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"WOW!!! I ordered my nuts online on Friday and Saturday morning at 7:45am they were at my door!! That's what I call excellent service! For the first time in our lives, my kids and I ate nuts for breakfast! Thanks for your super fast service and terrific products. We will be back!"
-- Lisa
"I just received my first order of nuts. The quality is the best and they were packaged beautifully- both the bags they came in and the shipping box. Thank you so much!"
-- Robin
"We just received our first order and are very impressed with the quality and freshness of the nuts. The careful packaging and prompt delivery were greatly appreciated. We will be ordering again! Thanks."
-- Martha, Vance, Alabama
"These are the Best nuts ever! Thanks NUTS ONLINE!"
-- Stephanie, Denver, CO
"These nuts are the best nuts I have ever tasted. They are very fresh. I did not get 1 bad nut in the whole 12 pounds I gave away for Christmas. I would recommend nuts on line to anyone who loves nuts. Also the pumpkin and sunflower seeds were great too. My daughter also loved the gummy bears.Thanks!!!! to nuts on line. You are number 1 in my book."
-- Ginny, Winter Haven, Florida
"I've placed two orders already and love your nuts!!! Everything is shipped fresh and speedy. Highly recommended...and yes, I will be back to order again! Thanks for the great service!!"
-- Alexandra, Middle Village, New York
"I received my order...I was very happy and satisfied, the NUTS were fresh, and of course delicious. I will order again. thank you for a great product. Sincerely, M. Custer"
-- Movadie, Silver Spring, MD
"I am so glad I came across this website! The nuts taste great, they are shipped fast as lightning, and are also a great value! Thanks so much, Deanna Melton"
-- Deanna, Cookeville, Tennessee
"Your nuts are the best and I'm just nuts about your nuts. I've eat a lot of nuts but there are none like yours. Your nuts are always fresh and once you've tasted them it's hard to control yourself. They are just great so thanks for providing such a good healthy product. yours truly, Otis"
-- otis , garnerville, ny
"Wow, you guys are amazing! I eat tons of nuts and I have never found any that are of as consistently good quality as the ones you offer here. Your products are delicious and they always impress my friends and family when I give them for gifts! Not only do you have super products, but you also have outstanding customer service. Keep up the wonderful work - I wish you continued success with your business! :D"
-- Stephanie, West Lebanon, NH
"These are the best nuts i have ever had!! The quality is there for sure!! I hate to share these, so i wait till company leaves......."
-- Tom, west coast, florida
"The nuts are the best I have ever had. There are so many varieties from which to choose. The delivery service is even better. Would never order from anyone else."
-- Sheila, Toms River, NJ
"This nuts were absolutely FANTABULOUS!! They are so huge it's like eating yummy little meat balls! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"
-- Nicole, corona, CA
"I am hooked on nutsonline. I am on a very low sodium diet and finding sodium free snacks is next to impossible. Your delivery is quick and I rarely have to wait more than 2 days. Also, the nuts are excellent and equal to or better than the gourmet shops."
-- Ralph L. Westphal, Hampton, VA
"Excellent response to online order; excellent response on shipping; excellent email on tracking; excellent arrival time; excellent packaging; excellent all!!! BUT, the best is excellent nuts! I'll be back if I can stopping eating. I'm going to NUTS on line !!!"
-- Bruce, Myrtle Beach, Sc
"The quality of the nuts is superb, 10 times better than any supermarket! The nuts are fresh & delivered quickly right to my front door. My husband & I have a Macaw & Cockatoo so we order pounds of shelled nuts for them and we couldn't be happier with this site!"
-- Bonnie, Boonton, NJ
"Fantastic shipment time!!! Nuts are the best. Can't stop munching. Have shared some and comments were great. I will be ordering more today or tomorrow."
-- Ann, Newport, NC
"You have the best nuts and they are delivered so fast!!!! I even got mine on Saturday."
-- Darcy, Princeton, IN
"Can you guys please explain to me how you get these nuts to me so fast... seems like I send the order in and UPS is at the door and they always taste like they were just picked and roasted. As usual your nuts are BEST!!!! Thanks"
-- Vinny, Staten Island, NY
"The BEST nuts in the world! They are so fresh and tasty. And the service, is so fast!!! Thanks for the "World of Nuts and more!!!!". I love trying new products and finding I enjoy new tastes. Thanks again. Paula and Alan"
-- Alan, Cedar Falls, IA
"Hey Everyone :) I have to tell you, my husband is a nut NUT (he eats them all day at work) and he said that nothing compares to yours !!! I had them delivered to his workplace for our anniversary and he absolutely loves them !! Great pricing as well. Thanks for everything :) Martha"
-- Martha, Saco, Maine
"These are the best nuts on the market. I have tried every nut company looking for the best, and found it with Nuts On Line. You can't beat the fast delivery either."
