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"The order came next day just like you said. The pumpkin seeds were enormous and just the right amount of salt. Great Deal Thanks"
May 2009 -- Aaron, Bronx, NY

"I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your products. I have been ordering them for the past few years and can not find any thing quite like all of your goodies as I do here at Nuts online. I love your salted and non salted pumpkin seeds and mix them so there just right for me. Thank you for all of your wonderful products!!"
Apr 2009 -- sharon, Belvidere, Il.

"I have been eating pumpkin seeds off and on all my life. I really like them. Buying from you saves me a lot of money. My regular store just raised the price again. Besides, yours is a lot bigger and last longer. I will be ordering again soon. Thanks"
Mar 2009 -- Barbara, Central City, Ky

"WOW!!..in just 2 days I got 3 lbs of your pumpkin seeds and these are the very best ! They are the ones I remember having as a kid in the 70's!Excellent size and quality, I'll be ordering again soon,Thanks Nuts!!"
Feb 2009 -- Mark, Hasbrouck Hts, N.J.

"If you are a fan of Pumpkin Seeds, you wont regret making a purchase thru Nuts Online. I have always loved Pumpkin Seeds and over the years, I only found (1) store-bought brand which I liked and stuck with, but they were not always in stock and the cost for small, store bought pouches would get costly, so I searched the internet and found Nuts Online. I have ordered Pumpkin Seeds and Chocolate covered Cranberries on several occasions from Nuts Online and I absolutely LOVE them. The seeds are meaty and tasty, so you MUST try them from Nuts Online if you have not tried them before. They are tasty and have a crunch unlike any store brand, so try them once and you will be hooked. Thank you Nuts Online. You have a customer for life. : ' )"
Dec 2008 -- Robert

Dec 2008 -- hazeline, henderson, nevada

"wow, your pumpkin seeds are HUGE and they taste great. My wife loves them too. thanks a lot."
Dec 2008 -- Brent, Chicago, IL

"I just received my raw pumpkin seeds today. I didn't waste much time and made up a batch of my cooked pumpkin seeds. I used to have to wait for halloween until I could make them, but now I can just order them in quantity from this site. And I don't even have to get my hands dirty with pumpkin guts! I have to say that these are the fattest pumpkin seeds that I have ever tasted. I have no idea how they made them like this but these are the best pumpkin seeds I have ever needed. Great site and fantastic company!"
Nov 2008 -- James, Maple Grove, MN

"Best pumpkin seeds on the planet period! I have been munching pumpkin seeds for 50+ years and these are simply the best I have found and at a great price. I ordered on Monday afternoon and they were delivered less than 24 hours later. Impressive! Thanks!"
Nov 2008 -- Jack, Oakland, NJ

"The roasted pumpkin seeds are superb and with these it means I've had my last pumpkin seed by David. Also, delivery response could not have been better.You have gained at least one new permanent customer."
Nov 2008 -- Robert, Burnt Hills, NY

"I just received my first order from NutsOnline. I ordered the Salted and Unsalted No Shell Pumpkin Seeds. They tasted great and I will definitely order them again. I'm also looking forward to trying other products from NutsOnline. I'm very impressed with this company. I was able to choose the shipping date, the delivery was fast, the product was excellent and I received a friendly e-mail from the company as follow-up. NutsOnline receives an A+ rating from me!"
Oct 2008 -- Nancy, Ohio


"Thanks for the fast order fill and delivery. The pumpkin seeds are awesome!! I don't think 5 lbs will last long, I'll need to order more soon. Thanks again!"
Oct 2008 -- MICHAEL, Cocoa, FL

"You said the order would ship on Monday, and get here Wednesday. It did. (plus you e-mailed me each time to let me know status) The pumpkin seeds are delicious. What's not to love!!"
Aug 2008 -- Bea, Campton, NH

"Package arrived right on time. I must be nuts but you guys have the BEST pumpkin seeds I have ever found in the states. And...your butter toffee nuts are fantastic. Will be back for more."
Aug 2008 -- Fred, Lynden, WA

"I must tell you we have so very pleased with your products. My husband absolutely LOVES your pumpkin seeds and we continually order them for our home in Illinois and our residence here in Florida. Keep up the good stuff. Thanks again!!!!"
Jul 2008 -- Martha


