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Wholesale Turkish Figs 30 Pound CasesWholesale Turkish Figs
Moist and succulent, dried Turkish Figs are simply great! These figs are all natural with no preservatives and one of the sweetest fruits available.
Wholesale Organic Turkish Figs 28 Pound CasesWholesale Organic Turkish Figs
Dried organic turkish figs are absolutely delicious.
Wholesale Mission Figs 30 Pound CasesWholesale Mission Figs
Dried mission figs are a bit smaller and sweeter than the Calimyrna variety. These also have a slight pinkish hue in the middle.
Wholesale Organic Mission Figs 30 Pound CasesWholesale Organic Mission Figs
All natural dried organic mission figs. Grown with no chemicals or pesticides. These small black mission figs pack a mellow sweet flavor.
Wholesale Diced Figs 22 Pound CasesWholesale Diced Figs
Dried Turkish figs already diced. perfect for baking, cooking, mixes, or just snacking on.
Wholesale California Figs 30 Pound CasesWholesale California Figs
These freshly dried extra fancy Calimyrna figs are one of California's finest fruits. These plump high fiber figs are great for eating when you crave something sweet and even better when used in your favorite recipe.
Wholesale Whole Wheat Fig Bars 21 Pound CasesWholesale Whole Wheat Fig Bars
These moist and delicious whole wheat fig bars are delicious. A whole wheat crust filled with sweet fig filling.
Wholesale Organic California Figs 30 Pound CasesWholesale Organic California Figs
All natural organic California Figs (Conadria variety) are grown without pesticides or chemicals. Smaller and not as sweet as Turkish figs, these California figs might pack a better all around flavor.
Wholesale Glace Figs 22 Pound CasesWholesale Glace Figs
These Jumbo Australian Glace Figs are some of the finest and most delectable treats in the world. There are over 20 steps involved in making these ultra sweet dessert figs. They are perfectly blended with just the right amount of pure Australian cane sugar syrup. This unique tasting figs is sure to be a favorite among everyone.


"I received my 5 pound bag of dried figs in good order, and they taste great. I am diabetic, but can enjoy these figs in moderation with no problem. Thanks"
-- David, New Albany
"I received my order right on time and it was fantastic!! The figs are amazingly good! Packaging was perfect for them and they are the best I've tasted! Thanks a million! Very satisfied customer here, Stephen V"
-- Stephen V
"I received my 5 lb. bag of figs the very next day. Unbelievable!! They are soft and sweet, simply delicious. I will definitely be ordering again soon."
-- Janet
"The figs I ordered came very quickly, and they are delicious. I am glad I found you."
-- Wanda, Lakeview, Ar
"i had tried Nutsonlines goji berries and sun-dried tomatoes; they were both extremely high-quality and delicious! on a reorder of the same, i decided to treat myself to a new experience--dried figs! they are delicious with the walnuts i ended up throwing into the shopping cart too! Nutsonline, you're the best!"
-- Annie, Boston, MA
"Your Turkish figs are so moist & delicious. Your product & service are great. Glad I found you."
-- Louis C. Smith
"The figs are fabulous! And everything else fresh and nicely packaged, a good bargain."
-- Elaine, Harpswell, ME
"The figs received are absolutely delicious, shipping was extra fast, and our family enjoys them every day. The seller is highly recommended"
-- Ted, Parkside Hills, NY
"I have been buying Turkish figs for a few years. They are the most delicious figs I can buy and the price is exceptionally good."
"I just got my order of figs... and once again they are delicious!! They arrived about a day and a half after I placed my order... I can't believe how fast you are!! Thank you again for the best snack ever!!"
-- Julie, Columbus, Ohio
"Hi nut family. I am so delighted with the arrival of my figs. Of course I tore open the box & grabbed a bag. UMMMM. These really are the best I've ever had. Stores give figs a bad reputation like an old dried up prune (sort of how I'm starting to look with all the years of FL. sunshine) :) These figs are plump & not at all dry tasting."
-- Marti, Jacksonville, Florida
"The figs are excellent, one of the best I have eaten. Came exactly on time. Keep up the good service!!!"
-- Anshu, Frisco, TX
"Your figs are out of this world, sweet, soft and the shipping is the fastest I have had. Seems like I hung up the phone went to sleep and there they are. I am very pleased. Great customer service is rare!"
-- Josay, boston, Ma
"Probably the best online service I've ever experienced. I ordered some figs and dried tomatoes late Tuesday afternoon and they arrived early Wednesday afternoon ... the next day, less than 24 hours. That was with the least expensive shipping, UPS Ground. Unbelievable. The figs? Fantastic. I couldn't ask for more."
