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"I love this site, every order I've ever made has arrived on time (usually at least 1 day early) and the products are amazing! I just tried your Honey in the Rough and your Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and they are both the best of their kind I have ever tasted! Truly amazing. I do wish your dried fruits were a little less sugary, but other than that I have loved every item of yours I ever tasted. Loved the taste of the fruit too, just wasn't looking for so much sugar. Thanks for doing what you do!!"
Jan 2014 -- Skylar, New York, New York

"I will not buy nuts and seeds from the grocery store anymore!! Nuts.com has the freshest nuts!!!! The raw honey is wonderful too. Great Products! Thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Rebecca, Genoa, Nevada

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am ridiculously nuts for this shop, everything from healthy superfoods to delicious vegan snacks! I bought a bunch of nutritious sweets for my family and they all went crazy nuts over it! I also ordered the organic wheatgrass (yummm!), chlorella, spirulina, red maca (purely energizing!), goji berries, and your amazing honey in the rough!! I'm already beyond in love with this fantastic online grocery and will be coming back very, very soon for more! Thank you, to my new wonderfully nutty family!!"
Oct 2013 -- Stephanie, Chicago, IL

"You maybe nutty but not as bad as me.now that I got your honey and had a taste my wife said am nutty more than ever.that's some awesome honey you got.i wish my 2 beehives would gave me some this year. Thank you so much"
Oct 2013 -- Dennis, Hampton, CT

"excellent delivery, excellent shipping, oh and BTW after opening the box---AWESOME"
Aug 2013 -- linda, st. louis, missouri

"I placed my order on-line in the evening and woke up the next morning MAGIC!!!! on my doorstep!!! Your products are the very best - order processing can't be beat - pricing excellent value - LOVE LOVE LOVE - NUTS.COM!!!!"
Jul 2013 -- Catherine, Annandale, New Jersey

"I have ordered from here for the second time and it's shipped to me right on time :) it's moneys worth. The quality of the products are great :) I love you guys :D <3"
Jul 2013 -- Shayne, New Jersey

"Once again some of the fastest delivery when ordering online. Thanks"
Jul 2013 -- David, Chicago, IL

"You folks live up to your word. Well done."
Jun 2013 -- chuck, La Verne, CA

"WOW!!!!! from ease of placing the order to the extremely prompt shipment to the GREAT packaging to the PERFECTION of the taste of the honey's that I ordered - a smile is still on my face!!!! YA DA BESTEST DATS JOISEY TALK!!!"
May 2013 -- Catherine

"Love, love love this place. Extremely fast shipping adorable packaging but best of all the quality of the items I purchased are fantastic!!! This was my first order and won't be my last. I already recommended this place to my sister and her fiancé. I have been looking all over for soy beans and I never had any luck I'm so glad I found you the beans taste great and also I love the raspberry honey which by the way I can't find either in the grocery stores it's simply Divine. I can't wait to place another order the only problem is I want one of everything haha :) thank you for making it possible for me to get my favorite goodies from you all in one place and at such reasonable prices."
May 2013 -- Melisa, Beaver Meadows, Pa

"Bidding the instructions on the box (Hurry up - Open me!), I eagerly unpacked my latest nutty shipment (arriving a day before I expected it). Considering I stumbled across this place while looking for bulk yeast, I can't express how excited I was to find raw organic whole unpeeled cacao beans!!!!! This is, of course, on top of all the lovely things like spirulina, chlorella, noni, moringa, maca (and other) powders and bee pollen! Holy jumpin' jehosanuts! I was literally jumping from one foot to another in the kitchen as I surveyed all my loot spread out on the counter. The free samples always delight - I'm overflowing with gratitude for the cheerful emails, packaging, shipping boxes, and generosity. The glass jar of vanilla bean honey was so well packaged it required a surgical procedure to unpack. I need to put saran wrap on my keyboard so I don't short it out with drool as I type this review... Cheers to a nutterful, nutulous day. True bodaciousnuts. Thanks for being your nutty selves!"
Apr 2013 -- Jennifer, Milwaukee, WI

"Again I am Nuts about Nuts.com I ordered three different energy bars, Organic Date Flax Energy Squares, Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares and Organic Chia Energy Squares I don't know which ones I like best, It is going to be hard not to eat them all in one day. awesome and they arrived only two days later (I ordered late afternoon). I also ordered some Organic Quinoa, Organic Turkish Figs, Organic Maca Powder, Organic Cacao Nibs (Raw). Honey in the Rough, Wow everything was great, I was abler to order a couple of samples bags on some products I had not tried before. That was great also. All of Nuts.com products are the highest quality I have been able to fine. I know what ever I order from Nuts.com will be good. Just wish I could order more and more often. Oh yea I also had a surprise gift a small bag of walnuts yum yum. Excuse me while I go eat some more energy bars."
Feb 2013 -- Pat, Coats, North Carolina

Feb 2013 -- Jen, Wellesley , MA

"Love your prompt delivery, love your products, and love that you are a family business."
Jan 2013 -- Lauren, MI

"Well, I got way more than I bargained for with my simple order of almonds and honey -- TERRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE! Oh my gosh, I love you guys! The order arrived very quickly and it was packaged with such wonderful care and whimsy. You won my heart! I'll definitely be ordering from you again!"
Jan 2013 -- Nutty Rebecca, Chadwicks, NY