"Received my pumpkin seeds yesterday and they are delicious. Always plan to have a bag of them here at work to snack on. Better than running to the vending machine. Thanks for a great product. Later. Larry"
Jun 2008 -- Larry, Pampa, TX

"As usual the nuts were fresh and delicious. The pumpkin seeds are my favorite and they will last me a while - I freeze one pound until I finish the first - even tho the Doc says they are not good for me - what does he know."
Jun 2008 -- Deb, Greenfield Center, NY

"Thanks for the funny emails. I love your products, especially my Pumpkin Seeds. I used to get them from my local health food store, but they started using a different distributor and the nuts are horrible! Yours are always consistently yummy. Thanks Again you Nuts!"
Jun 2008 -- Pamela, Sarasota, FL

"Your pumpkin seeds are THE BEST!! They are my nightly snack. I have tried other brands and they cannot even compare to the quality, size, and taste of yours. I just ordered some dried fruits, trail mix, and veggie chips and am looking so forward to their arrival. If the quality is anything like your pumpkin seeds, they've got to be great! HAPPY HEALTHY SNACKING!!! YUM, YUM"
Apr 2008 -- dianne, Marysville, Ohio

"I got hooked on Pumpkin seeds and supermarket prices for a 5oz bag are almost as much as a pound on here. And these are the biggest meatiest pumpkin seeds I have had. I will be buying from here from now on."
Apr 2008 -- Mark, Phila, PA

"your roasted pumpkin seeds are the best!!!!!!!!"
Feb 2008 -- kristene, modesto, ca

"WOW! I received my order today and I'm so impressed, I'm already looking for what I'll order next. My doctor recommended Pumpkin seeds to slow down my gallstone production and I couldn't find them anywhere. The seeds I received from you are fresh, lightly salted and delicious. I won't have any trouble following doctors orders, this time."
Nov 2007 -- Beth, Kissimmee, FL

"it's been 20 years since I've had pumpkin seeds as good as yours thank you for your quality and prompt delivery.Ricky V. Brockton,Ma."
Nov 2007 -- Rick

"OK! So I find Nuts Online by accident and order a 5lb bag of pumpkin seeds. They're great. I figured I got lucky so I order a second 5lb bag. Unbelievable. Now I'm in Nirvana. Just ordered 10 more lbs. I've been a lifelong pumpkin seed fanatic and these are without question the best I've ever had. Nuts Online - DON'T CHANGE A THING!!!"
Oct 2007 -- pete, carmel, ny

"I have been very happy with the product that I have received from you. The Pumpkin Seeds that have come have been the freshest I can find anywhere. I will continue to use you to get the seeds I love so much."
Jul 2007 -- Nancy, Jonesboro, Ga.

"These are the pumpkin seeds I remember growing up. I am reordering a case after going through 3lbs in less that a week. You guys are the BEST, this beats the ones in the store, hands down. I am re-addicted for life."
Feb 2007 -- Marian W Lockman

"This was my first order. The pumpkin seeds are great!!! I also ordered the mixed trail mix. it is also very good. I received my shipment within days. I highly recommend buying from this company. Thanks again."
Dec 2006 -- Anna, Murray, Utah

"I got my pumpkin seeds and they are sooooo delicious!!! I just placed my second order. They are the perfect low carb snack for low carb dieters like myself!! I have everyone at work eating them too! I am a customer for life! Thanks."
Aug 2006 -- Pam H., Longview, TX

"I agree with Mark from Colorado. Mt order arrived in 2 business days when it normally takes 3 or more. The pumpkin seeds ARE great and the service is excellent."
Dec 2005 -- Rob, Hamilton, Ohio

"These guys are great ,place an order and it ships an hour later . The pumpkin seeds are GREAT!!"

"The in-shell pumpkin seeds with 50% less salt are fantastic! They arrived faster than anticipated and they taste great! This is so much better and easier than trying to make the seeds from the pumpkin and they are not overly salty, which is the problem I've had with purchasing pumpkin seeds from anywhere else. Thank You!!"
Apr 2014 -- John, Shelby Township, MI

"My order came today and I smiled when I saw the box. It was a happy box full of happy notes. Inside were happy packages full of nuts. My main order was unsalted roasted sunflower seeds in the shell and when I tasted them, I was happy again. They were wonderful. I am a happy customer who will be reordering many times."
Apr 2014 -- Sandra, Hillsboro, nd

