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"I got it!! Opened everything and am nibbling on my Sesame Sticks-I've died and gone to Heaven!!! Had a Mary Jane and memories flashed thru my mind!!! Thank you sooo much-I'll be ordering again!!Marg"
Aug 2009 -- Margaret, Salisbury, MD

"The sesame sticks are great. Ordering and service was Superior. If you want Nuts or other like products with quick response, "NUTS ONLINE" is the place to go. You guys are great."
Jul 2009 -- Peter, Birmingham, Alabama

"I ordered the sesame sticks. They arrived today (quick delivery). The quality and taste is outstanding. Thanks, it is good to finally have a source for top quality sesame sticks."
Jun 2009 -- Charlie, Hendersonville, N

"You guys are incredible! Two days after placing an order I find a package of some of the most amazing and delectable snacks ever! You sesame sticks are to die for!! Thanks again. Mary"
Jun 2009 -- Mary, ballston lake, ny

"Just received my sesame sticks today and I must say they are fantastic. Will purchase again in the near future. Thanks."
Jun 2009 -- Mo, GA

"I was very pleasantly surprised with order. Delivered a day earlier than expected and packaging was adequate to protect contents. The Honey and regular Sesame Seed sticks are great on salads, in yoghurts, as a snack, and even for desert sprinkles! Will be coming back for more. :D"
May 2009 -- JOHN, Albuquerque, NM

"This was our second order of sesame sticks in 2 month. I think that speaks for its self. These sticks are the best I have ever tasted and they melt in your mouth. Marcie & I are certainly glad we found you. Bob"
May 2009 -- Robert, New Brighton, MN

"Hello, Due to a health condition, my husband really has to limit his love of nuts. I found that sesame sticks fit the bill for him instead. To our despair, my grocery store stopped selling them! Thankfully, I found NUTSONLINE and just received our first order. Ordering was easy (accept for the temptation of wanting everything), my shipment arrived quickly, packaging looks great and the sesame sticks were just what we had hoped they would be! Thanks very much and we'll see you when our box is empty!"
Apr 2009 -- pnewton, Magnolia, MA

"Just opened the box of my sesame sticks recently ordered. I ordered 3 1lb bags. These are amazingly good. The freshness and flavor are beyond compare. Thank you!"
Mar 2009 -- Gregory, Dallas, Tx

"We just received our order of 5 pounds of sesame sticks and without a doubt they are the best we have ever tasted. They taste as though they were made yesterday, incredibly fresh. Unlike any other sesame sticks we have experienced, these are wonderfully crispy, yet not hard and have just the right amount of salt. A great product !"
Mar 2009 -- Robert, New Brighton, MN

"My sesame sticks are absolutely.... A-W-E-S-O-M-E.....thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! :)"
Mar 2009 -- MaryJane, San Antonio, TX

"My order came within a day of ordering. They were sooooo fresh. Its been hard to find sesame sticks and these are beyond what I expected. I will definitely order again and refer my friends and family. Thank you :-) Michelle"
Feb 2009 -- Michelle, Capitol Hts, MD

"I purchased the sesame sticks for my wife who just loves them. She was delighted and said that they were the very best she has ever tasted. I will be making future purchases as the ordering was easy and shipment was quick and on time and the product was excellent. I will be recommending your site to all my friends and family. Thanks again for a great products and service."
Feb 2009 -- Peter, Birmingham, Alabama

"I received my order just in time to take for snacks on a four day trip to Dallas/Ft.Worth. The sesame sticks were just what I have been looking for; so fresh, crispy and very tasty, too! I look forward to ordering more!"
Jan 2009 -- Susie, Fayetteville, AR

"There was a store here that used to sell Sesame Sticks, they haven't had them for a long time. I would snack on them at work. I found you guys online- and BAM- I have 2 huge bags stuffed in my desk now- THANK YOU, great service, great quality, fast delivery :)"
Jan 2009 -- Chris, Spokane, WA

"Yippee and hip hip hooray. Rec'd the huge order of sesame sticks (in different flavors) and after gorging myself all evening, haven't made up my mind which flavor I like best. They are deeeelicious! Keep up the good work. You will be hearing from me for other goodies."
Jan 2009 -- Pat, Albuquerque

