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"I just received my shipment of peanuts and as a peanut guru as they are part of my everyday diet, They are the best I have ever had. Thank you. Ray Lotto"
Aug 2009 -- Ray, S.F., Ca.

"Received the peanuts exactly the day you said we would. They are peanut-tastic! They are so fresh, so big, they are the best we have ever had!"
May 2009 -- Patricia Fields, Empire, MI

"The peanuts I ordered arrived almost in less than 24 hours!! They were delicious! I'm sold, and buying more today!"
May 2009 -- Diana, Rumford, Rhode Island

"These jumbo peanuts ROCK! The best I've ever had. I will be a repeat customer."
May 2009 -- charles, irons, MI.

"I really enjoyed everything. By the way I did not get a chance to enjoy the peanuts, my husband spotted them and took them with him to work. They were so good he said that when his co-workers asked for some, he said he was down right selfish. Said they were just too darn good to share. Told his co-workers to buy their own. I had to take these from my wife, she didn't get any either. So as you can see, we really love your products. marilyn from Tennessee"
Mar 2009 -- Marilyn, Woodbury, Tennessee

"Very Very happy with the bigest peanuts i have ever seen i will be back to buy more. thank u"
Feb 2009 -- mike, seymour, in

"I had not managed to find raw peanuts in our local stores. Yours are very good quality and delicious.Delivery was quick. Shopping with you has been a great experience. I'm sure I'll be back."
Dec 2008 -- Fiona, Williamsburg, VA

"Received my peanuts today in great shape. These are the biggest and best nuts I have ever seen. We are going to start boiling them tomorrow and are looking forward to eating what we don't give away to people who happen by."
Nov 2008 -- Darryl, Hampton, GA

"WOW. Every year -- for years, our company has purchased bags of peanuts and given them away at Christmas to referral sources. The brands I have purchased in the past cannot compare with nuts online for quality, taste and price. Your service is also awesome. Thanks for being a terrific business!!"

"Your products are amazing. I couldn't stop eating your peanuts. I bought roasted in the shell peanuts and I've never tasted better. The nuts were huge and had the richest peanut flavor. And your service is so fast."
Nov 2008 -- Tim, Colchester, VT

"My order of Jumbo peanuts in-shells arrived as promised in perfect condition. The foil lined bags are great for storage. Many thanks for the information and your prompt attention to this order. William H. Hermann"
Oct 2008 -- William, Jaffrey Ctr., NH

"Fantastic peanuts! I just received you raw peanuts, and they are all big! Thanks for the fast service and the great, fresh peanuts!"
Sep 2008 -- Richard, Denver, CO

"The nuts are the best in the country. You won't find larger or fresher Peanuts anywhere else. Super fast shipping, also the nicest people to do business with. Love em."
Sep 2008 -- Lawrence, Albany, NY

"I was very happy with my order. best peanuts ever!!! Very fast service,look forward to trying more items."
Jul 2008 -- Bill, Peachtree City, GA.

"Peanuts arrived fresh (considering that I live in the West Coast) and before the promised delivery date. Nuts Online rocks!"
Mar 2006 -- Marc, Los Angeles, California

"great service, fast shipping- 2 days to Ohio, reasonable price. Great Cajun Roasted Peanuts! Please let me know if you have any special deals. Would love to buy from your shop again.!"
Apr 2014 -- Tom , Brookfield, Ohio

"Totally and completely impressed. They arrived in a day and a half. Amazing. Even more incredible is just how delicious they are. I looked all over for dark chocolate covered peanuts but could not find them anywhere. These definitely meet my expectations. I haven't had a chance to try the dark chocolate covered walnuts yet but they look equally yummy. Thank you!"
Apr 2014 -- Debbie, Roswell, GA

"It's becoming harder to find Boston baked beans in stores so I was relieved when I found this site. The baked beans are delicious."
Apr 2014 -- Nita, columbia, SC

