Green, White, and Black Candy Buffet

This green, white, and black candy buffet is refreshing and inviting. Buffet tip: Consider the length of your buffet when choosing the number of containers to use. You might consider sketching out the layout you're planning to make sure you'll have enough room. You can always fill empty space with decorations, such as flowers.

Featured Treats

  • Black Jelly Beans Black Jelly Beans

    Black jelly beans are an old time favorite. That classic black licorice flavor.

  • Yogurt Peanuts Yogurt Peanuts

    First, we take only the finest dry roasted goobers. Then, we coat them in the smoothest tasting yogurt coating available to create one of the best tasting yogurt peanuts around. You won't find these anywhere!

  • Green Apple Drops Green Apple Drops

    Old time green apple flavored sanded drops are a great hard candy.

  • Mint Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Mint Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

    Only the highest quality espresso beans covered in a mint chocolate with bits of ground coffee. Absolutely delicious!

  • Green Apple Licorice Twists Green Apple Licorice Twists

    Green Apple licorice twists are tart and sweet!

  • Gummy Apples Gummy Apples

    Soft and chewy gummy apple rings also known as Apple O's

  • Jelly Belly French Vanilla Jelly Belly French Vanilla

    Jelly Belly jelly beans in a great French vanilla flavor. Tastes almost like the real thing!

  • Licorice Bears (Sugar Free) Licorice Bears (Sugar Free)

    Our Sugar Free Licorice bears are a classic licorice gummy treat.

  • Key Lime Fruit Slices Key Lime Fruit Slices

    The classic old time candy in a tangy key lime flavor

  • Jordan Almonds (Green) Jordan Almonds (Green)

    Green Jordan almonds are fun for outdoor parties, St. Patrick’s Day festivities, or any special occasion. These California almonds are roasted and then covered in a pastel green candy coating.

  • Mint Lozenges (White) Mint Lozenges (White)

    Is it cold in here, or did you just put a White Necco Mint Lozenge in your mouth?

  • Lime Green Sixlets Lime Green Sixlets

    Lime green sixlets are ideal for weddings, parties, and favors. These round chocolate candies have a lovely candy coating.

  • Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (White) Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (White)

    White chocolate covered sunflower seeds are amazingly delicious. These sunflower seeds are coated in smooth milk chocolate and a beautiful white candy shell.

  • Jelly Belly Green Apple Jelly Belly Green Apple

    Green apple flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans. One taste and you will think you are biting into a real apple.

  • Light Green Rock Candy (Unwrapped) Light Green Rock Candy (Unwrapped)

    This classic watermelon flavored rock candy comes in a package of 10 units on a stick. Our unwrapped light green rock candy sticks are great for wedding favors, candy buffets, or just to eat!

  • Licorice Laces Licorice Laces

    Chewy, long, soft, and fresh black licorice laces. An all time favorite!

  • Gummy Cows Gummy Cows

    Hurry up and moooooove some of these gummy cows into your mouth before someone else does! These great looking gummies have a sweet fruit flavor and are sure to please.

  • Green Whirly Pop (3 Inches) Green Whirly Pop (3 Inches)

    Green and white whirly pops are famous from amusement parks, carnivals, and boardwalks. These classic old time lollipops are a real treat. 1.5 ounces and 3" diameter.


Candy weights (from upper left corner): (1) 2 lbs each Jelly Belly Green Apple, Jelly Belly French Vanilla, Black Jelly Beans (75 oz container each); (2) 3 lbs Mint Lozenges (White) (48 oz container); (3) 6 lbs Mint Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans (157 oz container); (4) 12 lbs Green Apple Drops (290 oz container); (5) 3 lbs Licorice Lace (175 oz container); (6) 4 pieces Green Whirly Pop (3 inches); (7) 4 lbs Gummy Apples (165 oz container); (8) 2 lbs Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (White) (42 oz container), 20 pieces Light Green Rock Candy (Unwrapped) (42 oz container); (9) 3 lbs Lime Green Sixlets (130 oz container); (10) 7 lbs Jordan Almonds (Green) (139 oz container); (11) 2 lbs Licorice Bears (Sugar Free) (50 oz container); (12) 5 lbs Key Lime Fruit Slices (490 oz container); (13) 6 lbs Gummy Cows (90 oz container); (14) 2 lbs Green Apple Licorice Twists (50 oz container); (15) 9 lbs Yogurt Peanuts (165 oz container)

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