"Received my order in record time. The sesame seed sticks are exceptionally fresh and good. Will order again. Thanks, Chuck"
Dec 2008 -- charles, Winston Salem, NC

"I had my order in my hands in less then 24 hours. I always liked sesame sticks but did not realize how good they really were until I had FRESH ones! The almonds were roasted to perfection. Got alot of stocking stuffers in about 5 minutes of easy on line shopping."
Dec 2008 -- Karen, ellenville, ny

"I ordered your sesame sticks as a gift and was so impressed with the prompt shipping. The birthday boy loved them. Can't wait to order again, Thank you!!!"
Jul 2008 -- Cheryl Percival, Stoughton, MA

"Hi All, Well I'll be that's the first thing I've ordered online that was shipped and delivered when they said it would be. I ordered three types of sesame sticks and they were sampled immediately, and you'll get no argument from me theeyy'rrree ggrreeaaatttt! (don't let Tony the Tiger see that). You can really be proud of your nuts (and sesame sticks of course). Will not hesitate to order again. John T."
Jul 2008 -- John, East Haven, CT.

"Once again you have delivered the best snacks on the planet! The sesame sticks really were the freshest, tastiest I have ever had, as some others have said before me. The cashews are always marvelous and I am loving the dried cantaloupe. This is my second order on that, I got two bags this time, instead of just one. Honestly, I could spend all my extra cash with you guys (some months I do) and be happy as a clam. Thank you so much for your timely delivery and scrumptious stuff. Holly H."
Jun 2008 -- Holly, Martinez, GA

"The packages arrived exactly when you said they would. The sesame sticks were excellent and tasted very fresh. Thank You, Susan Beck"
Jun 2007 -- susan, Daytona Beach, Florida

"Super quick shipping, absolutely adorable packaging, and everything was delicious. The dried apples were not leathery or too dry; they were plump and perfectly sweet. The banana chips are flavorful. The jalapeno cheddar sticks are almost gone...I got the package two hours ago...yeah, they're awesome. The habanero jerky is moist and perfectly spicy. I bought a bunch of other stuff that I didn't open yet but if it's as yummy as the rest, I will be a happy camper. I will definitely be a repeat customer!"
Apr 2014 -- kristin, freeport, ny

"I ordered Roasted Virginia Peanuts, Yogurt Peanuts, Red Licorice Bites, and Salsa Corn Triangles. I have tasted the Yogurt Peanuts and the Triangles since these are new to me. Would highly recommend them. I do not doubt that the rest of the goodies are just as great. By the way, thanks for the complementary Cashews. You can believe that there will be future orders."
Apr 2014 -- Frank Agostino, Kankakee, IL

Apr 2014 -- dennis, ellington, Connecticut

"sesame sticks are delish"
Mar 2014 -- jerry, pinson, al

"Wow that was fast! The Guacamole Bites are really tasty. Thanks for the Medjool date samples. I didnt know you had them. I'll be ordering those next time! Lisa"
Mar 2014 -- Lisa, jamesburg, New Jersey

"The honey mustard sesame sticks are soooooooooo good.The rice crackers, roasted cashews and spiced chai tea are the best available on the web. Thanks for the chia seeds and the fast shipping."
Mar 2014 -- Maxi, Morton, IL

"I purchased some honey soy nuts, honey sesame sticks, and red string laces; all which I love! This is the only place I know of that I can buy (most importantly find) all my favorite treats! My sister told me about and I'm glad that she did because I am a big fan! The best thing about it is that I barely have to wait for my treats and I'm sent a FREE delicious sample treat!'m nuts for you."
Mar 2014 -- Nastasia, Miami, Florida

"I just received my second shipment and it is everything I anticipated. Fast delivery and what wonderfully delicious cheddar and garlic sesame sticks. Everyone in my building that were around at delivery loved them too. Thanks!!!!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Kym, Parishville, NY