"I had never ordered from you before, but had found your website while searching for wedding favor candy. I looked at Boston Baked Beans as they're a favorite of mine, and saw the comment about them being "huge". I used to buy them in bulk at a local grocery store, but they're no longer available. I hesitantly ordered them, peanut butter pretzels and jordan almond which my wife likes. Two days later, my postman drops them off. Boston Baked Beans? GIGANTIC! Delicious and even better than what I remembered! Peanut butter pretzels? Very very good, and cheaper than the local health food store's bulk price. Jordan almonds? GIGANTIC, and once again delicious. They also tossed in a sample pack of delicious cashews! Service was VERY fast, shipping was quick and package was well packed, and everything came in re-sealable bags! You have earned a customer for life!!!!!"
Apr 2014 -- Greg, Issaquah, WA

"Wow! What wonderful salted & roasted peanuts packaged in a delightful wrap to keep them fresh. I think you've picked up a loyal customer for sure. It would be nice to receive a brochure indicating your inventory as we like variety. thanks again, Carey & Ruthie"
Apr 2014 -- Carey, AUSTIN, Texas

"Placed an order around 4:00 on Monday afternoon and I'm enjoying some moist jerky and delicious buffalo peanuts at 11:30 Tuesday morning. Well done, Well done."
Apr 2014 -- Kieran, Cambridge, MA

"I received the 5-lbs bag of unsalted roasted peanuts within 24 hours of my order, what a nice surprise! The peanuts are the freshest, best smelling peanuts I have ever seen. I will definitely order more, and will order other nuts for sure from your nice little (or no so little) company, because it is a pleasure do deal with you. Best regards, Daniele"
Apr 2014 -- Daniele

"I love ordering from your company! The packaging always makes me smile and the whole experience is professional. You have the BEST peanut flour that I've found. Thank you for doing such a GREAT job!"
Apr 2014 -- Nancy, Winter Haven, FL

"I ordered Roasted Virginia Peanuts, Yogurt Peanuts, Red Licorice Bites, and Salsa Corn Triangles. I have tasted the Yogurt Peanuts and the Triangles since these are new to me. Would highly recommend them. I do not doubt that the rest of the goodies are just as great. By the way, thanks for the complementary Cashews. You can believe that there will be future orders."
Apr 2014 -- Frank Agostino, Kankakee, IL

"Just got my order a couple days ago, plan on sharing with family and coworkers, The nuts i ordered are always fresh and delicious, Please Thank all of your employees for me, the work you all must do to make this a quick and delicious experience must be incredible. I only wish I was able to buy more! every week! Thank you all at"
Apr 2014 -- John, Berlin, PA

"Received delicious apricots, ginger snaps and roasted peanuts yummy.Thank you"
Apr 2014 -- Kaathleen , Columbus, OH

"I have literally been raving about these for MONTHS! They are the best snack EVER! I will never be without these in my home. Friends & family actually come over LOOKING for the bag as soon as they walk in the door."
Apr 2014 -- Amber, Jackson, MS

"This is my first order. I love your products. The packaging is superior. I can see it will keep my food items fresh. My husband works for Mr. Peanut so we have lots of peanuts in the house. But, I had to order the dark choc covered peanuts. Yummy!! I will be definitely ordering again."
Mar 2014 -- Antonia, Chesapeake , Va

"Very pleased at recently discovering such an array of wholesome products that support my efforts to live a healthful lifestyle. Just a few pieces of the premium, moist dried fruit eaten with a handful of the dry roasted almonds makes a satisfying afternoon snack. The whole cranberries, Bing cherries, Medjool dates and Turkish figs are also delicious baked into a snack cake treat using the outstanding almond flour and walnut halves. "Step away from the bag" when it comes to the dried strawberries. I also have to be careful with the blister peanuts and dried peas. Thanks for offering such excellent products and service!"
Mar 2014 -- Pat, Dallas, TX

"Husband roasts/salts peanuts. The shelled, raw Spanish peanuts we get from NUTS.COM are competitively priced (including shipping charges) and sent to us in a timely manner at the date we requested. We appreciate the follow-up by NUTS, COM to inform shipping and receipt dates."
Mar 2014 -- Dorrie, Crown Point, IN

