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"My first - but definitely not last order. The veggie & fruit chips were the hit of a family get together yesterday - almost eclipsing my special stuffed eggplant. I can tell that NOT eating them till they are all gone will be a problem. Delivery was unbelievably speedy, too! Keep up the good work, guys."
Sep 2009 -- Jessica, Huntington, NY

"I just got the veggie chips. On time of course. OMG they are so YUMMY, I will be sending some to my husband in his next care package, he is stationed in Iraq."
Aug 2009 -- Jennfier, Rapid City, South Dakota

"After bring some of my veggie chips & green bean chips to work I now have everyone at work wanting me to order them some. Thank you they are wonderful."
Jul 2009 -- Marsha, Kansas City, Mo

"These are the best chips I've ever tasted. Be'll be eating the entire bag in one sitting!"
Jul 2009 -- Linda, West Deptford, NJ

"Sampled these before we put them in our snack pantry. Very tasty! Not really salty, which I appreciate (and so do my unswollen hands), but a touch more would be nice. Best of all, they're not at all greasy, which is my complaint with grocery store brands of chips. We'll likely be ordering these again!"
Apr 2014 -- Erin, Menlo Park, CA

"My search for healthy, calorie conscious, but still delicious snacks has found its first stop. The delicate, lightly sweetened taste of these fruits combined with their textures make for an harmonious blend that cures the afternoon munchies without spoiling dinner. Don't get me wrong - I am the first one in line when the traditional dried fruits are being served. Their flavors are bold, distinctive, and linger a while in the mouth. They are also a bit heavy and can be a meal in and of themselves! When I just want to take the edge off cravings for something crunchy and sweet, nibbling on this mix does the trick. Great job Nuts Online! :)"
Apr 2014 -- NobScob, PAC, NW

"Got the OKRA chips==YUMMMMMMMMMM, Had to hide the box from myself===really tasty. Thanks."
Apr 2014 -- Joan, Pleasanton, California

"I love, every product has been phenomenal, delivery is blazing fast. I saw an add for the Beet Chips, and the picture looked so good, I had to try them. OMG, has done it again, they are absolutely delicious, a definite alternative to Potato Chips. I bought 2 containers, and good thing because my Wife destroyed hers in 2-1/2 days, so I will have to order more very soon."
Apr 2014 -- Kam, Cambria Heights, New York

"Love the carrot chips!! My order just arrived and I already have a co-worker addicted. They are better than a potato chip because they also provide a little sweetness to the crunch. I'm going to have to learn some extreme self-control as I bought them in bulk!!"
Apr 2014 -- Kona, Columbus, Ohio

"At a friend's house last week she offered me some vegetable chips. I figured they would be sub par as so many are but no. . . your mushroom, beet and okra chips rocked my world. I loved each bite and in minutes I walked over to her computer to order some."
Apr 2014 -- Sayeeda, Frederiksted, St. Croix, VI

"Your veggie chips are the BEST! They are crisp and tasty. We had guests over and they all raved about them too. Definitely will get more!"
Apr 2014 -- Nancy, Philadelphia, PA

"Crunchy, flavorful, and just the right amount of salt. I had to stop myself from devouring the entire bag!"
Apr 2014 -- Melanie, Staten Island, New York

"The amaranth was promptly used to make cookies... and inhaled them. They are almost gone! The veggie chips.. well .. let me tell you that we got them on Friday and we barely have any and it is Monday. My husband, my 2 yo and myself loved them! THANK YOU!"
Mar 2014 -- Ana, St Louis, MO

"We Love the veggie chips! Thanks"
Mar 2014 -- Judy, Saint George , UT

"The package came fast, and the customer service was great. I love the Veggie chips, and I almost ate half a bag of the chocolate covered cacao nibs. Love the sample bags... Enabled me to try some new stuff without committing to a large amount. Thanks I will be ordering from you guys again!"
Mar 2014 -- Yocheved, Brooklyn, ny

Mar 2014 -- Stephanie, merrick, ny

"I love the veggie chips, my kid likes them too. I also love the sea salt and vinegar kale chips. is my new favorite page!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Lesley, carlsbad, nm

"I just received my order. Both my husband and I are absolutely thrilled with the veggie chips - they are DELICIOUS. We had to control ourselves not to eat the whole container. I can really recommend them."
Mar 2014 -- Cecilia, Edmonds, WA

