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"Ordering Again, As The Sunflower Seeds Are Fresh And Delicious. Before knowing about Nuts Online, I purchased them in various places and Nuts Online are definitely fresher and better tasting. Love the bags they come in too. Very appetizing. We eat them at our Grandsons baseball games. I have recommended your company to anyone who asks about the nuts. They see a big blue shiny bag and wonder what secret snack I have in it."
-- Judy Knee
"Wakefield is the Baseball capital of Nebraska, so we take our seeds pretty seriously around these parts. I'm happy to say my order of 3 lbs of seeds was wonderful, but not enough. Everyone seems to fight over them. They sure are tasty! Thanks, Nuts Online!"
-- Tim, Wakefield, Nebraska
"My friends and I watch a lot of baseball and eat lots of sunflower seeds. Most of the time, we just get whatever the supermarket sells. Last week, after eating of tons of seeds at a game, I thought "there must be a seed with a better taste and a more mellow salty flavor that doesn't leave my lip raw for days. I googled "best sunflower seeds" and found your site. I received my order in 2 days!! I couldn't believe it. But ahhhh, the taste! These seeds are huge, fresh and salted perfectly in a mellow way...the best!!!"
-- Jeanne, Londonderry, NH
"After having to give up salted sunflower seeds, and not finding any others I liked, I came upon your unsalted seeds. Last night was my first night "back in the seeds" during my team's baseball game. Your seeds are wonderful!"
-- Dean
"I've looked everywhere locally for ranch flavored seeds in a 5 lb bag, but kept coming up empty handed. I got online and found NutsOnline. I placed my order 2 days ago and received them this morning. We had to try them to see if they were as good as the testimonials say...AND THEY ARE! Thank you for your wonderful service! We can't wait to share them with our baseball team."
-- Kerri, Elm Creek, NE
"Thank God the chili lime pistachios are back got here in time for the high school baseball playoffs. I passed them out last night at the game. They went NUTS for them. Great nuts, great company and I'll bet you are all great people. Thank you. Marcia Stewart (part of Freddie's popcorn in Dubuque)"
-- marcia, dubuque, iowa

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