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"This was my first order with and I must say I could not have been more impressed! The order was shipped immediately and arrived three days later, regular shipping! Quality packaging of the product, great for storing the same, too. I ordered Hemp seeds (with shell); this is the only place I could even find whole hemp seeds. Very happy with the seeds, too. I will definitely order again!"
Mar 2014 -- Anett, Mecosta, MI

"I ordered these for my DH who is truly a sunflower seed connoisseur. He has munched his way through seeds from innumerable sources, and pronounced the seeds as the "juiciest" and the freshest that he can remember. I sampled a few myself; usually I can take or leave sunflower seeds but couldn't stop eating these. Yikes! We're going to have to start ordering them in the five-pound bag! Ever considered providing an auto-ship service so your customers never run out of their favourites?"
Mar 2014 -- Opisica, The Sunny Southlands, SC

"The box was even more amusing than I expected. Both of us here at the house got a kick out of it. The unsalted roasted sunflower seeds are great. Just as addictive as the salted kind, but healthier. And they're roasted perfectly, unlike one popular brand I can think of (but never buy). Also the roasted pumpkin seeds are excellent, so much better than what you get in the store. Almost as good as doing them at home! Loved the Brazil nuts and those pieces of dried pear were delicious. I'll definitely be ordering again!"
Mar 2014 -- Mary, N Richland Hills, TX

"Great seeds with great size and rich roasted flavor without the sodium. Love the packaging too. Thanks for great product and quick service."
Mar 2014 -- Susanne, Trinity, Texas

"Great product! I've searched high and low for unsalted sunflower seeds and I've finally found them! They can absolutely delicious! The shipping was crazy fast. I ordered them at 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday and they were delivered at 12:45 Tuesday. Thanks guys, great job!"
Feb 2014 -- Bob, Stoneham, Ma

"I am impressed by the swiftness of the delivery, and the high quality of the sunflower seeds I received!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Alvin, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Love the whole hemp seeds! I've finally found a way to make hemp milk at home for pennies on the dollar! I find hemp milk to taste the best in a 3:1 ratio of water to seeds, so I rinse and soak 2 cups of hemp seeds in water for 1-2 hours, rinse again, and place in a high speed blender with 6 cups of fresh water. Blend on high for 30 seconds-1 minute and strain pulp through a fine sieve or nut milk bag. Add 3 Tbsp of sweetener of choice, 1/8 tsp sea salt, and 1 tsp of pure vanilla extract. Refrigerate in an airtight container and enjoy!"
Feb 2014 -- Brennan, Billings, Montana

" has got a lifetime customer with me, the hemp seeds are amazing, they have made my skin incredibly soft, my feet were a mess, hard callous and split open bleeding and hurting. After eating the hemp seeds for a couple weeks my feet are like brand new! They are delicious too! you guys rock! Thank you so much!"
Jan 2014 -- Richard, Newaygo, MI

"I got my order today of my 5 pound bag of sunflower seed. OMG there the best thanks so much for a great product!"
Jan 2014 -- suzanne, wilmington, NC

"WICKED! As they say in Boston! The shipping box made a statement as it came through the door...."we LOVE what we do" The outside of the box was hysterical! The kids opened the package and pulled out our order. I love the no nonsense packaging! We opened the sunflower seeds and everyone said "WOW, look how big those seeds are! You can actually find the seed inside!" They tore open every package; corn nuts, dried sweet corn, sunflower seeds, pistachios so they could sample everything! And the sample fudge was a special surprise! My son said, "so, what can we order next?" lightening fast shipping, great delivery, great product is only possible from great people!"
Jan 2014 -- Amy, Tyngsboro, MA

"Very tasty and so glad to find roasted sunflower seeds with NO salt...thanks!"
Jan 2014 -- Debbie, Griffin, GA

"Thank you for the prompt shipment. Arrived when you said. Peanuts taste great! Loved the notes all over the boxes; the kind of thing I do when sending items to my grandsons. They love it; and I do, too. Always enjoy your products--peanuts and sunflower seeds. Great job!!"
Jan 2014 -- Patricia A Spellman, Macon, GA