-- Sam , leesburg, Fl
"Wonderful service...and wonderful nuts...as always! I've ordered several dozen times, and I have yet to be even slightly disappointed. In contrast, I am always amazed by the speed and tastiness my order! THANK YOU!"
-- Lauren, Albuquerque, NM
"The nuts arrived perfectly and they taste wonderful. I appreciate your prompt delivery. I'm so glad I found you on the net. I'll be back."
-- Wanda, Benton, KY
"The nuts arrived in a very timely fashion and were beautiful! Very tasty and will definitely recommend you to all our family and friends. Thank you for a great on line experience-they can be scary!"
-- Marilyn, Kenosha, WI
"I have ordered from your company before. I would not think of ordering from anyone else. Your nuts are the freshest I have ever had, and are they delicious?, you bet!. Your company is quality. Keep up the good work."
-- laura, palm harbor, fla
"Hey, guys, my gorgeous hunk and I are off to a brain conference in the Big Apple next week and, oh boy, the nuts arrived just in time to slip into our suitcases! The only problem is that we aren't going to have enough room for our clothes. I love walnuts, he loves cashews; I love almonds, he loves spanish peanuts; we both love the macadamias. Now, pray tell, how on earth can we narrow such yummy choices? We love you guys, and we love your NutsOnline! We'll be back! All the best."
-- Mary Ann Jobe, Alexandria, VA
"Your nuts are very fresh and tasty. I have enjoyed every purchase. Will recommend to my friends. Thank you, Nutsonline for having such wonderful products."
-- Martha, Charlotte, NC
"I have been buying nuts for my step-dad from here for a few years now and he says they are some of the best nuts he has ever had. He is also always impressed by the quantity! They are very quick with the shipping (I placed an order the day after Thanksgiving and it arrived the next day). I would highly recommend this website to anyone."
-- Daisy, Silver Spring, MD
"First time customer, long time nut fan...the pecans, and other nuts I bought are exactly what I wanted,I'll be back again to buy! Fast delivery too!"
-- roy, Minnesota
"You guys are awesome!!! Super fast delivery and great prices! These are the biggest and best nuts I have ever eaten!!! Thanks again!!!"
-- Betty, Houma, La
"The nuts arrived safe and sound -- not crushed, but whole and tantalizingly delicious. I have sampled some of the four types I ordered - pecans, almonds, English walnuts and Brazil nuts. Now, I just have to learn how to limit myself to only a few daily. Needless to say, I will order again. Thanks. It does my heart good to do business with a "family" oriented business. Best wishes for 2009. Dee Agerton"
-- Robert (Dee), El Dorado, AR
"I ordered 1 pound each of cashews roasted/dry roasted, pistachios roasted/unroasted and roasted almonds friday and they were on my door step the following monday with regular shipping exactly when it said it would. I opened the box and it kinda scared me how big the frickin nuts are! THERE HUUGE!!! So fresh. So crunchy and good. Great business and great service. My next order of dried fruits and chips and rice crackers should be coming tomorrow. YOU HAVE A NEW LIFE TIME CUSTOMER."
-- Jason, Montclair, NJ
"Hello NutsOnline Family! Yesterday afternoon I ordered Raw Brazil Nuts and Raw Hazelnuts. This afternoon the order was at my door . . . I am absolutely amazed with both the speed of filling my order and the wonderful fresh taste of the nuts. This is my first order from you and I will be back for more goodies. You have a quality product - thank you."
-- Joseph, Orefield, Pennsylvania
"WOW, ordered and received the very next day. As soon as I got home from work, I tried the nuts and was very surprised to find them so much fresher than any nuts I have eaten in a long time, if not my whole life. Thank You !"
-- Mark, Apalachin, NY
"WOW!! These were the best nuts I ever ate in my life! I was absolutely shocked. I stumbled on to your website accidentally and decided to try a few kinds of nuts. I had no idea just how amazingly sweet, juicy and fresh they would be. And my shipment arrived in less than 48 hours. I never had anything I ordered online come that fast. I am now a devoted customer and won't buy nuts anywhere else ever again. Thank you so much for your excellent service and super high-quality nuts!"
-- Surya
"Just received my nut order yesterday. Spent most of my day trying not to eat them all. These are the best cashews, pecans, walnuts, Brazil, and almonds I have ever tasted. Great! Thank you!"
-- Ricki, Kingston, wa

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