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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com (the same nutty family as NutsOnline).

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"Just received my first order and both the product and service were great. You are my spice source from now on. Thanks for the great company"
Aug 2009 -- Tom, Chicago, IL

"got my spices yesterday very fast delivery, very good and fresh spices, good price, what more would i what?? i even made my first batch of pickles last night and they are sooooo goood thank you"
May 2009 -- BOB, lewes, de

"I really love the sunflower and pumpkin seeds because I can get them shelled and UNSALTED. It is difficult to find unsalted nuts of any kind so a big nutty thank you, to you."
Jan 2009 -- Wendy N. Raiman, Peoria, AZ

"fantastic prices and items. I just started making cured meats and found this site to supply my spice and other needs. Ordered one day received shipment very next day. Couldn't buy spices in a grocery store at these prices!!"
Dec 2008 -- joseph b lukashunas, hazleton, pa

"I am thrilled to find spices and nuts not carried in other outlets, enough to satisfy this cook's work on 200 year old recipes. The nuts and spices are fresh and delicious. Everything is shipped in a timely manner and the staff is friendly and happy to help."
Jul 2008 -- Susan, North Potomac, MD

"Ordered bay leaves. Best ones I've seen in ages. Top quality and nicely packaged. You do nice work."
Apr 2014 -- Undine, Sierra vista, Az

"I am SO excited to have found nuts.com online. I'd been using another garlic seasoning product for years & could no longer get it, & was looking for something fairly similar. I found the herb & garlic seasoning at your site & decided to give it a try. The whole experience was a blast! :) From the informative emails along the way, to receiving my products today, in only ONE week, here to Canada. Opening the box itself was so much fun, as I lifted each flap, there was one message after another, & it made it so much fun. Thanks for being such a wonderful company & for making this whole experience so much fun. My husband & I will be re-ordering from you many times again, & I can't WAIT to taste your product & cook with it. Thanks a million! :)"
Apr 2014 -- Kelley, Port Alberni, British Columbia

"WOW!! Great to shop and buy from!! Love the Shipping Box, they are Really Nuts!!! I will be back to buy again, Thank You!!"
Apr 2014 -- Dave, Jarrettsville, MD

"Our berries arrived yesterday. That was berry fast! Thank you. I will be making a sauerkraut recipe this weekend and will be incorporating the juniper berries. Real adjuncts to see how it turns out. Obtw, we loved the cute little box."
Apr 2014 -- Margaret, Lexington Park, MD

"Hello ! I was so pleased with the quick delivery ! The Ceylon Cinnamon smells wonderful and we can't wait to try it. Thank you !"
Apr 2014 -- Karen, Doylestown, PA

"First off, I would like to tell you how wonderful your web site is!!! Easy to use and there is so much fabulous information about each product. I can't believe the quantity each bag contains. Love the Detox Nuts! I don't think I have ever seen cashews as large as these are. I am thrilled with the Chicory. The bag is huge and I will use every ounce and be ordering more down the road. Thank you for your "better than fair pricing" and super fast delivery. I am very pleased with everything I ordered. Time to go try the buckwheat flour for some good old fashioned pancakes. Yummy!!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Janet, Statesville, NC

"Zaatar arrived today and I had two steaks defrosted! A marriage made in heaven! Such flavor and it seemed even more tender a steak! Can't wait to experiment with other recipes! Thanks!"
Mar 2014 -- Peg, Cedar Knolls, NJ

"Your granulated onion and garlic are superb, never caking, and delicious.I bought a sample of your cashews and now ordered a pound they are so good"
Mar 2014 -- Edith, Hollywood, FL

"Quick delivery, the vanilla beans and chocolate covered sunflower seeds arrived very fresh. Will use Nuts again soon!"
Mar 2014 -- Patty, houston, tx

"WOW! My product arrived so quickly! And, I love the packaging! :) Prompt, fun, fun service and a PERFECT product........you are the best!!!!!!!"
Mar 2014 -- kathleen, payson, arizona