"Here we go again. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING is amazing. When my last package came (oh, about an hour ago), I tasted everything I ordered. And one bite of everything added up to my lunch. I ordered a lot and I sneaked in an extra bite or two of some. Right now, I think my fave is gonna be the chia crackers, the black bean sticks the chia goji brownies, the***. You get the point. I like it all. Thanks!"
Feb 2014 -- Michele B Miller, Birmingham, Alabama

"Yippee! The Nutty folks at delivered tons (pounds actually) of Yum Yum's! I love the organic trail mix! And the Dark Chocolate raisins & soy beans ROCK! The Chia Chips & Moringa Powder is keeping me healthy & happy! What more? The Apple Cinnamon Jelly is a piece of heaven on toast... I have yet to try the . Cinnamon Sticks but they look great and are extremely heathy... Thanks for keeping all us NUTS OUT HERE IN ARIZONA HAPPY & NUTTY!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Randy , Buckeye , AZ

"Our order just arrived! We are nibbling already, all are delicious! The box you mail your goodies in is wonderful...and your packaging is definitely unique. Then....when you start sampling the yummies...Tried the Nuts Sampler, Sesame Sticks, and Ginger. I put the ginger in cookies I of our favorite cookies. Thank you so much, I'm sure happy I found you on Internet. Definitely be ordering again and again! The nuts & sesame sticks were for my husband's extra treat, for me, too!"
Feb 2014 -- Ann, Santa Rosa, CA

"the cheddar sesame sticks and honey mustard onion sesame sticks are the best ever! the flavors are great without over powering the great sesame flavor."
Feb 2014 -- mark, fair oaks, ca

"I love the salsa corn sticks. They're not too salty, not too corny, but just right. They are the perfect savory snack: small, crunchy, and oh so tasty."
Feb 2014 -- Miya, Melfa, VA

"Excellent customer service! Shipped fast and securely. The guacamole bites are very tasty. The brazil and hazelnuts are crisp and fresh. Everything else was terrific. Thank you so much and will be ordering from you again."
Feb 2014 -- Karen, Appleton, WI

"I just wanted to let you know that when I took all of my yummies to work. I shared my sesame sticks-everything, Roasted Golden Chickpeas, and Freeze Dried Mozzarella Cheese.....well everyone who tried my snacks they are going to check out and they are excited. Holly S. (A true nut)"
Feb 2014 -- Holly, Saint Charles, Missouri

"The Everything Sesame Sticks are crunchy and very good and my family loved them and I am sure they will be gone soon."
Feb 2014 -- Holly, Saint Charles, MO

"Love getting my goodies from Never disappointed in the items they are always fresh and the best quality. My favorites are the dark chocolate cherries & the macaroons! Or is it the chia chips? Can't decide."
Jan 2014 -- Judith, Brookfield , IL

"Hands down the best corn chips EVER.These will be a stable in my cabinet from now on along with the other wonderful goodies I get from you. The gogi berries, mulberries, dried pineapple rings and chocolate covered sunflower seeds are all astounding and I will be a monthly shopper, God bless you all."
Jan 2014 -- Asheley, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"Happy to have received our order this morning (fast as usual). My wife loves the guacamole bites and I love the energy squares. My son (4 yo) thanks you for the Goji berry sample too. They will definitely be included on our next order."
Jan 2014 -- Leonard, McGuire AFB, NJ

"Mon Dieu, these are hopelessly addicting. I'm actually tempted to get the 15 pound case. Because, you know, it's such a good bargain and all. You guys are the greatest."
Jan 2014 -- Cornelia, Chesterfield, MO

"I love these products, I am totally addicted to the corn chips with flax seed. Nuts are always fresh and I adore the little sample they toss in. Makes it all so very exciting to be expecting a order from them. Happy snacking."
Jan 2014 -- Grace, Puyallup, WA

"I ordered the salsa corn triangles and they are amazing. A little to spicy to share with my kids but I'm ok with that : ). I got my children the yogurt covered raisins and sugar free gummy bears which are also very good. I really like you're great website and the fun packaging and great service. My order was shipped 3 hrs after I placed it and delivered within a week. Thanks for a great product!"
Jan 2014 -- Beth, Mandan, ND

