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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com (the same nutty family as NutsOnline).

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"Shipped fast! Great prices! We chose NutsOnline over 2 other providers, and it was the right choice. The resealable bags are a super space saver until we transfer the powders and spices to glass containers. How great! We'll order again from NutsOnline for sure!"
Jul 2009 -- Marricke and Rea, Clarksville, TN

"My shipment arrived a day early, The Thai Tea Powder is everything I expected. I'll be buying more in the near future, Thanks."
Apr 2014 -- Michael, Sherman Oaks, Ca

"These are the best quality Boba Tea supplies I've ever had the pleasure of purchasing! Thank you so much! Also, My boyfriend is a Nut Lover and the little pistachio giftie was such a wonderful surprise! :) Will definitely be shopping with Nuts.com again!"
Apr 2014 -- Kristen, Austin, TX

"I was extremely pleased with the very quick delivery of the 5 lb. bag of beet root powder. Like some others I've tried, it has "lumps" in it. It can be remedied by putting in the blender before refrigerating. Otherwise, it doesn't mix well in a glass of juice. I would recommend the product to others; it was a great price."
Apr 2014 -- Yvonne, Willis, TX

"Nuts. com has the best cheese powder I have ever had and it has less salt than another brand i tried. It taste so much better too. I went thru a 5lb in 2 months just putting it on popcorn. I buy 50lbs of popcorn at a time. I like it and i like nuts.com. I have ordered many other things also and have always been happy with everything. they ship fast, always shows up sooner than i expected."
Apr 2014 -- Nathan, denver , co

"VERY impressed with this entire package. Everything is delicious and adorably presented and shipped. I'm a total fan! and thank you for the chia seeds gift too. the salad booster is just one of the greatest things ever and the cashews are off the charts. I just LOVE everything I have bought. i will be back! promise! :)"
Apr 2014 -- bari, Saugerties, NY

"Thanks for my order ....arrived Wednesday, I love green tea...and this brand has an excellent taste! Thanks again......"
Apr 2014 -- SUE, Cumming, GA

"Hi Guys Enjoyed your packaging... makes me feel it's a family affair. Opened the Cocoa..... smooth... immediately used it with some cream and little sugar..... exactly what I had anticipated.... nostalgia time for it's been so long I do not remember when I had this brew!!!! Fantastic, delicious and healthy too. Thanks guys Tony Pahati"
Apr 2014 -- Antonio S Pahati, New York, NY

"It took me forever to finally decide to place an order... I kinda thought, they're nuts how big of a difference can they be from say, the grocery store. Well They are AMAZING!!! The packaging is not only adorable but love that the bags are resealable!! Your Carob powder is the best I have ever tasted!!!I just made Carob brownies and most carob I have tried, and I have tried a lot, is really bitter or has an off tang to it. Yours really does remind me a lot of chocolate!!! Pure Bliss!!! I will be placing another order soon! Thank you for offering Organic options too!!! Blessings!"
Apr 2014 -- Allison, Kansas

"I love the taste of moringa and the pomegranate powders and they both make me feel better."
Apr 2014 -- mary, Chattanooga, tn

"Fast Shipment. I cannot wait to have a bubble tea!!!!"
Apr 2014 -- Pamala C Rogers, Fort Wayne, IN

"So happy with our pumpkin seed powder we ordered. Very fast delivery couldn't be happier. It really does help with sleeping if anyone is curious!"
Apr 2014 -- Stacey, Beaverton, OR

"I have been searching for Spirulina for a long time, but I wanted the real thing, and finally I've founded it in nuts.com. Thank you."
Apr 2014 -- Grace, Cutler Bay, FL

"I'd been afraid to try garcinia cambodgia because of all the varying formulations available. It was my mom who thought to check out Nuts.com where we always find the purest forms of all the supplements and health food products we take. We were so glad to see garcinia in stock and in powder form. It's been two weeks since I've been taking it. I instantly noticed improved concentration and alertness, and later more restful sleep. At the two week mark I've even lost 3 pounds! Just recommended Nuts.com's garcinia to a friend today. Will report back on her progress!"
Apr 2014 -- LaToya, Washington, DC