"I am currently in afghanistan but live in arizona. I ordered the Maple malted milk balls and the chocolate covered peanuts. Both are absolutely amazing. I've never tasted chocolate nuts or balls so good in my life. The flavor is out of this world."
Mar 2014 -- Travis, sierra vista, arizona

"I like to try one new item with each order. This time it was the Japanese Peanuts. They are great! They will definitely become part of our regular orders."
Mar 2014 -- PJ, Richland, MI-Michigan

"It is difficult to find raw organic peanuts. So glad you have them. I bought them to soak and roast, which is already done, and they are quite delicious and totally different from ordinary roasted peanuts. Thanks for your quick service."
Mar 2014 -- Katherine, greenwich, ny

"I received my second shipment from today. It arrived in a timely fashion, exactly when it was supposed to. The Blister Peanuts are my new obsession. I never thought a nut could be made more crunchy, but you've gone and done it. Like I said, I'm obsessed! The mochi cakes are simply delicious - light, moist, and wonderful! And finally, I must mention the veggie chips. All those veggies sliced and diced - what a wonderfully tasty (and more nutritious?) alternative to potato chips! Thanks again for your amazing products and quick service! Is it true that I'm already putting together my next order? Absolutely!"
Mar 2014 -- Penny, Huntington, NY

"Love your Cajun boiled peanuts in the can! I used to make them with my dad but this is so much easier and better!!!! My friends were turning up their noses until they tried them! Look for more orders from me..... These won't last long!"
Mar 2014 -- Jeanna, Spring, Tx

"I ordered 25 lbs of raw peanuts. confirmed and shipped the product in record time. They arrived on schedule in beautiful condition in a crazy funny decorated cardboard box. I loved it. The peanuts are very large. A batch is boiling as I type. I could wait no longer so tested one. Delicious. Thank you. I will definitely recommend to others and order again."
Mar 2014 -- Cindy, Arpin, Wisconsin

"The shopping online was easy & the variety is wonderful. I live in OH where there aren't any boiled peanuts so imagine my joy when I found them on this site! The box was adorable when it arrived & it did so in a timely manner. The cans had no damage & the tracking # is a nice addition. I will be buying from you guys again! thank you!"
Mar 2014 -- joie, sandusky, ohio

"Yeah, they're here! Super tasty!! Thanks :)"
Mar 2014 -- Deanna, Ooltewah, TN

"So happy to receive my order on the day it was promised! Loved the packaging, so cute and funny!! :-) Everything was very fresh. I will definitely order from again and already recommended it to friends. Thank you for the free sample of chia seeds!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Olga, Plantation, Fl

"I eat boiled peanuts while vacationing in the south but could not find them here in Terre Haute until recently. I love them alone and also in my salads. Delicious!"
Mar 2014 -- Donna, Terre Haute, IN

"I recently purchased the 25 lb bags of these peanuts for the squirrels and Bluejays. The order arrived in a large box with cute and clever pictures and wording on the box. Without opening the box I knew I liked this company. They took the time to make me smile. Once opened I saw the size of each peanut. WOW! Now every critter who can climb a tree or get into my homemade feeders watch me as I distribute them. By the time I have circled the acre yard w/ 20 + feeders! the nuts are gone. I have the fattest squirrels you have ever seen. From now on this is my NUT company of choice, as long as prices don't go up. Thank you"
Mar 2014 -- Phyllis, Katy, Texas

"Ginger snaps and roasted peanuts are delicious."
Mar 2014 -- Kathhleen McNeil, Columbus, OH

"Just received 10lbs of unsalted jumbo peanuts. Everthing as described. Excellent. Thanks will be a repeat customer"
Mar 2014 -- Loren, Downers Grove, Illinois

"My boyfriend Ryan got me some of your French Burnt Peanuts for Valentine's. I loved the box they came in, your attention to detail on your packaging, reading your company story and most of all how great the peanuts tasted. I have put them in snack bags now to store them and I take them out little by little as my treats. Thank you so very much! I will be ordering more in the future."
Mar 2014 -- Kelli, Burleson, Texas