"Ordered 7 lbs of sesame sticks on Friday night at about 9:20 PM. I got the delivery on Saturday about 1:00 PM. WOW, I wasn't expecting it until Tuesday. Onto the product. The sesame sticks are always fresh and tasty. The 1 lb. bags are vacuum sealed and seem to last for a while (over a year). It makes a good healthy snack while waiting for dinner. Good product, great service."
Jan 2014 -- Jan, New Brunswick, NJ

"I ordered on Thursday and received my order the next day - unbelievable! I only tasted the no salt sesame stick and they are great! I wii definitely order again."
Jan 2014 -- Donna, Brooklyn, NY

"Wow, fast shipping! The sesame sticks are excellent."
Jan 2014 -- Nancy, Webster, New York

"You are nutty! I got my nuts and they are great . My mom who loves the sesame sticks is thrilled! She sampled them as soon as they arrived. We looked for weeks local to find them and could not. So you are the best! The quick delivery was great. Thanks so much!"
Jan 2014 -- Mia, Pittston, Pa

"The second I received my order, and especially when I opened it, I knew I needed to write an amazing review in appreciation. After all, the reviews I read were a big decision factor for me. I will try to make this short and sweet. I rarely order online, but once I saw the inventory and reviews for this site I gave it a go. Could not be happier! We aren't lying when we say the shipping is FAST and the product is quality! Packaging is cool, yes, definitely make you smile after coming home from a long day. But the big picture is this company gets it right and guarantees it. Try to beat that. Astronaut ice cream, chocolate rocks, guacamole bites, beef Jerky, dried strawberries. Not one item can you find cheaper, better, or receive faster. will make your life crazy better!!!! Actually, now I'm not quite sure what I did without them......."
Dec 2013 -- jane, new port richey, fl

"So excited to receive my parcel today!! Fast shipping as always. The macadamia nuts are a Christmas gift to my mac nut loving Mother in law!! Your mac nuts are the biggest, freshest, best tasting mac nuts EVER!! I also ordered some jalapeño cheddar sticks for my hubby and some ranch peanuts for myself! Thank you so much for the sample of pistachios... Did I mention I love pistachios?? Great service, fantastic products... Can't get any better!! Thanks and Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!"
Dec 2013 -- Shirley, Sheboygan, Wi

"You did it again! Great products and fast delivery! In the last two weeks I placed two orders: one for Jordan almonds and the other for Cajun sesame sticks. Both were fresh and delectable. And they both arrived within two days. Great service! I will be back again and again."
Dec 2013 -- Patricia A. Luebbert, Warren, Michigan

"Received our order in last night's mail. Not sure if I love the packaging or the great flavor best! The box brought lots of smiles and chuckles. Apricots, Wheat Peach Apricot snacks and oat sesame sticks were all very good and met or exceeded our expectations. THANK YOU we will be ordering again"
Dec 2013 -- Gail, Winona, MN

"OMG!! these are wonderful!!"
Dec 2013 -- June, Newport News, VA

"that is the fastest I've ever gotten anything I ordered online without paying extra, and the pretzels and sesame sticks were bigger in quantity than I thought they would be. I will definitely be a returning customer"
Dec 2013 -- Weiss, Jackson, MS

"We have really enjoyed the cashew sample you sent My husband said they were much fresher than those in the stores, Oyster crackers are great and the honey mustard sesame sticks are very good too! Definitely will order from you again"
Dec 2013 -- Lisa, Brodhead, WI

"I received my box of goodies today. The black bean sticks are pretty awesome.. a little bit of kick with a a lot of crunch. Looking forward to tossing a few of these on top of my quinoa/cucumber avocado salad. Yum!"
Nov 2013 -- Nancy, Marion, Iowa

"I found this company online and read the many comments from so many happy customers, that I decided to try them. Not only did my dried mullberries, chia chips, assorted energy bars and spirulina kale crunch came within two days of ordering, but I am so glad I did! I am so happy with the service, the people were so friendly, and I want them to know I will be a repeat customer!!! The food is so delicious!!! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!!!"
Nov 2013 -- Keela, Aberdeen, NC