"You guys are awesome. I just placed my order for 25 lbs of unsalted sunflower seeds last night and they were at my door today. What great service. Thanks again and I will enjoy my seeds. Have a happy new year."
Jan 2014 -- Conan, Saratoga Springs, NY

"Wow! I received my sunflower seeds today. They are delicious! The ordering process was super easy and I was constantly updated automatically on the progress of my order...right up until it was dropped at the front door. This is how customer service is done! Nice job guys and gals. Look forward to ordering more delicious items from you in the near future and will certainly tell my friends and family about my experience. All the best!"
Jan 2014 -- Ken, chester, va

"The roasted unsalted sunflower seeds taste great! thanks."
Jan 2014 -- Kathryn, Sewickley, PA

"I've ordered the sunflower seeds second time 25lb. box. The seeds are delicious, service is great and "the nuts people" are awseme! Thank you!"
Dec 2013 -- Ana

"Love my hemp seeds!! Can't wait to make some milk!"
Dec 2013 -- Michael, Pomona, CA

"Finally! I found the perfect human-grade, large raw sunflower seeds for our pet bird (a lost sun conure that found our wild bird seed in our back yard this past summer, and is now our pet bird...go figure). He loves them! Your service has been great, the packaging fun and unique, and in addition to buying for our bird---we plan to buy some nuts for ourselves and family this Christmas. Thank you! (and "Bird" thanks you too!)"
Nov 2013 -- Terrie, Allen, TX

"I am very very happy with how fast I got my order and how accurate it was they sent everything all at once I love it and very reasonable price :) got almonds raw in shell, hemp seeds for salads/birds chia seeds and also got a gift in my order of goji berries mmmm yummy love website!! .."
Nov 2013 -- Brandon , Peshastin , Wa

"WHOA!!! i am satisfied! my 5 pound bag of hemp seeds came in soo fast!! now i can start my legit diet! i love you guys ! oh and thanks for the little bag of goji berries! best treat ever =]"
Oct 2013 -- Samuel Pollack, alamogordo, new mexico

"Thank you for sending these delicious Hemp Seeds as my diet is rich in eating nuts and different varieties using hemp. I also enjoyed the sample of dried goji as i have never had plain goji berries :)"
Oct 2013 -- Timothy, Antelope, CA

"Got my nuts shipment today and let me tell ya that I am very very happy with the gigantic sunflower seeds (unsalted) and the corn nuts are crunchy pieces of heaven. The bbq corn nut sample vanished immediately ...ummm by mysterious i guess i have to order more....thank you very much"
Oct 2013 -- KENBOX, tampa, florida

"I bought these roasted and unsalted sunflower seeds after being told by my doctor to lay off the salt, I love them!!! I've tried similar seeds from other places and these are the best by far....keep up the great work."
Oct 2013 -- Joel, canyon country, California

"Constantly at a ballpark watching my boys play and gotta have my sunflower seeds. Been looking for an unsalted alternative for a while and finally you've provided one. Shipped fast, GREAT packaging, and very fresh product. Kudos to you !"
Oct 2013 -- Lowell, Plainview, NY

"I received my unsalted sunflower seeds today. They are great. I wanted to try one pound first to make sure I liked it without the salt. My next order will be for 25lbs. I love the individual packaging and the shipping packaging as well. I really like what you guys are doing. This is an awesome website and you have so much to offer. Thanks again. Conan"
Sep 2013 -- Conan, Saratoga Springs, NY

"Awesome buy 25 pounds of hemp seeds ! They smell amazing and all fit perfect in five gallon bucket thanks !"
Sep 2013 -- Aaron, Murrieta, Ca

"Thank you so much for a tasty, healthy product. The unsalted sunflower seeds are just perfect."
Sep 2013 -- Amanda, Albany, Ga

"Just got my first shipment ever. Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds. They are amazing. Large with a great taste. Great price and fast shipping. Will buy from forever!"
Sep 2013 -- Kevin, Missouri City, TX

