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"I haven't tried anything yet-but I'm ALWAYS been extremely happy with all your products-period! Don't ever stop selling. And I've noticed new products-thank you ever so much for that!"
Jul 2014 -- Lydia, Cressona, PA

"Wanna try something really good -- seed some big dates, wrap each with 1/2 piece of thick slice bacon. Fix with wet toothpick. Pace all on grill over drip pan. Bake in hot oven -- 400 -- 15 minutes 'til bacon "done." Use as appetizer, party pickup, or even entree'."
Jul 2014 -- Jerry, Longview, TX-Texas

"Amazing service and great candy. Thank you Keep up the good work."
Jul 2014 -- Kathleen, Henderson, NV

"best nuts in the land - will order again"
Jul 2014 -- sandy, milford, ct

"Thank you so much for the fast deliveries of the organic prunes, the flax seed and the brown sugar. As always better than expected. All looks so good. Thanks also for my surprise."
Jul 2014 -- Willemina, Kingston , NY

"great product, fresh and timely delivery."
Jul 2014 -- Christopher, sun city center, fl

"Thank you for a wonderful experience! I am so grateful that I ran into your company and that I placed an order. The package has exceeded my expectations. Everything was packed in an excellent way and taste so fresh. You have a customer for life! Thanks so much!"
Jul 2014 -- Melinda , Hialeah, FL

"Thank you for the fast delivery and the gift goody box, very nice presentation!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Linda, Lawrenceville, Ga.

"Speechless - completely satisfied!!"
Jul 2014 -- Don, Albany, NY

"You have exceeded my expectations again! You have a phenomenal company, so don't change a thing!"
Jul 2014 -- Teresa, Knoxville, TN

"My girlfriend ordered a box of Turkish Delights from here, came in the mail. But the candy is fantastic, just have one or two after a meal and it gives you that pleasant feeling of having a desert. Powder Sugar on the outside is yummy, get a few boxes and give some to friends that love sweets. One side note, my post person made me sign to get the box. Worth it."
Jul 2014 -- Randy, Baytown, tx

"What a pleasant and quick way to get something I couldn't find in local stores. Would use your website again in a heartbeat!"
Jul 2014 -- Ellen, Great neck, New York

"You guys are consistently awesome! My husband is addicted to Antep pistachios and you are my Number 1 source for them. Ordering is simple, delivery is fast and flawless, and your packaging always makes me laugh. You guys are the total nut package! Kudos! --"
Jul 2014 -- Christine, Jersey City, New Jersey

"I just got my package and it was super quick! It always is and I love to see what my sample pack is. It was black licorice and yummy! But, this is my first time ordering the sea salt and vinegar kale chips so I had to try them. I had to stop myself from eating half the container! They are scrumptious! Thank you for such amazing service and quality of product!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Laurie, Conway, SC

"Received goodies today after a super fast delivery. Every bag was so good. Thanks Carol"
Jul 2014 -- Carol, Cape Vincent, NY

"Love every-thing I get from, it's prompt, personal, witty and just the best service and product all around. They have very hard-to-find organic items like this almond flour that is organic, and sliced almonds that are organic... I can go on and on. Thank you, love your company!"
Jul 2014 -- Letty, Los Altos, CA

"I LOVE everything I ordered! I brewed two pots of Chocolate Banana Nut coffee for co-workers right away... they love it too so I was sure to hand out your web address! The dried pears are so fresh... they're perfect... Thank you so much!"
Jul 2014 -- Kim, Rockford, IL

"Ordered @ 7:30 pm on Monday, on my doorstep at 10:15 am Tuesday. You guys are phenomenal! Plus my husband loves your Antep pistachios."
Jul 2014 -- Gina, North Haven, CT

"Arrived very quick. Used it and fine."
Jul 2014 -- Clifford, Palmetto, FL

"This Freeze dried fruit cocktail survived 3 months of hot weather packed away in our camper, it had been opened and reclosed via the zip top--guess what--when I discovered it in there today, it still tasted fresh and crispy, I just finished it off on my Greek yogurt tonite. it is a great value, doesn't go bad, it stays fresh until you need it (at least 3 months). Highly recommend!"
Jul 2014 -- Cheryl, Midwest, US

"Today I received my order and it was well packed. I love their Turkish figs (dried), and the white mullberries are delicious. I was happy to receive a nice sample of Turkish apricots. I love buying from this store."
Jul 2014 -- sarah, Prescott, az

"My first order and delivered so fast ; I would think you were reading my mind and preparing to ship with my first order keystroke. Many smiles and thanks for your prices and prompt delivery."
Jul 2014 -- Jimmie, Trenton, IL

