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"I love my Brazilian Nuts and i have to have some everyday. Thanks Nuts Online for best Brazilian Nuts ever!"
Jun 2009 -- Tyler, Circleville, Ohio

"The brazil nuts I ordered two days ago arrived today! They are absolutely delicious and very fresh! I am so glad I found your website. Thanks for the outstanding service and your delivery of a perfect product that exceeded all my expectations!"
Jun 2009 -- Lynda , Clinton , MD

"I've tried brazil nuts from multiple sources, but these are by far the best. Fast shipping. I haven't needed the customer service and that's a good thing."
May 2009 -- Sam

"My order of Brazil nuts arrived so fast. They are delicious. I use one 5 pound bag to give to my daughter for Mother's Day. She was thrilled to get them. How wonderful to be able to get fresh and healthy Brazil nuts. Thanks."
May 2009 -- Jan, Cambridge, MN

"The BEST nuts ever!! Chocolate covered brazil nuts are to die for! Thanks guys!"
Apr 2009 -- Angie, Dayton, Oh

"Hey Nutsonline, Yes I did receive the Brazil Nuts I ordered. I am over joyed to have found a place where I can get my most favorite nut. In the past it was only in mixed nuts that I could have access to them or during the holidays when I could buy them in the shell at the local market. I do enjoy mixed nuts but I do not like Cashews. So I was really getting tired of buying something that had more of what I did not want and less of what I did. If you ever come up with a mix nut package that does not include Cashews I would be very interested. Oh, by the way the nuts are excellent and I look forward to my next order. Thanks!!!!"
Mar 2009 -- Peter, Corona, CA

"Brazil nuts did indeed arrive. Sampled some last night, they are wonderful. Fresh and very tasty. Thanks for the quick shipping. Will feast on this order for awhile and will order more soon. Peace."
Feb 2009 -- Richard G. Caswell, Houston, Texas

"Our brazil nuts came in today and they are beyond our expectations. Will be glad to recommend your quality products and your website to my family and friends - but right now I'm going to go enjoy a good movie and a healthy snack of these good brazil nuts you sent me. Enjoy your humorous e-mails. Thank You so much for your courteous and fast service. It's been a pleasure and rest assured you'll be hearing from me again. Mary"
Feb 2009 -- mary, dover, florida

"I just received my Brazil nuts and I immediately tore into the chocolate cover ones. MMMMMMMMM! Good! Thanks, Gil"
Feb 2009 -- Gilbert

"Very impressed after my first order. Great packaging, and rapid shipping. Absolutely the freshest, sweetest Brazil nuts I have ever tasted. Cannot wait to try the rest of the order. As a retired business owner, I tend to be critical of customer service. Great job."
Jan 2009 -- Vaughn, Harrison, Ohio

"I have been looking all over for Brazil Nuts unshelled, for my wife. They arrived, fresh and quick. Thanks, I will be ordering again. Rich B."
Jan 2009 -- Rich B, Danbury, Ct.

"What a nutty place! You guys are nuttier than the products you sell! That's one of the fun things about it. The other fun thing is enjoying the scrumptious chocolate covered Brazils which just arrived via Fedex - and very promptly, I might add. Back in touch as soon as I finish these delectable morsels!"
Dec 2008 -- Robert, Greensboro, NC

"Thanks for the delicious Brazilian nuts. The order came as promised in timely manners. Everything needed to know was offered : order status, tracking number and delivery confirmation. I will highly recommend your company. Thanks again and have a happy holidays."
Dec 2008 -- simone, miami, fl

"WOW!!!! The Brazil nuts are out of this world!!! I'm a customer for life!!! Can't wait to try your other nuts 8) Well done!!!!"
Dec 2008 -- Chris, portland, maine

"I ordered the Brazil Nuts AND THEY WERE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Now I am ordering more and many other things to send to my family and friends. SOSO HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND YOU."
Dec 2008 -- Barbara, Fort Myers, Florida

"I received my order exactly when you said it would be delivered. The Brazil nuts are very good. I will be ordering again."
Dec 2008 -- Wanda, Murfreesboro, TN

"Hello, I recently purchased a pound of Brazil nuts. The order arrived a day earlier than scheduled and the nuts are the best Brazil nuts I have ever tasted. So much better than the canned nuts from the grocery store. Thanks! Doug"
Nov 2008 -- Doug