"This website is awesome! I wish I had discovered it sooner! The matcha green tea is delicious and the bubbles were super easy to make. You also have the best sunflower seeds around! I'll never go back to David's! Thanks Nutty guys!"
Sep 2013 -- Kelli, Lakenheath, UK

"I did not read a single review. I had no expectations, but the second I cracked the first sunflower seed between my teeth I felt as if I had discovered a untapped higher power. Quality, the highest. Aesthetic, brilliant. You will NOT be disappointed. I feel as if I will buy anything I need from this website in the future, and no where else. Sign me up for a t-shirt and I will gladly be a walking billboard. Thanks!!!"
Sep 2013 -- Matthew, Baltimore, MD

"My Hemp seeds arrived today and I've already tried them, they are GREAT. I love your shipping box, and the packaging as well.....very clever. I watched some You Tube videos to find out how to make hemp milk out of the whole seeds and I will be soaking some seeds overnight so that I can try out a hemp milk recipe tomorrow."
Aug 2013 -- Sandy, Hemet, CA

"Not only was the packaging professional and interesting...the quality of my Sunflower seeds were superior to all the rest of the Internet companies I had previously purchased from. You have me for life! the sample you included!"
Aug 2013 -- Lori, South Florida, Florida

"I make handmade soaps from scratch using natural oils, teas, herbs, spices and milk and recently purchased hemp seed from Hemp seed has wonderful skin benefits and I am very happy with the results after using it to make my hemp seed soap. I will be ordering more herbs, spices and seeds from for more of my soaps. Thanks for providing such wonderful products at great prices. Tea, Herb & Milk Soaps"
Aug 2013 -- Jane, Beachwood, OH

"Hemp seeds are yummy! I never thought that packaging would be of any importance to me... but your "Nuts" bag and the shipping box are very cute! Makes you smile even before you open it."
Aug 2013 -- Marina, Fort Collins, CO

"Best sunflower seeds you can buy. Far better than those from the company that seems to have a corner on the market in my area. I have also had their peanuts and pecans. Both are also excellent. Shipping amazingly fast Bottom line is this is the place to buy nuts."
Aug 2013 -- carolyn, cheverly, MD

"WOW, faster than a speeding bullet, I just was amazed at how fast my order came and how wonderfully fresh everything was."
Jul 2013 -- Tami, Greenville, NC

"Yes we got our order. It was a day early. I'm happy to say I will be a loyal member of the nuts family. Thank you. The hemp seeds are delicious. Thanks again for helping me to help myself and my family start becoming healthier."
Jul 2013 -- Jen, Lebanon, OR

"Yes, all arrived swiftly, in terrific condition, and in your charming box! (I may have to send it to a relative when I'm recommending your products! I'm all set to search out recipes for the quinoa, almond bran, and hemp seeds. The couscous won't last long--a great favorite in this house already! Thanks so much for your warmth, super customer service, and the sample of goji berries, which I've read about but never tasted. You have a new customer for life!"
Jul 2013 -- Susan, Mountain View, CA

"I decided to quit smoking after 24 years. Worried about gaining weight (and overcoming the cravings) I decided to chew sunflower seeds. I started by buying Roasted&Salted David Sunflower seeds (shelled). I found out real quick that the salt, after a while, got really old and was not healthy. Unable to find "shelled unsalted" sunflower seeds in any store, I took to the internet. I found and found the price to be very reasonable. I placed my order very late on a Thursday night. By Saturday morning I woke up and found that they were already delivered. ....UNBELIEVABLY FAST! I have to say these are the most incredible sunflower seeds I have ever had...they taste amazing...even though they are unsalted. not only helped me eat a healthier snack but also helped me kick an even unhealthier habit. THANK YOU!!"
Jul 2013 -- Brian, Southeastern, Massachusetts

"What a great place to order nuts and dried fruits from! I was really pleased with the quick delivery and the quality. The sunflower seeds are awesome, just like everything else. Thanks a lot!"
Jul 2013 -- Tim, Bloomington, IN

"I love the fun box you send everything in....very creative! Also, your shipping speed is awesome! Thank you!"
Jul 2013 -- Marie, Columbus, Ohio