"So happy with our pumpkin seed powder we ordered. Very fast delivery couldn't be happier. It really does help with sleeping if anyone is curious!"
Apr 2014 -- Stacey, Beaverton, OR

"This is the first time ordered from Nuts.com & I'm very happy with all the orders. I ordered organic raw cashews, almonds, Pepitas & Chia seeds. Thank you for free sample of organic Cacao nibs! I've already told my friends to try your products."
Mar 2014 -- Song, WYCKOFF, New Jersey

"Without question the best pumpkin seeds I ever had. They are huge firm and tasty. I might add that they are priced very reasonably for the quality"
Mar 2014 -- Neil, Lantana, fl

"I love the Nuts.com website! I'm so thankful I found it. The Pumpkin Seed Powder I ordered works wonderfully for sleep. I've shared it with my husband and my cousin. I'm sharing with everyone about your great website. I'm so thankful that you're continuing your grandfather's business and legacy online. Great job!"
Mar 2014 -- Mary E. Coleman, Portland, OR

"Just received my order-it only took a few days with the standard shipping!-the cashews are big, beautiful, fresh and have the right amount of salt. The same for the pistachios! I love unsalted, roasted pumpkin seeds and this is one of the few vendors that carry them. The pumpkin seeds are fresh and plump. VERY PLEASED WITH MY ORDER. WILL RECOMMEND THIS SITE."
Mar 2014 -- Diane, Beach Lake, Pa

"Received my pumpkin seeds with 50% less salt. I LOVE them! They are big and meaty and wonderful. Thanks!"
Mar 2014 -- Vicki, n Little Rock, aR

"Never dealt with such a Jovial group of people at such a great website before! Wonderful products at reasonable prices and great service. Items actually arrived in less than 24 hours after placing my order. Would definitely recommend this site."
Mar 2014 -- Brian, Aberdeen, NJ

"I just opened my 1st bag of pumpkin seeds and they are wonderful. The taste is great. Please continue to carry unsalted nuts/seeds for that is all I can eat at this time. I was amazed of how fast the items got here. I will be buying again. Thank you, greg"
Mar 2014 -- Gregory, Houston, Texas

"Will be ordering from you again. The pumpkin seed powder works well and there are several in the family now using it as an aid for sleep. Packaging for the products is fantastic. Thank you for the extra gift of Chia seeds!"
Mar 2014 -- Susan, Tulsa, OK

"LOVE THEM! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Wish more seeds and nuts were available with 50% less salt! THESE ROCK! AND I had my order 47 hours after I ordered online!"
Mar 2014 -- DAnne, Pisgah Forest, NC

Mar 2014 -- CARRIE, cheektowaga, NY

"WOW! Just got my shipment of pumpkin seeds I ordered yesterday (less than 24 hrs ago) that was fast! I wish I thought of ordering online before going in and out of stores in search of these pumpkin seeds. No stores around me seem to have any in stock. Yours are FANTASTIC!!! I will definitely be ordering from you in the future."
Mar 2014 -- kelly, saugus, ma

"Received the pumpkin seeds 50% less salt, absolutely love them. Have been asking a friend to send me some from a store in California, I can cancel that order due to the delicious and large pumpkin seeds you sell. Thank you!"
Mar 2014 -- Vicki, N Little Rock, AR

"I was very impressed with the quality of the organic spirulina and organic pumpkin seeds. I tasted the spirulina and it tasted good! The pumpkins seeds were very tasty. My package arrived on time and in perfect order. And very cute packages. I will most certainly order for this company again. They have become one of my favorites. Great prices and great products!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Terese, DUNSMUIR, CA

"We love your unsalted pumpkin seeds, they're delicious, and thank you for adding wasabi nuts! Yum!!!"
Feb 2014 -- INGRID, Mentor, Ohio

"I've always been wary of buying pumpkin seeds because typically, they are WAY too salty and don't have a very large inner seed. I didn't want something super salty but I didn't want a plain seed either. Well, these are exactly what I wanted! They are delicious and perfectly salted so that you can still taste the seed inside. Perfect! I've already added them to my list of favorites."
Feb 2014 -- Blair, Montclair, New Jersey

"I just received my 5 pounds of Pumpkin Seeds salted in the shell. Such fast service. I ordered on Tuesday and received them on Thursday. This is the second order I have made of Pumpkin seeds as our bulk store closed several years ago here locally. Yours are SOOOO much better. Big, plump and tasty. Thanks for your great service and I posted on FB to all my friends."
Feb 2014 -- Deborah, Cape Coral, Fl