"OMG! In exactly 24 hours my goodies arrived! I'm sampling everything right now. I love the monkey munch. It's great! The whole wheat fruit bars are yummy! Astronaut ice cream sandwiches are so good. Heck, everything is yummy in my tummy! My staple are my beet chips! Thanks you for making me a happy customer! God bless!"
Mar 2014 -- Lani, Long Island, NY

"Your veggie chips are the best I ever had and are highly addictive! I'd be even happier if you could make a similar product that is not fried."
Mar 2014 -- Sharyn , Phelan, CA

"Wow I am really impressed with your service! I placed an order on Friday late afternoon, the order arrived the following Tuesday morning, all the way to Canada, Montreal!!! Thank you so very much for the delicious berries sample! I ordered 24 items, everything arrived well packaged, fresh and delicious! Among favourites right now are okra chips, astronaut ice cream, candies, and still lots of things left to open. Thank you so much for your exceptional service, I wish more businesses were like you!"
Mar 2014 -- Rimma, Montreal, Quebec

"Incredibly fast shipping. Thank you. The veggie chips are incredible. I don't even feel guilty snacking on them before bed because they are healthy, right? I made apple crisp with the almond flour and it was so good. It was very fresh. Can't wait to try the brownie mix and the chocolate cake mix. You are my new go to place for all my baking needs."
Mar 2014 -- Patty, Campbelltown, PA

"You have once again outdone yourselves! Your service is impeccable. I don't know how you get your products out so quickly but everyone else should take notice!! And the dried mulberries and veggie chips?...HEAVEN!! Thanks for Another great experience!"
Mar 2014 -- Nancy, Mahwah, NJ

"Just received my order and oh my goodness!!! The plantain chips, coconut chips and banana chips are to die for! Fresh products indeed! I can't wait to dive into the other yummy goods I received!!! Keep it up party people!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Margaret, Los Angeles, Ca

"Hello, Nut Gang! I just received my sampler package of nuts. It came on the day specified and I am pleased with all the samples! The veggie chips are the bomb! Had a similar treat at our Az state fair 15/20 yrs ago. You brought them back. Thank you! Will be a repeat ordering nutster!"
Mar 2014 -- Jayne, Phoenix , Az

"O.M.G. I just got my package. I just tried the corn nuts, salt & vinegar kale chips, plantain chips, chili mango and the veggie chips. They are delicious!!! and I just love colorful baggies they come in. Can't wait to buy some more. :D Thank you."
Mar 2014 -- Lorena Rivera, Mission Viejo, CA

"I love ordering from The times I've ordered my snacks were super fresh, and came super fast. They even throw in samples with your order. Love this place!"
Feb 2014 -- Christina, Hiawatha, Iowa

"I received my first order from yesterday and I have to join in with every other review I have read.....I couldn't be happier! Everything I ordered is quality and top notch! I got a sample size of the veggie chips and my husband & I were amazed at how good they taste. I've tried other veggie chips that are not even in the same league as these. I've already order 2 more bags. The barley, figs, pumpkin seeds, gourmet fruit slices, and (oh my!) the crystallized ginger is the best I have ever tasted. The gift of Jumbo Medjool Dats that you sent will definitely be a future order. Thank you for GREAT PRODUCTS and SERVICE! By the way, I received my first order yesterday, sent you another order last night and I'm already planning my next order. I am planning to eat and taste my way all through your website! One more thing, I LOVE the sample sizes. It allows me to try more of your products."
Feb 2014 -- Pam, N. Chesterfield, Virginia

"I Just got another delivery today. Very prompt, as usual. I thought from now on, I'd try something different every time I order my pumpkin seeds. WOW, I ordered the Veggie Chips, not knowing what to expect, and they are soooooo delicious! Amazing how good vegetables can taste. EVERYONE, you got to try these. You won't be disappointed. It was also very nice to find a extra gift tucked in with my order. Looking forward to trying another hidden gem from your menu. Love you guys."
Feb 2014 -- Angela, Treasure Island, Fl

"Another order has landed on my porch and I have another great big bag of veggie chips. They are so good that I will have to start weighing them in order not to make a pig of myself again. LOVE LOVE everything I have ordered from you nutty guys."
Feb 2014 -- Maxi, Morton , IL

"These are like a substitute for pretzels- great flavor and texture. I would love these even if I wasn't grain-free"
Feb 2014 -- Samantha, hershey, pa

"I got this free sample from Nuts. I'm not a big chip eater, but it's nearly impossible to not finish an entire container. I LOVE these chips! They are so tasty and have such a great crunch. These are yummy vegetables chips."
Feb 2014 -- jessica, arcadia, ca