"I received my order as promised. The raw brazil nuts will go into a fantastic (and totally edible) special fruitcake. Not like the ones you use to use for door stops. The brazil nuts in the shell are for my nutty Macaw, "BooBoo." He sends his squawk of thanks! Summer"
Nov 2008 -- Summer, Salem, OR

"My family and I have been getting the shelled raw Brazil nuts and they are the freshest we have ever eaten! We have already gone though 20 pounds and have ordered another 10. We also appreciate your lighting fast shipping! Keep up the great work Nuts Online - you're the best!"
Oct 2008 -- Jim, Kennesaw, GA

"Thank you so much for sending my Brazilian nuts on time and they are delicious and fresh sincerely PQ."
Sep 2008 -- Peter, Byroncenter, MI

"I had just bought some Brazil nuts to hold me over until the ones I had ordered from you came. So, I did a taste test when yours arrived today. Your Brazil nuts are sooooooo good and fresh compared to the ones I just got. They are GREAT. I will be recommending you and ordering more in the very near future. So glad I found you on the internet. Thank you Lauren"
Sep 2008 -- Lauren, Castro Valley , CA

"Received my nut order in record time by UPS. Brazil nuts were wonderful and customer service is above and beyond expectations with an internet site. I received personalized responses from the staff instead of the usual computer-generated stuff. These people are moving customer service into a new dimension. Thanks!"
Sep 2008 -- Phyllis, West Monroe, LA

"I am delighted to say that the shipment arrived on the anticipated date, and these Brazil nuts may be the most delicious ones I've ever tasted. Thank you!"
Aug 2008 -- Taffy, Coral Gables, Floroida

"I was advised by my physician to add Brazil nuts to my diet for a mineral deficiency. Unsalted Brazil nuts at a reasonable price are difficult to find. I received my nuts a lot sooner than I had expected. They are wonderful and you guys are the best!"
Aug 2008 -- Barbara

"Received the Brazil nuts in good order. Fast delivery. They taste great. Thanks, I'll be back for more and even try something else since these were just what I wanted."
Jun 2008 -- James, Beaumont, Texas

"I ordered the Brazil nuts, they were wonderful. I was so tired of getting a few brazil nuts when I purchased the mixed nuts at the store, they would put maybe 5 in the can. I am so happy that I found Nuts Online. I definitely would order again. Yummy to my tummy and fresh."
Jun 2008 -- Trina, Smyrna, GA

"My father just called me with a mouthful of brazil nuts. I think he said they were the best he ever had, but he would not stop eating them long enough to allow his speech to become clear. Thanks for making his Father's Day gift enjoyable!"
Jun 2008 -- Eileen, Chula Vista, CA

"I love getting brazil nuts, already shelled, as I can't shell them anymore, and also to get them roasted and salted without any other nuts to dig through! They are delicious!"
Apr 2007 -- Mary, Boise, ID

"I am so pleased with the Brazil nuts I received. The shipping was in a timely manners as to my request. This is my first order with Nuts online and will know now that this is a good place to make futher orders. From the Cornhuster state."
Dec 2006 -- Caroline

"The brazil nuts were superb and met every expectation I wanted. Thank you for the prompt service too."
Dec 2006 -- marge

"My husband loves to eat nuts of all kinds for the protein and the kids love nuts to snack on. One of our favorites is the Brazil nuts, well you can't find them alone in the stores, so we went online and I came across NUTSOnline, what a wonderful place, we not only ordered 5lbs of Brazils, but we also ordered Dark Chocolate covered brazils, oh my goodness!! Well when we ordered the chocolate, it was 3000 degrees in New Jersey and Iowa. They not only emailed me about the chocolate, because it was going to be the weekend they didn't want my chocolate sitting in a delivery warehouse and melting!! The customer service emails were very personable and not only answered right away, when I sent a reply question the items did come when it cooled down a bit, everything was wonderful and tasty! The prices on items was also very tasty!!! Oh we also ordered the African Blend Coffee beans!! YUMMY!!! This is a great family owned business!!"
Aug 2006 -- LANA, Des Moines, Iowa

"The Brazil Nuts are delicious, your service & expediency are impeccable. All and all a pleasure to deal with your company & would definitely keep using your services again & recommend you to others. Thanks!"
Jun 2006 -- ziva, New York, NY