"Your site is the first place I look when I want to try something new and healthy. I've received 2 orders this week which included chia seeds, maca powder, farro, moringa powder, almond flour and a sample of your Vanilla Light and Crunchy Granola. I topped my yogurt with the granola this morning. Very tasty and filling, too! Will be ordering the 1lb bag today. Thank you for your speedy deliveries and your sense of humor! It's always a pleasure doing business with nuts like you!"
Apr 2014 -- MaryTee, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much for the Happy Box full of goodies I received today! I LOVE your products--your Brazil nuts are awesome, as well as Goji berries, hemp seeds, chia seeds, chlorella, cacao nibs, etc.! I'm having so much fun perusing your website and finding so many new things to try. I love your informative nutrition descriptions of each product as well. Keep up the great work! And thank you so much for the chia seeds!"
Mar 2014 -- Wendy, Central Point, OR

"i love the source of Protein I get from Spirulina. O T"
Mar 2014 -- olga, Reno, Nevada

"Backstory: I LOOOOVE Starbuck's Green Tea lattes! Like I could do a commercial, free of charge, I love them that much. Sadly, I developed lactose intolerance and could no longer drink them. And I don't do soy milk. So I started going to my local Starbucks and paying full price for a latte with no milk (in other words, just the powder) and adding my own lactose free milk at home. But even I had to admit that cost-wise, that made no sense. So I started shopping around for a substitute. I found one that was crazy expensive and just didn't come close. And then I discovered Nuts.com. I read the reviews for the matcha mix and figured I'd give it a shot. The truth is, it doesn't taste just like Starbucks'--its EVEN BETTER!!!!!!! Starbucks has seen the last of me. I am now a Nuts.com matcha mix fan!!! Thanks so much for this amazing product!"
Mar 2014 -- Patricia, Washington, DC

"Just received my first order today! I opened the bag of toasted corn, which were awesome! Tried the Dry Roasted Edamame, awesome! The Turkish Figs and Medjool Dates felt plump (through the package). Mixed up a glass of coconut water with the 100% Matcha before my workout, and off I went! Great products so far. Can't wait to have the Harmony Soup, that is soaking, for lunch tomorrow! And looking forward to the other items as well. Love the packaging and the fact that everything is resealable, added bonus!"
Mar 2014 -- Leigh, Metamora, Michigan

"I love the Nuts.com website! I'm so thankful I found it. The Pumpkin Seed Powder I ordered works wonderfully for sleep. I've shared it with my husband and my cousin. I'm sharing with everyone about your great website. I'm so thankful that you're continuing your grandfather's business and legacy online. Great job!"
Mar 2014 -- Mary E. Coleman, Portland, OR

"Thank you Nuts.com for your awesome service! This was my first time ordering and it will not be my last! I ordered the Green Tea Matcha powder and it is amazing - then I saw the Raw Sampler Pack and decided to order that as well as I was interested in trying those products. On top of your excellent products you provided super fast shipping - it got here a day ahead of schedule! Thank you - I will be a returning customer!"
Mar 2014 -- Becky, Porter, IN

"I received my shipment before I even dreamed I could it was either 2 days maybe 3 but very quick ...I take a teaspoon of your moringa power every morning and mid day some times but it is absolutely amazing the energy and clear mind are great ... I'm 62 and I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a little help in the energy dept. also your pricing is the best I've seen out there ( and I have looked ) keep up to good work , I couldn't be more happy with price or service , thanks again . Tim"
Mar 2014 -- Tim, Auburndale, Fl

"I tried one tablespoon in a shake with one banana, and WOW! The flavor is like nothing else, it has almost a chocolatey rich flavor to it. Oh and the energy and focus that hit me, it took like five minutes then bam! I'm very very pleased with this product, it exceeded my expectations by miles! I will order again, the ease of use and effects are unparalleled!"
Mar 2014 -- Robert , acworth, Ga

