not my last."
Dec 2008 -- Sue, Columbus, OH

"A friend had come back from Iran with a gift of pistachios. I had never had pistachios before, but I was addicted from the first one. Once they were gone, which was very quickly, I bought some from my local market. Very disappointing, no comparison to the Iranian variety. I tried candy shop versions and sampled others I found in gourmet shops, but nothing came close. I don't want to say I was desperate by then, but I Googled pistachios and your site popped up. I decided to give the Turkish pistachios a try, not expecting much, but I was thrilled with the pistachios. They are excellent! They come very close to the Iranian variety. I also love how quickly your product arrives and also love the packaging. You get a full bag, not half product/half air. I also ordered sesame sticks to try, and they are wonderful as well. I'm always picking out the sesame sticks from a cajun mix that I get, and my family hates that! Bottom line, love your products, love your fast delivery, love your packaging. Keep up the great work!"
Nov 2008 -- Holly

"Excellent quality nuts, especially the organic pistachio. I placed 4 online orders that day and it's the first one to arrive. Thumbs up."
Nov 2008 -- Paul, Brooklyn, ny

"I would like to be able to write you a good review but I am to busy stuffing my face with these awesome pistachios. Maybe later"
Oct 2008 -- Sean, sherwood, ar

Oct 2008 -- Darcel, Chandler, Arizona

"I purchased pistachios as a gift for my husband. He absolutely loved them!!!! Wonderful site. And affordable, too!!! Go Nutty!!"
Aug 2008 -- Karland, Kansas City, Missouri

"I am so delighted with my order. I especially enjoyed the Turkish pistachios as I consider them the best and most flavorful pistachios.In addition, my order arrived quickly and was packaged superbly. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends."
Jul 2008 -- Leslie, Marietta, GA

Jul 2008 -- mark e manning, mcclure, pa

"Wow! Incredibly fast shipping and the Turkish pistachios are JUST like the ones my sister-in-law's family brings straight from Turkey! Thank you so much!"
Jul 2008 -- Tamara, NJ

"FANTASTIC!!! Placed the order yesterday, got it today. Pistachios are out of this world as are the chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Couldn't be more satisfied. Thank you!!!!!"
Jul 2008 -- Deborah, New York, NY

"Hello, I'm so glad I found you Nuts online. Everything I have tried I have liked a lot. I keep coming back for your Pistachios. Love,love,love them. Good products, fast service, friendly helpful people. What more could you ask for !!!! Keep up your excellent business. A very satisfied customer. Elaine"
Jul 2008 -- Elaine M. Jayne, DeRuyter, New York

"Outstanding pistachios and even better service! Love the friendly updates and tracking responses :)"
Jun 2008 -- Laura , Greenville , NC

"Now this is what pistachio nuts are supposed to taste like! It's hard enough to find any imported pistachios, let alone 2 varieties at a great price. I just ordered 2 more pounds as a father's day gift to myself!"
Jun 2008 -- Richard, Boulder, CO

"This was my first experience with your company. Great job. I ordered 2 packages of turkish pistachio nuts. They were delivered in 2 days, and they tasted great. I especially appreciated the resealable and strong packaging. I went online, but ordered by phone, and the lady was extremely helpful. I will definately order from you in the future."
Jan 2008 -- Robert

"Ordered 4 pounds of Pistachios. Shipped two pounds to my Brother in Florida and kept two for myself.They were the BEST I ever had and same from Brother.Now I am putting together my next order and there is so much choice its difficult to decide but lots of fun deciding.So keep up the great work and Thanks for being there.. Tom"
Aug 2007 -- Tom, Clarksviile, Tn

"Great pistachios!! Fast shipping - very impressed with customer service and communication. Will definitely recommend to others and will buy again!!!"
Aug 2007 -- Janet, Bristol, VA

"Oh my received my order yesterday- Gave my husband the pistachios -- and he stated that they were the BEST ever.!!! I had a sliver of the Crystalized Ginger in a cup of tea!!! Awesome--- Thank you so much for the wonderful goodies you deliver.. I have not opened all the items however as I do -- I will let you know because I have ordered some new things I have not tried before.. Have a Blessed Day, Joyce Strange"
Nov 2006 -- Joyce, Anna, Tx

"This was the fastest shipment I ever received. The pistachios I ordered were perfect. I will definitely order from you guys again and again....."
Aug 2006 -- kelly, baltimore, md