"I was impressed by how quick I received my order and how my order was packed and shipped Thank you"
Dec 2012 -- Brenda , Gastonia, NC

"Wow my box came so fast, I love you guys, thanks for the great maca and cacao powder I use it everyday in my power juices, and the raw honey in my vegan flax seed banana bread!! Your on my grocery list from now on."
Oct 2012 -- Maria, Milwaukeekk, WI - Wisconsin

"I absolutely Love your products! My kitchen is over flowing with bags from nuts.com. :) I think i have tried at least half or more of all of your organic and raw food products. My favorite products are the organic gummy worms, the organic dried pineapple is to die for!, organic sunflower seed butter, organic raw hemp seeds, raw pistachios, organic pine nuts, organic honey, organic turkish figs and medjool dates, heck pretty much everything! I always receive an extra sample item with my orders, which is fantastic. This is a great company with great products! Keep up the fabulous work! :)"
Sep 2012 -- Jenny Q, Henderson, Nv

"Very Fast Delivery! Packaged really good. Products arrived in great shape and as advertised. I haven't used them yet as they just arrived today. Outstanding personalized service for my order. Will definitely do business with again. Thank you!"
Sep 2012 -- GREGORY T. RAYNER, Killeen, TX

"Pleasure to do business with you. Such an upbeat company and true to your word. The sample you sent was such a nice touch. I will be ordering from you again."
Jul 2012 -- Nana, Gaithersburg, Maryland

"The Honey in the rough is awesome, i would recommend to all my friends."
Feb 2012 -- Ewa, Burlington , WI

"Since moving to GA, I've been missing clover honey. Finally, I had sense enough to check online. Lo and behold, there was your website. Thank you so much, you've made me a happy person."
Feb 2012 -- Joyce, Fairburn, GA

"I received my order this morning and I am enjoying all of it!! The raw honey has exceeded my expectations! Wow - it is delicious. Thanks for the sample of ginger. Regards from your very satisfied and nutty friend in Rome,NY."
Jan 2012 -- Jo Ann, Rome, NY

"I am so glad I found your site while looking for Cinnamon Honey. I have been looking for Sour Balls for ages and no one sells them anymore, even Brachs quit. Yours are every bit as good as theirs and the price is great. My only complaint is out of a whole pound there was 2 lime. Guess what my favorite flavor is??? But they're still good."
Dec 2011 -- Cathie, Shreveport, Louisiana

"Great customer service...thanks!"
Nov 2011 -- Vicki, Scituate, MA

"Everything I've received from you has been great. The Honey, Peanuts, Almonds, everything. Keep up the great work."
Sep 2011 -- Marshall, Raleigh, NC

"The nuts are fresh, the honey is delectable and everything arrived carefully packaged and most of all quickly! I also really appreciate the tracking ability. I will definitely order again."
Sep 2011 -- Lisa, New York, NY

"Excellent products! I placed my order yesterday and got my delivery today! I am so excited. Great company with great products! I will definitely be ordering again soon!"
Jun 2011 -- Quashema, Paterson, NJ

"Exceeded expectations! Fresh and tasty as promised and I love the packaging. Will definitely buy again!!"
May 2011 -- Benjamin, McAllen, TX

"The Ajor Vanilla Bean honey is awesome! I love the taste and the vanilla bean in the jar keeps the flavor naturally. I highly recommend this product."
May 2011 -- Sharon

"Nuts are in! The honey superb,and the free sample of turkish figs were better than peanut butter.I LOVE THEM!.I will be back. Thanks Jan W."
Apr 2011 -- Janet, Okeechobee, Fl.

"Everything arrived in fine condition, and thank you for the extra touch of the dried strawberries - I ate the whole bag at once (no kidding) and I am 80 yrs. old (not a diabetic, thank goodness) and should know better. But they were really delicious. Will order some of these in the future during a moment of super weakness. You were the only company that I could find that sold strawberry honey - great on crumpets - very English I know but am Canadian born and crumpets are so hard to find in the U.S. Vermont Country Store catalog sells them so I indulge myself occasionally. Too bad you don't sell them too. Thanks for the strawberries - nice touch!"
Apr 2011 -- Margaret, York, PA

"Ordered many items and so far, we have no complaints. Everything is tasty and we love them. Will reorder in the future."
Feb 2011 -- Tom, Peoria, AZ

"Blown away by the products I ordered! The vanilla and cinnamon honey are to die for!! The acai berry and cocoa cereal are divine, and the garlic almonds and pistachios are already hidden away in my secret hiding place because I AM NOT sharing!!! : ) The stevia is just exactly what I was hoping for and I have not tried the cherry powder yet, but am super excited to give it a whirl in some smoothies! My daycare kids couldn't quit munching on the cereals and the nuts either! I was shocked when they asked for more of the garlic nuts!! I will definitely be ordering from here over and over and over again!! And I am telling all of my sparkpeople friends about this site ASAP!!!! Thanks so much for such high quality products at reasonable prices!!! JaSi in Iowa"
Jan 2011 -- JaSi, Clarinda, IA

"Love the chocolate covered walnuts They are wonderful!!!!! And the honey is great. Thank You!!!!!"
Feb 2010 -- Juliet, Morrisville, Pa.

Showing 1 - 36 of 36 reviews

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