"First class company! From the order takers, to the shipping (which is always very quick), to the product. All of the products that I have tried, which includes their organic goji berries, organic pumpkin seeds, organic red maca, and organic mixed nuts have been fabulous! I would highly, highly recommend Nuts.com to anyone and everyone!"
Feb 2014 -- Mark Kageyama, Granada Hills, ca

"Ordered chlorella, spirulina, pumpkin seeds, green energy squares, blue kernel popcorn and a few other things - received everything on time, as promised and the quality is fantastic! Also appreciate the freebie pack of goji berries (which I actually wanted to order, but didn't!). Fantastic quality and great price! I'm a Nutritionist, fitness coach and wellness consultant - these supplements are of GREAT quality and very fresh. When you factor in the good value and fast shipping, it's a no-brainer! I will recommend nuts.com to all of my clients!"
Feb 2014 -- Liz, NM

"Great packaging! We'll see if 2 tsp. a night will help with sleep."
Feb 2014 -- Susan, ocean isle beach, nc

"The pumpkin seed meal looks & taste great..."
Feb 2014 -- Robert, Evansville, IN

"Just ordered some pumpkin seed powder. A sample of Cashews was tossed in the box for good luck. BUT the Jordan Almonds.... They are TOO good. I ate the whole sample the first night. BEST EVER. The entire packaging of Nuts.com is awesome. I love it. Great product - great price - great service."
Feb 2014 -- diane, Hendersonville, TN

"Purchased on Monday received my package on Wednesday.. I luv this product!!!! I love your colorful and animated packaging. Look forward to more more things from this company!!"
Feb 2014 -- Jaclyn, Reading, Pa

"Great service, great product it really works to help with sleep"
Feb 2014 -- diane, bonita springs, fl

"Wow! Quick shipping and these pumpkin seeds are amazing! I love them!!! Will definitely be a repeat customer! THANK YOU!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Mary, Joliet, Illinois

"Great Pumpkin seeds! I got both 50% less salt and no salt. The 50% less salt are the best I've ever had."
Jan 2014 -- Philip, windham, me

"Amazingly fast delivery!! This was my first order, but it won't be my last. We love the packaging and the taste of the pepitas, dried cranberries, raisins are amazing! Once you go Nuts.com, you can't go back! Thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Neshama, Fair Lawn, NJ

"Hey, great fast service , I'm a pumpkin and squash seed fanatic , they are fresh , open easy and roasted just right . My son turned us on to you, nice business you have ."
Jan 2014 -- Greg, Weymouth, Mass

"Thank You for the wonderful product and the sample. The packaging was perfect and cute. I ordered Pumpkin seeds and they were fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a great product. Thank You nuts.com Family"
Jan 2014 -- Michelle , springville, NY

"Thank you for a great product. Love your packaging. I will certainly buy more of your products."
Jan 2014 -- ann f miller, leonard, mi

"I was so excited to receive these products. After my 49TH birthday this month I made a conscious choice to start a healthier eating lifestyle..I love the packaging and I IMMEDIATELY started using my products.. Thank you ;)"

"Just got my order of dried mulberries and pumpkin seeds. They are both delicious and I will be reordering as needed! Thank you! Susan"
Jan 2014 -- Susan, Winchester, VA

"I love your products. I am using the spirulina powder and the pumpkin seed powder in smoothies and in yogurt and kefir. Also appreciate the care you take in packaging the product. Always arrives promptly and in perfect condition."
Jan 2014 -- maryanne, Montgomery Village, Maryland

"My 1st purchase and 1000% satisfaction. A great company to do business with"
Jan 2014 -- cliff , stamford, ct

"My goodness, that was fast! Colorful packaging must move quicker. Doctor Oz (yeah, the TV guy) says a couple teaspoons of pumpkin seed powder in warm milk multiplies the tryptophan effect, i.e., is good for sleep. I'll keep you posted. Bruce in Cleveland (Hey, the Browns aren't my fault!)"
Jan 2014 -- Bruce, Cleveland, Ohio