"I used to get Sunkist's shelled and salted pistachios at our Wegmans market, but they quit carrying them. So I did an Internet search and found your site. I ordered unsalted shelled pistachios. When they came, I was very pleased! Excellent nuts, and excellent service. I can even reuse the resalable bags! Nuts Online will be my primary source for fine nuts."
Sep 2005 -- David, Bellefonte, PA

"Thanks Nuts.com, I've been waiting for my package and it was everything you said it would be ! I can't wait to make my next order ."
Apr 2014 -- Andray, irmo, South Carolina

"I would give you a stellar review, but I'm busy now...eating the best pistachio nuts EVER!!! Thanks for the Warp Speed Delivery!!!"
Apr 2014 -- Cecelia, Blackwood, NJ

"Wow, less than 24hrs and I eat my delicious Turkish Pistachios. Thanks Nuts.com"
Apr 2014 -- Roberta, Guilford, Ct

"I received my order today which was very fast service and I am well pleased with my order. You were the only place I was able to find shelled unsalted pistachios. I use them for baking. Thank You. Sally"
Apr 2014 -- Sally, Versailles, Mo.

"I ordered 5lbs of unsalted pistachios that were fresh, big and arrived on time! You have a lifetime customer - THANK YOU!"
Apr 2014 -- Becky, Anchorage, AK

"These pistachios were delivered super fast!!!. They were very fresh. I ordered the salted nuts and they were perfect, not too salty. Will order again!"
Apr 2014 -- Valerie, Roosevelt, NY

"This was my second order and Rosemary Garlic Pistachios & almonds was amazing I also purchased the sprouted spinach pesto & Thai Coconut Curry I loved them all but the Rosemary & Sprouted spinach were my favorites. My snacks should be high in protein & low in sugar& these snacks fit the bill. I also need sugar free products which they have. The mini SF chocolate pretzels- Great, the SF Carmel Corn was also very good. I don't know how they make the Sugar Free products taste like it's regular candy, but I am grateful. My absolute favorite is the mini chocolate graham pretzels. Thank you Nuts.com"
Apr 2014 -- Sharon, North Royalton, OH

Apr 2014 -- JANET, ORLANDO, FL

"You guys are nuts! Selling those jumbo cashews and pistachio nuts. If I had something that good, I'd keep it for myself."
Mar 2014 -- Bob, Westfield, Wi

"Mom absolutely loves the pecans. It is roasted and lightly salted to her liking. As for me, I am "nuts" over the raw pistachios. I ordered a 1 lb bag. After a few days of receiving the shipment, the bag of pistachios is almost gone. What more can I say? I will order from Nuts.com again."
Mar 2014 -- JUANITA, San Francisco, CA


"Just received my order-it only took a few days with the standard shipping!-the cashews are big, beautiful, fresh and have the right amount of salt. The same for the pistachios! I love unsalted, roasted pumpkin seeds and this is one of the few vendors that carry them. The pumpkin seeds are fresh and plump. VERY PLEASED WITH MY ORDER. WILL RECOMMEND THIS SITE."
Mar 2014 -- Diane, Beach Lake, Pa

"I purchase unsalted, no shell pistachios from Nuts.com for my health conscious boss and we both love them! Very fresh and wonderfully delicious! We will be ordering a couple of the big bags this time!"
Mar 2014 -- Jacquelyn, Vineland, NJ

"I'm nuts about nuts.com. Great offerings, Faves are unsalted roasted shelled pistachios and unsalted macadamias which I use to make chocolate treats. Delivery is fast and it couldn't be easier to order online."
Mar 2014 -- Katherine, Alexandria, VA

"Fast delivery, excellent packaging, delicious Turkish pistachios. A happy customer."
Mar 2014 -- Afthur, Princeton, NJ

"I'm a relative newbie and I just received my second order of nuts. I hit a grand slam finding these Nut guys/gal. As a retired Naval Officer, I've traveled the world and when in the Mediterranean I found Turkish pistachios. They are my all time favorite. Could never find them in US until now at Nuts.com. I'm addicted to them. Shipping is fast...packaging creative and far better than anything I've seen. Absolutely the best."
Mar 2014 -- Ron, Little Compton, RI

"The pistachios were everything I wanted and more! I'm definitely glad I decided to order these pieces of heaven! You guys rock! Thank you so much! It would be even better if you guys provided a safe as well to keep these out of reach of curious/hungry friends! That is all!"
Mar 2014 -- Patrick, Wausau, WI