"nuts.com is awesome. used my cinnamon sticks last night to make apple pie moonshine. will be ordering again. Thanks"
Mar 2014 -- jimmy, houston, tx

"Everything was as it said it would be. On time and nicely packaged. Not a stick short! If only I could have counted them, for as soon as I opened the neat, black sealed bag and gave some to brother and sister and friends all around, I went to look down and not one stick left, was there, for Nutty ole James. I guess I will just have to order another pound, to not go around! :-)"
Mar 2014 -- James, Yuma, Az

"Once I was no longer able to drink coffee (Dr's suggestion/new way of eating) I was at a lose as to how to "replace" it. With some reading and investigation I kept hearing about Chicory Root. I have use it with coffee grounds in the past (Louisiana style) but never alone. Along with some steamed Almond Milk to make my "Chicory Root Latte" it is pretty darn good. It is my morning sunshine to get the day started. Shipping is super fast too. Thanks for the new healthy alternative to coffee."
Mar 2014 -- Carol, Orange, CA

"I am thrilled that you carry the cinnamon bits as they enhance my apple strudel muffin recipe and are so delicious! I couldn't believe how quick they came in the mail. Looking forward to trying some of your other products. Thank you so much, KJB"
Mar 2014 -- Karen, Bedford, VA

"This is great, I now have enough fennel and dill weed to supply north Dallas. Glad I found you it makes shopping for nuts and spices fun and easy."
Mar 2014 -- Ray H, Dallas, Texas

"I just received my order of chicory root from you, which I take for the health benefits, and am drinking my first cup now. It's delicious! Thanks for the fast service. But, most importantly, the box, and the opening of it was worth ordering something just for that! Gave me a good laugh!"
Mar 2014 -- Amy, Urbandale, Ia.

"Delivered in time frame stated. Cinnamon sticks made my whole house smell wonderful. The free sample was delicious. Putting together another order. Am definitely a "lifer" with nuts.com, will never order from any where else."
Feb 2014 -- patti, hoiday, fl

"I am so pleased with everything I ordered and how fast it got here. The spice Marjoram I use in many dishes that I make but I was having a hard time finding it here other than McCormicks which is way too expensive for me. I'm anxious to try my chocolate covered coffee beans. I just love them. Thank you very much."
Feb 2014 -- Bev, Webster, NY

"Received my Cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon today. Had my first cinnamon stick this evening with my tea. So good. Thanks so much. Love the idea of the zip locked bags. I put a picture of the size of the bags on my Facebook to share with family and friends. Will order again from you in the future."
Feb 2014 -- Linda, Manning, SC

"Just received my Licorice Root today! Was like no waiting! It arrived, the same day they said it would! Hoorah! To be honest, I didn't expect that! Then again these guys are apparently awesome! Thanks so much! I know where I'm going next time! :-)"
Feb 2014 -- Irina, Dekalb, Illinois

"This was the second time I purchased bulk cinnamon sticks from you. I am just as happy with this second shipment as I was with the first one. I'll be back for more! :D"
Feb 2014 -- Marla, fallon , nevada

"Just received my order from Nuts.com! It was shipped very quickly. Couldn't believe how fast we got it. Everything comes in really cool happy packaging. We loved everything we bought from the Brazil nuts and chocolate covered pretzels to the butter salt and saffron. We will be ordering again!"
Feb 2014 -- Ginny, Kent Island, MD

"I'm constantly buying the zatar, which is absolutely delicious by the way. Tried zatar from other stores and yours is the BEST by far. To get your order the very next day is amazing. So, if you need something in a hurry you can count on Nuts.com!! Also, thanks for always sending a freebee. So glad I found Nuts.com"
Feb 2014 -- Debbie, Monroe, CT