"I love the cacao powder i ordered to make chocolates for easter!!!! Thank you for the sample of cacao nibs too! I love how promptly the order was sent to me. Thanks again!"
Mar 2014 -- Sarah

"Never dealt with such a Jovial group of people at such a great website before! Wonderful products at reasonable prices and great service. Items actually arrived in less than 24 hours after placing my order. Would definitely recommend this site."
Mar 2014 -- Brian, Aberdeen, NJ

"I ordered the 100% Matcha Green Tea Powder, and it is perfect. As authentic, as good as, but way better value than the ones I buy from our local Japanese market here. As soon as I opened the bag and smelled the tea that it is the real deal. I ordered it to use more in my Green Tea Matcha macarons using the matcha in the cookies and in the matcha infused white chocolate ganache filling. Made a batch last weekend, and the macarons had the perfect matcha taste. Shared some of the matcha macarons, along with pistachio macarons made with nuts.com pistachio flour, with my french meetup group on St. Patrick's Day and they were a hit. :-) Thank you for the great products, nuts.com!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Maria, Bloomingdale, Illinois

"Wonderful, just lime Starbucks certainly will order again."
Mar 2014 -- Mzwhite, dayton, ohio

"I was looking for cheddar cheese powder to make our own chex snack mix. Found this site Nuts.com. Called them up, ordered , gave credit card#.done in 10 mins. The very next day , it was on my doorstep @ 1:00.! unbelievable! I will be calling them again again and again! Thank you NUTS!"
Mar 2014 -- Dave, Amherst, Nh

"This powder is AMAZING. It smells and tastes just like beets! I combine a tsp of beet powder with a tsp of wheatgrass and a tsp of spirulina powder, a banana and some ricemilk for a breakfast shake that any fancy vegan restaurant would charge a bundle for!"
Mar 2014 -- melissa, Baltimore, MD

"This powder is AMAZING. It smells and tastes just like beets! I combine a tsp of beet powder with a tsp of wheatgrass and a tsp of spirulina powder, a banana and some ricemilk for a breakfast shake that any fancy vegan restaurant would charge a bundle for!"
Mar 2014 -- melissa, Baltimore, MD

"I got a sample of spirulina in a package and have since bought three POUNDS of it. I keep giving little samples to other people to try and convert them to spirulina lovers. This stuff is amazing. It doesn't have a strong taste and only 1tsp for breakfast gives me the energy ot two cups of coffee. Try it!"
Mar 2014 -- Melissa, Baltimore, MD

"Wow! Why is this so good and affordable? I love it!"
Mar 2014 -- Jennifer, Hayward, Ca

"Received my package earlier than expected. Thank you. Was a bit skeptical on the results. I've been taking the moringa powder for 4 days and my hands don't hurt as much. Any improvement at all to my osteoarthritis makes for a good day."
Mar 2014 -- Christine, Mount Morris, MI

"Yes! got my order and already had my first green drink with it!! Delicious! Thanks for the very prompt delivery and super service. I will definitely be ordering more from you nuts!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Sal, Nyack, NY

"Will be ordering from you again. The pumpkin seed powder works well and there are several in the family now using it as an aid for sleep. Packaging for the products is fantastic. Thank you for the extra gift of Chia seeds!"
Mar 2014 -- Susan, Tulsa, OK

"What a great experience this was- the site was easy to navigate, customer service is amazing, and the product and packaging are tops! Prices are pretty stellar too! I was very impressed with the way package tracking and delivery is handled. I stumbled onto this site through a google search for spirulina, but I will most definitely be back again and will recommend to friends. You all are just too cute!"
Mar 2014 -- Emily, Dallas, TX

"Your service is great as well as the product I order from you: Bee Pollen Granules. keep up the good work/product(s)."
Mar 2014 -- Joseph, Leon Valley, Texas

