Halloween Candy Buffet

You won't find any tricks on this Halloween candy buffet, just plenty of delicious treats. Buffet tip: Set the tone with both decorations (ceramic jack-o-lanterns) and candy (gummy pumpkins). Thematic candy buffets lend themselves particularly well to decorations.

Featured Treats

  • Candy Corn Candy Corn

    Nothing brings in the fall better than a handful of candy corn. One bite will bring back that nostalgic feeling of Halloween all year round!

  • Anise Bears Anise Bears

    Chewy extra large gummy bears in that classic black anise flavor.

  • Gummy Pumpkins Gummy Pumpkins

    Delicious and chewy gummy pumpkins make a great treat for everyone!

  • Black Licorice Wheels Black Licorice Wheels

    Delicious Haribo black licorice wheels are an old favorite. Classic black licorice laces rolled up in a wheel.

  • Candy Pebbles Candy Pebbles

    Candy Pebbles are a surprise mix of chocolates, fruits, nuts, and candies with a unique hard candy-coated pebble shell.

  • Jordan Almonds (Orange) Jordan Almonds (Orange)

    California almonds roasted and then coated in an extra fine bright orange color. There are approximately 110 in a pound. These make perfect wedding favors.

  • Orange Sixlets Orange Sixlets

    Sixlets are a round candy coated chocolate classic. The chocolate centers are a mixture of cocoa and carob giving them a unique malted flavor! These orange colored sixlets are great for weddings, parties, and favors.

  • Hopjes Coffee Candy Hopjes Coffee Candy

    Hopjes are the ultimate "old-time" candy. These Dutch sweets that were invented in the 18th century and are a mix of coffee and caramel flavors. They were originally invented for a Baron who was ordered by his doctor to avoid drinking coffee. All the flavor, none of the caffeine!

  • Black Whirly Pop (3 Inches) Black Whirly Pop (3 Inches)

    Black and white whirly pops are famous from amusement parks, carnivals, and boardwalks. These classic old time lollipops are a real treat. 1.5 ounces and 3" diameter.

  • Silver Almond Jewels Silver Almond Jewels

    These almonds are coated in delicious dark chocolate then topped off with a beautiful and shiny silver jewel finish. Amazingly, these taste even better than they look.

  • Almond Jewels Almond Jewels

    These almonds are coated in delicious dark chocolate then topped off with a beautiful and shiny jewel finish. Amazingly, these taste even better than they look. Assorted almond jewels make wonderful favors as well.

  • Orange Candy Sticks Orange Candy Sticks

    These nostalgic old time candy sticks bring back great memories. These orange candy sticks taste great. Perfect for snacking, candy buffets, or wedding.

  • Twizzlers (Licorice) Twizzlers (Licorice)

    Twizzlers make mouths happy. Make your own mouth happy with our Licorice Twizzlers.


Candy weights (from upper left corner): (1) 7 lbs Fall Jelly Beans (116 oz container), 4 pieces Black Whirly Pop (3 inches); (2) 6 lbs Almond Jewels (125 oz container); (3) 1 lb Twizzlers (Licorice) (50 oz container); (4) 10 lbs Gummy Cola Panda Bears (157 oz container); (5) 6 lbs Silver Almond Jewels (290 oz container) (6) 20 pieces Orange Candy Sticks; (7) 10 lbs Candy Pebbles (95 oz container); (8) 3 lbs Orange Sixlets (50 oz container); (9) 9 lbs Black Licorice Wheels (175 oz container); (10) 7 lbs Candy Corn (140 oz container); (11) 6 lbs Gummy Pumpkins (116 oz container); (12) 3 lbs Jordan Almonds (Orange) (50 oz container); (13) 10 lbs Anise Bears (157 oz container); (14) 5 lbs Hopjes Coffee Candy (170 oz container)

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