"My ordered arrived for my son's wedding and I am so happy. The almonds are fantastic and the Turkish pistachios are great and so fresh you definatly deliver as promised thank you"
Mar 2014 -- Leslie, Grapevine, Texas

"I just wanted to say that I was so surprised that I would get my raw nuts the next day! I ordered them on Friday late in the afternoon and by Saturday afternoon they were sitting on my doorstep!!! but the best part as that they are DELICIOUS!!!! and I will let people know about your products!!!! thanks for the great product and the fast delivery!!!! gail"
Mar 2014 -- gail, Chicopee, Ma

"Love this company! I had some amazing pistachios while traveling overseas and haven't found them stateside until now. The Antep pistachios are amazing! Quality products and quick shipping. All communication is friendly and courteous. I just discovered them and have ordered several times, and I will order from them in the future."
Mar 2014 -- Sue, Dayton, OH

"I bought pistachio flour for a friend's birthday. She loves making macarons by wanted to try something other than almond flour. You guys had the best price and she loved the gift :)"
Mar 2014 -- Grace, Murray, Ut

"These nut are fabulous! I have ordered from another company, which will never use again. You are my company. Thanks again for the fresh, non-salted fabulous pistachios!!!!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Linda, Kansas City, Mo

"I am so thrilled to have pistachios that are naked without their shells. I will be ordering some more after I finish these."
Mar 2014 -- Laura, Ypsilanti, Michigan

"I heard about Nuts.com from a friend earlier this week and I immediately ordered some salted pistachios, salted cashews, and honey roasted peanuts. I couldn't believe how fast they were delivered, barely over 24 hours from payment to arrival! The nuts are amazingly fresh and better than anything I've ever bought from a store. I guess you can say I'm nuts for nuts.com!"
Mar 2014 -- Maxwell, Oswego, NY

"Rec'd our package and we were really pleased with the Pistachios. They are big, very fresh tasting, easy to open and my wife also said they were the Best we've ever had. Now we want to try the Cashews as well as others. We ruined our dinner as we sat down, with a Cold Beer and ate almost a half of the bag !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, glad we found your NUTTY Family. :o)"
Mar 2014 -- Charlie, Manchester, NH

"My only complaint about the garlic onion pistachios is that I can't stop myself from eating them until I have a huge stomach ache! Delicious! And, as always, crazy fast shipping!"
Mar 2014 -- Rebecca, Decatur, IL

"I never ordered pistachio nuts online before, but i had a craving and did not want to travel and search for turkish ones. They came on time the very next day and they were delicious! I would order Antep pistachios on a daily basis...If you need any testers for new products let my family know. I am now a life long customer and will be ordering again soon. Thanks for selling such a superior product."
Feb 2014 -- Annette, BRONX, New York

"LUV the box! The product is terrific! Got GIANT (not the brand, the size of the seed) sunflower seeds, walnuts, licorice, chili lime pistachios and a complimentary sample of some more terrific pistachios. The fast delivery was amazing and the prices are great. Will be looking forward to making future purchases."
Feb 2014 -- Tiffany, Cocoa Beach, Fl

"Hi there Nuts.com I am real happy with what I received and am hoping the missing items are forthcoming.The black cherry gummy bears, the chili lemon pistachios and the organic assorted energy squares were not in the box. Thanks for the medjool dates. I will order them next time."
Feb 2014 -- Elissa, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

"I purchased some paste a very long time ago, but did not use it until yesterday. It was still absolutely fresh and all I had to do was stir it before mixing it in with the other ingredients I was using this paste to make pistachio harlequin cookies. In fact, the recipe is inside the can label and the cookies are absolutely delicious. After I partially dipped the cookies in chocolate, I sprinkled some chopped pistachios on top. They are awesome!"
Feb 2014 -- Sue, Erie, PA

"These nuts are DELICIOUS!!!! I ordered the Supreme Roasted Cashews (salted) and the Roasted Pistachios (salted and in shells) and they are the best I've ever had!!!! I will be ordering many, many, more times. Thank you."
Feb 2014 -- Sharon, Washington, DC