"Just got my sesame seed stick snacks. I have only opened the honey mustard and onion bag and they are awesomely good! Thank you so much for a yummy healthy snack."
Oct 2013 -- Laura, Paulden, AZ

"Oh my goodness!! Each time I have ordered from your company, I get so excited waiting for the box to arrive...which is never a long wait. However, the bad thing is, once I start sampling the new products, I want to turn right around and place another order!! My taste buds start sending me thank you notes. :-) My new product favorites from this order are the everything sesame sticks (the flavors all dance together on my tongue), the pumpkin spice yogurt covered pretzels (and now that makes me realize I NEED pumpkin spice malt balls), and the mini salted caramels (I don't think I'll have enough to bake with since my hand keeps dipping into the bag) As always, fantastic job ya'll!"
Oct 2013 -- Cheryl-Ann, Lawton, OK

"Absolutely awesome! Ordered at 6:19 pm on Columbus Day. Shipped at 6:58 pm on Columbus Day. 38 Minutes from order to shipping. Received at 1:15 pm the next day. Order > ship> Received in less than 19 hours. AMAZING! Oh, and the black rice sesame crackers are terrific. Haven't tried the red rice ones yet. And thank you for the sample of chocolate covered pretzels - something on my list for next time."
Oct 2013 -- Edwinna, Palmyra, PA

"I could not wait to try the white mulberries and the chia chips, both are delicious. Great packages. I will a repeat costumer, I wish you had a loyalty package to help with shipping. Products are Outstanding!"
Oct 2013 -- tina, Lorraine, KS

"Hi Gang: My order arrived just as you said. I have tried the roasted Fava Beans, delicious, also the dried Papaya & Mango, great and the Guacamole Bites which is also delicious. Haven`t tried the fruit bars or the Granola yet but sure I will like them as well. I was delighted to find several things I`ve been looking for that`s not loaded with sugar. Also looking forward to trying the almond butter and making some Humus with the tahini, I looked several places here for tahini with no luck. Also I simply love sunflower seeds and couldn`t find the unsalted ones. You & yours have certainly made my day. Also your prices are very reasonable. Thanks for the free bag of nuts. I most certainly will pass the word about your co. There are other things I want to order but will have to check my finances first. From the writing on the packaging I would (almost) think you were a Tennessee hillbilly like me and my family, Just kidding. Thanks again so much and GOD BLESS You and your family."
Oct 2013 -- Alice, Chattanooga, Tn.

"Hello, Just wanted to say I can't believe how fast my shipment came - 1day! That's NUTS! LOL! The products I ordered are sooooo delicious. I shared them with my co-workers and they want me to order them the Guacamole chips and corn nuts when I place my next order. I can't wait to try the buckwheat as well. Might try some coffee next order. Keep up the good work!!"
Oct 2013 -- Sandra, Delran , nj

"Just received my first online order from and couldn't be happier. It arrived faster then I expected and the product is fresh and delicious. I have looked all over for bowlby bits which I loved as a kid and am thrilled to have finally found where I can get them. I will definitely be ordering more in the future and will be checking out their other products as well. Five Stars for service and quality!!!"
Sep 2013 -- Claremarie, Winsted, CT

"Mmm mmm good love the the cheddar sticks. they're very good and flavor bursting taste you can't go wrong with thank you all"
Sep 2013 -- Max, Rialto, ca.

"I ordered the Honey Sesame Sticks........Well done The box and bags are so cute. The crunchy tasty freshness of the Sesame Sticks are out of this world. Shipping was extremely fast, I received my order the day after I placed it. I will be a customer for life."
Sep 2013 -- Stacie, York, PA

"Received my order when promised and I really like the new packaging. Great tasting snacks. Fresh and tasty. Will definitely order again soon for myself and for gifting!"
Aug 2013 -- jim, chicago, il

"Received my order yesterday, thank you for the sample pkg of salted cashews. Truly enjoyed my first order of Chia Chips! In fact I had young guests & we about devoured them in a short while. And as always the pecans & black walnuts will be enjoyed in baked goods...:) Thank you again for such swift service."
Aug 2013 -- Maybelle, Wellsville, MO