"When our order arrived we could hardly wait to open the brazil nuts, which my husband had been eagerly awaiting. What can I say other than " WOW! " "They are fantastic!" We also ordered the strawberries and blueberries. Had to try them right away. Both were absolutely YUMMY. We plan to be a long time customer."
Oct 2005 -- Sandra

"The roasted salted brazil nuts were very very delicious. I ordered 2 bags and will be ordering again real soon. Thanks I have always loved brazil nuts, and the only time I could get them was with the mixed nuts. Now I have a new place to get them."
Apr 2014 -- Trina, Sumter, SC

"Checked local markets and, outside of mixed salted nuts, there were no Brazil nuts on the shelves. Since I'm interested in boosting my intake of selenium I ordered from you. Excellent delivery time. Nuts are good and the bonus will go to my son in the military."
Apr 2014 -- Annabelle, Erie, PA

"I received my order quickly. The nuts were perfect and such a great buy. I will always order from your store. I am so thrilled I found you. Thanks for such a good product at a great price!"
Apr 2014 -- Jackie, Spring Hill, FL

"Yum!! The choc. covered brazil nuts are delicious. And thank you for the sample of cashews."
Apr 2014 -- Joan, Madison, WI

"Thank you so much for the Happy Box full of goodies I received today! I LOVE your products--your Brazil nuts are awesome, as well as Goji berries, hemp seeds, chia seeds, chlorella, cacao nibs, etc.! I'm having so much fun perusing your website and finding so many new things to try. I love your informative nutrition descriptions of each product as well. Keep up the great work! And thank you so much for the chia seeds!"
Mar 2014 -- Wendy, Central Point, OR

"The Brazil nuts that we ordered were shipped fast, the packaging was wonderful, and the nuts are delicious! So happy with our purchase."
Mar 2014 -- Ernest, Bristol, VA

"Just got my shipment, exactly two days after ordering (great turnaround time!) and have tried a few items from my order. The cacao nibs are superior in quality to what I have had in the past from other sources, and the salted brazil nuts are addictive! Can't wait to try the rest. Thank you! I will definitely order again!"
Mar 2014 -- adam, Ithaca, NY

"I enjoy cocktail nuts, in particular Brazil Nuts. I purchase mixed nuts and they are expensive but only have a few Brazil Nuts. Now I have found a place to purchase the nut I like the most, and I'm glad you guys are there. Thank You!"
Mar 2014 -- Frank , Killeen, TX

"Got my order today...Yippee. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The Brazil nuts are delicious and fresh. The cashews are huge. I can't wait for my husband to taste them. Thank you for your quick service. I will definitely order again."
Mar 2014 -- Kathleen, Coal Center, PA

"Love! When I was stationed overseas I enjoyed ordering from them, and now that I'm in the States I enjoy the ridiculously fast delivery! I was pleasantly surprised to receive a sample in my last order too. Those dark chocolate covered almonds are delicious! Although the dark chocolate covered brazil nuts are still my favorites."
Mar 2014 -- Valerie, Jay, NY

"Got Brazil nuts and roasted cashews. Good flavor and good quality nuts. And UPS even got it here a day earlier than scheduled in spite of the snow."
Mar 2014 -- Bert, Stillwater, Ok

"The best Brazil Nuts I've ever had, and these guys ship fast! I wouldn't think of buying from anyone else."
Mar 2014 -- Mike, Atlanta, GA

"WOW!!!!! Thanks for shipping my order so quickly, and the added surprise cacao nibs. I can't thank you enough. The brazil nuts are great. I will order from again"
Mar 2014 -- Gwendolyn, Memphis, Tn

"LOVE the nuts! I ordered brazil nuts to get some selenium in my diet. They are absolutely delicious... and the chocolate covered brazil nuts are even better! They arrived quick. I will definitely order more!"
Mar 2014 -- kelly, pittston, pa

"Thank You for your Speedy Delivery & GREAT NUTS . I ordered Brazil Nuts which are difficult to find ! Love Them !!!!!!!!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Madelien, Windsor, CT

"OMG! What a phenomenal product! My wife loves the milk chocolate covered Brazilian nuts I ordered for her! Thank you for offering such a superior product!"
Feb 2014 -- Janette, Merced, CA