"Wow! Very fast shipping using USPS. Arrived in record time! My order shipped the same day it was placed and arrived in 2 days! Can't wait to try the coffee for breakfast. Already using the glucomannan powder ( a little in a sip of juice before it gels). No hunger pangs. And TY for the chia seed sample. I'm using them in cooking. I'm very pleased with the quality of all the products I ordered and will be a return customer!"
Mar 2014 -- Cynthia, Creekside, PA

Mar 2014 -- CARRIE, cheektowaga, NY

"This is the highest quality cheese powder I've ever tasted! It makes a terrific cheese sauce and delicious cheese popcorn. Other websites thought to have the cheap choices sell 1lb of cheese powder for $14-20. I'm so glad I found nut.com. I'll be a customer for life! P.S. I received a sample of dried strawberries that tasted like candy. Definitely will purchase again."
Mar 2014 -- Jasmine, Atlanta, Georgia

"I have bought this product recently from here and im on a full week of taking this product.. I make pills from the powder and it's way better to get this in bulk powder vs pills from another company money wise you save a whole lot of money doing it bulk powder. I will say that I take mine on empty stomach about 2hrs before I eat and you can feel that work and the hunger goes away.. I'm 6'2 about 290 trust me when I say you fell loss of hunger.. I take more around 5pm- hr before I eat dinner and works great... so Week one done and feel good... ill come back with a 1 month review.."
Mar 2014 -- Robert, San Antonio, tx

"Was skeptical of the $$ & quality. Blown away when I received the 5 lb bag of bee pollen. Product was perfect! Cool packaging, Shipping was fast & a free sample included.Thanks so much!"
Mar 2014 -- Carol, Plymouth, Wisconsin

"I ordered on Friday at 8:22 pm, I received my order on Saturday morning at 10:55 with a Yummy thanks for your order treat pack. My husband ordered that Friday morning. I did not know that he did. Both orders came to our front door at the same time. We were amazed and thankful. Nuts.com is the Cream of the Crop the only place to shop !"
Mar 2014 -- Emmie, Bay Shore, NY

"I am a 50 year old, female nutritarian, I eat plant based, whole foods that follows the Forks Over Knives philosophy. I am also a Spartan Racer and I use spirulina in my home juiced recovery drink. With the kale, ginger, lemon, green apple, celery, carrots, and cucumber (Joe Cross basic recipe with carrots), I add organic spirulina and organic super greens powder to enable my body to recover the vitamins, minerals, and protein it has used to grow stronger. Because it is not grown in the ocean, I have no fear of the radiation contamination coming from Japan or other dangers. What a great and healthy way to love my body back to good health. And, my doctor loves that I use spirulina as part of my fresh food diet."
Mar 2014 -- Carrol, Brazil, IN

"Got my Moringa powder a day before the expected delivery date AND just in time to try in my oatmeal! I LOVE the box AND the invoice, they made me HAPPY and like I was apart of the family! *weird, huh?? :-)* looking forward to placing more orders!"
Mar 2014 -- Erica, chicago, il

"I ordered my wheatgrass on Monday night it was shipped on Tuesday and two days later its at my door. Unbelievable service. It was my first order with nuts.com but I won't be my last. Two thumbs up"
Mar 2014 -- Louise, Luskville, QC

"Thank you for your promptness! I received the order after ordering just 2 days ago. That is remarkable! I am anxious to try a new hot chocolate recipe with my Dutch cocoa powder I received. I will recommend you to friends."
Mar 2014 -- Joyce, Fayetteville, GA

"Delivery was quick! (next day). Green tea powder smells fresh and is tasty. Looking forward to using it in yogurt, tea drinks, smoothies, etc. Much thanks."
Mar 2014 -- jim, Lancaster, PA

"Just bought this and on day 2 of taking this product. One thing i can say is wake up in the morning and take 2 pills/ we bought the powder and made them into pills. One thing i did notice is that a feeling of hunger left about 20min after taking them and not feeling hungry for about 3-4 hrs approx... then i will eat get slightly hungry again and take 2 more.. I will give a update again in 2 weeks... etc to a month... so far it works.."
Mar 2014 -- Robert, San Antonio, Texas

