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The finest hand picked estate Arabica espresso beans layered in dark chocolate. These jolters are one of our most popular products, and for a reason!

Perfectly toasted supreme size almonds, gently covered in delicious and smooth dark chocolate.

Malted milk balls coated with a layer of dark chocolate, then a layer of milk chocolate, then a layer of white chocolate, and finally marbled!

Not sure which flavored espresso bean you like? Try them all in our NY Espresso Mix, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cappuccino, twist, and then some!

Premium almonds covered in a delicious sugar free dark chocolate.

Delicious dark chocolate covered whole dried bing cherries.

Brazils roasted, then triple dipped and layered in dark chocolate. They will satisfy any chocolate lover!

Jumbo Buttercrunch Mix is a hard toffee center layered in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and marbled chocolate. Pure heaven!

Delicious and nutritious California raisins covered in a smooth dark chocolate.

Swedish gummi bears encased in luscious milk chocolate.

Freshly dry roasted peanuts smothered in rich and silky dark chocolate.

A classic malted milk center covered in delicious dark chocolate.

These pumpkin spice malted milk balls are a perfect fall treat. They have that one-of-a-kind pumpkin pie taste. Pumpkin malted milk balls are so delicious!

The finest hand picked estate Arabica espresso beans layered in sugar free dark chocolate. These chocolate covered espresso beans are one of our most popular products, and for a reason!

Dark chocolate covered goji berries- can you get any healthier than this? Dried natural goji berries coated in 72% dark chocolate.

The finest hand picked estate Arabica espresso beans layered in milk chocolate.

Only the highest quality espresso beans covered in a mint chocolate with bits of ground coffee. Absolutely delicious!

Pure diced ginger pieces drenched in dark chocolate

Whole dry roasted almonds drenched in bittersweet 72% chocolate. This supreme chocolate is sure to please the palate of any chocolate connoisseur.

Hand picked, whole blueberries, dried and then rolled in dark chocolate.

Pastel mint and ground cookies malted milk balls.

Dried bing cherries smothered in luscious 72% dark chocolate. A real chocolate treat.

Dark chocolate covered marzipan - smooth and creamy marzipan smothered in delicious dark chocolate.

Whole hand picked estate arabica beans drenched in bittersweet 72% chocolate. This supreme chocolate is sure to please the palate of any chocolate connoisseur.

Cookies and Cream Malted Milk Balls has smooth chocolate with ground cookies. Tastes so so good.

Delicious dark chocolate covered hazelnuts

Whole cranberries encased in dark chocolate

Almonds coated in smooth and luscious dark chocolate and then cocoa dusted.

Can these white chocolate toffee cashews taste better than they look and sound? Remarkably, yes!

From Denmark, lentil shaped mint chocolate discs with a sugar coating.

Our famous espresso beans with a signature coffee and cream flavor.

Whole dried strawberries smothered in smooth and absolutely delicious dark chocolate.

Malted milk balls with crushed peppermint sticks swirled in. A real treat.

These dark chocolate mocha beans are incredibly rich and delicious. Imported from Denmark, this coffee flavored dark chocolate is shaped like coffee beans. A classic favorite.

Whole raspberries rolled in dark chocolate.

Raspberry flavored dark chocolate coat these espresso beans. The taste is out of this world.

Milk chocolate covered in a candy shell. These chocolate candy sea shells look so real, you will think you are actually at the beach.

Rum Cordials have a rum flavored center surrounded by rich dark chocolate

Peanut butter coated malted milk balls.

These incredibly awesome looking and tasting Swiss Petite Fruits are imported directly from Switzerland. These not only look like the fruits, but taste just like them too.

Also known as Nordic mints, these round dark chocolate covered dutch mints are coated with a pretty pastel finish.

These Smores could be one of the most delicious chocolate treats EVER. Soft and fluffy marshmallow coated in luscious milk chocolate then rolled into crumbled graham crackers.

Dried blueberries covered in a delicious 72% dark chocolate.

Real diced orange peel covered in delicious dark chocolate

There are few combinations that taste better than chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzels! These chocolate peanut butter pretzel bites are coated in delicious peanut butter then enrobed in milk chocolate.

Orange Sherbet, Pineapple, Key lime, and Raspberry flavored Malted Milk Balls. A real fruity taste!

Milk chocolate and ground coffee fuse in this fantastic malted milk ball.

The highest quality and best tasting Kona beans covered in smooth dark chocolate

Milk chocolate covered hazelnuts are a combination of two treats that were meant for one another! Savor milk chocolate hazelnuts as a snack or dessert.