"I received my order earlier than expected thank you so very much. I ordered the brazil nuts as my dad loves them but after Christmas there hard to find, I got on the internet and found your site, he was so pleased, he never seen brazil nuts so big, they were clean and very fresh, he is enjoying them as I type. Thank you much for making him smile. I will recommend your site to all who are nuts:). Look forward to ordering many more. Thank you, lisa"
Feb 2014 -- lisa, Dewitt, va

"Just received my order from! It was shipped very quickly. Couldn't believe how fast we got it. Everything comes in really cool happy packaging. We loved everything we bought from the Brazil nuts and chocolate covered pretzels to the butter salt and saffron. We will be ordering again!"
Feb 2014 -- Ginny, Kent Island, MD

"I love the Brazil nuts! I am so happy with them! Delicious! Thank you! I'm nuts for the nuts."
Feb 2014 -- Amy, Brooklyn, NY

"These brazil nuts taste so fresh! So nice to not have to worry about the shell. has gone above and beyond with their quality!"
Feb 2014 -- Kate, Wakefield, RI

"No better Brazil nuts!"
Feb 2014 -- Roger, Alexandria, Louisiana

"Fast shipping! Fresh and delicious Raw Organic Brazil nuts & Mixed Raw Organic Nuts - Thank you for the Raw Almond sample! Will order again soon."
Feb 2014 -- Christine, NW, Indiana

"I am a chef but I also love to share these delectable Brazil nuts and macadamias to our collection of parrots. Your products and super service. Is what I look for in a vendor."
Jan 2014 -- Michele, New York, NY

"Fast delivery! Nuts are great! Especially the dark chocolate covered Brazil nuts!"
Jan 2014 -- J. Gannon, Tunnel Hill, GA.

"Opened the Brazil nuts first and maybe for the first time discovered what fresh roasted Brazils are supposed to taste and crunch like. The wife and I then tore into the others. Wow. Way to go. We are now Nuts nuts."
Jan 2014 -- Don, Georgetown, TX

"I am eating them now, they are great. Consider me a happy customer. Don"
Jan 2014 -- Don, Georgetown, Texas

" has amazing high-quality products! I have been ordering for the last year with no problems or complaints. Thank You and keep up the great work."
Jan 2014 -- Tammy, Jacksonville , FL

"First of all, thank you for the EXCELLENT customer service! Our VP of Contracts was running around with your Orange bags and let me sample your Brazil Nuts and WOW!! I have been ordering ever since. Especially after I read an article about Brazil Nuts on WebMD and how they help certain problems in men. I have recently lost 160 pounds and your nuts are an important component in my diet. THANKS GUYS!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Ron, Washington, DC

"Just received my "care" package. Ohhhh my...the brazil and hazelnuts are amazing...just the right amount of salt and they taste amazing. Love the samples I picked out (veggie chips, various dried fruits) and am enjoying the antioxidant mix that you sent for free. I am in heaven! I will definitely be ordering more from you! (In fact, I have another order from you that will come to me tomorrow!)"
Jan 2014 -- Mary, Jackson, Michigan

"I received my box of nuts and I absolutely love the packaging. I already see that one of the best decisions I have made in 2014 is becoming one of your customers. The organic nuts taste delicious and they are key to my healthy lifestyle. Thanks so much for such great service!"
Jan 2014 -- Patricia, Springfield, OH

"I was impressed with the quick response, follower up and on time delivery. The Brazil nuts are so good. Thank you."
Jan 2014 -- Cynthia , Columbia, SC

"Bettye called me while she was enjoying the Brazilian nuts. She was just chomping away as she tried to talk between bites. I believe this was the best gift I could have given her. Thank you so much for making our friendship so meaningful. You now have a dedicated customer."
Dec 2013 -- Jo, Lake Park, Fl

"I can't believe how fast I got my shipment!!! This was my first order with your company, and it won't be the last. I was primarily looking for Brazil Nuts which I used to be able to get in the markets here, but for the last 2 years have not been able to find them. I opened that bag first and Hubby and I dove right in and tried several. They are delicious! The sizes of the Brazil Nuts are much bigger than I used to get in the market too. Next to suffer the nutcracker fate were the Filberts; also excellent. The Chestnuts will be eaten next week, but I'm sure they will be just as good. Also, thank you for the bag of figs. We just love them and have 3 huge fig trees in our yard; 2 different varieties. I will have those with some cheese tomorrow. Yummy!! I would give your products 10 Stars if I could, and another 10 for great customer service. Thank you!"
Dec 2013 -- Linda, Hazel Green, AL