"All I can say is AWESOME. I ordered the low salt pumpkin seeds on Friday and they were at my door on Saturday. I received email confirmation, shipping and delivery updates. And, the seeds are delicious, just the right amount of salt, and addicting. Very impressed with the outstanding quality and customer service. Will pass this web site along to my friends and coworkers. Thank you for awesome service and products."
Jan 2014 -- andrew, harrison, ny

"I just Love these nuts! The Pumpkin Seeds are the best I have ever tasted. CLT"
Jan 2014 -- Charles L Trego, Bend, Oregon

"Wow! Ordered these pumpkin seeds Tuesday, and got them on Thursday. Got to say these are the absolute best I EVER had. So big, meaty, and easy to open. DELICIOUS!!!!! I was a big fan of David Pumpkin Seeds, but after eating these, no more. I'm already hooked. This is the only place to buy them. Yummy."
Jan 2014 -- Angela, Treasure Island, Florida

"1st time trying Nuts.com. So impressed by freshness of the pumpkin seeds. I have tried to find good ones in the past with little luck. Now I know where to go! THANK-YOU!!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Stephen, Thomaston, Ct.

"Hi, nice people at Nuts.com. Received my second order today, and the pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and candied walnuts are top quality! Plan to use them in salads and as snacks. Thanks for the quick delivery. I am already planning for my next order!"
Jan 2014 -- Elizabeth, Rochester, NY

"I've ordered from Nuts.com before, but this is my first big order. I have already opened a few things … Like my organic Turkish figs, the organic pepitas, and the organic sweet apricot kernels …. THEY ARE ALL FANTASTIC! I love the resealable bags. I can't wait to taste my organic chamomile tea tonight before bedtime!"
Jan 2014 -- Kim, Paxton, IL

"Pumpkin seeds arrived exactly as advertised and in very clever packaging! Brilliant way to brand your company! Much attention to detail! Fast shipping too! A+++"
Jan 2014 -- Mark, Vero Beach, Fl

"Oh, my goodness! My second order is SOOO good that I am ready to place my third order this month! The antioxidant berry blend is wonderful, tender and delicious. The cilantro/lime pistachio-pepita blend is outrageous and addictive. I'll have to portion it so I don't eat it all right away! The sample of dried berries looks delicious, too. Thank you, you nuts!"
Dec 2013 -- Donna, Lancaster, CA

"OMG!!! I ordered my pumpkin seeds LAST NIGHT and they arrived this afternoon... Holiday season and all!! Not only THE fastest delivery ever but the most amazing seeds I've ever had. 50% less salt, plumpist, biggest seeds eva'!! You guys are my go to from now until foreva'!!! Happy Happy!!!"
Dec 2013 -- Lory, Shoreline, CT

"Thank you for speedy delivery and very fresh product Keep the good work Habib"
Dec 2013 -- Habib, Boca Raton, FL

"I am NUTS for this company! OMG! I LOVE everything I have tried so far! Today, I got the cilantro lime pistachios and pepitas...YUM! The sugar free dark chocolate almonds...well, I'm going to hide them from the rest of the family because I don't wanna share! I will be ordering again soon and Thank You for the free sample. Love you guys!"
Nov 2013 -- Donna, Green Valley, AZ

"Love the Pumpkin Seed Powder. Dr. Oz recommended it to help sleep deeper. Nuts.com offered the most reasonably priced product. Love the friendliness of the company."
Nov 2013 -- Kellie, Foxboro, MA

"Received my order so quickly for a friend that is visiting with us. She is in 7th Heaven and said the unsalted sunflower and unsalted pumpkin seeds are delicious and fresh! Thank you so much. You've gained 2 new customers."
Nov 2013 -- Lisa, Rolesville, NC

"Just got my first order from Nuts.com. I ordered the salted pumpkin seeds. I haven't had good premium seeds like this in years. They are heavily salted. WHICH IS THE WAY THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE! I read a review where someone said there was too much salt. Well the salt forms a hardened shell around the seed so that they can easily be removed from the card boardy, tough, chewy, outer casing of the seed. the seeds were cooked perfectly , not too roasted. The seeds themselves were big and thick. Nuts.com is the ONLY place I will ever by pumpkin seeds from again. FANTASTIC! Can't wait to try their other nut products."
Nov 2013 -- Ed, marlton, New Jersey

"Hi Folks, I received my very first order of organic / gluten free Pepitas (no shell pumpkin seeds). The seeds are very tasty all by themselves or on salads and pretty much anything else. I am well aware that are very good for me. An unlikely combination to say the least -- tasty and good for me. You can count on me spreading the word about your products. Thanks much!"
Nov 2013 -- Richard, Bloomington, MN

"Received my second order of Pumpkin Seeds and again find them to be the best I've ever had."
Nov 2013 -- Mary, Mesa, Az.