"I was very impressed with the quality of the organic spirulina and organic pumpkin seeds. I tasted the spirulina and it tasted good! The pumpkins seeds were very tasty. My package arrived on time and in perfect order. And very cute packages. I will most certainly order for this company again. They have become one of my favorites. Great prices and great products!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Terese, DUNSMUIR, CA

"Just got my package. Very satisfied because I just ordered it two days ago! You just picked up another dedicated customer with such prompt, professional service, and great products."
Feb 2014 -- Julius, Bridgeport, Connecticut

"I ordered my spirulina and matcha yesterday and it came today. I was so happy with this fast delivery! I was also so surprised and beyond excited with my free sample of chia seeds!!! Thanks so much nuts.com!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Zeena, PA

"I'm so happy I found nuts.com. Our son got hooked on green tea smoothies and was paying almost $10 a pop for one at a smoothie place. I researched recipes and needed to find matcha green tea powder, No easy task. I found some at an Asian grocery store but it was very expensive. I took the search online and found nuts.com I've been buying a pound at a time now for much less money than I could find anywhere else. The matcha is delicious, shipping is speedy and and the customer service is awesome."
Feb 2014 -- Nancy, Plano, TX

"Yippee! The Nutty folks at nuts.com delivered tons (pounds actually) of Yum Yum's! I love the organic trail mix! And the Dark Chocolate raisins & soy beans ROCK! The Chia Chips & Moringa Powder is keeping me healthy & happy! What more? The Apple Cinnamon Jelly is a piece of heaven on toast... I have yet to try the . Cinnamon Sticks but they look great and are extremely heathy... Thanks for keeping all us NUTS OUT HERE IN ARIZONA HAPPY & NUTTY!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Randy , Buckeye , AZ

"Already repurchased the Green Tea Matcha powder not even a month after the first time. Came in 2 days and still great quality. Thanks again."
Feb 2014 -- Brandon, Palm Bay, FL

"I'm so thrilled with the organic spirulina, hemp protein powder, and buckwheat that I ordered from Nuts.com. Very tasty stuff. The Turkish figs you included as a sample though? Wow! They are absolutely delicious. So thank you for the unexpected bonus. Guess I better order some figs..."
Feb 2014 -- Jen, Lawrenceburg, KY

"We bought nuts, of course and they were wonderful...but we bought cheddar cheese powder too! OMG it is awesome! you can cook with it AND put it on popcorn for a real cheese flavor! Love it!"
Feb 2014 -- Cheryl, Hagerstown, MD

"I recently ordered maca powder for the first time and I am obsessed now! I put it in my green smoothies and it leaves me feeling so happy and energized with just a teaspoon. I always read about the benefits of maca powder but never believed the hype until now! I also am slightly obsessed with this company now because everything is organic and it seems like a company that actually cares about its customers and not just sales. Thanks guys! <3"
Feb 2014 -- Mariah, New Britain, Connecticut

"I have not had what hot chocolate before so I had to try it. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it certainly is worth the curiosity. It taste incredible! If you are a chocolate lover at all and prefer regular hot chocolate ... Do yourself a favor & try the white hot chocolate. It is yummy and chocolatey in a different way that you will be used to. I do not care for white chocolate at all-that was the only thing holding me back before. I do, however, love hot chocolate & after reading the reviews decided what the heck. It was perfect. If you are on the fence at all about this one, climb on off and get the white hot chocolate. You will LOVE it. :)"
Feb 2014 -- Melody, Petal, Ms

"I love the products and the exceptionally fast service. I will definitely order again and again."
Feb 2014 -- Lisa, Spartanburg, SC

"Fast Shipping! and Good quality of Chlorella! thank you Nuts family!"
Feb 2014 -- Victor, Norcross, Ga