"First off, the packaging is ADORABLE ON MY COUNTER. My entire office staff was staring at the box when it came and everyone just remarked on how cute and loud that box screamed!! and the okra chips all came INTACT AND UNBROKEN!!!! That's a first for me because I've gotten okra chips elsewhere and never had them in anything but tiny bits and pieces!!! AND EVERYTHING TASTED SO FRESH. I can't believe your grandfather opened a nut shop and it became THIS. I LOVE IT."
Feb 2014 -- Shirley, Brookings, OREGON

"Super fast shipping! and all the items i purchased tasted great! I was so happy to find sweet potato chips that were sold separately and a bubble milk tea mix."
Feb 2014 -- Kimberly, NY, NY

"I first tried the veggie mix and it was SOOO TASTY! Had to snatch up some carrots and they're my new favorite snack. I'm absolutely loving the samples I'm getting with my orders, too. Never had dried pears before and I'm so glad I get to try them! Shipping is fast and I adore the cute boxes they come in. Very happy with everything so far :)"
Jan 2014 -- Kristina, Brentwood, TN

"I ordered these dried strawberries along with dried kiwi, blue potato chips, sea salt bagel chips, cheddar pretzels, and soy beans. The order arrived within 2 business days! They even included a free sample of dried apricots with my purchase! Everything tastes amazing! The dried fruit does have added sugar but they were perfect to have as a little snack throughout the day. I cannot wait to make my next purchase! I am so happy to have found this company!"
Jan 2014 -- Kami, Boston, MA

"Another superb product. Everyone loves these. The flavor is fantastic and true to the veggie you are eating. Don't bother with the 12 oz package, you'll eat it in one day. Go for the bigger quantities. You won't be disappointed."
Jan 2014 -- vicki, HOWELL, Michigan

"Thank you for shipping my order so quickly! I loved all my snacks. Also thank you for the free sample that you included with my order. So very kind of you!"
Jan 2014 -- Debra, Kansas City metro, KS

"The fastest I have ever gotten a package. The plantains are amazing as well as the ginger. The packaging is adorable and the box made me laugh. I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks I love your site!!!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Natalie, Smithtown, Ny

"I loved these beet chips, Soooo glad I tried them. I am a big fan of fresh beets and beet greens...but not so much canned or pickled beets (they usually spoil before I can consume a whole can)."
Jan 2014 -- DKMC, west, TX

"I am such a wimp trying new "healthy" food but the veggie chips are wonderful, the kale with vinegar and sea salt tasted like a broccoli casserole I make, I have no idea why but it was good. But I also like just about everything I have ordered this was my 5th order with 13 items and honestly everything was good. Thank you so much for getting everything to me so fast. Yummy!"
Jan 2014 -- Tami, Greenville, NC

"Customer service is the best. Quick and fast delivery. Of everything I order my personal favorite are the fruit chips. But everything is great from"
Jan 2014 -- Kareem, Hempstead, NY

"They are awesome! I love them and eat them like potato chips. Extremely tasty and satisfying!"
Jan 2014 -- Lisa, Wausau, Wisconsin

"Great fresh products at reasonable prices. This time I ordered my usual curry cashews, but added a few newbies like Dried Currants, Veggies chips (which I finished within 1 hour of opening the box!), and Hibiscus flowers. The shipping is always surprisingly fast."
Jan 2014 -- Natasha, Hagerstown, MD

"I tried the Veggie Chips for the first time, and they are great. Who needs regular chips, when you can eat a delicious and healthy snack like this. And, of course, they come with the usual superior customer service and fast delivery."
Jan 2014 -- Bill, Charlottesville, VA

"I ordered Veggies Chips for my husband And he loves them!! Ate a container in one day! Plan to order more for him and family Thank you for the fast delivery and keeping me informed of the shipment."
Jan 2014 -- Danny, Elizabeth , NJ

"Just received my box this morning. First the box is so fun and inviting. Like a package from a friend. Then I opened the box and sampled the mulberries (fresh and sweet), veggie chips ( really good) and fruit chips (very fresh and very good). Also thanks for the free sample. I will definitely order from you again."
Jan 2014 -- valarie, sugar hill, ga

"Hey guys just want to say thank you, my plantain chips are awesome. Haven't had these since I was in Ghana four years ago. Keep up the good work!"
Dec 2013 -- Benjamin, Osan AB, KOR