"Great delivery time. Couldn't find unsalted pumpkin seeds anywhere else. Raw cashews were great also. Everything fresh !!! I will order again soon."
Nov 2013 -- Sue, DeLand, FL

"Love your pumpkin seeds, will be ordering more!!! Naomi Bissonnette"
Nov 2013 -- Naomi, Derry, NH

"Just got my first order. Blistered peanuts were crunchy and my kids loved them. The dried sour cherries and the pepitas are also high quality and delicious. The packaging is too cute and also a big hit with the family. I'll be ordering again soon."
Oct 2013 -- David, Manalapan, NJ

"This is our second time ordering Pepita Seeds, Chocolate covered Cranberries and Green Apple Licorice. Again QUALITY and shipping speed was OUTSTANDING. I order items one day and they are on my door step the next day. Excellent time from NJ to Ma. Keep up the good work NUTS. COM !"
Oct 2013 -- Joe & Sue, N Grafton, Ma

"the tahini tastes divine, exactly what I was hoping for - the pepitas, sunflower seeds --- amazing! thanks for the raw almonds, tastes like the real thing - I would recommend your website to others - thank you all so much"
Oct 2013 -- Bonnie, Mount Vernon, Washington

"My nuts just arrived I'm so excited. I first opened the honey roasted peanuts and they are the best I have ever tasted. I have only had the popular store brands. No more!! Wow!! Thank you for the free sample of salted cashews, my partner loved them. "They are superb!!!" Finally the 50% salted pumpkins seeds, they are huge and fresh. I love the taste. I"m a fan I will be buying again and again....Thank again Nuts.com"
Oct 2013 -- mizzt49, Lubbock , Texas

"Easy ordering, fast delivery. great pumpkin seeds. Will definitely order from this company again,"
Oct 2013 -- Barbara, Hopewell, Virginia

"I have buying from you guys for at least 10 years and love everything I have ever purchased. I love ya! Sandy"
Oct 2013 -- Sandy, Kansas City, Missouri

"In this day and age I am impressed... Products I've been looking for, easy delivery, super speedy delivery, and best of all reliving childhood memories of dark chocolate covered orange peel ! ! ! The pepitas are marvelous and the sample of dried organic mango a luscious surprise. Great job guys ! ! !"
Oct 2013 -- Darlene, Poplarville, MS

"I love the white mulberries--they are the best I have tasted and the pepitas are very good-I have not yet had a chance to try the flours. I also love the bright orange packing! And the shipping was very fast! Thanks!"
Oct 2013 -- Carolyn, akron, Ohio

"I placed my order on a Monday night. It was delivered by Wednesday afternoon....Awesome!!! My gift was sent to a college student who just loved the pumpkin seeds. Thanks for the great service. You'll definitely be hearing from me again."
Oct 2013 -- Eileen, Buffalo, NY

"So far so great! I've already finished the sample of goji berries. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. The pumpkin seeds were awesome. I will be trying the bee pollen granules and the raw almonds tomorrow for breakfast. Can't wait!"
Sep 2013 -- Ria Hall, San Bruno, CA

"Thank you so much for the mighty tasty pumpkin seeds and cashews! Delivery was faster than the speed of sound! :)"
Sep 2013 -- Debra, Plano, Texas

"Just got my first shipment ever. Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds. They are amazing. Large with a great taste. Great price and fast shipping. Will buy from Nuts.com forever!"
Sep 2013 -- Kevin, Missouri City, TX

"First time to order Got my nuts 1 day earlier than expected. We tore into them. We ordered the caramel puffs ..those are a treat . I got the lime cilantro pistachios for myself..I think they will be my weakness. We got a free berry sampler that looks good have not tried them yet. I like the packages the nuts come in. The bags are sturdy not flimsy and can stand on the pantry shelves. They have an unusual designs with re closeable seals. That is handy they will not go stale and are not the cheap kind of resealbles. Give who ever designed the bags a RAISE!! Thanks for the fast order it took 2 days I think, that's really FAST!"
Sep 2013 -- Bill, tucker, ga

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