"The sweetest and cruchiest nuts ever! Will buy more!"
Mar 2014 -- Margaret, Los Angeles, Ca

"My dad was so happy with his Spanish peanuts - he can't find them where he lives - he loved reading the whole box too. Thank you, thank you for such a fantastic product and experience!!"
Mar 2014 -- Dana, Bakersfield, CA

"Love the date treats...they are super fantastic...also could not find Peanut flour here so found your sight and was thrilled....Thank you for special the packaging...will be back soon."
Mar 2014 -- Linda, Sunset Beach, NC

"I sampled some of the three nut varieties I ordered--salted peanuts in the shell, salted pistachios in the shell, and roasted, unsalted almonds--and found all to be fresh and delicious. It's hard to find a tasty salted peanut, and these hit the spot. Thanks."
Mar 2014 -- Kristin, Salmon, Idaho

"Yay for yogurt-covered peanuts! I have never been able to find them anywhere else, and they came to my doorstep very quickly from at a fantastic price."
Mar 2014 -- Julie, Clearwater, FL

"I heard about from a friend earlier this week and I immediately ordered some salted pistachios, salted cashews, and honey roasted peanuts. I couldn't believe how fast they were delivered, barely over 24 hours from payment to arrival! The nuts are amazingly fresh and better than anything I've ever bought from a store. I guess you can say I'm nuts for!"
Mar 2014 -- Maxwell, Oswego, NY

"I had Spanish Peanuts sent to a friend. They arrived the next day, and she said they were delicious. Good job,!"
Mar 2014 -- Jerry, Catonsville, Maryland

"Wasabi peanuts????? YES PLEASE !!!! They are wonderful."
Mar 2014 -- Roberta

"Exceptional service with great prices. If I need an item it gets shipped immediately and I literally receive it the next day. The organic peanuts for making peanut butter are really good and makes a rich deep colored peanut butter."
Mar 2014 -- KLM, Liverpool, NY

"Thank you for delicious ginger snaps and roasted peanuts yum yum."
Mar 2014 -- Kathleen McNeil, Columbus, OH

"First, the box was a surprise but alot of fun. I intend to reuse the box to send items to a close friend. The samples received were fabulous and I finished one of them looking at the items. I wasn't sure about the seaweed peanuts, but, I have to say they are really good. They remind me of M&M Peanuts but without the chocolate calories. We will try the sprinkles tomorrow both on ice cream and on cupcakes. Everything was excellently packaged and it arrived super fast. We will be back real soon for our second order! I have told everyone I talked to about your site. GREAT, GREAT, JOB and D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S"
Feb 2014 -- trucee, clayton, de

"Got my nuts in record time! The Supreme Roasted Mixed Nuts (Salted) are magnificent! The best I've ever come across. The Roasted Peanuts (Salted, In-Shell) are everything I'd hoped for. Tasty, fresh. Harley (my cat) loves the shells! He was eatin' my shells, then he reached into the bag, pulled out a nut, ate the shell and left the peanuts! Bizarre cat, he likes french fries too... I'm wonderfully impressed, a steady customer from now on! Thanks, 'n everythin' like that right there, 'n all."
Feb 2014 -- Bacon, Richmons, UT

"I have been trying to find some good wasabi peanuts for years. I found out about through someone I follow on twitter. They are absolutely fantastic!! I will be a loyal customer from now on. Also, thanks for the free veggie chip sample! I love the advertising on your boxes as well. What a fun marketing concept! So glad I found you. Thanks!"
Feb 2014 -- Peggy, Inver Grove Heights, MN

"I just received my first package yesterday. I'm very happy with it, beyond my expectations. Loved the Japanese peanuts, been looking for this type of peanuts over years and now I've Found them. Loved the crystal ginger, dates, loved every items that I've purchased. Will definitely recommend to family and friends. Thank you NUTS.COM"
Feb 2014 -- Rosie, Jacksonville, FL

