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All natural, raw almonds, supreme size, high in protein, calcium and zinc.

High in protein and zinc, these supreme sized roasted almonds are toasted to perfection, without salt.

All natural, peerless, grade A almonds, high in protein, calcium and zinc. These almonds are pasteurized.

These perfectly salted almonds are toasted just right and are packed with zinc and protein.

Fresh California whole almonds without the skin are excellent for all baking needs.

A California almond shaved into slivered sections. Slivered almonds are ideal for baking and for making cookies.

Sliced natural almonds have the extra healthy kick from the skin and are great in salads and baking.

A California almond, thinly sliced to be used for any baking need. Great for cake decorations and with string beans.

All natural organic almonds covered in organic milk chocolate.