Yellow, White, and Black Candy Buffet

Your guests will agree that this yellow, white, and black candy buffet is fun and playful. Buffet tip: Use pretty, color-coordinated tags to label your candy.

Featured Treats

  • Lemon Drops Lemon Drops

    The classic sweet and tart taste of these lemon drops will really make your mouth pucker. Lemon drop candy is sure to hit the spot.

  • Mochi Rice Cakes Mochi Rice Cakes

    Mochi rice cakes are a light, sweet Japanese dessert treat with a soft and chewy texture. Our Mochi is similar to the Mochi used in frozen yogurt shops like PinkBerry, Red Mango, and Yogen Fruz.

  • Silly Yellow Bananas Silly Yellow Bananas

    Banana lovers, this candy is for you! Love the little banana Runts? Then you will love these. These silly yellow bananas have the same texture and taste as your favorite banana flavored Runts.

  • Black & White Gummy Peachy Penguins Black & White Gummy Peachy Penguins

    Perfect for formal occasions, these distinguished aquatic creatures waddle delightful flavors into your mouth. They have a yummy fruity flavor.

  • Buttermints Buttermints

    Sweet and buttery buttermints are a classic candy. Similar to what you find at a diner or restaurant.

  • Black and White Sixlets Black and White Sixlets

    Black and white sixlets are a round candy coated chocolate classic. The chocolate centers are a mixture of cocoa and carob giving them a unique malted flavor!

  • Yellow M&M's® Yellow M&M's®

    A favorite candy of many, these milk chocolate M&M's® are perfect for wedding favors, candy buffets, or just snacking. These Yellow M&M's® are sure to please.

  • Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (Yellow) Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (Yellow)

    Yellow chocolate covered sunflower seeds are delicious and fun. These tasty sunflower seeds are coated in smooth milk chocolate and a beautiful yellow candy shell.

  • Jordan Almonds (Black) Jordan Almonds (Black)

    Black Jordan almonds are a classy, sophisticated treat for weddings and other special events. These California almonds are roasted and then candy-coated in an extra fine beautiful black color.

  • Licorice Ice Chalk Licorice Ice Chalk

    A unique Old World treat, licorice ice chalk is white on the outside with a soft center and a rich, sweet licorice taste.

  • Lemon Candy Sticks Lemon Candy Sticks

    These nostalgic old time candy sticks bring back great memories. These lemon candy sticks taste great. Perfect for snacking, candy buffets, or wedding.

  • Licorice Candy Sticks Licorice Candy Sticks

    These nostalgic old time candy sticks bring back great memories. These licorice candy sticks taste great. Perfect for snacking, candy buffets, or wedding.

  • Yellow Sprinkles Yellow Sprinkles

    Delicious yellow sprinkles. Great for ice cream, cakes, or any baked product.

  • Yellow Shimmer Pearls Yellow Shimmer Pearls

    Yellow shimmer pearls are a small fruit flavored hard candy with a beautiful (and edible) shimmer coat of color. Perfect for any wedding/party favor or just to eat!

  • Smile Pop Smile Pop

    That world famous yellow smiley face tastes even better when eaten as a Smile Pop. This 1.5 ounce and 3" diameter lollipop is an all time classic.


Candy weights (from upper left corner): (1) 5 lbs Lemon Gummy Bears (90 oz container); (2) 5 lbs Buttermints (175 oz container); (3) 5 lbs Yellow Chocolate-Covered Sunflower Seeds (125 oz container); (4) 3 lbs Yellow Shimmer Pearls (130 oz); (5) 5 lbs Mango Australian Licorice (139 oz container); (6) 8 lbs Jordan Almonds (Black) (140 oz container); (7) 10 pieces Lemon Candy Sticks; (8) 2 lbs Licorice Ice Chalk (157 oz container); (9) 2 lbs Yellow Sprinkles (50 oz container) and 3 Smile Pops; (10) 7 lbs Black and White Sixlets (157 oz container) and 4 Yellow Whirly Pops; (11) 3 lbs Yellow M&Ms (50 oz container); (12) 6 lbs Lemon Drops (139 oz container); (13) 7 lbs Silly Yellow Bananas (200 oz container); (14) 10 lbs Black and White Gummy Peach Penguins; (15) 8 lbs Mochi Rice Cakes (3/4 of 490 oz container); (16) 50 pieces Licorice Candy Sticks (157 oz container)

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