"The okra chips are outstanding!"
Dec 2013 -- SUSAN, O FALLON, IL

"The okra chips are outstanding!"
Dec 2013 -- SUSAN, O FALLON, IL

"I received these veggie chips as a sample and I adore them. I could eat them all day long! and your price is good too!"
Dec 2013 -- Charlene Loftis, Newport, NY

"I was so happy to get oodles of wonderful plantain chips!!!!"
Dec 2013 -- Karen, Maine

"love the green beans and the okra. sending some out for christmas and myself!"
Dec 2013 -- jacqueline, newport news, Virginia

"These were the okra chips I've been searching for!! I will be placing another order soon - thanks for sample of veggie chips - they were awesome!"
Dec 2013 -- Valerie

"Received my first order yesterday of veggie chips, and sesame honey sticks. along with the corn chips with flax seeds. They are all wonderful.When i looked at your web site further, I found kale chips, okra chips, and some salt free items. Can't wait to decide my next order. Great products, great service. Thank you!"
Nov 2013 -- Jenna, Lawtey, FL

"I have been regularly ordering from, ever since I found out about your online store. This time I order your plantain chips, as I enjoyed them when we lived in Panama in the early 60's. And I would fix them myself in recent years. Can't wait to try them out!"
Nov 2013 -- Dave, West Columbia, SC

"This was our first order from The quality of the plantain chips was very high. They taste fresh and just the right amount of salt! The cheese sticks were perfect, too! We can't find those in our town. Thanks for the sample of chocolate covered almonds, which are one of my favorites. It was a nice touch. We will definitely order again."
Nov 2013 -- Pam, Sylvania, OH

"I am so addicted to the Carrot Chips! Crunchy, crispy, carroty goodness in every bite. I like them better than potato chips by far!"
Nov 2013 -- Krista, Amarillo, TX

"Wow. You guys sure know how to combine good marketing and great customer service! As usual, my box of goodies arrived in less than 24 hours ... everything is fresh and delish ... and I absolutely LOVE the freebie -- the Veggie Chips are amazing! I WISH I could order the 18lb case, but I guess I'll have to settle for the 3lb bag for now. THANK YOU once again for being awesome!! And nutty. :)"
Nov 2013 -- Lynn, Mount Airy, MD

"I love the veggie chips! They are delicious. Thank you for the fast shipping and excellent products!"
Nov 2013 -- Heidi, Ft. Collins, CO

"The okra chips is soooo delicious, I can"t stop eating, I am diabetic and eating this okra chips, than junk snack around the house now. Highly recommended and very very fast shipping. Thank You You make me healthy. God Bless"
Nov 2013 -- Manny, Clinton, Maryland

"The veggie chips were just like some other nut said they... DELICIOUS! Okay, the best we've ever had... there, are you happy? WE ARE!"
Oct 2013 -- jared, huntignton beach, ca

"Thanks for the speedy service, the terrific nuts, and the nice extra. The wasabi veggie chips are quite addictive!"
Oct 2013 -- Becky, Cottage Grove, WI

"The wasabi veggie chips are to die for! The only bad thing is that it's so hard to stop eating them!"
Oct 2013 -- Linda, Carrollton, Tx

"Yep this site is addicting, wonderful products, super fast shipping. This is how a business should be run, I ordered late Wednesday afternoon and the colorful package arrived Thursday! Now how is that for service? Everyone loves the veggie chips. The toasted fava beans are amazing, All the dried fruit I have tried is great, It nice to find more unusual items and try something new. Thanks again and all you wonderful hard working employees."
Oct 2013 -- Maria, MA

"Yea! I received my mangos, pineapples, xanthan gum and wasabi veggies. My mouth is on fire from the wasabi and I like it! The pineapples are yummy yummy yummy and I'm so glad I ordered from you. The next best thing about my order is the packaging and fun family story on the back. I don't want to put the packages in the pantry cause they brighten up my kitchen counter. Fun stuff. Thanks.... barb felts"
Oct 2013 -- barb, shoreline, wa

"Absolutely crazy about!!! We ordered okra chips and they are amazing! We placed the order on Friday and received them on Tuesday - two days before they were due to arrive!! Excellent customer service!!"
Oct 2013 -- Cam, Woodward, Oklahoma

"I couldn't wait to eat the okra chips. They are absolutely delicious. The veggie chips were a nice and delightful surprise too. You will definitely be hearing from me again. THANKS!!!!"
Oct 2013 -- Flo, Washington, DC

"i just love your vegetable chips there great .i have ordered in the past and i will order again tks so much connie"
Oct 2013 -- connie d fleming, beckley, wva