"Love the Spanish peanuts! Can't find them at any of my stores, gourmet or otherwise. I have a killer salad recipe of chopped Napa cabbage, chopped cilantro, chopped crystallized ginger & chopped Spanish peanuts with a dressing of 3/4 c. mayo, 3/4 c. Greek yogurt, 1/4 c. rice vinegar & 2 t. sugar. I know--really "California" but delish! Enough dressing for several salads."
Feb 2014 -- Nancy, Sonoma, California

"The "galactic powers" - UPS delivered my precious cargo safely and I couldn't be happier with the peanuts. Plus, I love your web site. Going to order a tin of goodies and send it to our Marine Granddaughter deployed in Qatar. Thanks for making shopping such a fun experience."
Feb 2014 -- Bet, Mansfield, Ohio

"This is very tasty peanut butter. And I did not have to mix it up before I used it. Great Job"
Feb 2014 -- Larry, Santa Clara, Ca.

"I ordered the circus peanuts and they were soft and fresh. Much better than local store brands. Arrived when they said it would and the packing box was adorable. I will be ordering again soon."
Feb 2014 -- Melody, Brooklyn, NY

"I was so happy to find "" and place my first order! My order came in great time, and I loved the variety and quality; my favorite was the maple covered peanuts, and the supreme roasted mixed nuts. The dried fruit mix was wonderful too! Looking forward to ordering again in the future."
Feb 2014 -- Linda, Philadelphia, PA

"The graffiti on the box was great and so were the nuts. Brought them to a Cajun music show. thx so much!"
Feb 2014 -- Jane, Pittsburgh, Pa

"I was looking online to see who sold boiled peanuts and was first on the search. I browsed the website and found what I needed. After ordering, the processing, shipping and communication emails were super fast! The package arrived with crazy funny notes on it which added to their likeability! I will use in the future and will recommend them to anyone needing nuts."
Feb 2014 -- Erlinda

"I am already enjoying my chocolate dream, aka carob covered peanuts, which I cannot believe I've been missing out on all these years being allergic to chocolate! And a complete bag of brazil nuts -- ONLY! Not 3 in a can mixed with other nuts LOL! Thank you. I will surely be ordering more natural treasures from you in the near future! :o)"
Feb 2014 -- Linda, leesburg, Virginia

"I ordered the Carob covered peanuts and raisins for my fiancé's Valentines Day gift. Here is a bullet list of my experiences: (1) The order shipped the same day I placed it....a real WOW factor; (2) My order was promised the day before Valentine's day (whew!); (3) My order was delivered during a snow storm...on time; (4) I got an email alerting me that my order had just been delivered so I was able to pick it up before any damage was done to the merchandise; (5) And, best of all, the product was superb! The candies were fresh, in a substantial and resealable bag to keep it that way, and, the taste was wonderful! It was a pleasure doing business with your company and I will definitely do so again as well as tell my friends about Thank you very much. Barbara Ganus"
Feb 2014 -- Barbara Ganus, Kannapolis, NC

"The delicious organic peanuts arrived right on time. This is a great company to deal with. Thank you."
Feb 2014 -- Betty, Miami Beach, Florida

"The Roasted peanuts in shell are fresh and wonderful! Will be back for other item soon!! Thank You!!"
Feb 2014 -- Ron Finelli, Alexandria, Va

"Enjoying the delicious ginger snaps and roasted peanuts. Thank you"
Feb 2014 -- Kathleen McNeil, Columbus, OH

"Awesome !!! Cajun nuts are fresh and spice levels just like they should be! Fast fast shipping! Thanks you will be ordering again!"
Feb 2014 -- Mat Mattox, Portsmouth , Oh

"The Spanish Peanuts seem very fresh and good. I use these in the Peanut Brittle that I make at home. I get people addicted to my Peanut Brittle and then I am able to control them so that they will then do my bidding. heh, heh, heh John"
Feb 2014 -- John, Centennial, Colorado

"The chocolate-covered peanuts are scrumptious and the fudge is heavenly!! Will be ordering again in the future."
Feb 2014 -- Danny, Lake City, TN