"Thank you, as always THE BEST!!!"
Jul 2014 -- alma, brownsville, TEXAS

"Another batch of goodies from the "The Nuts".. ... Can't go wrong with any company that advertises like do. Love just reading the packages. Great on time deliverers."
Jul 2014 -- Joyce, Yucca Valley, California

"I literally could not help but share the products I got when they first arrived. I'm practically done with the Power Trail Mix and the Sweet Potato chips were a huge hit amongst my coworkers. I love this website and all it has to offer."
Jul 2014 -- Indira , West Palm Beach, fl

"Amazing service! I placed my order on Sunday afternoon and received the full order was waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work the next day (Monday)! I definitely will be returning for more of this incredible response!"
Jul 2014 -- Fern, Arlington, VA

"This is so good there is never any left to eat in a bowl with milk! It is a great snack right out of the bag, and low sodium that I look for."
Jul 2014 -- Phyll Beach, Nashville, TN

"You guys rock!! Kale chips, Organic mission figs and granola are delicious!!. The veggies sampler (I wasn't expecting this) wow so yummie, I'm gonna order this the next time. thanks"
Jul 2014 -- Wilmer, New York , NY

"I received my first order today, now I can't wait to get the big order that I purchased. I am very satisfied with the products that I have received though. The sugar coated cashews are very tasty. Thanks again."
Jul 2014 -- kevin , batavia, oh

"Fantastic service. Fantastic product. Soooo happy ive found you guys."
Jul 2014 -- Charles, Worcester, MA

"We ordered these last week for a mailing we are doing. They came this morning. Your product and service is just outstanding. You should see the mailing we're doing...very cool!"
Jul 2014 -- Mark, Chicago, IL

"Easy peazy, order came quickly with everything I order plus a present ... Receipt said 2 jalapeño pistachio but we only got one but we're still happy. Thank you"
Jul 2014 -- Bobbi Rumsey , Rocklin, CA

"I love! I just found you guys...the nuts are delicious and are delivered so fast! My daughter loves the cute bags they come in...I am now a loyal customer...thank you!"
Jul 2014 -- Mary Anne , Potomac Falls, Virginia

"I ordered a lb for the Chimps at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest along with nuts, anyhow, the FIGS are now their fave and huge hit, SO when i ordered 25lbs of Jumbo Shelled Peanuts, I included a few pounds of these Figs, whenever the chimps see a UPS truck pull up to the Sanctuary, they hoot and holler, for JOY and they want their treats immediately! Right on, Nuts com. you truly have stuck to your family old fashioned, customer service values, I like it, but the Chimps LOVE IT !"
Jul 2014 -- Rita Stevenson, Toronto, Ontario

"Nice texture not too dry or soft. Not too sweet either, I'll be getting this again."
Jul 2014 -- Ms Allegra Thayer, Baltimore, MD

"My shipment got here super quick! Yay! I've ordered from this company before and I really liked the product (spirulina and chia seeds). The products were quality and served their purposes in my smoothies, juices and pudding."
Jul 2014 -- Debra, St. Louis, MO

"My order arrived while I was at work and I couldn't wait to get home to tear into my maple nut goodies!! I loved the box that my order came in, and they were just like I remembered them - delicious! You would think I had enough to last me for a while, but I have to admit half the bag is gone already and I don't share. So, you shall be hearing from me again very soon!"
Jul 2014 -- Carolyn Morrison, Brooklyn, New York

"Excellent service. Excellent candy. The color coded index was perfect for finding just the right colors needed for our occasion!"
Jul 2014 -- Amy, Sterling, CT

"I wanted to try the different varieties of dates. They were all delicious and soooo fresh! I honestly don't think I've ever had a fresh date before and wouldn't have know the difference if I hadn't ordered from!"
Jul 2014 -- Betty, Ann Arbor, MI

"This is my fourth order and I have loved everything! I can't wait to get the gluten free pizza kit so I can enjoy pizza again."
Jul 2014 -- Nancy, Altamonte Springs, Florida

"Another yummy treat from Love the peanut butter covered pretzels. The peanut butter is smooth and creamy yet you get the crunch from the pretzel. Can't wait to order more."
Jul 2014 -- B. P., Midlothian, VA

"Ordered the Brazilian nuts and hazel nuts (no shell) love it. They are the only company I have come across that gets there orders out quickly was surprised to get earlier than expected. Will be ordering other items from this company. I agree that the box does make u smile. Keep up the good work."
Jul 2014 -- Brenda, Methuen, Ma