"Just got my first order of Sunflower and Squash seeds. They are the best I have ever had and i have been eating seeds for lots and lots of years. Thanks for a quality product. I can tell that experience is reflected in the product. Henry"
Jul 2013 -- Henry, Mountian view, CA

"I am very impressed with the entire ordering and shipping process. I received email updates and confirmations so I always knew the status of my order. And I loved the irreverent personality of the email messages. I especially liked the Hip Hip Hurray, You're Order Has Shipped message. When the package arrived, I was again impressed. No generic brown box with a simple mailing label. The box was covered with "graffiti" and messages to help me understand who is (a 3rd generation family business) and what they do. I was also very impressed with the quality of the sunflower seeds. I ordered 25 pounds, so I probably won't be ordering for quite awhile, but when I'm ready, I will absolutely place another order with!"
Jul 2013 -- Karla, Lafayette, IN

"FAST service.. really fast! Hemp seed.. so glad the site states *heat sterilized* rather than irradiated.. Untreated would be better but.. alas.. we can't have that.. yet :)"
Jun 2013 -- Opal, Crestview, FL

"Thank you for your prompt delivery. I can't order macadamia nuts because they would be gone in one day. You are my go to for sunflower seeds. See you soon."
Jun 2013 -- Patricia, Miami Shores, Florida

"WOW!!!!! I cannot believe how fast my seeds got here. I placed the order last night...and when I woke up, my order was at my door. Totally unexpected. AMAZING SERVICE!!! Thank you so much. And they taste great. Thanks again. You guys are the best."
Jun 2013 -- ron, crofton, md

"I am a certified sunflower seed addict but my doctor said cut the salt. I looked all over for unsalted seeds no luck. Then I found, fast service top quality product problem solved thanks"
May 2013 -- Luke, Aledo, Texas

"My 47 year old parrot is very particular about his sunflower seeds - he won't touch the little black oil seeds, so when our local aviary quit selling the big seeds, we were in a pickle. That's when I found THANK YOU! He absolutely loves them!"
May 2013 -- Chris, Stone Mtn, GA

"Excellent product at the right price. I actually purchased the Hemp seeds for my canaries. It is a superior product to what I have been buying from the BIRD store and bird feed sites. Thanks to the Nutty family, I am nuts about your product."
May 2013 -- Elia, Wellington, FL

"Tried the free berry sample and it was delicious, along with the hemp seeds, granola, and antioxidant mix! Still have to try the sunflower butter and cacao beans yet but will try to savor what i opened for now :) By the way, the box caught the eye of the UPS guy and gave me a good laugh too! Thank you"
May 2013 -- Jason, Jefferson, Wisconsin

"I just wanted to let you know how happy happy happy I am with all of the products I have received from you. The quality is superior. I have suggested your website to everyone I know. Thanks for having such great products. I will use you forever."
May 2013 -- Susan, Acworth, Georgia

"Wonderful services and even better products!"
May 2013 -- Trina, San Jose, CA

"Received my order today, really like the unsalted sunflower seeds, less salt in my diet without sacrificing one of my vices. Like the choc coated sunflower seeds and gave the dried strawberries to my husband and the organic dried mango to my son. Can't wait to try the Matcha and Chai. So glad I found"
May 2013 -- Jeanine, Elk Grove, CA

"Ordered roasted unsalted sunflower seeds (random, I know), and couldn't be happier! Excellent quality, great packaging, very cute delivery box. I'm definitely becoming a regular customer - can't wait to try a bunch of other stuff they sell, such as dried fruit, hazelnuts, cashews."
May 2013 -- Valentina, Laguna Niguel, CA

"Thanks for shipping right away. But mostly, thank you so much for gorgeous unsalted in shell sunflowers seeds. They're gorgeous and yummy. Above and beyond!!! Thank you :)"
May 2013 -- Joanna, Alexandria, Va

"Wow Wow Wow, Man, I can not believe the speed of the arrival of my Hemp seed and the Flax seed and I Love the resealable bags you now use, also the Goji berries sample. You guys are Great and give the BEST service. Was not looking for this order for two more days. Luv ya'll, Soon."
May 2013 -- Alfred, Holly Springs, Ms