"First class company! From the order takers, to the shipping (which is always very quick), to the product. All of the products that I have tried, which includes their organic goji berries, organic pumpkin seeds, organic red maca, and organic mixed nuts have been fabulous! I would highly, highly recommend Nuts.com to anyone and everyone!"
Feb 2014 -- Mark Kageyama, Granada Hills, ca

"After weeks of unsuccessful searching in local food stores, I finally decided to look for organic cacao butter, organic cacao powder and lucuma powder online so I could try to make my own chocolate. I found you guys online and read all the testimonials, and have to agree you guys are great!! I received my order super fast, got everything I needed (and a free sample of cacao nibs THANK YOU!), love the packaging and can happily say I made my first batch of chocolate almond butter cups. You guys are great, thank you!"
Feb 2014 -- Jessie, Richmondville, NY

"I ordered the mangosteen powder and I tried it in my yogurt, I really like the way it did not change the flavor of it, just the color but that was okay and I have every intention on ordering more plus some nuts."
Feb 2014 -- LORRAINE, Jacksonville, Florida

"I tried a sample and was hooked! I made a smoothie with almond milk, hemp powder, honey and banana. Not only was it filling and healthy, it was delicious! Great way to get quick protein. Came back for more immediately!"
Feb 2014 -- QT, New Haven, CT

"Ordered chlorella, spirulina, pumpkin seeds, green energy squares, blue kernel popcorn and a few other things - received everything on time, as promised and the quality is fantastic! Also appreciate the freebie pack of goji berries (which I actually wanted to order, but didn't!). Fantastic quality and great price! I'm a Nutritionist, fitness coach and wellness consultant - these supplements are of GREAT quality and very fresh. When you factor in the good value and fast shipping, it's a no-brainer! I will recommend nuts.com to all of my clients!"
Feb 2014 -- Liz, NM

"I've looked for decades for a genuine cheddar cheese powder without lots of additives. This was exactly what I wanted. My son nearly drooled when he tasted it with his finger. So I came back and ordered a dozen more items. This is one classy store."
Feb 2014 -- Deborah, Erlanger, KY

"Well Hello Nuts Family I got my fast can't wait to get started ,,,I'm sure I will be ordering more ...Thanks"
Feb 2014 -- Cynthia, lewis run, pa

"Having recently gone vegan, and having had friends in the past miserably malnourished due to veganism, I decided to educate myself on the proper nutrition needed - not just to sustain myself, but also grow lean muscle and detoxify my body from years of abuse due to animal products, smoking, and drinking. I was looking for the best way to make protein shakes at home, when a blog site pointed me to Nuts.com for a few ingredients... and I was stunned. Pretty much everything comes organic, you are very vegan friendly [i thought i had to give up gummy bears], and each individual product page is packed with an abundance of nutritional information. I received my package of Hemp Protein and Spirulina about mid day yesterday, and i couldn't have been happier. The sample of Goji Berries was/is fantastic, and goes an unexpectedly long way for such a serving. You have a very loyal following, I can see why, and am ecstatic to now be a part of the family. I already have my cart loaded, waiting for my next paycheck! Thank you for all you do to make people's lives' wonderful! Namaste!"
Feb 2014 -- Colin, Beaufort, SC

"Thanks so much for my green tea powder. The package got here so quick. I think that I got a nice amount for the price, and it taste so so good. I enjoyed my surprise sample as well. I plan to treat myself again real soon. Thanks again."
Feb 2014 -- Beverly, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Today I used my dad's tomato soup recipe. I felt like the 12 old girl again who had her dad standing beside her so she wouldn't forget anything. I used your wonderful tomato powder instead of whole tomatoes and cut down the time of cooking. It was sooo good that I will need to order another bag just to make sure I never run out. Thank you for all the goodies and the special treats."
Feb 2014 -- Maxine J Lalock, Morton, IL

"Red Maca Powder is good quality and the shipping is exceptionally quick."
Feb 2014 -- Larry, Houston, Mo

