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Recipe for Chlorella Salad Dressing

Recipe Ingredients:
100  ml sunflower oil
50  ml olive oil
2 - 4  tbs grape seed oil
2- 3  tbsp balsamic vinegar
tbsp cider vinegar
cloves garlic - crushed
  salt, pepper to taste
1/3  tsp chlorella powder

Cooking Directions:
1.  Mix all ingredients and combine well. Add to the salad. Leave to rest for 15- 30 minutes before serving.

    Chlorella Powder Chlorella Powder
Chlorella is an emerald green, single-celled freshwater algae that grows naturally in lakes and ponds. It is a true superfood, packed with nearly 10 times the healthy chlorophyll of similar greens like wheat grass, barley and alfalfa. Our chlorella powder is at least 60% crude protein and is also a complete protein, meaning it contains a full balance of essential amino acids.

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