"Everything fresh and fabulous. The freshness of the roasted nuts is simply amazing, compared to buying in a local store. And the sugarfree jordan almonds? You made me swoon... I have to watch my blood glucose, and I thought I'd never be able to enjoy them again. Thank you!"
Jul 2014 -- Christine, Whitewater`, WI

"Timely del. great nuts, fair price... Omg..."
Jul 2014 -- Steven, Long beach, Ca

"Ordered it yesterday, used 2 day shipping got it in less than 24 hours, Will use again for sure!!"
Jul 2014 -- Michael, COLCHESTER, Connecticut

"Fast delivery as always. Thank you"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Columbus, IN

"Wow - great service - amazingly fast shipping! Fun package design. Enjoying the free sample of chia seeds that came with my order. Already becoming a fan..."
Jul 2014 -- Pam, North Easton, MA

"Wow! Super QUICK delivery and the nicest check in afterwards! You guys are NUTS but great to work with!"
Jul 2014 -- Valerie, Juno Beach, Fl

"Super fast delivery. I love the packaging! Everything is delish!!"
Jul 2014 -- Linda, Beech Mountain , NC

"I received my order today and I am extremely impressed! I ordered a lot of the samples and haven't found even one that I don't absolutely love!!! Excellent packaging and none of the candy/chocolate items melted in transit! (We have been having temps in the 3 digits for over three weeks where I live...) "Rock On" Nut people! I'm lovin' your products!"
Jul 2014 -- Crinn, Selah, WA

"Speedy delivery, the freshest, tastiest products and an amazing "nut-a-licious" t-shirt! I tell you, what more could I ask for?!?! I am IN LOVE with!"
Jul 2014 -- betsy, syracuse, ny

":) always happy to receive the nutty box ji ji .specially if it comes with a nutty surprise! I loved the organic dried mango and my kids loved the goodies! thank you for the speed delivery as always and the excellent customer service."
Jul 2014 -- Katty, HSV, AL

"It arrived TY everything looks great"
Jul 2014 -- Roberta, Tacoma, WA

"AS ALWAYS - Great Merchandise, Excellent Customer Service, Fast Delivery- 101+%. It definitely doesn't get any better than this !"
Jul 2014 -- George, Bryson City, NC

"During the second week of June, I became a raw food eater. I steam the beans so I don't break my teeth. Your mixed nuts are super; I mix pepitas and sunflower seeds and some evoo. I really like the spirulina and will be ordering the kale/spirulina crunch with my next order:)"
Jul 2014 -- Del, Green Bay, wi.

"I am definitely hooked. This is the 2nd. time that I have ordered from you and both times the items were received the day after ordering. Besides nuts I purchased some candy. The Jelly Beans are delicious--nice and fresh, so were the hard candies. Can't wait to try more items! :)"
Jul 2014 -- Ruth, Woodstock, Ct.

"I got my Jumbo Raw Peanuts the next day. What a nice surprise after a long, hard day at work. Got them on right now. Wow...I've never seen peanuts this size. They are Humongous. I can't wait till they are done. I'm ordering more cause these won't last long...Thank you."
Jul 2014 -- Teresa, Union, South Carolina

"My father is 94 years old this month. He is very hard to buy for. He doesn't need another shirt or aftershave. has solved the problem for me. He loves the assortment of nuts that I send him. When I send him this I know it will be a welcoming gift that he will start eating right away. It won't be put on a shelf like other gifts. I have sent your nuts to my father, brother and friends as a great gift that is always welcomed. Thank you for the high quality of your product. I can't believe how fast the delivery time is. Thanks for solving my problem of what to buy "hard to buy for people"."
Jul 2014 -- Pat, Thompson, CT

"Wonderful FAST service!!"
Jul 2014 -- Jean, Paradise, CA

"Greetings! It was a pleasure ordering from you and even though I won't be able to see the pleasure in my gift to the Oasis Parrots enjoying their treats, I know they will love their nuts :) Thank you for helping me treat these wonderful souls! The promptness in filling my order and delivery was phenomenal! Blessings, Kathy"
Jul 2014 -- Kathy, Crescent Springs, Kentucky

"I was the stunned recipient who received a five lb package of your honey roasted sunflower seeds, they were phenomenal! Even the packaging was awesome. You won for yourself a customer in me. Thanks nut family."
Jul 2014 -- kelly, reedsburg, wi

"So far so good! Can't wait to try it as an iced coffee."
Jul 2014 -- Patti, Riverton, WY

"After paying a fortune for moringa at zija I thought I would try it bulk and found your site. It has been great, the only problem is I want to order all your products. Just a hint moringa taste is bad, Mix it with water and mio (flavors water) I put a tablespoon of spirulina for a healthy morning drink."
Jul 2014 -- Bill, Newberg, Oregon