"So happy that I found my nut family...been looking for u nuts for a long time. You guys really rock with such quick delivery and fantastic products..I'll never leave u guys and will invite my friends. The plantain chips and macadamia nuts..cracker meal..are soo good thanks see u soon..."
Oct 2013 -- Nancy, flushing, ny

"Was looking for a freeze dried okra chip for a bar snack and the delivery I got from was exactly what I was looking for. Fast shipping and a great product. Will definitely be ordering these from in the future."
Sep 2013 -- Gayle, Nashville, TN

"I ordered dried mango, wasabi veggie chips and pumpkin seeds. I already left my review for the fast service as well as the taste and the quality of the mango and pumpkin seeds but I had to come back again for wasabi chips because I opened it 15 minutes ago and I am having now. I have to say this. This is THE BEST CHIPS that I ever had in my entire life ( I am 37 year old:) This was my first order from I happened to find the link of their site when looking for a dried mango. I am looking around their website now and I am absolutely ordering some other things and absolutely more veggie chips and many more!! Love their products!! Thank you! Nuts.Com!!! I think you are artisans of earth's foods! Thank you!"
Sep 2013 -- Sunmin, Jersey City, NJ

"Oh my goodness...the fruit chips are amazing...the honey dew melon is my favorite.. But they all taste great. This along with the great customer service will keep me a client for ever."
Sep 2013 -- Johnnie , Loxahatchee , FL

"I've been in love with you all for a few years now. I used to know you as NutsOnLine! Anyway, you keep adding and adding to your inventory, but you won't hear me complaining. What grabbed me first was your awesome service. I love knowing that I can place an order and viola ... 2 days later it shows up. Perfect! What I'd like to sing praises for at this time are the beet chips. BEST. CHIPS. EVER. I really mean it. They are just the perfection combination of sweet and salty. Don't EVER lose them!"
Sep 2013 -- Cher, Vincennes , IN

"Your products are Simply Amazing! I received my shipment right on time..I think you guys are WONDERFUL!!"
Sep 2013 -- Sheila, Starkville, MS

"Absolutely incredible!!! I placed my order yesterday just before 6pm and this morning it was on my doorstep!!!! The sweet pepper chips are amazing. Also tried the assorted energy squares......yummy:). I have been ordering from you nuts for a while now and have never been disappointed. You rock:):)!!!"
Sep 2013 -- Diane, Ludlow, MA

"Veggie Chips! WOW! WOW! I'm in love OMG"
Sep 2013 -- Kathy, Hamilton Sq, NJ

"These are the best veggie chips I've ever had. Even my kids love it. Excellent snack!"
Sep 2013 -- Awilda, Saddle Brook, NJ

"The Sweet Pepper Chips are amazing. I made a dip by mixing together Greek yogurt, ranch dressing mix, and parmesan cheese and it is perfect for these yummy, crunchy healthy chips."
Sep 2013 -- Kathleen, Gloucester, MA

"I just received my package and I love it soooo much. This is my second order from which is only a week later from my first order. Veggie chips were fresh and crispy I had to reorder 3 pounds more, organic muesli was so delicious, and almond flour I used on my macaron turned out to be fabulous. I basically love everything I got such as gojiberry, mulberry, granola, figs, date, cacao nibs among many other things. The raw sampler pack is absolutely great and all the powders in the sampler are going to be on my next order. Thanks for the gift you include which is always a great pleasure. I want to try everything that's on the website and I am pretty sure it all will be great. Thanks again for your outstanding service and products. I love you all Nuts family. :)"
Aug 2013 -- Jeong, Tucson, AZ

" is AWESOME! Packaging is sooooooooo cute! Fast shipment! Opened blue potato chips and they were yum! Spicy miso kale is not spicy at all (or i just haven't had the ones that have more spicy miso), and it is a little bit salty (for me) but it's normal for miso! You guys are awesome! <3"
Aug 2013 -- Kai-kai, CHINO HILLS, CA

"I cater supported bicycle tours for Adventure Cycling (based in Missoula, Mt.) I feed an average of 400 people each summer for 6 days on a tour: they LOVE the products that I have been serving them from! The Chia squares are a huge hit, as are the dates and the veggie chips. I am so thankful that I found! Thank you, thank you! You have helped many a cyclist peddle the last hill."
Aug 2013 -- Katherine, Lake Stevens, WA

"I love my chips. They are the best and I will certainly reorder when ready. I appreciate a company that keeps up with their shipped product to make sure it arrived. Thank you"
Aug 2013 -- Ann, Detroit, MI