"I have been eating tons of Frito Lays salted sunflower seeds to help with cutting down on smoking. I love them, but the salt has been doing a number on my lips and tongue. I couldn't find unsalted in the stores, so I found this place online. OMG!, these are even better without the salt. I was worried that they would not taste as good without salt. But, I was wrong. provides the best tasting sunflower seeds ever. I will be ordering my sunflower supply, from, from now on. Good riddance to salt."
Apr 2013 -- Karen, San Diego, CA

"I love sunflower seeds. I could eat them all day! But the salt is horror on the inside of my mouth (and probably the rest of my body). After switching to the lowest salted ones I could find in the stores, they were still not low enough in the burning sodium so my husband ordered unsalted, roasted sunflower seeds from When they arrived I was so excited! I was afraid that they would be bland, but they were perfect. I even mixed in a few of my low salt variety and now I can have my favorite snack without the horrible repercussions. Thank you,!!"
Apr 2013 -- Mariah, Jacksonville, FL

"Received my roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds today. Hip, hip. Hurray !!! Loved your nutty packaging. You guys are real nuts!!! I'll be ordering again soon!"
Apr 2013 -- Virginia, Hacienda Heights, CA

"Amazing value AND quality -- rare combo. The unhulled hempseeds are great, nutty and lightly crunchy and delicious. The birds outside my house seem to love them, too! Gotta agree with another reviewer, wish they weren't 'sterile' as that has to affect the nutrition as well, will keep fighting for legalization of this versatile plant so can one day offer unaltered seeds!"
Apr 2013 -- Amanda, Minneapolis, MN

"Best raw sunflower seeds delivery...really creative advertising on the box! I'll definitely be a returning customer!"
Apr 2013 -- Lanel, Colorado Springs, CO

"The unsalted sunflower seeds are so fresh and delicious! The free sample of dried pears was a wonderful tasty surprise! The cute shipping box made us smile :) We will definitely order from you again!"
Apr 2013 -- Jaime, Los Angeles, CA

"arrived quickly after order placed. product fresh tasting."
Apr 2013 -- Mary Ann, Springfield, MO

"Bought 5lbs of roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds. Absolutely amazing, great quality, customer experience. I share them with coworkers and everyone thinks they're awesome!"
Apr 2013 -- Dan, Selden, New York

"I've been an avid David Sunflower seeds eater since I was a little kid playing baseball to my skateboarding days and to now while sitting at my desk job. I need to cut back on the salt intake so I found because they have unsalted sunflower seeds. I was skeptical to change from David because most other brands don't have the same quality but it was worth a try to get the unsalted seeds. The quality of these roasted sunflower seeds is amazing! The flavor is so good and it was shipped out super fast! I was surprised when it showed up because it was sooner than expected! Now I'm going to buy all my seed and other snack needs from here!"
Mar 2013 -- Michael, Santa Rosa, California

"The goji berries are terrific!!!!! As are the hemp seeds. I was referred to you by my sister Debbie DeLucco, and I'm glad she let me know you exist. I have already given your name to other people. Thanks for the nutty packaging as it really brightened up my day!"
Mar 2013 -- Jackie Lanier

"It was a real pleasure dealing with your company. I look forward to many years of doing business with your company... By the way you made Markie smile too. Which is not easy for a bird to do. And he said Thank you.."
Mar 2013 -- Wendy, Williston , fl

"I have purchased Sunflower seeds from many different places but has the best by far!!! Their products are high quality and price is good. My parrots love their seeds."
Mar 2013 -- Maria

"I absolutely love your unsalted sunflower seeds, I am trying the salted for the first time and they are delicious as well! Not so much salt it Gage's me like another brand on the market. I can't wait to try the Israeli ones, I normally wait till I finish a bag before opening another but in this case I cannot wait. You've got my business for years to come. God willing."
Mar 2013 -- Brenda, New Port Richey, Florida