"I am so happy! Thank you! Fast shipping for one, and secondly I was ordering Pistachios from another company and they were bitter and tasted burnt. It was costly and dummy me, I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt and ordering again! Finally I found your site and gave it a try. OMG THIS IS WHAT Pistachios taste like! YAY! the choc covered cherries are amazing too! Loved everything including the little sample you sent, so cute, TY. We will be returning!"
Feb 2014 -- Karen, Avenel, NJ

"Wonderful! I Loved the mixed nuts and of course the Pistachios! I will be ordering again. Thanks for my little gift of trail mix! How do I not eat the whole bag at once, LOl!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Beth, Ft Lauderdlae, FL

"This was my first time ordering from this company l. I just make a order of pistachios on Monday and my order arrived two days later that's very nice and quick. I love the pistachios and the service. And in the future I'll order more from this company. Iam very happy"
Feb 2014 -- William spann, bridgeton, new jersey

"My co-worker brought in the Japanese Peanuts and they were so good, I asked where she got them. When I checked out Nuts.com, I was shocked to see all the varieties available! I ordered a bag of Japanese Peanuts and Chile Lime Pistachios that very day. I received them in less than three days, WOW! You guys run a great business and I will definitely be a life-long customer! Keep up the great work! P.S. The personalized emails are such a treat. When I saw your name in the sender field, I couldn't wait to open it and read!"
Feb 2014 -- Kelly, Bedford, TX

"I received my second order from Nuts.com and as usual was very quick to receive. The pistachios are fabulous, fresh, and a nice green color. Nothing at all like the store brands. I was very satisfied with my first order and have a bag of cashews waiting for my husband. Thank you."
Feb 2014 -- Claudette, Fall River, MA

"When I opened the bag of Tamari Almonds it was like opening a new bag of coffee. I could instantly smell tamarind and almonds, very exciting and very delicious. The Chile/Lemon Pistachios were equally intriguing and qualify as my personal favorite. I plan to take some of them to work and share and can't wait for the other nut cases to vote their favorites. Thanks for a delicious product and the speedy delivery. If I plant one of the chili/lemon pistachios will I be able to grow my own chili/lemon pistachio tree???"
Feb 2014 -- John, Crystal Lake, IL

"I was very happy with my purchase from you. I had purchased garlic pistachios from Gilroy garlic capital of Calif. I was very disappointed when they arrived they were stale. The expiration date was good but still staled. so I tried your place going on line and boy were they nice and crunchy. I ordered the garlic and onions. I will be more than happy to reorder from you. Besides your packaging made me laugh, boy we all need laughter."

"I love everything I bought from you. I am on holidays from Canada and will take a whole lot of nuts home with me. Your variety is amazing and your Rosemary Garlic Almond with pistachios are addictive. Thanks for the Goji Berry sample. I will be back next year!"
Jan 2014 -- Monika, Panama City Beach, Florida

"I received my package today. Yippee!! The products were packaged well, and everything arrived in good shape. What fun, reading the box. You guys are 'de bomb'. The Turkish Delights are just that...delights...yummy, chocolate and pistachio. The date rolls won't last long around here. What a wonderful sweet. Lastly, the Moringa. That's a lot of product. I will load my supply of pills in the next few days and start enjoying their goodness. Thank you also for the sample (freebie) of dried cranberries. That one's mine, and I will hide it. LOL. I fully intend to reorder from you guys again. You must have a wonderful workplace. Everything about this order was fun. Thanks again."
Jan 2014 -- Kathy, Springfield, Mo

"This website is the best! I order a 2-week supply of snacks at a time for my husband and me. The order is always correct, the product is always fresh and we love the sense of humor! We will continue to order from here because we are never disappointed. My absolute favorite is the Chili Lemon Pistachios...yum!! My husband loves how fresh the Jumbo Roasted Peanuts are. I've even started ordering my baking supplies here because of the quality and bulk pricing. Keep up the great work!"
Jan 2014 -- Abbey, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Your product was awesome. The Pistachio Nut paste did the trick for my online cookie business, since I had to change my recipe in a flash, and your product gave me both the color and flavor I expected from a pistachio flavored cookie! After all, a pistachio dessert does not taste the same unless it looks like Pistachio and tastes like Pistachio! So thanks you guys, for a great product and great service as well! Alwheys Good Protein Enriched Cookies"
Jan 2014 -- Susan Zietara, Colts Neck, NJ

"Pistachios are especially rich in phytosterols, which are directly associated with lowering cholesterol levels, and may offer protection from certain types of cancer. And they taste great. I am a big pistachio fan."
Jan 2014 -- Blanche, Monterey, Tennessee