"First order, but not my last! Ordered late on a Thursday night, had everything by Saturday morning. Just by the packaging, even before I opened the box, I knew it would be great. Everything we've tried so far is delicious. I'm looking forward to using my pound of cream of tartar (at an AMAZING price, by the way!) to make lots of homemade playdough for my preschool students. Thank you!"
Feb 2014 -- Jen, Bridgewater, NJ

"Ordered 2 lbs. Cinnamon Sticks. Order was delivered in 2 days as promised. Cinnamon Sticks were fresh and worked very well for flavoring. Free ginger sample was very good. Will definitely use NUTS.com again."
Feb 2014 -- Ken, Litchfield, Ohio

"Ranch seasoning - added to flour when using oven fried chicken - wonderful explosion of flavors!"
Jan 2014 -- Bob, PORT CHARLOTTE, Florida

"wow you are awesome! i placed my order last night at 7pm & got the spices today at 12pm. lightning fast is not an understatement. excellent price, super quality plus they threw in a bag of goji berries as a bonus! you have my business for life! thank you soo much!"
Jan 2014 -- r.j., phila, pa

"You guys are great! My mom makes her own coffee blend with the chicory, we aren't always able to find it. We are so glad you're around and ship quickly!"
Jan 2014 -- Donna, Chicago, IL

"I love all the spices I got from you guys. The ground sumac is excellent in my homemade tahini. It's so great to have such a convenient source for unique spices. You always get my package here as quick as possible too!"
Jan 2014 -- Michelle, Tampa, FL

"wow..arrived so fast..a boatload of cinnamon sticks..we will be drinking tea for awhile..thanks"
Jan 2014 -- Deborah, santa monica, california

"Thanks for your nutty packaging and all it contained. Your Bay leaves are outstanding!"
Jan 2014 -- GRACE, Albany, OR.

"Loved the quality and freshness of the dried mulberries (great in oatmeal!) and for simply snacking! Everything else was so fresh and tasty (maca, mixed nuts, organic coconut oil, pretzels, etc.). The Aussie Licorice was amazing - soft, so delicious. And where else can you buy turmeric at such a low price? Really appreciate a company like this that executes the customer service part of the equation so well! Not to mention the product quality and prices!! Thanks to all of you Nuts! :)"
Jan 2014 -- Scott, Vancouver, Canada

"You've got me! I am hooked! Just received my order of Zaatar. Amazing! Fabulous! Thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Charlene, Greenville, SC

"Tired of paying $6.99 for turmeric 0.95 oz. This was a good deal for 5.lb bag $31.50. Sure I will we back again. Dottie"
Jan 2014 -- Dorothy , Milford, MA

"I had been looking on the internet for bulk cinnamon sticks and everybody's prices seemed about the same, then I ran across Nuts.com. Their price was considerably less then everyone else, but I had never ordered from them and when shopping on the internet, I have always tried to remember that "You get what you pay for," but I decided to take chance and place my order and I am so glad I did!! The product arrived in 3 days with their standard shipping and the quality was very high. When I ordered the cinnamon sticks, I did not know how expensive their internet store was and ever since I received my order, I have spent much time looking at everything else and I have already found more items that I want to order. How often can you pay the lowest price, but still get the highest quality product?!? Great job, Nuts.com!"
Jan 2014 -- Peter, St Paul, Minnesota

"I am so excited! I have been trying to replicate the Za'atar recipe from our favorite Lebanese restaurant. I came close, but it just wasn't right. Started looking for it online and lo and behold, I found it right here at this wacky Nuts.com place where fun nutty people work. Tried it out and discovered where they probably by their mix. I was doubly blessed to find the diced coconut my sister has been searching for since our Farmer's Market stopped carrying it. Love you nutty people at this nutty place! I'll be back!"
Jan 2014 -- Lisa, Clarkston, GA

"One word: AMAZING!! The packaging was amazing, shipping time was amazing, just everything amazing. The details were even down to the box it was shipped in... I placed an order yesterday and received it today. Just in time to nurse myself back to health. The ginger, mulberry, and chia seeds came just in time. I will definitely be ordering from you all again. Fast shipping (ordered before the time listed on the site for same day) and great service."
Jan 2014 -- Monica, Waldorf , MD