"Made the traditional Christmas Brazil nut fruit cake with your shelled Brazil nut meats... cut the time down to 1/4 and the taste is primo."
Dec 2013 -- Bruce, Lander, WY

"Thanks! I LOVE Brazil nuts but they're SO tough to get out of the shell, so I ordered 3lbs of shelled brazil nuts from you. They came within a couple days (the day before they were scheduled) and I opened them immediately to try them. In the 2 days I've had them I've eaten just about half a bag lol...they're very addictive. I'll have to slow down before I get fat. Thanks again, I will definitely order from here again :)"
Dec 2013 -- Melissa, Concord, New Hampshire

"Got my order in a timely manner. Love the messages all over the package. Cute! Enjoyed the brazil nuts, especially the chocolate covered ones. Will do busy with you again. Thanks."
Dec 2013 -- Phil, Suffolk, VA

"Thank you so much for the quick delivery. Receiving my package was so much fun! From ordering, to delivery to the follow up Y'all were awesome! And so were my brazil nuts! Oh, and thanks for the sample bag of macadamia nuts. DELISH!!!"
Dec 2013 -- christine, houston, Texas

"Good job. Nuts arrived early. Kids going crazy. Told them we didn't have a nut cracker. Relented and we are enjoying Brazils and English walnuts. thx"
Dec 2013 -- wally, sierra vista, az

"I love the white hot chocolate. The Brazil nuts were awesome. Getting ready to make another order already."
Dec 2013 -- Keisha Jones, Warrenton, NC

"Have been looking for Brazil Nuts everywhere on-island and couldn't find them...then found! Great nuts & quick delivery. Will be back to re-order!"
Nov 2013 -- Martina, Kapaa, HI

"We just received our brazil nuts today and i am impressed! each pound is in a really great waterproof resealable bag. they are the best quality of Brazil nuts that I have ever had. and it all came to our doors within a matter of a couple of days. Thank you for being honest and doing everything that you promised. WHAT A GREAT AMERICAN PRODUCT FROM A GREAT AMERICAN FAMILY"
Nov 2013 -- RON, gallatin, Tennessee

"Within five minutes of delivery, our order was opened and enjoyed! Salted Brazil nuts are hard to come by. They are awesome!"
Nov 2013 -- Cheryl, Brewster, New York


"I wasted no time taste testing the products in my order. As it is difficult to find fresh brazil nuts in the shell , I was pleasantly surprised to found yours to be both fresh and delicious. In fact, all the products I've opened so far have surpassed my expectations. Thanks for living up to your promises---a rare occurrence these days."
Nov 2013 -- Donna , West Palm Beach, Florida

"Yay! I am eating my Brazil nuts as I type and I L O V E them. I will definitely be ordering more nuts from your company!!!!"
Oct 2013 -- Terry, Columbia, SC

"I LOVE THIS SITE! Have ordered three separate orders now...some for my wedding in December and haven't been disappointed with anything so far. I have my favorite items now and have found that I keep re-ordering those things the most. My favorite things are the roasted and salted brazil nuts and blueberry malted milk balls. My fiance loves them!"
Oct 2013 -- Rachel, White Hall, AR

"I ordered the nuts on Saturday afternoon and they arrived on Monday afternoon. You can't beat that. I've tasted the unsalted roasted Brazil nuts (the best I've ever had), the unsalted roasted cashews (wonderfully crisp and fresh), and the English walnuts, also excellent. The sample of the Turkish figs was a real treat; they are delicious. Thanks to all the nutty people at for such great treatment."
Oct 2013 -- Rosalie, Queens, New York

"Dear Jeffrey and the Family, I'm going NUTS here over the freshness of the nuts I just received! I recently bought a bag of mixed nuts from a large chain supermarket and ended up throwing them all away because they were stale, rotten, and some had bugs. I was very disappointed and angry at the waste of money. Not so with YOUR Brazil nuts and paper shell pecans! They are delicious- just what I expect in a nut! Thanks for making my fall a tasty one (and for the organic buckwheat groats- how did you know I'm going organic?! :). I'll be sure to order more in the future!"
Oct 2013 -- Chandra, Warwick, RI

