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Wholesale Apples
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Wholesale Bilberries
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Wholesale Cantaloupe
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Wholesale Cranberries
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Wholesale Mango
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Wholesale Sun Dried Tomatoes
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Wholesale Chocolates & Sweets
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Wholesale Fruit Powders
Wholesale Fruit Powders
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"My first order came today and my kids love the dried fruit. I have told my co-workers about the quality of product and the quickness of the shipping and they can't wait to order. Thank you for the terrific service. You'll definitely be receiving another order from me soon."
-- Kathy
"Excellent product! Great price! We purchased 5 pounds of assorted dried fruits and my our children (ages 4 and 1) ate it all in less than a week!"
-- Kimberly
"Dear Guys, I wanted to let you know my order arrived on time as promised. I was very impressed with the quality of the fruit. This year I am making a fruit cake from former white house chef Roland Messier that calls for dried fruit. Will let you know how it turns out."
-- Lynn C., Waco, TX
"Second order from this site. Everything is incredible!!!!! I am already hooked on the peaches but the Strawberries... Oh I cant even find the words to say how good they are!!!!! I have found my new addiction... on to try my blueberries now..."
-- David/Nadine, Darien, GA
"Your dried fruits are absolutely AWESOME!!! The blueberries are my all time favorites, but the cherries, strawberries, raspberries and cinnamon apple slices are all hard to beat! The quality is excellent! Thanks!!!"
-- Carol, Fishers, IN
"So far I have ordered 7 different types of your dried fruit and I have yet to be disappointed. Everything is so fresh and delicious, your dried peaches and nectarines are to die for. And yes, you always deliver on time as promised. Keep up the fantastic job that you do."
-- Julia, Brooklyn, NY
"I have never seen such big golden raisins!! I make my own granola and only use the best quality of dried fruit and this is the best I've seen yet! All the dried fruit I ordered I am so happy with! A definite repeat customer! Thanks!!!"
-- Linda, Findlay, Ohio
"Just received my order of dried fruit yesterday. I had ordered these items for holiday baking, but I won't have anything left to bake with!! These are the freshest, biggest, tastiest raisins and figs I have ever come across. Your prices are excellent and the shipping is reasonable. I will be placing another order immediately!"
-- Judi, Ware, MA
"When the box was delivered, we had a feeding frenzy! Each of us ( five total) had a bag of fruit in each hand, shouting, "You have to try this, Oh My Gosh!" You can't get this quality and freshness in stores- only at Nuts on Line."
-- Anita
"Absolutely the best dried fruit I've tasted.I shared the assortment of dried fruits with my children and grandchildren. Needless to say,another order is needed. Great job!!!"
-- Ron, Netcong, NJ
"Once again your company came through with flying colors!!! I ordered several of the dried fruits. I don't know which one I like the best. The service that your company provides should be looked into by other companies. Your company could teach some of them a lot. I have been making the "Amish Bread." Using a starter, and then I have been adding some of your dried fruits to them. Boy what a difference from the store bought ones! You have a returning customer here. Thanks again and congratulations to all who work to make your company a HUGE success!"
-- Donna, Almond, WI
"I have had a really hard time finding quality dried fruit for a good price until I stumbled upon the nutsonline website. As a pregnant woman I am very particular about what I eat but the fruits that I purchased are magnificent! I would especially recommend the crystallized ginger for morning sickness and dried mango, pears and pineapple for bulk fiber. It is simply delicious and was shipped fast! I'll be a customer for life! Thanks nutsonline!!"
-- Felicity, Atlanta, GA
"I never knew dried fruit could be so good! The strawberries were especially great! It is healthy but still has a good taste."
-- Barbara, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
"Just received the dried fruits I ordered. DELICIOUS! The fruits were shipped extremely fast, and packaged nicely. I'm trying to watch the fat intake, and these fruits have 0%!!! Thanks again."
-- Sherry, Pinellas Park, FL
"I've been buying from these guys for over a year now and all I can say is....AWESOME!!! This is the place to get dried fruit, thanks guys for being the best."
-- John, Lake Havasu, AZ
"Best deal on the web by far when it comes to dried fruit, and guess what? they taste great too ;) oh yeah and fast and efficient delivery, we give this vendor 5 stars ;)"
-- Bruce, Fernandina Beach, Florida
"Your dried fruit is really good. I buy it every week for my children.Thanks."
-- Ric Loggins, Gainesville, Georgia
"The shipment arrived in great shape. It is very difficult not to overindulge in the wonderful dried fruit. Actually, I am not trying too hard.... Thank you for wonderful products and quick shipment."
-- Pat, Lake Charles, LA
"Everything ordered was fresh and great tasting as always and delivered as promised. I tried the dried fruit this time also. That stuff is FANTASTIC!!! I wouldn't get my fruit or nuts and nuts from anyone else."
-- Gaylan, Plantation, FL
"Items arrived fast as usual. I wouldn't buy my dried fruit or nuts any where else! I even have my Pre-K class hooked on the dried fruit!"
-- Carla, Morris, NY
"I love all of the dried fruits that I've purchased from you "Nuts" - peaches, nectarines, plums, figs, apricots, etc. They are all of the highest quality that I've seen anywhere! Fan-nut-tastic!"
-- Karin, Garrettsville, OH
"You guys are the best!I haven't received anything from you that wasn't really good.I love dried fruit and yours is the best!! Thanks"
-- Donna, Forked River, New Jersey
"I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! And I certainly love my dried fruit! The cantalope, mango, guava, pineapple, and kiwi absolutely divine and delicious. The ginger is exquisite. The more I order from your array of choices the better it gets! Thank you and I certainly will be back!"
-- Debbie, SLC, UT
"I love your dried fruit!! I can not wait to try more of it. I will definitely be ordering again, and soon I hope. The stuff that I just bought should last a bit, I want to try some other stuff though, but I will wait a little while if I can. Thank You for having such wonderful dried fruit!"
-- Amie, Kalamazoo, Michigan
"I am highly impressed with the quality and freshness of the cherries and pineapple I received. Great packaging and fast shipping. I would strongly recommend this company to everyone!"
-- Lee, Florissant, MO
"Hi! You have very good service. The order arrived when you quoted. The fruit looks beautiful. " Thankyou " Paul Sammartano"
-- Paul, Palm Coast, Fl.
"I just received my peaches and pears--YUM! I am bowled over by their freshness and flavor! I have an order for some of the chocolate-covered goodies also, and now that I've tasted the fruit, I can't WAIT to see how good everything else is! Dried fruit convert!"
-- Kim, Louisiana
"Love the speedy service, great communication, and the high quality of dried fruits. Will definitely re-order."
-- Julie, Decatur, IL

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