"Thanks so much for such a speedy delivery of my green powders! I literally ordered on Fri the 7th of Feb and my pkgs were delivered Sat the. 8th around 4pm....excellent service! You guys have the best prices on the web...totally incomparable. Thank You for the success and duration of business its not hard to see why! Keep up the great work!"
Feb 2014 -- Corey, Riverdale, Md

"Ur process is FAST! Ordered one day and received the next. I'm impressed! Maybe there's a warehouse nearby [?]. Sending Assorted Energy Squares to my 95 yr. old dad and added the Organic Spirulina to my morning shake...yum! Love everything I've gotten to date. Will b back. Keep the family business going!!"
Feb 2014 -- Nancy, West Milford, NJ

"Love the stevia! For my coffee I used to use 2 packets of Truvia and now I just need the equivalent of about 1/20th of one of those packets. Its like confectioners sugar and "measuring" can be difficult because just a little too much overpowers whatever you are using it in. The taste is nice and natural. I bought 4oz and I am sure it will last close to a year with daily drinking of tea and coffee! I love it."
Feb 2014 -- Mike, scott afb, IL

"Great packaging! We'll see if 2 tsp. a night will help with sleep."
Feb 2014 -- Susan, ocean isle beach, nc

"The pumpkin seed meal looks & taste great..."
Feb 2014 -- Robert, Evansville, IN

"This is my second order of fig bars and Dutch Cocoa. Fantastic products. Figs are the best I've ever tasted. I am addicted to them now! Cocoa is great for smoothies and in cookies. Soo good! Love the free sample of almonds. Very nice of you, Thank You!"
Feb 2014 -- Debbie, Lynchburg, VA

"Chlorella was the first item I bought, but I am back for more! Shipping was fast and easy. Product is delicious- and a great addition to my green smoothies! Pricing is on par, if not slightly cheaper than buying from my local retailer without having to get out of my jammies! Nothing but love for Nuts.com!"
Feb 2014 -- Kia, Austin, Texas

"This is an excellent product at a great price. A good for nutritional boost with a bit of blue-greens. I take it within half an hour after exercise. Thanks. Nuts."
Feb 2014 -- jessica, arcadia, ca

"This is high quality Chlorella the best value you'll find anywhere. it is a great detoxifier and a whole food."
Feb 2014 -- jessica, arcadia, ca

"I have waited for so long to type this review! My post office completely lost my package and I had to get a replacement but of course nuts was very helpful and when I finally received my replacement, I immediately cracked it open and made my first green tea latte. JUST like starbucks! I don't know why I've wasted so much money when I could have made them the whole time! The packaging was adorable an the shipping(aside from my delay) was fast! I referred my sister to you guys and she's placing an order tomorrow! Thanks you guys! I love the cute green resealable bags! Totally adorable, I can't wait to order again! Thanks guys!"
Feb 2014 -- Brandon Stellmach , Palm Bay , Fl

"Just ordered some pumpkin seed powder. A sample of Cashews was tossed in the box for good luck. BUT the Jordan Almonds.... They are TOO good. I ate the whole sample the first night. BEST EVER. The entire packaging of Nuts.com is awesome. I love it. Great product - great price - great service."
Feb 2014 -- diane, Hendersonville, TN

"Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my order. Thank you so much for the chia seeds."
Feb 2014 -- Syreeta, philadelphia, pa

"Purchased on Monday received my package on Wednesday.. I luv this product!!!! I love your colorful and animated packaging. Look forward to more more things from this company!!"
Feb 2014 -- Jaclyn, Reading, Pa

"My review in Haiku: matcha yummy tea from nuts dot com great value will order again - This was my first order. I have been browsing the site for a while and finally gave them a try. I'm glad I did. I placed my order late on a Sunday night. The order was processed early Monday morning and I received it from UPS just as scheduled on Wednesday afternoon. I just made a cup of matcha and it's very good. I like these people at Nuts.com and I like their matcha. Their packaging is cool and I assume the company is cool in general. The whole process was easy and the other products they have to offer look great. I'm sure I'll order the matcha again (and other items) once I deplete my 8 oz supply (which was a great price!). I'm tempted to tell everyone I know about this place. On the other hand I'm also tempted to try to keep it a secret. Now I'm off to finish my tea and dream of this winter being over."
Feb 2014 -- Craig, Munster, Indiana