"I received my fennel seed today. It looks great. I am very happy with the product and how quickly it was delivered. I will be checking out your site again to see what other goodies you have. Thanks so much, Mary"
Jul 2014 -- mary, elmira, ny

"Love the products - unsurpassed quality. Priced affordably. Delivered exactly on time. What more could I ask for??"
Jul 2014 -- Cathie, Goodrich, MI

Jul 2014 -- Kaitlyn Santanasto, Fayetteville , NC

Jul 2014 -- Kaitlyn Santanasto, Fayetteville , NC

"You have the fastest service around. love love this company. Thanks for the samples with every order."
Jul 2014 -- Esther Yoder, Lancaster, PA

"Have been happy with all the nuts from Love the freshness and the rezipping, stand-up bags. This month's order: 1 pound each Raw Almonds, Walnut Pieces, Brazil nuts, Sliced Natural Almonds & Slivered Almonds. These have all become staples in our house."
Jul 2014 -- Elizabeth, Beaufort, NC

"I just wanted to thank you for such prompt service. Within the blink of an eye, I was sent my tracking number. I will return for your great selection and service. Once again, thank you!"
Jul 2014 -- Kelly, Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

"Packaged arrived on time, well packaged and requested goods in nice packaging - may be a little to nutty to throw away... there was also a tasty treat to be getting on with before I move onto the ordered goodies. Thanks Guys!"
Jul 2014 -- Tony, traverse City, MI

"Thank you so much guys ^^ always come so fast <3 thanks"
Jul 2014 -- Mi, El Monte, CA

"Fast delivery the product nice and fresh and delicious Definitely I would buy from again...... Thank you"
Jul 2014 -- Magdalena , Tampa, Fl

"Great packaging and SUPER fast delivery. VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Belinda, Southfield, MI

"Arrived as indicated and the product is as described. Thanks so much."
Jul 2014 -- Caryl, Oak Bluffs, MA

"Great products and service!"
Jul 2014 -- Harold, Richmond, CA

"I used your sugar covered peanuts, and rainbow nonpareils, among other things I ordered from you, to complete my candy buffet at my daughters first birthday party. I gotta tell you my guests loved your candy. They are even asking me where did I get them from. I gave all of them your web address. I was satisfied with your company from beginning to end. Thanks!!!"
Jul 2014 -- aracelie, sayreville, nj

"Thank you, your products are wonderful. The quality of the cashews is top shelf"
Jul 2014 -- annie farrell, oxford, ms

"I followed in my father's tradition making hot garlic dill pickles. I ran out of my pickling spices. I looked on the internet and found I ordered 5 lbs. (this was a lot; it will last me till I die) Delivery was very fast. Beautiful box and packaging. Great follow-up to let me know package had arrived at my office. Hope the pickling spices work wonders on my cucumbers. Look forward to eating them. Lewis Weiss"
Jul 2014 -- Lewis Weiss, Germantown, TN

"I bought fruit pectin from you. Great product at a good price, top that off with lightning fast service & you folks are the GREATEST!"
Jul 2014 -- charles, TULLOS, LA

"Order arrived right on time in expert packaging. (Waiting for upcoming event to measure guests' enthusiasm for contents :-) )"
Jul 2014 -- W. Eva, Spotsylvania, VA

"Jeffrey and all the other Nuts, you guys are amazing. Nobody ever told me that a package had been delivered in all my vast history of mail ordering. Everything looks great, but the gummy bears are truly the best on the planet. Trying the coconut flakes on homemade coconut ice cream tonight, and the chia will be in use soon (because I love chia tapioca pud, now with some cacao nibs and goji berries). I'll be back soon and tell all my friends."
Jul 2014 -- Mary Lee, DeLand, Florida

"Ordered two pounds Jordan Almonds for our son-in-law's birthday. The nuts arrived as promised on the exact day. Our daughter's description of her husband's reaction: "I have never seen him so excited about a food gift ever. He's happy. Oh so happy." Thanks,, for quality products, quality service, on-time delivery."
Jul 2014 -- Brian, Orlando, Florida

"Great delivery and product. No surprise little gift this time is that for first time buyers."
Jul 2014 -- william, rochester, New York

"I ordered candy from in a dire emergency situation after first ordering the same candy from a local gift basket shop. The owner there grossly underestimated the actual amount I would need for party favors (by approximately 5 pounds)! They were needed ASAP and were delivered early the next morning after I phoned in my order. Now, I will go to for all party favor needs. They even sent a little something extra! Thanks"
Jul 2014 -- Gayle, Clarks Summit , Pa

