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Sports Theme: 21 Items

Roasted Cashews (Salted) Roasted Cashews (Salted)
Jumbo cashews freshly roasted to perfection and then slightly salted to enhance a truly delicious taste, you will certainly understand why these cashews are one of our top sellers.
Jumbo Roasted Peanuts (In Shell) Jumbo Roasted Peanuts (In Shell)
Roasted daily to inner perfection, these Jumbo Virginia Roasted Peanuts Unsalted will surely be the highest quality and freshest nuts you will have ever tasted. We have been roasting the old fashioned way since 1929.
BBQ Toasted Corn Nuts BBQ Toasted Corn Nuts
Hold on to your seats! And your taste buds for that matter!! You've asked for them and we finally delivered. Smokey barbeque corn nuts.
Jawbreakers Jawbreakers
These assorted fruit flavored jaw breakers bring back so many sweet memories. Just be sure not to bite them too hard!
Atomic Fireballs Atomic Fireballs
These cinnamon hard candies sure pack some fire!
Sour Cherry Cola Bottles Sour Cherry Cola Bottles
Everyone loves the classic taste of cherry cola. Dig into these surprisingly tart and sweet sour cherry cola bottles. Sure to bring out the kid in all of us!
Sour Blue Soda Bottles Sour Blue Soda Bottles
Our Sour Blue Soda Bottles are burstin' with flavor.
Lemonheads Lemonheads
Deliciously sweet and sour lemon candy. A great old time sucking candy.
Cola Bottles Cola Bottles
Cola Bottles bring out the child in all of us.
Chocolate Foil Golf Balls Chocolate Foil Golf Balls
Milk chocolate foil wrapped golf balls. Perfect for sharing with fellow golfers!
Wax Bottles Wax Bottles
Wax Bottles (Wik-L-Nip) are an old time classic that you remember from your childhood. The wax shape bottle contain an assortment of different candied syrups.
Chocolate Foil Sport Balls Chocolate Foil Sport Balls
Milk chocolate foil wrapped sport balls. In your favorite sports! Soccer, basketball, baseball, and football.
Blow Pops Blow Pops
Charms Blow Pops are the original hard candy lollipops filled with bubble gum. Try this assorted pack so that you can taste all of the different flavors, including Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Grape, and Sour Apple
Chocolate Foil Soccer Balls Chocolate Foil Soccer Balls
Milk chocolate foil wrapped soccer balls. Perfect for sharing with the whole team!
Mini Psychedelic Jawbreakers Mini Psychedelic Jawbreakers
White color splattered jawbreakers, these mini psychedelic jawbreakers are a classic take on the jumbo variety.
Chocolate Foil Footballs Chocolate Foil Footballs
Milk chocolate foil wrapped footballs. Perfect for sharing with the whole team!
Chocolate Foil Tennis Balls Chocolate Foil Tennis Balls
Milk chocolate foil wrapped tennis balls. Perfect for sharing with the whole team!
Chocolate Foil Baseballs Chocolate Foil Baseballs
Milk chocolate foil wrapped baseballs. Perfect for sharing with the whole team!
Chocolate Foil Basketballs Chocolate Foil Basketballs
Milk chocolate foil wrapped basketballs. Perfect for sharing with the whole team!
Burlap Bag of Peanuts Burlap Bag of Peanuts
Our delicious fresh roasted unsalted peanuts in an old time reusable burlap bag. Perfectly roasted in small batches, this nutty gift is sure to be hit.

Approximately 2 pounds of peanuts
Sour Tennis Gumballs Sour Tennis Gumballs
Don't be fooled by these mini tennis ball look-a-likes! They are much tastier than the real thing. Lemon-lime gumballs with a sour powder inside. Perfect for tennis lovers and for sharing on the court.