"Great fast service and love the products! Trying the new Chia Chips and loving them, Thank You again!!"
Aug 2013 -- Dorie, Sturgeon Lake, MN

"I am so glad I found your company. Everything that I have tried has been wonderful. The no salt sesame sticks, sunflower seeds and the different trail mixes are delicious. Thank you so much!!!!"
Aug 2013 -- Brenda L Robertson, Washington, DC

"OH, How happy my taste buds are to have Sesame Sticks without having to dig them out of some odd snack mix... lol Thanks, they are great"
Aug 2013 -- Inge, National City, CA

"I have really messed up now. While searching for cracker meal one day, I came across your site and read your reviews. I also ordered your sesame sticks. While I can now make my mother and grandmother's famous salmon croquettes with the cracker meal, I have now become severely addicted to your sesame sticks, the best I have ever had. Then I saw that you have my fav dessert Halvah which also brings back fond family memories, and the chocolate coconut stacks candies!! I have been on a cherry gummy kick lately and I just purchased the sugar free ones. I am sitting here tasting each and every product that just arrived after you so graciously emailed me that my delivery was here. Thanks (I think) for such quality tasty products. I'm glad I found!"
Aug 2013 -- Elise, Atlanta, GA

"This was my very first order from this site and I couldn't be happier! A day and a half after ordering, the package was at my door. Everything was packed so nicely in such packaging. I will definitely be ordering items again, I'm very satisfied and can't wait for the next order!"
Aug 2013 -- Becky, Chicago, IL

"My order arrived speedily and was very much appreciated. Your products are excellent and very, very tasty! Keep up the terrific work!"
Aug 2013 -- Martha, Bowie, MD

"I just received my order and have never been more pleased with a product or a company! Everything I ordered was fresh, very well packaged and exactly what was described! I've always tried to back American owned family businesses, and I've finally found one that I will continue to support and give all of my business to you until I'm dead!! If you are looking for an excellent product by an outstanding company, then this is the only place to consider!"
Aug 2013 -- Dawn, Hot Springs, Arkansas

"I found on a Google search for oat bran pretzels and I am glad I did.(they even had unsalted ones) We ordered some and also unsalted sesame sticks. Poof, 3 day delivery and we were enjoying them. They are SOOOO GOOD. Visit the website and see their wide range of products; you WILL be impressed."
Aug 2013 -- William, Canton, Ohio

"Thanks once again for your speedy service. I love the veggie chips, garlic bagel chips, and the sesame sticks. Thanks for the gift of the berry mix-really good. I entered your contest for the peaches sounded delish. Rita"
Jul 2013 -- Rita, Red Wing, Mn 55066

"The delivery was prompt .Will be happy to do business with you again."
Jul 2013 -- Lillian, Bx, NY

"Yummy, yum, yum, YUM! I am so happy I found you! It has been wonderful to try new powders and snacks that I have heard about, and have them delivered so promptly right to my door. The black bean sticks are my favorite, just the right amount of spicy. Thanks, and see you again soon,"
Jul 2013 -- Adina, San Pablo, CA

"As I have not used the cracker meal yet, I cannot say much other than it looks amazing with a wonderful fine texture. Incorporating it into the family recipes will be the true test. The roasted corn and sesame sticks are delish. Even my husband who is a tough nut to crack loves them. By the way, thank you for the delicious sample of the BBQ corn, it's terrific. I will be back for more! Your personality really comes through and is appreciated."
Jul 2013 -- Pat, Warren, MI

"Super delicious honey sesame sticks!! Were super crisp and tasty!"
Jul 2013 -- Jess, Hampton Roads, VA

"wow!! you're speedy with delivery! ordered more chia chips as i was low and hoping i'd get them before the 4th! ordered last night and they're here today!!! you're good!!! thanks!!"
Jun 2013 -- Rona, pennsylvania

"I just received my order and the wait was well worth it. I just love the products that you guys offer and cannot wait to order more. I did order my favs but cannot wait to try some of the new stuff I bought. I'm sooo happy that I found your site and that you ship to Canada. I don't know what I would do without you now. :) I've been telling everyone about you so that hopefully they order from you cause you totally deserve it. Thanks again for everything you do and keep it up. It's going to take me a while to get through this stuff but am already planning out my next order. :) I know you hear this all the time but YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!"
Jun 2013 -- Karen, Edmonton, AB

"Got your Sesame sticks today, love them, you will hearing from me soon. Thanks Richard"
Jun 2013 -- Richard, Sacramento, Calif.