"You should be reprimanded for feeding the addiction of so many sunflower seed addicts with your perfectly delectable seeds! I myself am a self-diagnosed seed addict. After many bags of partially satisfying sunflower seeds (brands will remain nameless) I have settled on yours. I don't think any sunflower seed will ever satiate my cravings like your roasted, unsalted (in shell) seeds. They have been the main thing fueling me as I finish my dissertation! Thanks!"
Mar 2013 -- HeatherB

"Great service! Great nuts! Salt free sunflower seeds are better than I could've hoped for!"
Feb 2013 -- Josh, Enid, OK

"The best dam nuts . Can't get same quality in any retail store. Bought the sunflower seeds for my parrot - 3X the size of the stuff from pet specialty shops! He love my now and he’s just like a 3 year old very demanding."
Feb 2013 -- Thomas, Lafayette, New Jersey

"Hey you crazy nuts I got home today and there was a 5 pound bag of Hemp seeds on my porch, well you can imagine my surprise they arrived quicker than I expecterd. Well you know I ripped that bag open and had me a BIG spoon full right away. : ) Thank you for my nuts, and I'm going to refer you to all my friends."
Feb 2013 -- Pam, Miamisburg, Ohio

"I'm super impressed. it came the day after i ordered it. I was pleasantly surprised about the packaging being resealable. very convenient and the unsalted sunflower seed. AMAZING!!! those other brands have nothing on this. I also got the israeli unsalted sunflower seeds. I will never purchase seeds from anywhere else ever. I've been missing out. Thank you and keep up the outstanding work."
Feb 2013 -- latasha , new york, ny

"As a large scale exotic bird breeder, I used to feed hemp seed to my parrots. I now use it daily in smoothies etc."
Feb 2013 -- Debbie, Hancock, Maine

"I am very happy about my first purchase from Received in just two days with the standard shipping. First of all, the packaging is very cute! The complimentary quinoa to try was a nice surprise. I did a lot of searching for raw unsalted in shell sunflowers to snack on, and this is the best deal I found. The seeds are all good quality and bigger than the ones you would find at the grocery store."
Jan 2013 -- Andy, Coatesville, IN

"Wow delivery is quickest I have seen and I am an Amazon regular - quality of the nuts i tried thus far are great , almonds and cashew - i also ordered goji berry, hemp seeds, walnuts. - 5 stars"
Jan 2013 -- Amit , sterling, va

"Received my shipment of Sunflower seeds in today and I gotta say I was pretty shocked at the cool box it came in! Also the bags the seeds came in were also very cool! Everything seems very fresh and was very satisfied with my purchase. I bought a 5 lb bag and a 2 lb bag so I don't see myself needing seeds for quite some time, but when I do--it will definitely be from Thanks guys, well done!"
Jan 2013 -- Brent, Inverness, FL

"Everything is always so awesome! The hemp seeds are delicious - I've been adding them to everything. All of your powders are so easy."
Jan 2013 -- Erin, Houston, Texas

"Again! another order of quailty products oredered and delivered without a glitch!!! LOVE!!!"
Jan 2013 -- Dee, kinston, North Carolina

"Sunflower seeds delivered today (jan 7/13) picked them up from fed-ex, brought them home ripped the box open started snapping right away! these are the best seeds you can buy anywhere. (regular roasted unsalted,and Israeli unsalted). Thanks all you Nuts in NJ. and Happy New Year. Ron."
Jan 2013 -- Ron, British Columbia, Canada

"I ordered Sunflower seeds at 9pm on Friday and by 8am on Sat Fed Ex had delivered them to my door. This was with standard shipping! I don't know how you did it. My husband can now munch away this weekend so I can take down the Christmas decorations in peace. THANK YOU ! You 'guys' are nuts in the very best sense of the word!"
Jan 2013 -- Marylee, Voorhees, NJ

" is the only place we get our sunflower seeds. They are the best. I like the new package. Thanks again for the quickest delivery ever. I can't believe how fast your guys ship. Thanks. You guys rock!!!!!"
Jan 2013 -- Jen, Dover, DE

"The blue jays, woodpeckers and squirrels thank you very much."
Jan 2013 -- jim, Bloomington, IN

