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Deluxe House Coffee
Are you looking for the perfect cup of coffee in the morning to start your day? Then this is it...our most popular coffee! Leave it to us to roast a blend sure to satisfy even the toughest coffee critic.
Japanese Sencha Green Tea
Sencha means "common tea," and indeed, this good old basic green tea is one of the most popular and tastiest drinks in the world. Low in caffeine so you can drink it all day long.
Ethiopian Harrar Coffee
Ethiopia produces some of the most unique coffee there is. Our Ethiopian Harrar coffee offers a full, rich flavor with the intense aroma of blueberries or blackberries.
Colombian Medellin Supremo Coffee
Supremo denotes the highest grade of Colombian coffee - the largest, most even beans. The large whole beans create a very rich flavor in this Colombian Medellin Supremo Coffee, with notes of ripe cherry.
Dark Hot Chocolate
There is regular run of the mill hot chocolate. Then there is our amazing dark hot chocolate. We dare you to find a better tasting one anywhere!
Italian Roast Coffee
These dark roasted beans make for a great cup of coffee. This Italian roast coffee is even darker, oilier and more assertive than a French roast. It's perfect for that delicious cup of espresso.
French Roast Coffee
Although the roast is dark and powerful, the body of French roast coffee is light thanks to a low acidity. Great alone, as espresso, or blended with warm milk in cafe au lait.
Jasmine Green Tea
Jasmine green tea is a balanced, delicate tea that is refreshing and versatile, and goes with almost any occasion, especially as an iced tea.
Deluxe House Coffee - Single Serve Cups
Our Deluxe House Coffee in the popular single cup format! Compatible with Keurig coffee brewers.
Sumatran Mandheling Coffee
Sumatran Mandheling coffee is grown on the west coast of Sumatra, one of the main islands that make up Indonesia. Coffee from this region is known for its heavy, lush body and syrupy richness.
Spiced Chai Tea Mix
Try this lightly spiced chai tea mix. Refreshing, delicious, and easy to make.
White Hot Chocolate
There is regular run of the mill hot chocolate. Then there is our premium white hot chocolate. We dare you to find a better tasting one anywhere!
Gunpowder Tea
Boom, pow! The name of this strong green tea from China comes from the fact that the tea leaves are rolled up into tiny little balls that "explode" when splashed with hot water. Rolling tea leaves into these pellets renders the leaves less susceptible to physical damage and allows them to retain more of their flavor and aroma. And what a flavor! This tea has a a distinctive nutty/oak taste and produces a dark green cup. Blend it with fresh mint, sugar and steaming hot water to make your own traditional Moroccan mint tea!
Kenya AA Coffee
Kenya is, without a doubt, the capital of coffee excellence. The AA in the title denotes the high grade of this bean. This legendary Kenya AA coffee will light up your palette with bright notes.
Hazelnut Supreme Coffee
The richest tasted of hazelnut roasted into our deluxe coffee beans.
Premium Hot Chocolate
There is regular run of the mill hot chocolate. Then there is our premium hot chocolate. We dare you to find a better tasting one anywhere!
Mocha Java Coffee
This classic Mocha Java coffee blend mixes the sharp, fruity, distinctive medium-bodied flavor of Yemenite Mocha coffee with the smoother, deeper and richer taste of Indonesian Java coffee.
Costa Rican Coffee
Prized for their mild, sweet and bright flavor notes, Costa Rican coffee has a classic flavor that sets the standard for all of Central America. These beans have no defects and will brew a delicious cup.
Copenhagen Coffee
Godmorgen! (Good morning!) Join the Danish for a great dark-roasted blend, close to a Full-City style roast. This Copenhagen coffee goes well with breakfast and sweets.
4- 1/2 PoundsCoffees of the World Sample Pack
Looking for a taste of the world? This is sure to please your palate. Included in our Coffees of the World Sample Pack is a delectable 1/2 pound each of 4 of the most popular coffees from around the globe.
Peppermint Tea
Peppermint tea is the perfect choice for an after-meal drink. Mint tea is enjoyed in cultures all over the world, and is delicious with a bit of honey or enjoyed all on its own.
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf)
Nothing tastes better than our vanilla spiced chai mix. A truly unique beverage that is simple to make and is even decaffeinated!
Guatemala Antigua Coffee
Grown in the central volcanic highlands of Antigua, this coffee is very fragrant and produces a medium body with flavors of macadamia. Our Guatemala Antigua coffee is delicious with chocolate and desserts!
Simply Sinful Coffee
Our finest beans freshly roasted and flavored with 1/3 Vanilla, 1/3 Caramel, and 1/3 Chocolate. One sip and we promise you will be addicted!
Earl Grey Tea
Earl Grey tea is utterly unmistakeable: an aromatic black tea with its distinctive flavor and aroma imparted by the addition of bergamot oil. The leaves are a blend of Ceylon and Indian black teas.
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