"Excellent service!!! Very happy people. Their joy in what they do shows through in all communications. AND the sesame sticks are to die for. SO yummy. Arrived very quickly. I will be ordering from them again."
Jun 2013 -- JoAnna, Livermore, CA

"Fastest shipping ever! Excellent products! Best prices on the web! I will only order from ***** five stars!"
Jun 2013 -- Jen

"My order did arrive. Thank you for your excellent customer service. I sure that I will be ordering again. Me and my family love your products."
Jun 2013 -- Mike, Salem, Utah

"Received our second order of your fabulous products - cashews, sesame sticks and candy fruit slices - yummo! We had had trouble finding the sesame sticks before and yours are the best! Got my husband a nice Father's Day gift and a little something for me too - Thanks for making great products with such fast shipping!"
Jun 2013 -- Marylyn, Harpswell, Maine

"Received my package and we love our nuts and sesame sticks thank you very much. Will definitely order from you again."
Jun 2013 -- Lonie, Milo, Iowa

"OMG!!! I just got my second order today and its wonderful! LOVE the wasabi peas, sesame sticks, oriental mix, power mix and the energy bars! Still have a few more things to try in the box but loving everything so far:). Thanks for the wonderful products and the wonderful job you all do! Love the quirky e-mails!"
Jun 2013 -- Chris, Falls Church, VA

"Very, very quick shipping. Excellent product. Great price."
Jun 2013 -- Linda, wilmington, de

"I am not one to usually post a testimonial, but in the case of THIS organization, I MUST! They are, in a word, FANTABULASTIC! Products are AAA+! Service is incredible! These folks are among the hard to find in service and quality of product in today's world. If you're just browsing around and undecided as to what or from whom to buy... give these people a try. You will be nothing but happy, happy, happy! Love you NUTS! :-)"
May 2013 -- Dennis or Jo Kelsey, Newton, AL

"I liked the box and shipping was super fast. Sesame sticks are awesome!! When I run out I will be ordering more. Thanks again"
May 2013 -- Dionicio, Taylor, Pennsylvania

"Love these Chia chips so much. they were so crunchy and salty and delicious, I couldn't stop eating them. I accidentally ordered two in stead of one and now I'm very glad I did !"
May 2013 -- Carol, Lynn, MA

"OMG! Those dried strawberries are excellent! The jalapeno cheddar sticks rock! I had to put it away, before I ate the bag! EXCELLENT SNACKS!"
May 2013 -- Monique, South Ozone Park, NY

"Thank you: - great service - timely delivery - yummy products - excellent sense of humor - you'll be hearing from me again THANK YOU"
May 2013 -- Marjorie, Wynantskill, New York

"Delivered exactly as you said and exactly what I was looking for in the Sesame Sticks. I could not find them anywhere nor in any grocery store or quick store. Thanks for your good service. Nancy"
May 2013 -- Nancy, Tallahassee, Florida

"Received my goodies today and can't stop munching. Sesame cheese snacks and extreme trail mix exceptional. Certainly will order again. Quick delivery unbelievable."
May 2013 -- Priscilla, Hingham, Ma

"You guys are NUTTY !! LOL I just loved the box my cheddar sesame sticks came in, we had a blast opening it and could not wait to get to the goodies and read all the good stuff AFTER we started eating. YUUUMMMMYYYYY THAY ARE SOOOOO GOOD, bet ya can't eat one LOL LOL THANK YOU so much for all the laughs, Ya made our day. Ruth Flinn"
May 2013 -- Ruth, Walker, WV

"Thank you for the wonderful sample of mixed berries! They are superb! First time ordering the chia chips......will not be the last, they are wonderful and go perfect with a salad or eaten plain. I am continually amazed how quickly the packages get to my front door. Great service...great products!"
Apr 2013 -- Dawn, Wichita, KS

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