"My friend gave me some ground coriander, and also told me about this site. I must say this is great quality plus low prices? YES! LOVE IT! I'm going to be ordering this (and more). Please keep up the good work and continue with the great quality products you guys have because an ounce of this and other products in the store are way too expensive. By the way can you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell organic Coriander AND Cumin SEEDS too??? :) thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Didi, Houston, TX

"Thank you for the speedy service and quality tea and spices. I always enjoy the free samples included with the package."
Jan 2014 -- Kay, Falls church, Va

"I ordered the Garlic slices and they are outstanding! Loved the packaging and the customer service is the best! Will be doing business with Nuts.com again, Thanks!"
Jan 2014 -- Amy, SA, Tx

"Ceylon cinnamon sticks have a complex flavor with sugary overtones, but less potent in the monolithic cinnamon taste. They make a complete well rounded flavor for teas as a stand-along ingredient along with ginger and/or lemon. Since the bark in the sticks is thinner, they can be shredded by hand and used in tea bags. The unique full bodied flavor can be detected in very strong ginger teas, hot cider, and I guess mulled wine (have not tried the wine yet). I recommend adding these to your exotic spice arsenal."
Dec 2013 -- Mara, denver, CO

"I just received my first bag of raw licorice root from nuts.com. As I opened the bag and ate the first bite I knew what I was getting everyone for Christmas. The packaging was great, perfect for gifts !!"
Dec 2013 -- Barry, Buffalo, Ny

"Like elves on crack--that's how fast our delivery arrived. Now everyone will have a cinnamon wreath. Thank you and have a joyous holiday."
Dec 2013 -- Megan S., Hamburg, NY

"Received my 1st order so fast!!! Everything is delicious and I will be ordering again soon. The black Australian Licorice was heavenly; the caramel creams delectable; Cardamon Pods fresh and wonderful in tea; but the best of all was the magnificent Raspberry Tea...OMG ...the aroma was only surpassed by the taste!! Packaging great, delivery super fast and the free sample YUM! Thank you Nuts.com! I have already told several people about you!!!!"
Dec 2013 -- Gail, Novi, MI

"Absolutely thrilled with the rapid delivery and content! You don't know how long I have looked out here on the prairie in Oklahoma for bulk cinnamon sticks, allspice and crystallized ginger. Your folks taught you well. Thanks a bundle and Merry Christmas to All!"
Dec 2013 -- Harriet, WANN, Oklahoma

"The packaging was hilarious. I really like the informal presentation. I immediately made a batch of scones using your cinnamon chips. So yummy!"
Dec 2013 -- Kelli, Littleton, Colorado

"I have enough Curry to keep me quite curious with my recipes……. Try Mayo, 1 cup, mustard, 1 Heaping TBS and tons of curry……. dip all your raw veggies in there, carrots , caulk, broccoli, celery, green peppers, That is how I got my kids to eat veggies… because of the curry."
Dec 2013 -- michele, Cave Creek, AZ

"I bought a sample pound of these to compare with a more expensive option from another company. These are just as good of quality at a considerable savings. Thanks!!"
Dec 2013 -- Jack, Holland, MI

"Rcvd our package from the post office yesterday. LOVE the nutty motifs. My husband was thrilled to have received the chicory. The bags that the chicory came in are fun, and my son loved the packing peanuts. We also thoroughly enjoyed the complimentary figs. Looking forward to doing business with you again."
Dec 2013 -- Audrey, Quincy, MA

"Received my order of chicory today despite the horrible weather we are having. It taste exactly as I had hoped. I will definitely order more as I need it. Thanks for a good product and excellent service."
Dec 2013 -- Ted, venus, texas