"I just received my first order of raw sunflowers from and am impessed by the speed of delivery and the quality of the product. The sunflower seeds are great. I love the packaging too. Very creative! Keep up the good work!"
Dec 2012 -- Marilyn K Strube

" have delivered primo roasted no salt sunflower seeds to me fast and very affordable... I found the seeds to surpass "David's" flavored seed in size ... at least 2 to 3 times larger and better tasting ...clean no " seed dust " to contend with... I will repurchase from NUTS.COM .! ! !"
Nov 2012 -- Pam, Downingtonw, Pa

"WOW -- the sunflower seeds arrived and are enormus fat ones! Our 2 Amazon parrots are so excited to get them. Best I have ever seen and great service. Came fast at a good price. Thank you!"
Nov 2012 -- Marjy

"I am trying to kick the salt habit, and purchased roasted unsalted sunflower seeds in the shell. my 1st handfull was a total surprise Yum Yum. I was afraid they might be stale...but they were very crunchy and flavorful. Thank You Thank You P.s. Fast Shipping !"
Nov 2012 -- Jerry R. Kottman, topeka, ks

"Received my 5lb sack o hemp seeds today. They are delicious! I never had unhulled hemp seeds until today. Really good, I only wish they could germinate hehe. thanks."
Nov 2012 -- Gary, CARPINTERIA, California

"You guys are the only company that supplies whole hemp seed. Good job!"
Nov 2012 -- Kirk

"I have been on a sunflower seed kick lately and didn't like taking in all that salt as my bp is already borderline (plus my tongue would go numb after a little while, lol). I decided to let my fingers do the internet walking and the seas parted and skies opened up and I came upon your site for roasted, unsalted in-shell sunflower seeds. After reading the previous testimonials, I decided to try them for myself (I purchased the 5lb bag). I was not disappointed. YUM!! I will definitely be a repeat customer."
Nov 2012 -- Diane, Northampton, PA

"We mix this with hemp and black oil - we can't keep our feeders filled. It has brought a new variety of birds. The family cat says 'thanks' for the endless entertainment."
Nov 2012 -- Sharon, Cherry Hill, NJ

"The hemp seeds are totally popular in our bird feeder! it has made our house the bird's 'truck stop' during migration."
Nov 2012 -- Sharon, Cherry Hill, NJ

"Love getting my packages.. All the products are fresh and taste awesome! My fav - roasted fava beans!!! O and another is the dates rolled in oat flour---YUM!! of course the hemp products (powder, nuts) are soo good for you so I order those often! Thanks Nuts!"
Nov 2012 -- Melissa, Carnegie, Pennsylvania

"I have ordered numerous times and the service is always outstanding. I love sunflower seeds and Nuts.Com has the freshest seeds I have ever had and the best flavor. I also love the roasted pumpkin seeds. They are so fresh and there's a choice of unsalted which is hard to find in most stores."

"I ordered almonds and sunflower seeds for my parrot. The delivery time was quick and upon arrival I was impressed with the box exterior. Order from them to find out what I mean. The sunflower seeds are much plumper than what is sold at the parrot store, which has hooked my bird, and he now demands more seed. Love the sample figs included with the shipment and will add it to my next order, if still available."
Oct 2012 -- Celeste , Reno, NV

"Very Prompt Delivery! I received my sunflower seeds the next day with regular ground shipping! Unheard of! This was my first order from, but certainly not the last. I could not find unsalted sunflower seeds in any store in my area, and I've checked them all until I found this site. Very satisfied customer. :)"
Oct 2012 -- Kate, Beacon Falls, CT

"Great product and great service. Could not find any unsalted roasted sunflower seeds anywhere else"
Oct 2012 -- Barry, Ville platte, La

"Overnight delivery to Saranac Lake NY--nice job!My friend's African Grey Parrot adores & waits for yr raw in shell sunflower seeds which are not available locally. So Scooter says "thanks" (also "Hello," "stop barking," "Go out","What is that?" and a wide repertory of other random words and songs.) mp"
Sep 2012 -- marion, ny, ny

"Love Love the unsalted sunflower seeds. Thankyou , thankyou, thankyou."
Sep 2012 -- Debra, Lemoore, Ca

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