"So excited and pleased. I was sad the shipping was so expensive and will only order if I have lots to order. It was like getting a Christmas pkg !!!! Thanks for the almonds :)"
Jul 2014 -- Cindy, Cabot, Ar

"My fiancé and I started our Whole30 Paleo cleanse a few days ago and I was getting a little overwhelmed at how much making the switch was going to cost. But Juli Bauer recommended in her paleo cookbook so I checked it out...thank goodness! Less than 24 hours after I ordered them, I received all the pecans, hazelnuts, and walnuts (and a free bonus bag of almonds--yay!) that I needed to stock our fridge with healthy yummy goodness! I went right to work putting them all to good use. As of right now, there are soaked/dried nuts, nut meal, nut milks, and nut butter lining the shelves inside the door of my fridge. I loved the cute little email I received on the day they were delivered, too. seems like a really fun company. I'll definitely be using them for all my future nutty needs!"
Jul 2014 -- Kryssi, Framingham, MA

"I loved the honey candied nuts and the pink malt balls they are GREAT! The service is FAST! Thank you!"
Jul 2014 -- Chris, Odon, IN

"Unbelievable. I ordered from you just in time for my order to be processed same day. And it arrived today...the next day!!! Did you have a drone deliver it? And I reordered chia seeds and pumpkin seeds, shelled. Always fresh, well packed and delivered with happy messages. Best place to shop on line...easy web sites for completing my order. Many happy thanks."
Jul 2014 -- Rita, Raleigh, NC

"Super I love everything"
Jul 2014 -- Maria dolores , San Diego , Ca

"These bananas are so delish!! I have to control myself from devouring them. Thank you so much!!"
Jul 2014 -- Jane, Hermosa beach, Ca

"Je commande chez à cause de la fraicheur de leurs produits, tout ce que j'ai acheté jusqu'à présent a été impeccable. Le mélange de noix grillés suprême est vraiment A1, on ne parle pas de beaucoup de peanuts avec quelques cashew, amandes, pacanes, pistaches, etc. c'est vraiment un mélange à part égales. Que dire des bâtonnets de sésame, miam miam, il faut les essayer. Thanks for the little extra."
Jul 2014 -- Christian, Laval, Canada

"It came in great condition! Although I'm a little sad the chocolate still got melted by the time I got home to check the mail, but it can't be helped, desert weather is at fault."
Jul 2014 -- Bettina, Las Vegas, Nv

"I purchased unsalted sunflower seeds on July 01,2014, I used regular shipping and handling and delivering date was scheduled for July 07, 2014. I Received the packaged on July 03,2014. I was amazed I loved the box, I loved the seeds even more. I am so satisfied with my seeds they are so fresh very tasty, my whole family loves them too. Thank you for your great service."
Jul 2014 -- Mark, Rhoadesville , Verginia

"Your nuts are good and all, but the pesto mix, WOW, yum! If you could just flavor each type of nut like this I would be happy."
Jul 2014 -- Guest, Vancouver, BC

"I'm addicted to your butter mints. I shared them with family and friends and two bags are gone in a few hours, so I already have to order more. The price is reasonable and the shipment is very fast. Thank you, Luann"
Jul 2014 -- Luann, Copiague, NY

"Your customer service is beyond wonderful which is one of the many reasons why I keep coming back and recommended your site to others!! The decaf vanilla chai is the best that I have ever had and will be on my list for every order. I also get things to send to my husband to send while he is deployed as he loves your products as well! Continue to keep up the great work ;)"
Jul 2014 -- Amy, Adams, MA

"I have been ordering from for quite some time. The prices can't be beat and the shipping is reasonable and fast. I just ordered some chocolates. I received the order on a day that the temperature was in the 90's and this box sat for several hours on the porch. The way nuts packaged the chocolates in my order they arrived just fine, not a single one was stuck to the other. I love and intend to continue to order from here as long as they and I exist."
Jul 2014 -- Amy, Alder Lake, WA

"I purchased a lb of raw cinnamon and received that and more. It came in a resealable zip lock bag, with some pretty cool graphics from the Nuts folks. Cool! Very Cool!! Fast delivery and timely emails that kept me informed all the way throught the process from ordering to final delivery. I now have a new place I plan to do regular business with, and to share with family and friends."
Jul 2014 -- Bruce, Countryside, IL

"You guys are nuts. Crazy fast delivery. I need to get a batch of chutney ready for the weekend and you guys delivered! I checked retail today and I paid a premium for a superior product with you guys, I could have gone with a lesser grade raisin at the expense of my customers. Thanks, JohnG"
Jul 2014 -- John, Raleigh, NC

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