Dal (Split Beans)

  • Moong Dal Moong Dal

    Split moong dal (moong dahl) or lentils without skin. Commonly known as "dhuli moong" or Payatham Paruppu, these are yellow split hulled beans.

  • Chana Dal Chana Dal

    With their sweet and nutty flavor, chana dal are versatile beans that are very popular in India. Chana Dal Beans are very nutritious, easy to digest, and have an exceptionally low rating on the glycemic index.

  • Toor Dal Toor Dal

    Toor dal (toor dahl) is the most popular lentil in India. They are also called Thuvaram paruppu or kandhi pappu. Yellow split peas can be made into a puree for serving with vegetables.

  • Urad Dal Urad Dal

    Urad dal washed, also known as black gram) is used for making popular South Indian dishes, such as dosa, idli, and dahi wada. The consistency of urad dal is usually thicker than any other dals

  • Organic Green Split Peas Organic Green Split Peas

    All natural organic Green Split Peas. Cook in soups or by themselves. Makes for an extremely healthy side dish and an awesome Split Pea Soup!


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