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"The salted nuts are wonderful and the banana peanut butter yes yes yes I love it! Hahahaha I will be ordering more for myself and my father in MN."
Jun 2012 -- Daniel, Lafayette, LA

"Just got mine in my order and tried it out today. Absolutley delicious! It is as one put it - Heaven in a jar. So natural and fresh tasting, the ingredients speak for themselves. I can't wait to try my cherry vanilla peanut butter now!"
Jun 2012 -- Rob, Dartmouth, Canada

"Awesome! I LOVE the organic cashew butter! My kids love the organic chocolate peanut butter! Customer for LIFE."
Apr 2012 -- Shawn Lewis, Antioch, CA

"That was quick! Love the banana peanut butter and all the flours came beautifully packaged!"
Mar 2012 -- Sherry, Williamstown, NJ

"Whoop whoop!! Just received my package containing the 5 jars of banana peanut butter and I've already had me two heapin tablespoons!! I found this product about 4 years ago at the Atlanta home and garden show and have been looking for it for quiet sometime I finally was needin me a bpb samich and started googling until I finally found y'all!!! Thanks so much for the complimentary dried mixed berries too!!"
Feb 2012 -- Megan, Jasper, Ga

"Just got my first peanut butter order yesterday. Yum! It is soooo good. I am so glad I found your web site. I plan to be a regular customer."
Oct 2011 -- Olivia, Fort Worth, TX

"As always....fast & fabulous. Ollie (aka Mom) LOVED the banana peanut butter & the Mochi Rice Cakes.....as I knew she would! Thanks for the ginger (love it!). You all ROCK!! April"
Oct 2011 -- April, Tewksbury, MA

"Wow i just received my banana peanut butter and was so exited to try it and as i expected it was great actually it far exceeded my expectations thanks so much"
Aug 2011 -- Teresa, Salem, Indiana

"I got my jar in the mail Saturday and have already had three Banana Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches and have had two bowls of Extreme Moose Tracks with Banana Peanut Butter mixed in and Jackson Vanilla Wafers with Banana Peanut Butter. I am in HEAVEN!!"
Jul 2011 -- Brandi, Sherwood, AR

"You never fail to surprise me with your delivery. Super fast. Products are unsurpassed in quality and freshness. Keep up the great work and products. I am forever a customer and recommend you highly to all my friends and family. Thanks again, Mary."
Jun 2011 -- Mary, Everett, MA

"The P.B. dark chocolate butter and sweet potato butter are out of this world! Thank you! I will pass along the word for sure!"
Apr 2011 -- Lisa

"Wow! Fast delivery and fresh products! I am impresssed! Thanks!"
Mar 2011 -- Mark B Sproles, Indiana

"fast delivery great product loved the peanut packing and the funny email telling me my package was at the door!"
Mar 2011 -- Louise, kirkwood, mo

"Your Banana Peanut Butter is my favorite. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches again at age 61 because of this particular peanut butter and your delicious jellies that I can purchase to combine for a variety of sandwiches. I have found that I can make peanut or almond butters smooth easily onto sliced bread by simply placing it in the microwave for one minute."
Mar 2011 -- Joy, Rome, GA

"Heaven in a jar!"
Mar 2011 -- Patricia H, Hawthorne, NJ

"Wow- the shipment arrived fast and fresh as can be! Everything we've tried is tasty and organic - and we plan to buy gifts for family & friends next time! Very pleased with FedEx & shipping - and your great sense of humor! Very Yummy - chocolate peanut butter - who knew?! Good value too!"
Feb 2011 -- Linda, Cottonwood, AZ

"I LOVE Nutsonline! I have referred many family and friends who have also purchased from nutsonline... and they are very happy too. There are so many organic and raw products to choose from... and gluten free too. And they have been adding more. The 'Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter' is SO great! I love putting it on bananas, cake, chocolate, ice cream... or just having a spoonful by itself. Mmmmmmmm..."
Feb 2011 -- Lisa, Gotha, FL

"Awesome products....I am a repeat customer...FOR LIFE."
Jan 2011 -- Leticia, Carlsbad, Ca

"Love, Love, Love this company! I cannot say enough good things about this website and this company. I order gifts every Christmas. The only way ordering and shipping to multiple addresses could get any easier is if they were sitting here making the decisions about what to order and typing for me! Keep up the good work."
Dec 2010 -- Rebecca B. Brusky, Houston, TX

"What a great product! No jelly needed and the flavor is addictive! I only wish I could find it locally."
Jul 2010 -- Jodi, suwanee, ga

"The best choice for a healthy breakfast!"
Apr 2010 -- daniela, lynn, ma

"Probably the best tasting banana flavored peanut butter I've ever had(yes, there are quite a few if you look for them, lol). The peanuts they use are what does it, I think, and the banana tastes "real", not artificial, it doesn't have that aftertaste that's so noticeable in "flavored" products. Fantastic, I'm certain that this won't go very long empty in my house."
Apr 2010 -- "King" Brian, Central, NJ

"This is some good stuff! It doesn't have that "artificial flavor" taste to it, and the peanuts they use are particularly tasty, so overall it's a real tasting, good for you snack that I know I'LL be buying again. KingBrian"
Apr 2010 -- Brian

Showing 1 - 23 of 23 reviews

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