"You are so fast! This is my 4th order of hibiscus flowers. I really love what they do for my blood pressure. I tried the white hot chocolate mix and it's great. Thanks for the figs. They taste great."
Dec 2013 -- Pat, Lacey, WA

"The organic mulberries, organic chocolate, organic flour, organic figs, and spice rubs arrived within a week of ordering. Each product was flavorful as well as fresh. I plan on ordering again for Christmas baking. This site is awesome!"
Dec 2013 -- Evelyn, Calgary, Alberta

"The BBQ spice is a perfect blend, I Love it on all meats. It has the best flavor. Please don't ever quit making it. I like to do my own BBQ, I cook at home all the time. Thanks for taking care of us, and your service was very quick Thanks again, and Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Rebecca Plemmons"
Dec 2013 -- Rebecca, Salisbury, NC

"I received my black peppercorns today, along with a free sample of salted cashews. This is my second order of peppercorns from you. They are FABULOUS!!! They are ridiculously fragrant and delicious, not to mention amazingly priced. My husband and I fought over that lil bag of deliciously salty cashews, too. I will definitely be ordering those next time!"
Dec 2013 -- sarahredjames, clio, mi

"The shipment arrived on time and in good condition. The Hibiscus tea is pure Hibiscus, not a mixture of 5 teas I received from another supplier. The dried cranberries are delicious, and my wife and I appreciate the thoughtful gift of dried apricots that was included. Many thanks - a very satisfactory purchase."
Nov 2013 -- Dr. Kurt G. Hofer, Tallahassee, FL

"Excellent aroma from the dillweed."
Nov 2013 -- Francesca, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Very excited to try the cinnamon chips and all the other goodies in the box. Got it a day earlier than expected. Will surely order from you again. Thanks"
Nov 2013 -- Earnestine, Manteca, CA

"I ordered Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks - 1 lb bag. This is the cheapest place that had these sticks. I ordered on a Tuesday @ 2pm, received my order on Thursday via UPS by noon. Took the ground service. I am very pleased with the ordering, shipping, and the product. They smell O so wonderful. Thanks Nuts.com. You crack!"
Nov 2013 -- Penny, Dallas, NC

"fast delivery, packaging from delivery box to product package great. hibiscus flowers high quality. will definitely recommend to friends and will reorder"
Nov 2013 -- june, houston, tx

"I ordered the cinnamon chips to use in muffins. They arrived 2 days after I ordered them. I have used them and they are very good, not too sweet and they add the flavor I was looking for. I love your website and how casual it is and easy to use. I will be ordering again!"
Nov 2013 -- Mary St. Pierre, Attleboro, MA

"I was suprised at how quickly the shipment arrived! And the cinnamon sticks are just what I wanted. I will definitely put you as my first choice when ordering this type of product!"
Nov 2013 -- Elaine, Overland Park, Kansas

"Just received our package. Love the bright packaging and the unexpected sample of goji berries. Looking forward to trying the turmeric powder and maca powder. Thanks for the fast shipment. Keep up the awesome packaging."
Nov 2013 -- wv, Quinnesec, Michigan

"I purchased two pounds of cinnamon sticks (Ceylon, not that Cassia crap most places try to pass off as cinnamon) from them because they had the best prices for bulk anywhere around. Better than local ethnic markets, better than Amazon; Nobody beat Nuts.com. I had already known about them for a long time thru my sister who uses Nuts.com to purchase almond flour and pistachio flour for baking needs. This is probably the only specialty place I'll be using from here on out for unique ice cream ingredients. Also, they always push addictive and randomly cool samples on you. Thanks for the Goji Berries guys!"
Nov 2013 -- Gregory, Washington, DC

"Awesome product! There are a lot of places to buy cheap spices for a low price, there are not a lot of places to buy good spices for a good price. I received superior spices for an excellent price. I'll absolutely order from you again! Oh, thanks for the nuts, I'm enjoying them as I sit here typing. You have most assuredly earned my business."
Nov 2013 -- Daniel, Burleson, TX