"I do not want my e-mail or location published. Went out on a limb and purchased the Sacha Inchi nuts not having a clue what they were. I so appreciated the customer service's prompt answer to my questions. Recommend"
Feb 2014 -- Pat, Clay City, IL

"My nuts arrived in record time and I can't wait to cook them! I've been craving boiled peanuts for months but have been unable to find raw or green in this area. I'm glad I found!"
Feb 2014 -- Doris, Peoria, IL

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I did in fact get my shipment! I grew up in Florida & Georgia, and frankly put, your French Burnt Peanuts are simply the very best I've ever had during my 70 years of a great life in the best country on this earth. Simply put, your product is just plain excellent; and I am going to sent you an order after this weekend for more boxes to be sent to some very close friends. Tomorrow, I'm going to have my neighbor taste this delicious product; then provide you with his address to ship them to he and his family. I will keep this email and page to order with. Thank you for the very best product. Sincerely, Bill Calvert"
Feb 2014 -- Bill, Wildwood, Missouri

"You know sometimes you can purchase such items as my order here. Some of the nuts are soft, taste like trash but I commend you on your chocolate covered peanuts. They are great and I hope that I do not over do it. I love them, thanks for such a great purchase."
Feb 2014 -- Richard, Hephzibah, Georgia

"Customer service was excellent and the peanuts got here so quickly! I will definitely be ordering from again."
Feb 2014 -- Jessica, Durham, NC

"The shipment arrived as scheduled, and my daughter said the wasabi nuts are delicious. If she is happy, her father is happy."
Feb 2014 -- John , Baton Rouge, LA

"My co-worker brought in the Japanese Peanuts and they were so good, I asked where she got them. When I checked out, I was shocked to see all the varieties available! I ordered a bag of Japanese Peanuts and Chile Lime Pistachios that very day. I received them in less than three days, WOW! You guys run a great business and I will definitely be a life-long customer! Keep up the great work! P.S. The personalized emails are such a treat. When I saw your name in the sender field, I couldn't wait to open it and read!"
Feb 2014 -- Kelly, Bedford, TX

"I LOVE this company! Placed my order (to Canada) and really wasn't expecting it to arrive for a couple of weeks. Product arrived about 5 days later - amazing! Absolutely LOVE your packaging - story on the back of the bag is great - colors, logo, font, etc. Fun, whimsical and makes you BELIEVE in the company's/family's story! I haven't tried the product yet as I was hoping to stash half for me and give the other half as a gift. Now I want them to see the great packaging too! am certain the quality will be second to none based on the care they take with their customers. Wish I worked for you! Thanks for the free bag of cashews too! What a wonderful surprise! I will definitely recommend you to friends, family, colleagues!"
Feb 2014 -- Kathy, Ingersoll, Ontario

"I personally don't eat the wasabi peanuts. I order them for my husband, he loves them, says they're addicting. I order several 1lb bags for him to have in his office. (he works in the Philippines) He also has several of his employees addicted to them. The 1lb bags pack great in my suitcase."
Feb 2014 -- Felinda, Lake Charles, Louisiana

"The nuts arrived as promised, and they were super fresh tasting! I love the packaging, the price, and the prompt delivery! THANKS GUYS"
Feb 2014 -- Chris, Golden, Co

"The sesame peanuts are amazing! We were fighting over the bag! My 10 yr old loves the mango mochi. Pretty much everything we have ordered since Christmas has been exceptional. Thanks for the great quality products, and quick delivery. Love your products. We are telling everyone about it."
Jan 2014 -- G, Petrolia, Pa

"Remarkable, I placed my order on a Wednesday evening and the following afternoon it was at my door. So far I only opened the raw jumbo peanuts which didn't disappoint! Will definitely order from here again."
Jan 2014 -- Alexandra, Little Neck, ny

"I haven't had the chance to try everything out yet as my order just arrived this afternoon but, the experience has been awesome so far. Great communication & fast shipping all topped off with a great sense of humor. I love the shipping box & thanks for the "little something" in my package :)"
Jan 2014 -- Raeann, Cape Coral, Florida