"I love! This is my second time ordering from them, and each time the shipping has been great. They have exceptional customer service. The packaging was very cute and colorful. I ordered the mushroom chips, cranberry granola kale chips, dried strawberries, and coconut flour. All the items were fresh. The mushroom chips were good, the Kale chips were okay. The strawberries were delicious."
Aug 2013 -- Keyonna, Shreveport, Louisiana

"Today I received my order of Okra Chips and immediately shared them with all my coworkers. These things are magical! Thank you for the great product and great service. Ya'll may be nutty, but you are top banana in my book!"
Aug 2013 -- Andrew, San Francisco, CA

"Grrreat! The veggie chips came along as a surprise sample with another item that was ordered. After trying them out for the first time, I will be ordering them as a regular snack."
Aug 2013 -- Andrea, Ft. Washington, MD

"Was so excited to get the okra and kale and the surprise mixed berries. I love your products and will keep ordering. Yea!!!!patti"
Aug 2013 -- Patti, Azle, Tx

"My parents are the pickiest of eaters but when I bought the dried veggies, dried fruit, and mushroom chips - they absolutely raved about them! Great job,!"
Aug 2013 -- Connie, St. Paul, MN

"Oh my goodness! I ordered the vegetable chips on a whim and they are soooo addicting! I just received my first shipment today (which got here in a week to Afghanistan) and I am already going to place another order!"
Aug 2013 -- Renee Stone, Bagram, Afghanistan

"Just received my first order ! WOW! I am definitely WOW'd!!! I tasted the honey dates, the veggie chips, Kale Chips ..... all delicious .... I have never ever tasted anything like these fantastic fun snacks. The colors are so appealing to look at. Presentation / packaging is original & creative! When I got it all out of the box and on the counter I felt like I had just arrived at a party!!!!! I will be placing another order very soon. Thank you so very much"
Aug 2013 -- joan, pismo beach, ca

"Loving every bite! Very fast shipping and wonderful food. I'm a Southerner and love my okra but have never eaten it dried! So good even a Yankee will gobble it up! The veggie chips are crispy with a touch of natural sweetness. Thanks for the sample of the dried berries! Brilliant marketing on your part because I will definitely be ordering more."
Aug 2013 -- Lynn, Holly Pond, AL

"I was so excited when I received my order! I no longer have to go from store to store looking for Okra Chips, and the samples I order were great! You have a full time customer now. Thank you for delighting my tongue palette."
Aug 2013 -- Gloria, St Louis, MO

"Sent some veggie chips overseas to our service member and they absolutely flipped over them. We will continue to provide these and other products from to our troop. Thanks, for your excellent product and service!"
Jul 2013 -- Victoria, Ocala, Florida

"I bought some of these and I can't put them down. I don't need any other type of chip now."
Jul 2013 -- Ami, Bothell, WA

"Oh my Goodness!!! I'm Nutty for!!! Everything was so yummy. The dried strawberries and veggie chips are to die for!!! I just put in my second order. Can't wait!! Love u Nuts"
Jul 2013 -- Natoya, Millington, Tennessee

"Thanks once again for your speedy service. I love the veggie chips, garlic bagel chips, and the sesame sticks. Thanks for the gift of the berry mix-really good. I entered your contest for the peaches sounded delish. Rita"
Jul 2013 -- Rita, Red Wing, Mn 55066

"The shipment ordered yesterday has arrived! I tried the plantain chips and had a hard time to stop eating them. They are so good! I cannot wait to try the dried mango with less sugar. It is too bad that I forgot to add the free custom trail mix with my order. Thank you!"
Jul 2013 -- Brigitte, Lebanon , NJ

"Received some as a sample with my order, and had to order some immediately. These are so "more-ish" and good. You can't go wrong with these and the taste is fabulous! Another great product from Your guys rock! :-)"
Jul 2013 -- Deborah, Shepherd, Texas

"Just received our order of BBQ veggie chips and LOVE them! All I can say is WOW! I will be ordering those again, maybe sooner than later, since everyone can not keep their hands off of them! I have ordered numerous items and they are all great! I always look forward to your packages because they are so fun and it is like Christmas when they get here!"
Jul 2013 -- Donna, Jacksonville , FL

"Be very careful with the veggie chips. Portion them out before you sit down to eat. Otherwise, you will eat the whole bag!!! These are the best thing since sliced bread....light, crunchy, tasty, guilt free...and good for you. I will never eat a potato chip again!"
Jul 2013 -- Mary Ann, Franklin, NC

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