"The Siirt Pistachios are perhaps the tastiest pistachios I've had, ever. I never knew how much buttery flavor a pistachio could hold until I had one of these. These are large and tasty. Some of them were frustratingly difficult to open up, so have a nut cracker or something handy if you want to eat every last one of them."
Jan 2014 -- David T Kim, San Antonio, TX

"These are great tasting treats! I bought them for myself, but if I were having company over I would definitely recommend buying these to put out as something most people haven't seen before. Well packaged and very fresh."
Jan 2014 -- Greg , Tampa, FL-Florida

"Have enjoyed Pistachios for many years, but could only find salted nuts, locally. Now I'm able to enjoy unsalted Pistachios, and they have a perfect taste! Quick shipping, and delicious snacks! Nuts.com, Thank You!"
Jan 2014 -- Johnny, Las Cruces, NM

"I recently ordered 5 lbs. of your unsalted pistachios! They are fresh, huge and too good! I'm addicted. Thanks for the great quality pistachios. I love them. I will definitely order them again."
Jan 2014 -- Gwendolyn Grant, Poinciana, FL

"Tonight when I got home and saw my nuts.com box on the kitchen counter I got so excited that my husband said he wishes I would get that excited when I saw him, and my pistachios were absolutely delicious, thank you so much for the great quality."
Jan 2014 -- Carmen, Palm Bay, Fl.

"I could hardly wait to rip open my little parcel from Nuts.com. Well, folks, I was not disappointed. The Turkish pistachios, shelled and salted are a delight. Tender and delicately flavored, they are exactly what I've been looking for, a wonderful memory of my childhood. The Dark chocolate covered pistachios are just as wonderful. These California pistachios are rather hard and difficult to chew, but that seems to be their nature. Thanks so much for the little something extra."
Jan 2014 -- Jonathan, Rochester, NY

"I ordered the two varieties of pistachios from Turkey...Believe it or not one of them is slightly better than the other. I never would have believed it until I tried them both side by side. The Antep variety is absolutely the best pistachio available and the Siirt variety is a very close second. My fingers are absolutely killing me right now because I cannot stop eating them. These are the type of flavor and texture I remember as a kid when we could get pistachios from Iran....These are well worth the price per pound as well, no regrets other than I should have order 10 pounds of each variety! I also ordered the Cashews - in a word...Incredible! Huge, perfectly salted and buttery smooth taste. Even better than those I purchased many years ago in the Seattle markets. Lightening fast service means I can get my pistachio fix taken care of in less than 24 hours with these guys as well. Can't say enough about the quality and great service. Order from these guys you won't be sorry."
Jan 2014 -- Greg, Wilton, Connecticut

"Just wanted to thank you for another great bag-o-nuts (well, actually it was 6 bags of nuts). These were the first Black Walnuts I've had and I have to say they are fantastic - really a unique flavor. The pistachios and the Rosemary almonds are also excellent (I wouldn't expect anything less). Shipping was a day later than anticipated, but that was due to the terrible East coast weather and the nuts still arrived in excellent condition. A Customer for life."
Jan 2014 -- Dennis, Phoenix, AZ

"Nuts.com has the best items available! I've ordered several different treats, their Pistachios are my favorite, and their samples are perfect! A perfect way to try different items!"
Jan 2014 -- Johnny, Las Cruces, NM

"Every single thing I ever ordered from Nuts.com has been of the best and freshest quality and this order has continued your already excellent reputation. From your chocolate to your nuts, dried fruits, and fudge, all of your products are delicious. Turkish pistachios, which are impossible to find any more in my neck of the woods, are the best in the world and your super-fast delivery ensures freshness and quality. If you had a star system of grading, I would give you a definite 5!"
Jan 2014 -- Helene, Holmes, PA

"Oh, my goodness! My second order is SOOO good that I am ready to place my third order this month! The antioxidant berry blend is wonderful, tender and delicious. The cilantro/lime pistachio-pepita blend is outrageous and addictive. I'll have to portion it so I don't eat it all right away! The sample of dried berries looks delicious, too. Thank you, you nuts!"
Dec 2013 -- Donna, Lancaster, CA

"Thank you for the unexpected Habanero nuts. The garlic and lemon are great. BBQ and chipolte are nice too."
Dec 2013 -- Andy, Indianapolis, IN