"Great service, great product it really works to help with sleep"
Feb 2014 -- diane, bonita springs, fl

"Hey guys, I got my order of spirulina and I take it every morning before breakfast. I will certainly try your other products soon. Thanks. Mike,"
Feb 2014 -- Michael, Amherst.NY, New York

"Your emails are great, the packaging was even better and the white hot chocolate was fabulous. Keep up the great work. Customer for life."
Feb 2014 -- Mary, staten island, ny

"Super fast shipping! and all the items i purchased tasted great! I was so happy to find sweet potato chips that were sold separately and a bubble milk tea mix."
Feb 2014 -- Kimberly, NY, NY

"This was such a great package to get in the mail. We made cheddar cheese popcorn with the cheese powder and honestly, my family of four devoured 12 cups of popcorn in about 15 minutes! It was far better than store bought popcorn. The buttercrunch toffee was delicious and I am kicking myself for only ordering a sample. I will definitely be buying products from Nuts.com again."
Feb 2014 -- Kristin, Fort Worth , Tx

"Placed my order yesterday morning and just received my matcha tea. Couldn't believe it was delivered overnight, WOW! Made my first bowl of matcha and this is premium quality. Will definitely be ordering again!!! Monica"
Feb 2014 -- Monica, Philadelphia, PA

"I loved everything about ordering with this site. I really liked the graphics on the bag when I received the Maca. It was so cute! And I really like the feeling of being appreciated as a customer. The emails were friendly and warm, and that really made a huge difference. I will surely be shopping with this site again."
Jan 2014 -- Allison, Champaign, Illinois

"I received my package today. Yippee!! The products were packaged well, and everything arrived in good shape. What fun, reading the box. You guys are 'de bomb'. The Turkish Delights are just that...delights...yummy, chocolate and pistachio. The date rolls won't last long around here. What a wonderful sweet. Lastly, the Moringa. That's a lot of product. I will load my supply of pills in the next few days and start enjoying their goodness. Thank you also for the sample (freebie) of dried cranberries. That one's mine, and I will hide it. LOL. I fully intend to reorder from you guys again. You must have a wonderful workplace. Everything about this order was fun. Thanks again."
Jan 2014 -- Kathy, Springfield, Mo

"We are enjoying the moringa powder...my wife isn't getting those dizzy spells anymore. thanks again, chris"
Jan 2014 -- chris, cumberland, oh

"Thank you for a great product. Love your packaging. I will certainly buy more of your products."
Jan 2014 -- ann f miller, leonard, mi

"Great company! Probably one of the fastest orders I ever received while shopping online. The packaging is great, the products I ordered are just as promised and the minute they were delivered by UPS they emailed me! Rather humorous and fun too~"
Jan 2014 -- Jane, Rockville, Md

"I was so excited to receive these products. After my 49TH birthday this month I made a conscious choice to start a healthier eating lifestyle..I love the packaging and I IMMEDIATELY started using my products.. Thank you ;)"

"Ordered Maca and Spirulina, both arrived very fast well packed in great resealable bags. Found even a sample bag of chia seeds in the box. Product is fresh and good evenly ground, no clumping. Company communicates very good, will buy again. As an Idea, a good recipe corner for the products. I made for example already tapioca cheese bread-sticks which were great and also some great salads with the spirulina. Will try soon pizza and some more things."
Jan 2014 -- Robbert, Lebanon, OH

"I love your products. I am using the spirulina powder and the pumpkin seed powder in smoothies and in yogurt and kefir. Also appreciate the care you take in packaging the product. Always arrives promptly and in perfect condition."
Jan 2014 -- maryanne, Montgomery Village, Maryland

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