"Nuts is rapidly becoming my go-to place for spices and seasonings. The Cardamom pods were so fresh. I make homemade Chai and go through a lot of these so it's nice to be able to buy a big bag for a fair price instead of a million little overpriced spice bottles from the grocery store. I've really come to trust Nuts when it comes to quality products for a great price."
Nov 2013 -- Krista, Amarillo, TX

"This is the best deal on cinnamon sticks around! We make Apple Pie 'shine and use a lot of cinnamon sticks, so imagine my delight when I found Nuts had them available by the pound for such a great price. They smell WONDERFUL, better than the ones I was getting at the store. Nuts always delivers! :)"
Nov 2013 -- Krista, Amarillo, TX

"Thank you for your fast friendly service, we are deer processors and for the last two years people have fallen in love with our sausage. We use herb and garlic seasoning in it. We make about two hundred fifty to three fifty pounds a week. We'll be ordering more soon"
Nov 2013 -- Clyde Dallas, Columbia, SC

"Wow, Cinnamon Sticks arrived next day with UPS. Had no idea a package could leave the same day and be to me the next. day. Awsome packagaing"
Nov 2013 -- Ronald, Slingerlands, New York

"Ordered Chicory, Spirulina, Maca Powder and Cashews. All items are just what I need and was looking for. I love that I could order all these items in just one place. Plus my order arrived the very next day! Love nuts.com and I will definitely be ordering from them again."
Nov 2013 -- Jessica Greekwood, Methuen, MA

"Opened the 8oz Bag, smelled and was blown away. The Whole Nutmegs smelled GREAT. It was my first from Nuts.com, But it won't be my last"
Nov 2013 -- Homer, Marshall, NC

"thanks for the mdse, it arrived as scheduled and as usual excellent items"
Nov 2013 -- Monte, palm springs, ca

"Thank you so much. This is all new territory want to use to keep wife diab type 2 from insulin injections. Lower chol and lower blood pressure. Happen to see turmeric and skin. For her face but does not tell how much to use. We plan to try with honey. And have her try with yogurt see which she likes would you know how much turmeric and how much yogurt. Or honey to use and will it stain the skin lol don't need her to stay yellow ! Thank You"
Nov 2013 -- Raul , La Puente, CA

"I am a repeat offender (orderer that is) of your products and today I picked up my Vanilla Beans , I just had to open them ...they are fresh, smell absolutely intoxicating..they will be a welcome addition to my custom cakes/cupcakes/cookies etc...as well as making my own vanilla extract....as usual your service and quick delivery is top notch...everything I have ever ordered has always been on point...love the packaging the delivery box and the little somethings you put in the packages!"
Oct 2013 -- Jacqueline M Andra, Portsmouth, VA

"Love your Hibiscus Tea. How did you know that you steep it over and over again till color fades or taste? You really do know about your teas. I am so impressed! You guys are so great! Thanks for all you do. Most people don't know this unless you have lived in China."
Oct 2013 -- Karen, Nashville, Tennessee

"Ordered these cinnamon sticks yesterday and already received them! Securely packaged and already have a stick in my apple juice! Love, love, love the product and will be purchasing more. Also the bag their in is super cute!"
Oct 2013 -- Susan, Pearland, Texas

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the speedy service and awesome products! I placed my order on Monday, and my stuff arrived today (Wednesday)... one pound of chicory and the biggest bag of chives I have ever seen! I am happy to depend on you folks for all my nutty needs. Keep up the great work, Y'ALL! ;-)"
Oct 2013 -- Jane, Duluth, GA

"Love the cinnamon sticks . I put them in my tea on a daily basis. Best deal around."
Oct 2013 -- Tony, Palos Hills, IL

"Thanks for the yummy cinnamon. Loved the packaging, the nutty family on the back plus the free sample of ginger. You have a very creative company. Thanks for the personal touch. Looking forward to doing business with your nutty company in the future. :)"
Oct 2013 -- Maasha