"Ordered some boiled peanuts to have a taste from my childhood. They were amazingly fast and all the taste I remember. My kids and I loved them! Thank you for great product and service!"
Jan 2014 -- Wendy, Tiskilwa , IL

"This website is the best! I order a 2-week supply of snacks at a time for my husband and me. The order is always correct, the product is always fresh and we love the sense of humor! We will continue to order from here because we are never disappointed. My absolute favorite is the Chili Lemon Pistachios...yum!! My husband loves how fresh the Jumbo Roasted Peanuts are. I've even started ordering my baking supplies here because of the quality and bulk pricing. Keep up the great work!"
Jan 2014 -- Abbey, Cedar Rapids, IA

"We were so happy to receive the "Cacajuates Japones" yesterday, which we fell in love with (became addicted to) while in Mexico. Your service was lightning fast and joyfully enthusiastic! Many thanks!"
Jan 2014 -- Debra, Brooklyn, NY

"These nuts are so awesome I can't brag about them enough! I absolutely adore the Buffalo Peanuts! The quality is superb! The price is very reasonable because the nuts are so succulent and fresh! I bought several varieties and all were wonderful. I will be buying lots more. Thank you again for this fabulous treat!"
Jan 2014 -- Dorothy, Lehighton, Pennsylvania

"Ordered nuts Monday; they arrived Tuesday! Fantastic. You guys really are nuts. Love the Nutty Nance salutation. And the chocolate covered peanuts are the best ever! Thank you for what you do!"
Jan 2014 -- Nance, Stratford, CT

"As usual, fast shipping & great products! The dried apples are yummy and my husband is in candy heaven with his French burnt peanuts."
Jan 2014 -- Connie, Williston, FL

"Very impressed with my first order from Not like your typical online company that has nuts and similar products. Ordered the Goji berries and some sugar free yogart products and so empressed with quality, efficiency and cute follow up of company. I definitely feel I got my money's worth and will be ordering again from this company!"
Jan 2014 -- Susan, Odessa, FL

"I'll be using the chocolate covered peanuts and the gummy dinosaurs for a baby shower in a few weeks. Everything arrived on time and looks delicious. Can't wait to dig in. Thank you"
Jan 2014 -- Christine, Bellingham, MA

"I did receive my order. Your peanuts are wonderful. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you for a great product."
Jan 2014 -- Della, Hettinger, ND

"I absolutely love these guys! The peanuts that I ordered were of great quality. I cooked them and started eating them on the same day...yum! I can't believe how fast the delivery was too. The customer service is AMAZING :) I feel like I know the family. Thank you SO much. You guys are brilliant!"
Jan 2014 -- Maria, Watertown , MA

"I placed an order on Tue and received it on Thurs (what a nice surprise). This was my first order and I couldn't wait to open the box. The sugar free chocolate covered peanuts exceeded my expectations. What a wonderful find. Looking forward to placing my next order."
Jan 2014 -- Joe, Virginia Beach, VA

"I just checked my mail and there was my order a day early! I ripped open the box to get my gummy bear fix and my goodnes! They are just what I was hoping they'd be! GOOD! And the chocolate peanuts were as you said...almost like not being sugar free. Thank you for your quick service and sincere thank yous. Now I thank you!! Carol"
Jan 2014 -- Carp, Colorado Springs, CO

"Absolutely Phenomenal Nuts and Peanuts (which are technically Legumes). The Raw Peanuts are amazingly fresh!!.....Don't be scared that they're temporarily out of stock on the dry-roasted, buy these and toast them up yourself!!...The possibilities are endless!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Brian, Ridgewood, NY

"Love all my goodies!! Everything is so fresh and I love that they are in resealable bags....I especially like the Mochi Rice Cakes & the Gorp Energy Squares!!! I cant believe I received my order so fast! The fastest delivery I have ever received....and you even sent me a sample of your Raw Cacao Goji energy squares...delicious!!! I will definitely be back :-)"
Jan 2014 -- Pam, Parsippany, NJ

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