"Just received my walnuts and Brazil nuts today. Adorable and funny packaging. :) Made me smile. Got here VERY quickly! AND best of alll they taste fresh and wonderful! I will definitely order again from! Thanks"
Oct 2013 -- Patty, horn lake, ms

"Every one of my raw Brazil nuts tastes as if it were just out of its shell. The nuts are totally fresh with no hint of rancidity. Thank you for such a delicious and healthy treat."
Oct 2013 -- Joyce, Philadelphia, PA

"Just received the Brazilian nuts. Love them. Thx. Jeanette"
Oct 2013 -- Jeanette, Elmhurst, New York

"Really fast delivery. this is my 3rd order and I'm more than pleased with Nuts.Com's service and products."
Oct 2013 -- Steve, Kalispell, MT

"Dark chocolate Brazil nuts are my absolute fav! I'll get them every time I order! I opened up my package and went straight for the diced coconut, one word YUM!! It's all so delicious. I am one happy customer, and I will be back! (:"
Oct 2013 -- Melissa, New Holstein, Wi

"Incredibly fast shipping! And fresh, delicious organic nuts! And thank you so much for the gift of organic almonds! I'll definitely be ordering from you again."
Sep 2013 -- May, Portland, CT

"Very quick shipment! I received my nuts yesterday afternoon and immediately opened the organic Brazil nuts. Wow! Great flavor and so crunchy. Today, I tried the Georgia pecans, so sweet, crunchy, and fresh. Thanks for the free sample of organic almonds. I will start on them soon also."
Sep 2013 -- Wayne, Kingsport, TN

"Best delivery time EVER. Ordered Thursday afternoon and am eating dark chocolate covered Brazil nuts at 10:15 am Saturday morning. Will surely order again and again."
Sep 2013 -- Mary, North Little Rock, AR

"Super Fast delivery. Brazil nuts are great. Love doing business with you."
Sep 2013 -- Jan, Long Island, NY

"Crazy fast shipping and the Brazil nuts are great!!!!"
Sep 2013 -- Melissa, Cedar Lake, IN

"Received the organic cranberries and the organic Brazil nuts yesterday and as always they taste great. Thanks for the great service Steve"
Sep 2013 -- Steve, Hereford, Arizona

"Got my Brazil nuts super fast and they're fresh and crunchy! Thx a bunch!!"
Sep 2013 -- Amy Walz, Ny, Ny

"I came for the nuts, but am staying for the service. I but a zillion things online and I'm just super impressed with you guys--not to mention the great selection and pricing. I don't know where else I can get brazil nuts and turkish pistachios to my door for a reasonable price. Thanks!!"
Sep 2013 -- Michael, Hermosa Beach, CA

"I don't usually do reviews, but I have to tell you that these are the freshest Brazil Nuts I've EVER had. Thanks for a great product."
Sep 2013 -- Judith, New Bern, NC

"Unexpectedly amazing! All products have been consistently excellent over the period of the years I've been a customer, but these are really outstanding!"
Sep 2013 -- kathy, Philadelphia, PA - Pennsylvania

"I have had knee replacement surgery and I thought I had stocked up on enough treats (one being French Burnt Peanuts) to hold me for the duration, not so! The closest place to purchase these little gems is a 1 hr. drive, not going to happen. So I went on-line and located and in doing so I have made friends for life!!!! The French Roasted Peanuts have the most incredible flavor I have ever tasted in my life and that's a long time. I also purchase dark chocolate covered Brazil nuts and dried Turkish figs and they are also of the highest flavor and quality, not to mention next day delivery. In my opinion you would be "Nuts" to do busy elsewhere "I will return". GS from Watkins Glen, NY"
Aug 2013 -- George W. Schmidt, Watkins Glen, NY

"Brazil nuts retain their crispness even when used in cooking and baked goods. The problem is breaking them down into pieces and I was delighted in finding that carries pieces making my job much easier. Thanks"
Aug 2013 -- Karen, Vancouver, WA

"Simply delicious!"
Aug 2013 -- Lisa, VA

"Awesome! Best Brazil nuts I ever tasted! I will definitely order again, thanks!"
Aug 2013 -- Nicole, Tampa, FL

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