"I just received my first order today and could not be more pleased. I ordered chocolate covered soy nuts and Turkish Figs, which I have not been able to find anywhere in my area. I also ordered Pistachios. The order arrived very quickly and each item is fresh and tastes great. I like being able to use PayPal to pay as well. I will definitely shop here again."
Dec 2013 -- Pam, Oneonta, NY

"So happy:) I couldn't find Turkish pistachios for our Turkish friends. We give them with Turkish apricots every New Year. Thank you. They even arrived early.. Love the bag and really love your awesome box. God bless and Merry Christmas. Elizabeth"
Dec 2013 -- Elizabeth, Minneapolis, MN

"My mother has been looking around town for awhile for Pistachios that are shelled AND salt free and haven't been able to find them. I checked the internet and came across your website. I can happily say that my mother is a Salt Free/Shell Free Pistachio eating fool right now. She is one more happy camper!"
Dec 2013 -- Tina, Hickory, NC

"Nuts to you.......my new salute for a job well done.....easy to navigate on line order form...on time delivery....and best of all a sample treat of wonderful tasting pistachios so I know the ones I ordered as a gift will be enjoyed. Merry Christmas. Kathleen"
Dec 2013 -- Kathleen, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Absolutely delectable. The Turkish pistachios remind me of my stay in Turkey. Can't stop eating them."
Dec 2013 -- jerry, fountain, fl

"Fast delivery, great packaging, outstanding Turkish Pistachios, and to top it off, from a company with a sense of humor. I will definitely be ordering again from your wide selection of delicious products."
Dec 2013 -- George, Middletown, NY

"just finished my xmas baking. Chocolate log with pistachios and cranberries and macadamia nut cookies. thanks"
Dec 2013 -- Pattie, pass christian, Ms

"I always have to practice self control when I order from your site. The dried strawberries are always 1st on my order. Then, I have to try to make up my mind about which trail mix to select. The Extreme mix is another fave. My niece just loves the jordan almonds and hubby thinks your roasted, salted pistachios are the best! The quality is tops. Price are great. Your body can bet I will be back. Andi have told many to visit NUTS.COM Thank you,"
Dec 2013 -- Colette, South Windsor, Ct

"YUM! Our nuts made it and are totally delish! Your pistachios are to die for, and we get the pound bags of sesame seeds to coat our fresh caught tuna and make our own Ahi Tuna. Thanks for your consistently GREAT STUFF!!"
Dec 2013 -- jane, cudjoe key, florida

"THE PISTACHIOS are the best…they are so big and fresh and very hard to stop eating them… The bag of cashews that was a treat were so good and fresh also….THE ABSOLUTE BEST !!"
Dec 2013 -- gloria wright, indianapolis, md

"Really fresh. Highly recommended"
Dec 2013 -- Steve, Nashville, TN

"High quality Turkish pistachios! Can't wait to run out and order again."
Dec 2013 -- Ted, Newport News, Virginia

"Wow you guys are amazing. Just tasted the Turkish Siirt Pistachios. The best tasting Pistachios in the world. I used to buy them 30 years ago in N.Y. then they went missing. Will order a larger bag soon."
Dec 2013 -- John, Mt.Sinai, N.Y.

"These are so good. They really are a delight. So glad I tried them."
Dec 2013 -- Nancy, Rocky mount, VA

"Awesome pistachios and mixed nuts!! The size and freshness was incredible. Thanks for the sample macadamia's! ( Love the packaging as well. ) Will be ordering more for sure."
Dec 2013 -- Linda, Chicopee, MA

"Just received my order of Onion and garlic pistachios a day earlier than expected. Also received a free sample of Habanero Pistachios. Just finished my first handful and they are better than I even dreamed they would be. Hope I can put the bag down till I have my lunch"
Dec 2013 -- John, La Verne, CA

"I am NUTS for this company! OMG! I LOVE everything I have tried so far! Today, I got the cilantro lime pistachios and pepitas...YUM! The sugar free dark chocolate almonds...well, I'm going to hide them from the rest of the family because I don't wanna share! I will be ordering again soon and Thank You for the free sample. Love you guys!"
Nov 2013 -- Donna, Green Valley, AZ

"Well got the nuts today. They are wonderful, I am now looking to a new order, perhaps okra chips, kale chips...so you will be hearing from me again. Thank you!"
Nov 2013 -- lee, williamsport, pa

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