-- Dolores, PA
"Wow! I'd barely turned off the computer when the order arrived at my door! Okay, maybe I slept in between, but it seemed that fast. And I love everything - raw almonds, dried blueberries and strawberries, but Turkish figs are the best! Getting the package from you guys is like a little Christmas. Thanks!"
-- Maggie, Culpeper, Va.
"WOW! Here I am in the midst of all this snow in Salt Lake and at the same time enjoying your figs-well, I figure if I can't have my own fig tree eating your fresh ones right out of the bag is just "delicioso". Thanks! Can't wait to try your other "goodies"! Keep up your great humor and awesome fruit!"
-- Debbie, slc, ut
"Got my shipment of Turkish figs this morning! So glad I found you on-line and will definitely keep in touch. I've been getting the California Calimyrna figs for years and didn't even know the Turkish figs were available. They are, indeed, the best I've tasted to date! NOW if we can only get some of the worlds best pistachios from IRAN and cigars from CUBA I'll bet totally content! Speed of delivery will make or break a company but in your case you are #1!"
-- Joseph, Tampa, Florida
"Thank you, NutsOnline.com! Your products are just wonderful. I accidentally came upon your website and I'm so glad I found you. I already ordered twice; I've tried the Calimyrna and Turkish figs and absolutely loved both. They arrived soon after I placed the order, were very nicely packed to preserve the freshness and they tasted just yummy. I'm looking forward to trying your other products and will be sure to recommend your store to friends and family. Oh and another thing..I know where I'll be doing my Christmas shopping this year:) Again Thanks a million!"
-- Dorothy, Auburn, AL
"Great products, never had turkish figs before...there the best dried fruit I have ever had. Order came fast and in great shape. Will order more often now that I have found you!"
-- Kathy, WI
"Received my order of Turkish figs. WOW!! they are fantastic. Everything arrived in perfect condition, delivered right to my door. Thanks"
-- Diane, O.K. Falls, British Columbia
"The figs arrived prior to the estimated delivery date and they tasted great -- just as I remembered from past trips to the middle east."
-- David, North Richland Hills, Texas
"Holy moly the figs, the figs!!!! So fresh and delicious. Better than any candy by far! Everything arrived fast and well packed. Excellent service my friends, you have a new reoccurring customer and fan! Thank you"
-- John, fwb, fl
"Received my first order of Turkish Figs and they just as your description said - moist and succulent. The figs appear to all be moist and succulent where as the ones I buy at the grocery vary from moist and succulent to hard as a rock and almost tasteless."
-- Charles, Green Valley, AZ
"My son and I love Figs and have tried many from every grocery store you can think of . I ordered yours for him for a Christmas stocking stuffer and they were the best and most moist we have ever had . I just reordered again last week for him ,this time I ordered the dried peaches also. Our second most favorite fruit, although the peaches we usually get fresh. Hope your dried are just as tasty. Thanks for having fresh tasting dried fruit. Patricia"
-- Patricia, Linesville, Pa.
"I just received the Calimyrna Figs and the English walnuts. The figs are nothing like the supermarket figs. Your Nutsonline figs are BIG & taste so fresh & sweet!!!! The walnuts are Great,,, BIG, FRESH & hubby loves them."
-- beverly, Stony Point, New York
"On our recent trip to Turkey, I fell in love with Turkish figs. Once home, I found some, but they weren't the same. I just got my first delivery from nutsonline and I'm ecstatic! These are the best I've ever tasted! You've found a customer for life!"
-- Barbara, Wayne, NJ
"The best figs that I have ever eat. A cousin of my husband let us try some with cream cheese in the middle of them, if you have never had cream cheese in the middle of them give it a try they are wonderful. So glad to fine that I could order them off line."
-- Bonnie, Unionville, Mi.
"The Turkish figs are fantastic. They are plump and incredibly flavorful. Unlike many packaged figs, they are unadulterated: no syrup, no sugar, etc. Luscious. Also, I was very impressed with the service. I received my order quickly."
-- Frank, Cincinnati, Ohio
"I thought I set up an acct. It says I don't have one. Anyway, the figs arrived yesterday. They are delicious beyond words! Haven't tried the nuts yet, but they were for my husband. Yummy!"
-- Gail, Porterville, CA
"My husband has been eating figs now for the past several months. We have tried them from several different stores, but he says the ones I just ordered from Nuts Online are the best he has tried so far. I won't be buying them from anywhere else now so thanks for letting me stop shopping!!"
-- Michelle

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