"OMG! Talk about service. I wont hesitate to order again. Ordered on a Friday and received on Monday. That was GREAT !!!!!!"
Oct 2013 -- stella, oh

"I used the chili powder along with adzuki beans. It was the best chili I've ever had. Very filling and satisfying. I've had to go gluten free and I found the name brand chili mix I've been buying at the store for years has gluten and Fructose. I'm not a fancy chili maker. I want simple and easy. I cooked hamburger, used a can of tomato paste, water and about 3 heaping tbls. of the chili powder. Worked fine for me. I'm making more this week. Thanks for the wonderful service."
Oct 2013 -- Helen, Joplin, MO

"I heard about adzuki beans from the Dr. Oz show. I used them to make chili along with the Nuts.com chili powder. It was the best chili I've ever had. Very filling and satisfying. I'm making more this week and I'm re-ordering more beans. With cold weather coming I think they'd make a very delicious soup maybe with some ham. Thanks for the wonderful service."
Oct 2013 -- Helen, Joplin, MO

"The items I purchased were really good. Shipping was super fast. I would highly recommend this store."
Oct 2013 -- Ron Eberhardt, Pittsburgh, Pa

"The price was good. I was kept abreast of the progress of my order. It arrived as indicated, well packaged and wonderful. I will again purchase from Nuts.com. Thank you for a wonderful experience of online shopping."
Oct 2013 -- Gail, Denham Springs, Louisiana

"My shipment just got here. The first thing I did was fix bread with Zaatar on it, and boy was it good. Everyone should try it. Thanks a whole lot guys, definitely ordering more."
Oct 2013 -- Joy, Boerne, Texas

"As promised I got my order this morning from FedEx. I am delighted with the cinnamon chips that I ordered and will be ordering again. I am in LOVE with your packaging. I had already had a ball with looking at all the writing on the outside of the box and then again on the inside and on the shipping order. Thanks again. I love your company - keep up the good work."
Oct 2013 -- Paulette, Many, LA

"thank you for the prompt shipment, i am looking forward making use of the juniper berries. thank you again,"
Oct 2013 -- Evelyne TEske, walla walla, wa

"Nuts.com had my order delivered in only two days. The cinnamon sticks saved me a lot of money compared to the prices. Thanks so much!!!"
Oct 2013 -- Eric, Columbus, Oh

"Box arrived in record time. Thanks for the gift! Gonna make the cinnamon chip pumpkin muffins today for my son in the USAF in Korea! Thanks."
Oct 2013 -- Mary beth, Reston, VA

"Your Hibiscus Tea is the best I've used. The flowers are larger and the taste is noticeably better than the rest. I used to use Davidson's, but from now on...it's Nuts.com!"
Oct 2013 -- Pete, Bellingham, WA

"Just received my second order today. Free sample of Turkish Figs were a hit with the guys in the house. Thank you so much. Looking forward to making many wonderful things with the dried apricots, dried pineapples, yeast and pickling spice. Have a great day!! :)"
Oct 2013 -- Trish, Woodland, ME

"Wow!!!! You have a customer for life. The ranch seasoning is amazing. I can't wait to satisfy my other taste buds."
Oct 2013 -- Rick, Dearborn, Mi

"Thank you very much for your quick service! My order arrived, and it surpasses all my expectations!"
Oct 2013 -- Rachel, Holmen, WI

"Thank you Thank you Thank you for the cinnamon sticks and cinnamon red hots!!"
Sep 2013 -- jill, grand ridge, il

"Got the sage. Great! Have already told several of our few rural friends and look forward to dealing with you in the future. will a"
Sep 2013 -- will

"I have been a loyal customer of Nuts for 5 years or so. I just shared some of my new order today with a home health aid that comes to visit my husband. She was so impressed I just know you'll be hearing from her soon too! Thanks, you Nuts are the berry best!"
Sep 2013 -- Jaye, Websta, NH

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