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Recipe for Frosted Walnuts

Submitted by: Mary D

Recipe Ingredients:
1 1/2  cups sugar
1 1/2  tsp vanilla
1/2  cup sour cream (regular or low fat)
cups chopped walnuts

Cooking Directions:
1.  Bring sugar, vanilla, and sour cream to a boil, stirring constantly. Boil, stirring, to soft ball stage - about 237 degrees (this usually takes 5-15 minutes, depending on the barometric pressure, the relative humidity, the phase of the moon - I have no idea why it varies so much)

2.  Remove from heat and add nuts, all at once. Stir in the nuts until they are evenly coated. The mixture should soon start to stiffen and to loose its gloss (sometimes this happens immediately, other times it takes a minute or two).

3.  Quickly turn it out onto a sheet of parchment paper or a greased baking sheet. Cool. Break into pieces. Store in an airtight container.

4.  Variation: Should work with any kind of nuts, but so far, we like it best with walnuts.

    English Walnuts (Raw, No Shell) English Walnuts (Raw, No Shell)
A very common ingredient found in many baking items. These walnut halves and pieces are mainly grown in California and Oregon.

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