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Our top 50 best selling Flavored Coffee items:

Hazelnut Supreme Coffee
The richest tasted of hazelnut roasted into our deluxe coffee beans.
Simply Sinful Coffee
Our finest beans freshly roasted and flavored with 1/3 Vanilla, 1/3 Caramel, and 1/3 Chocolate. One sip and we promise you will be addicted!
Sinful Delight Coffee
So good, it's almost sinful! Freshly roasted coffee blended with deep flavors of chocolate and caramel. One of our best sellers!
Bailey's Irish Cream Coffee
Reminiscent of the original favorite, this flavored coffee has the rich and sweet taste of Bailey's Irish Crème.
Caramel Vanilla Coffee
Sweet caramel and vanilla swirled into fresh roasted coffee.
Orange Coffee
Just squeezed! Juicy, citrus flavor roasted into our fresh coffee beans.
Coconut Coffee
Our deluxe house coffee beans flavored perfectly with the tropical and nutty taste of coconut. It's a perky day at the beach!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Coffee
Perfect blend of two classic flavors! Our fresh coffee beans roasted with the sweet taste of chocolate and peanut butter.
French Vanilla Coffee
Sweet, rich and creamy, our house blend coffee beans are roasted to French Vanilla bliss.
Chocolate Raspberry Cream Coffee
The whole bean coffee has a strong raspberry smell and taste, so much that it almost overpowers the aroma of chocolate, and a hint of cream.
Coconut Cream Coffee
Our deluxe house coffee beans flavored just right with the smooth tastes of coconut and sweet cream.
Dark Chocolate Coffee
Rich, dark, bittersweet chocolate flavor roasted into our fresh coffee beans.
Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee
A classic coffee flavor, with the sweet taste of vanilla and hazelnuts roasted into fresh coffee beans.
Butter Pecan Coffee
Our perfectly roasted coffee beans with just the right amount of that buttery pecan flavor. One taste and we guarantee this one will be your favorite for years to come.
Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee
Warm cinnamon, rich hazelnut taste roasted into our fresh coffee beans.
Jamaican Royal Nut Coffee
A traditional Caribbean favorite with definite notes of warm nuts, adding a delicious element to your cup of coffee.
Premium Vanilla Coffee
The richest vanilla roasted into our premium coffee beans, fresh packed for maximum flavor.
Banana Nut Cream Coffee
Our deluxe house coffee beans flavored with banana, nut, and sweet cream.
German Chocolate Cake Coffee
Our deluxe house coffee beans flavored with deep chocolate and sweet coconut.
Butterfinger Coffee
Fresh roasted coffee that tastes just like the candy bar.
Creme Brulee Coffee
Buttery blend of custard and vanilla, our Crème Brulee flavored coffee tastes just like the dessert.
Orange Seville Coffee
A lighter version of the popular cordial, our Orange Seville flavored coffee is a perfect dessert option. Choose coffee maker grind size or whole coffee beans.
Pumpkin Pie Coffee
A fall favorite - available year round! This delicious coffee brings together our perfectly roasted coffee beans and that smooth, unique flavor of pumpkin pie.
Maple Walnut Coffee
Rich maple flavor with walnuts, roasted into our deluxe coffee beans.
Double Chocolate Coffee
Extra Chocolate Taste! Fresh roasted coffee beans with a double dose of chocolate flavor.
Coconut Hawaiian Coffee
Our deluxe house beans flavored with coconut and a hint of chocolate, for an exotic Hawaiian coffee taste.
Snickerdoodle-Type Coffee
This flavored coffee tastes just like those delicious cookies your grandma used to make! Scrumptious!
Amaretto Supreme Coffee
An extra smooth, full-bodied coffee flavored with Amaretto.
Vanilla Almond Coffee
Vanilla-cream aroma in the whole coffee beans with an undercurrent of toasted almonds.
Pumpkin Spice Coffee
This flavored coffee is a Fall classic. The sweet taste of pumpkin with that perfect amount of spice. There's no better way to bring in the holiday season than with a cup of this fresh roasted classic!
Blueberry Coffee
Fresh roasted coffee with just the right amount of that plump, juicy, just-picked flavor of blueberry at the end. One taste and you will know why this is our most popular after dinner coffee.
Mudslide Coffee
A delicious blend of fresh coffee beans, flavored just like the cocktail mix of chocolate, irish cream and coffee liqueur.
Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee
Sweet chocolate with warm hazelnut twist, roasted into our fresh coffee beans.
Coconut Paradise Coffee
Our deluxe house coffee beans flavored with coconut and accented with the sweet tastes of cinnamon, almond, and toasted nut fudge.
Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coffee
Sweet chocolate taste combined with macadamia nuts, and fresh roasted into our coffee beans.
Raspberry Hazelnut Coffee
This one is a classic coffee blend. Our perfectly roasted house beans with that smooth hazelnut flavor and a touch of raspberry. Truly one of the best flavored coffees available.
Chocolate Caramel Coffee
Luscious chocolate, creamy caramel roasted into our freshest coffee beans.
Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee
Creamy vanilla with a hazelnut twist, roasted into our fresh coffee beans.
Kentucky Bourbon Coffee
A smooth, sipping type of coffee, just like fine Kentucky Bourbon.
Chocolate Fudge Coffee
Are you a chocolate lover? What about a coffee lover? Our chocolate fudge coffee could be the most decadent and delicious combination yet.
Caramel Nut Coffee
Sweet warm caramel with nuts, roasted into our fresh coffee beans.
Cinnamon Coffee
Warm, spicy cinnamon flavor roasted into our fresh coffee beans.
Vanilla Creme Coffee
Predominant vanilla notes are lightly accented with a smooth creme flavor in this coffee.
Vanilla Nut Coffee
Coffee beans roasted with sweet vanilla, nutty overtones.
Chocolate Amaretto Coffee
The classic after dinner liqueur, made from almonds, flavors this grand coffee classic with a subtle hint of chocolate.
Swiss Chocolate Almond Coffee
The sweet taste of swiss chocolate with a smooth hint of almond, roasted into our fresh coffee beans.
Apricot Creme Coffee
Fresh delicate fruit flavor, smooth and creamy taste roasted into our fresh coffee beans.
Chocolate Cherry Coffee
Coffee that tastes like a red cherry covered in chocolate!
English Toffee Coffee
Like a sweet hard candy, this English Toffee coffee melts in your mouth.
Hazelnut Coffee
The name says it all. Classic hazelnut flavored coffee beans.
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