Premium dried bing cherries smothered in chocolate and then layered with red couveture. These pastel chocolate bing cherries are a real treat!

Candy Pebbles are a surprise mix of chocolates, fruits, nuts, and candies with a unique hard candy-coated pebble shell.

With a name like Pecan Cinnamon Buns, how can you resist? Chocolate covered pecans with a cinnamon flavor and cocoa dusted.

A wonderful combination of dark chocolate and pomegranate seeds. Great for the tummy and the heart!

Amaretto cordials have a liquid amaretto center surrounded with rich dark chocolate.

Swedish gummi bears encased in pure white chocolate.

Blackberry Brandy Cordials have a liquid blackberry flavored center surrounded by luscious dark chocolate. So smooth and even more delicious.

Small diced chunks of dried pineapple smothered in the richest dark chocolate. An amazing taste combination.

Declicious caramel drenched in dark chocolate.

Pistachios, encrusted in a toffee shell, and then coated in layers of the finest milk or semi-sweet chocolate.

The finest real black Kookaburra Australian licorice drenched in dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate cordials filled with a sweet cherry flavored liquid center.

Whole dried bing cherries covered in a smooth and delicious pastel couveture then smothered in white chocolate.

Coffee and Cream Malted Milk Balls are sure to please. Creamy chocolate with that perfect coffee and cream flavor.

Apricot chunks smothered in smooth and rich dark chocolate. Dark chocolate covered apricots are a decadent and exquisite treat.

Dark chocolate cordials filled with a sweet raspberry flavored liquid center.

The finest dry roasted almonds, coated in layers of delicately spiced chocolate blended with hazelnut. Finally, they are rolled in confectioner's sugar to create these yummy Almondolas.

Classic chocolate espresso beans with a great amaretto flavoring.

Malted milk balls in a delicious and sweet maple flavor.

Biscotti lovers, stay away! We're warning you.

The finest hand picked decaffeinated estate Arabica espresso beans layered in dark chocolate.

Tiramisu almonds are coated with delicious milk chocolate and tiramisu flavor

Ever experience a chocolate fruit salad that is sure to please everyone (and we mean <i>everyone</i>)? Try our milk chocolate coated dried cherries, dried apricots, and dried blueberries in a pastel couveture.

Pearl sized hard peppermint mints in a beautiful pastel coating.

Whole strawberries coated in milk chocolate and then covered with pastel strawberry couveture.

Whole dried blueberries, milk chocolate, luscious fruit couveture

Dark chocolate espresso beans kissed with delicious cocoa powder.

Delicious sweet caramel covered in luscious milk chocolate.

A perfectly dry roasted almond rolled in a pretty and delicious mint flavored chocolate couveture.

These almond jewels are coated in delicious dark chocolate then topped off with a beautiful and shiny jewel finish. Amazingly, these taste even better than they look.

Delicious chocolate cordials filled with a great creme brule liquid center.

These cocoa cappuccino cordials are so incredible. A cappuccino flavored liquid center enrobed with dark and white chocolates and then dusted in a cocoa powder. A real treat.

Whole cranberries covered in milk chocolate and a cranberry couverture.

Caramel twist is a delectable combination of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate swirled over caramel.

Malted milk balls with a spicy cinnamon flavor. These will wake up your taste buds for sure!

Milk chocolate apricot pieces in a pastel couveture. Pastel creamy chocolate apricots are a delicious and sweet treat.

Delicious caramel and tiramisu. Oh my!

Creamy chocolate cordials filled with a delicious tiramisu liquid center.

These pomegranate cordials put an amazing twist on the popular taste of pomegranates. Pomegranate cordial flavor enrobed in a delicious and beautiful cherry red couveture.

Hey chocolate lovers! We have been a proud distributor of Koppers Chocolates for almost 4 years now. This means that you can get some of the world’s finest chocolate coated nuts, chocolate coated dried fruit, malted milk balls, chocolate covered espresso beans, caramels, cordials, and more at great prices by the pound and by the case with same day shipping.

It’s kind of funny that with our family being in this business since 1929 and the “Koppers’” Family in business since 1937 it took 65 years for us to discover them, but we’ve been thrilled ever since. After I first sampled some of their chocolates at a candy store in NYC, I insisted that my cousin David join me at the next candy show to learn more about Koppers Chocolate and their offering. We liked their products so much, that frankly, we ate too much and got tummy aches. Well, I did at least. We felt that was a good sign and immediately inquired about becoming a distributor. So, just like us, Koppers Chocolate is a third generation family business. They are world renowned as a specialty panner of gourmet chocolates and candies. Koppers was the creator of the Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans and Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears.