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"Finally, shelled sunflowers seeds that taste wonderful! I've bought many from stores and threw them away, always going back to seeds in shells. Now I know where to order the freshest and best seeds around! Now the challenge will be, not eating too many! Thanks so much, Rita"
Mar 2009 -- Rita, Atlant, GA

"Here we go. Another testimonial about someone who started eating sunflower seeds (unhulled) at the age of 5. Well, I am 53 now and I did start at 5. I have not found any decent seeds for the last 3 years so I stopped eating them. I then did a google search for raw & roasted unsalted large sized unhulled sunflower seeds. Then I found Nuts Online. I received 3 different types the very next morning after ordering them in the afternoon the day before. I am off the wagon and addicted to them again!!! Thanks Nuts Online"
Feb 2009 -- Ronald, Silver Spring, Maryland

"Wow!! Just opened up the bag, and instantly had to log on to order more. I got the large sunflower seeds and they are delicious. Salted or unsalted, they taste excellent."
Dec 2008 -- Casey, Austin, Texas

"I just ordered three different types of roasted/non-roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds for a healthy snack and I must say, I love the Israeli ones the best! They are very tasty! And I didn't want a lot of sodium, so these are perfect! And I like the resealable packaging to keep my seeds fresh. Thank you!"
Dec 2008 -- Kim, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for the quick delivery. Your sunflower seeds are the best I have ever had; I wouldn't want to go without them."
Nov 2008 -- Kristi, Harleysville, PA

"My husband likes sunflower seeds raw, not roasted and not salted. The seeds we get from Nuts Online are the best we have found. We order 5 pounds!"
Oct 2008 -- elaine, Everett, washington

"First time shopper, long time consumer and I'm impressed. My order arrived seemingly over night but I just used regular delivery. The sunflower seed are the best. Thank you, thank you very much."
Oct 2008 -- Brian, Norwell, MA

"Dear Nuts, The sunflower seeds arrived, and are the best I've ever seen. Please be assured that The Princess of Chicken is really, really happy. Best regards, Barbara"
Sep 2008 -- Barbara, Brighton, MA

"Hey, I love all my nuts. I got raw sunflower seeds (which I haven't seen anywhere since childhood) yumm. I also got chocolate covered sunflower seeds (can't beat that) and roasted salted sunflower seeds. They are all great and of exceptional quality. i will have try other nuts later. Love your web site."
Aug 2008 -- Patti Vowers, Kimball, NE

"Your sunflower seeds are the best I have had and the shipping is quick. The price is great and the service is wonderful. I am glad I found your website."
Aug 2008 -- Kim, wilmington, de

"Thank you for such quick service. The sunflower seeds arrived in tip top shape. The are plump and delicious. Kudos to all of you for being so cheerful. Will definitely order from you again."
Jul 2008 -- Agnes

"The raw sunflower seeds arrived today. They are the best! Our parrot Ruthie, she is about 40 years old, will be thrilled with them."
Jul 2008 -- Daniel, Columbus, Ohio

"Delivery and service was awesome as are the Sunflower Seeds! Kudos to the whole nutty family! Nutty Marion"
Jul 2008 -- Marion, Canfield, OH

"Couldn't be more satisfied when the sunflower seeds arrived from NutsOnline. Super quality; on time delivery. Will keep buying as soon as supplies run out."
Jul 2008 -- Jason, Miami, Florida

"These are the largest sunflower seeds I have ever had. Very good and meaty. Thank you"
Jul 2008 -- Ellen Radcliff, Borger, Tx

"The sunflower seeds were delivered as promised and they are soooo delicious!!! We will be ordering more from you."
Jun 2008 -- Irene, WA

"Your sunflower seeds in the shell are the plumpest and freshest I can find anywhere. I use both the roasted in the shell as well as raw, roasting them myself. That's FUN! And it makes the kitchen smell nice. Shipping usually happens the day of my order, and delivery is always on time. THANKS, you NUTS."
Jun 2008 -- Jane, Martinez, CA

"I have been eating sunflower seeds since I was a kid and these are, by far, the best I have ever tasted. I guarantee anyone who tries them will say the same thing."
Nov 2007 -- Chuck, Boston, MA

"I just ordered for the second time. Your sunflower seeds are the best I have ever had. The only problem, they are very addictive. I am also trying your pumpkin seeds this time around. Keep providing fresh, delicious products and you have a customer for life!!!"
Oct 2007 -- Lisa, Coral Springs, FL

"I have been eating seeds since I was a small girl! I've been ordering your sunflower seeds for several years now, and they are GREAT. I love to order a case of them raw in the shell and roast them myself! It is fun to add different seasonings. I also love the roasted homestyle sunflowers seeds. I am hooked on your product!!"
Sep 2007 -- Darla, Newport News, VA

"Great Sunflower Seeds! The best!"
Jul 2007 -- Patty, NF, CT

"I made my first order yesterday and it arrived today. I haven't been able to buy such plump sunflower seeds anywhere locally. Glad I found you."
Jul 2007 -- Marvin, Maryland

"SUNFLOWER SEEDS, in the shell & unsalted, became my habit of choice after 38 years of cigarettes. That change came 12 years ago. A "SEED" is always within reach, consuming at least a pound a week. I've tried many brands and finally found "NUTS ON LINE" in 2004 & they can not be out done. A SUPERB product that is clean, MEATY & has a superb flavor. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Diane"
Feb 2006 -- Diane, St. David, Arizona

"I received my first order from you on 12/13, one day after it was shipped. WOW! But better than that is the quality of the sunflower seeds I ordered. All clean and uniform in size and nicely packaged. I purchased these for my two Macaws as they get only the best and they love them. You can be sure of future orders. Thank you."
Dec 2005 -- Jane, Pottstown, PA

"The nuts arrived in two days as promised ,, the raw sunflower seeds were fresh n tasty ..... and the roasted / salted / in shell sunflower seeds were the best I have tasted in a long time ,, the quality and freshness surpasses all the 'national' brands I can buy in stores locally ,, I do believe you have just found a loyal customer .. ;-) .."
Nov 2005 -- Tammy, Iron Station, NC

"Service is over-the-top outstanding. Israeli seeds are GIANT. They are perfectly roasted with a light coating of salt. Best I've ever tasted. Regular seeds are good as purchased, but need additional roasting for my taste. I'll definitely be buying more."
Apr 2014 -- Larry, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The chocolate covered sunflower seeds were fantastic!! They were so pretty for the candy bar at my daughters wedding in Austin, TX. Highly addictive! Thank you for your great service!"
Apr 2014 -- Joan, Austin, Texas

"Thank you for my order. I was pleasantly surprised as to how quickly my order was filled and delivered. I'll be using the chocolate candy covered sunflowers for my son's birthday cupcakes. The yellow sunflowers are for the seagulls beak on top of the cupcakes and will go very well with his theme cake ( an igloo cake). Thanks again,Andrea"
Apr 2014 -- Andrea, Huntingdon Valley, Pa

"I received my order today in a very timely fashion. I have to say I am impressed by the box - it is so cute with all the writing on it. Then I discovered I had a sample included also which was a nice surprise. Finally I opened my sunflower seeds and they are delicious! Thanks and family!"
Apr 2014 -- Janelle, North East, PA

"I was curious when I first saw these little chocolate coated sunflower seeds at Fresh Market and thought they would be a colorful attraction to Easter baskets. Of course I had to try them. Big mistake. Ate them all and now have to order in bulk. Love them and will be a regular customer. Extremely fast delivery, even though yesterday wouldn't have been soon enough. LOL Great service and superbly delicious treat."
Apr 2014 -- Geneva, Little Rock, AR

"Just opened the 5lb. bag of pale blue chocolate covered sunflower seeds that I ordered for a baby boy sprinkle.They are so yummy! Perfect for the favors I plan on making. I'm nuts about and will be ordering more of your goodies for sure!"
Apr 2014 -- LeeAnn, Ferndale, Michigan

"Order was easy; and fast. Shipping was fast. Quality of the Israeli sunflower seeds was great. Our birds will love them."
Apr 2014 -- Beverly, Toledo, Ohio

"This company is NUTS!!! I placed an order early evening going with the standard delivery, BUT, I received the order the next day. This company is definitely made up of some good nuts. Oh yeah, my honey roasted sunflower seeds are fresh and taste nuttingly delicious."
Mar 2014 -- Richard Luongo, Sewell, NJ

"Israeli roasted salted sunflower seeds...Awesome. I'm thinking that I've never tasted anything quite like these. Lightly salted and exactly perfect, fresh and crunchy. The perfect snack. Reasonably priced... bought 2 pounds. I hope they last long enough to share them with my family although I probably should hide them and keep them for myself. They're that good!"
Mar 2014 -- maddy, katonah, NY

"Quick delivery, the vanilla beans and chocolate covered sunflower seeds arrived very fresh. Will use Nuts again soon!"
Mar 2014 -- Patty, houston, tx

"This is my first order, but everything I received (raw organic: pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, and mixed nuts) are all wonderfully fresh and flavorful!!! Thanks "Nuts family"!!! :)"
Mar 2014 -- Carrie, Wauchula, FL

"Love those chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I have to ask my husband to hide the bag from me, otherwise I would most likely over indulge! Thank you for the veggie chips too. Sincerely MariaRose Tumio :)"
Mar 2014 -- MariaRose, Stratford, Ct

"Hi folks, Ordered several pounds of no shell sunflower seeds. I have not seen seeds this large since I was a kid growing up eating sunflower seeds from the shell like the baseball players do today. And they still taste the same as they did back then. I'm really enjoying them as I think back to yesteryear. Thank you for the delicious treat. Angelo D."
Mar 2014 -- Angelo, Addison, Illinois

"Hi I got my order today and I am a sunflower seed man. I open the box and pull out a bag of the Israeli Sunflower Seed. My wife and me have never seen sunflower that big before and they were good so you have my business thank you."
Mar 2014 -- Warren, GREENVILLE, North Carolina

"I ordered these for my DH who is truly a sunflower seed connoisseur. He has munched his way through seeds from innumerable sources, and pronounced the seeds as the "juiciest" and the freshest that he can remember. I sampled a few myself; usually I can take or leave sunflower seeds but couldn't stop eating these. Yikes! We're going to have to start ordering them in the five-pound bag! Ever considered providing an auto-ship service so your customers never run out of their favourites?"
Mar 2014 -- Opisica, The Sunny Southlands, SC

"The box was even more amusing than I expected. Both of us here at the house got a kick out of it. The unsalted roasted sunflower seeds are great. Just as addictive as the salted kind, but healthier. And they're roasted perfectly, unlike one popular brand I can think of (but never buy). Also the roasted pumpkin seeds are excellent, so much better than what you get in the store. Almost as good as doing them at home! Loved the Brazil nuts and those pieces of dried pear were delicious. I'll definitely be ordering again!"
Mar 2014 -- Mary, N Richland Hills, TX

"Great seeds with great size and rich roasted flavor without the sodium. Love the packaging too. Thanks for great product and quick service."
Mar 2014 -- Susanne, Trinity, Texas

"I had never tried sunflower butter, but I wanted to sample it before I suggested it as an alternative to peanut butter for my nephew, who has a nut allergy. It tasted surprisingly good! Great for a bit of protein with my banana, too. I have absolutely no qualms suggesting it to my brother and his wife to get some for my nephew. So glad there are products like this to give kids a close alternative to the standard peanut butter and jelly."
Feb 2014 -- Erin, Menlo Park, CA

"LUV the box! The product is terrific! Got GIANT (not the brand, the size of the seed) sunflower seeds, walnuts, licorice, chili lime pistachios and a complimentary sample of some more terrific pistachios. The fast delivery was amazing and the prices are great. Will be looking forward to making future purchases."
Feb 2014 -- Tiffany, Cocoa Beach, Fl

"LOVE everything about my first purchase at!! The box that it comes in is fantastic, then the packaging inside that the products come in is by far the best! The pricing is right, the selection is incredible, the shipping is quick. The products themselves are above the rest! I will never purchase sunflower kernels from the store ever again. Yours are big, beautiful and delicious~ Well done, well done!"
Feb 2014 -- Christy, Bethel, Maine

"I ordered these for my fiancé and he loves them. He says they are so tasty. I wouldn't recommend ordering a sample of anything from this company because every time I do, we eat them so fast and end up immediately ordering a much larger quantity. I have nothing but good things to say about You will NOT be disappointed in these or anything else you order. And I recommend trying the dried strawberries. They are absolutely AMAZING!!! Big, plump (even though they are dried, they are actually plump!) full of flavor & delicious. You can eat them right out of the bag or in cereal or so many ways. I wouldn't recommend yogurt because they are too big. :)"
Feb 2014 -- Melody, Petal, Ms

"I purchased these chocolate covered sunflower seeds for my fiancé and he loves them. They are so very colorful and each one is covered in a lot of chocolate. They do not come in a glob but each one is singularly coated and delicious. I had received them originally as a sample and he loved them so I immediately ordered a pound of them, along with some spicy pumpkin seeds and a buttercrunch mix."
Feb 2014 -- Melody, Petal, Ms

"Great product! I've searched high and low for unsalted sunflower seeds and I've finally found them! They can absolutely delicious! The shipping was crazy fast. I ordered them at 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday and they were delivered at 12:45 Tuesday. Thanks guys, great job!"
Feb 2014 -- Bob, Stoneham, Ma

"I am impressed by the swiftness of the delivery, and the high quality of the sunflower seeds I received!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Alvin, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Just received my chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I had tried Sunny Seeds and absolutely loved them and then I stumbled across this company and decided to try there product. LOVE THEM...they taste as good as the Sunny Seeds and were cheaper. Very very fresh and the shipping was fast. Will definitely be buying again because I am addicted to these little morsels of nutty goodness"
Feb 2014 -- Althea, Leesburg, Va

"Wow, what super service and delivery! Even the box is terrific. I hope I don't eat them all before my daughter's wedding. Thank you so much, I will definitely be ordering from you again. So very nice! Oh, and they taste GREAT!"
Feb 2014 -- Joan, Bonham, Texas

"Love this company! Super cute packaging & customer service. I also had a great surprise waiting for me when I received my package. I ordered honey roasted sunflower seeds and they sent me chocolate sunflower seeds IN ADDITION. So awesome!! Will order from them forever :)"
Feb 2014 -- Sarah, Marysville, Ca

"Great Sunflower Seeds. My wife was Surprised on How fresh they were."
Feb 2014 -- Tom, Damascus, MD

"Thanks for the speedy service! I love your chocolate covered seeds. I look forward to purchasing other products from your company in the near future."
Jan 2014 -- andrea, newark, New Jersey

"YES! You folks are great: accurate order sent, delivery exceptional in light of the horrible storm, and looking forward to enjoying the sunny seeds at a special fundraiser event. If received as well as I am expecting, I will certainly be back for more!!! Thanks again."
Jan 2014 -- Gayellen, Ashland, VA

"I got my order today of my 5 pound bag of sunflower seed. OMG there the best thanks so much for a great product!"
Jan 2014 -- suzanne, wilmington, NC

"WICKED! As they say in Boston! The shipping box made a statement as it came through the door...."we LOVE what we do" The outside of the box was hysterical! The kids opened the package and pulled out our order. I love the no nonsense packaging! We opened the sunflower seeds and everyone said "WOW, look how big those seeds are! You can actually find the seed inside!" They tore open every package; corn nuts, dried sweet corn, sunflower seeds, pistachios so they could sample everything! And the sample fudge was a special surprise! My son said, "so, what can we order next?" lightening fast shipping, great delivery, great product is only possible from great people!"
Jan 2014 -- Amy, Tyngsboro, MA

"Very tasty and so glad to find roasted sunflower seeds with NO salt...thanks!"
Jan 2014 -- Debbie, Griffin, GA

"Thank you for the prompt shipment. Arrived when you said. Peanuts taste great! Loved the notes all over the boxes; the kind of thing I do when sending items to my grandsons. They love it; and I do, too. Always enjoy your products--peanuts and sunflower seeds. Great job!!"
Jan 2014 -- Patricia A Spellman, Macon, GA

"You guys are awesome. I just placed my order for 25 lbs of unsalted sunflower seeds last night and they were at my door today. What great service. Thanks again and I will enjoy my seeds. Have a happy new year."
Jan 2014 -- Conan, Saratoga Springs, NY

"Wow! I received my sunflower seeds today. They are delicious! The ordering process was super easy and I was constantly updated automatically on the progress of my order...right up until it was dropped at the front door. This is how customer service is done! Nice job guys and gals. Look forward to ordering more delicious items from you in the near future and will certainly tell my friends and family about my experience. All the best!"
Jan 2014 -- Ken, chester, va

"The roasted unsalted sunflower seeds taste great! thanks."
Jan 2014 -- Kathryn, Sewickley, PA

"I really loved the chocolate covered sunflower seeds I ordered. they were so fresh and delicious, I got the order automatically just on time and I will definitely order from you guys again. The only problem is they're so addicting I can't stop eating them"
Dec 2013 -- Katherine, Wilmington, nc

"I like the box design and of course the x-mas candy sunflower seeds"
Dec 2013 -- richard, richland, pa.

"Love you guys! As has been my experience with you in the past, my order arrived on time and in perfect condition. The three items I ordered (Marcona almonds, French Burnt Peanuts and chocolate covered sunflower seeds are all fresh and delicious. The free sample (dried strawberries) were yummy too. If only I could get other companies to be as wonderful as !!"
Dec 2013 -- Norma, Queens, NY

"Love, love, love the salted sunflower seeds. Always fresh, always tasty."
Dec 2013 -- Karen, North Stonington , CT

"What fast service! We will be using the candy covered sunflower seeds to make strings of Christmas lights for decorating gingerbread houses this weekend. Thanks again."
Dec 2013 -- Joanne, Waterloo, IA

"I've ordered the sunflower seeds second time 25lb. box. The seeds are delicious, service is great and "the nuts people" are awseme! Thank you!"
Dec 2013 -- Ana

"Just got the 2# of these I ordered for my son. They are his favorite as the salted one do not have enough salt for his tastes (he salts everything!). I told him to make them last more than a few days-LOL!"
Dec 2013 -- Laila, Raytown, MO.

"Finally! I found the perfect human-grade, large raw sunflower seeds for our pet bird (a lost sun conure that found our wild bird seed in our back yard this past summer, and is now our pet bird...go figure). He loves them! Your service has been great, the packaging fun and unique, and in addition to buying for our bird---we plan to buy some nuts for ourselves and family this Christmas. Thank you! (and "Bird" thanks you too!)"
Nov 2013 -- Terrie, Allen, TX

"I am a happy nut my 25 lb bag of sunflower seeds arrived today and I am going nuts, can't wait until I can order more"
Nov 2013 -- Jon, Raton, NM

"You guys are the greatest... I've been searching for these sunflower seeds for quite a while.. I wish I would've known about you all long before this. You had the seeds and the price was reasonable so I ordered them still skeptical they wouldn't be the right ones as I've run into that problem before. I was wrong man I'm happy. Everything was exactly as you said I've already recommended you guys to some friends and I'm gonna try some more things. Oh and thanks for shipping so fast, and I love the funny packaging, very clever."
Nov 2013 -- Mark, Novi, Michigan

"We ordered the ranch sunflower seeds and the barbecue sunflower seeds. Absolutely delicious, and super fresh! I'm a health "nut" and was happy to see that the flavored seeds on do NOT contain any hydrogenated oils (aka trans fats) and no MSG. Thanks for offering options that deliver a guilt free, delicious snack for my family!"
Nov 2013 -- Heather, Orange County, California

"I loved the overall experience. Ordering the sunflower seeds was quick and very easy. I ordered on Thursday November 7th and received my order on Saturday November 9th. The package was expected on Tuesday November 11th. I ordered the unsalted sunflower seeds because I cannot have all of that sodium. The flavor is excellent. I am recommending your website and product to everyone in the office. Thanks for the experience. I am looking forward to my next order."
Nov 2013 -- Tatanisha, Jacksonville, FL

"WOW! I placed my order for 6 of your products 2 days ago, and they arrived today, a day earlier than promised. I tasted each item and, based on quality and service, you now have a raving fan!"
Nov 2013 -- Chuck, Branford, CT

"Very Happpy! Quick Delivery! The candy seeds are so goood!!!!!"
Nov 2013 -- Annamaria, San Jose, CA

"Received my Pink chocolate covered sunflower seeds on time and in good condition. I will be using them as favors for a wedding. They are delicious!"
Nov 2013 -- Robyn, Kenedy, TX

"the tahini tastes divine, exactly what I was hoping for - the pepitas, sunflower seeds --- amazing! thanks for the raw almonds, tastes like the real thing - I would recommend your website to others - thank you all so much"
Oct 2013 -- Bonnie, Mount Vernon, Washington

"Love, Love, Love the Israeli Jumbo unsalted sunflower seeds I received from The seeds are bigger than anything I've ever seen and perfectly roasted. Finally, I found something that satisfies my sunflower seed addiction without raising my sodium level through the roof:)"
Oct 2013 -- Joe, Cleveland, Ohio

"Got my nuts shipment today and let me tell ya that I am very very happy with the gigantic sunflower seeds (unsalted) and the corn nuts are crunchy pieces of heaven. The bbq corn nut sample vanished immediately ...ummm by mysterious i guess i have to order more....thank you very much"
Oct 2013 -- KENBOX, tampa, florida

"I bought these roasted and unsalted sunflower seeds after being told by my doctor to lay off the salt, I love them!!! I've tried similar seeds from other places and these are the best by far....keep up the great work."
Oct 2013 -- Joel, canyon country, California

"ordered the pink chocolate cover sunflower seeds, yogurt raisins and gummy watermelon rings for granddaughter's baby shower. We are using them as favors for our guest at the baby shower What a pleasant surprise that the items came so quickly and the unique packing. I am sure that our guest will enjoy these sweet treats. Thank you for making them available."
Oct 2013 -- Beverly, Charlotte, NC

"Quick delivery, great product! Thank you!"
Oct 2013 -- Mary, Washington, DC

"Best roasted sunflower seeds I have ever found. Love them! Thank you! Will continue to order and reorder. Melodye"
Oct 2013 -- Melodye, Goldendale, WA

"Constantly at a ballpark watching my boys play and gotta have my sunflower seeds. Been looking for an unsalted alternative for a while and finally you've provided one. Shipped fast, GREAT packaging, and very fresh product. Kudos to you !"
Oct 2013 -- Lowell, Plainview, NY

"This is my 2nd time ordering from and I have never been happier with ANY company I've ordered online from, EVER. Thank you so much for bringing quality products with great prices all tied together with great customer service! You guys are amazing."
Oct 2013 -- sierra, Philadelphia, Pa

"I received my unsalted sunflower seeds today. They are great. I wanted to try one pound first to make sure I liked it without the salt. My next order will be for 25lbs. I love the individual packaging and the shipping packaging as well. I really like what you guys are doing. This is an awesome website and you have so much to offer. Thanks again. Conan"
Sep 2013 -- Conan, Saratoga Springs, NY

"Thank you so much for a tasty, healthy product. The unsalted sunflower seeds are just perfect."
Sep 2013 -- Amanda, Albany, Ga

"All I can say is wow! Ordered and received my package in less than 24 hrs. Packaging is great and the products even better. Will be ordering a lot more in the near future. Thank you for such great service!"
Sep 2013 -- Edward, Bridgeton, NJ

"Just got my first shipment ever. Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds. They are amazing. Large with a great taste. Great price and fast shipping. Will buy from forever!"
Sep 2013 -- Kevin, Missouri City, TX

"When I ordered a 4.5 lb bag of salted Israeli sunflower seeds, I thought I made a mistake....huge bag! However, after enjoying a bowl while watching a football game, I've decided that they are the most delicious sunflower seeds that I've ever eaten, and that the bag is just the right size!"
Sep 2013 -- Greg, Alexandria, Virginia

"This website is awesome!!! Everything I've ordered has been fresh and delicious! The veggie chips are my favorite! The chocolate covered sunflower seeds are delicious too! And the pumpkin malted milk balls soo good! Great place for alternative baking supplies too like green tea matcha and almond flour. Fastest shipping ever! Literally takes one day! You guys rock! :)"
Sep 2013 -- Caitlin, Boston, MA

"I am so glad I finally found someone who sells BBQ sunflower seeds. It is one of my and my son's favorite. I was totally out and kept looking in stores. Thank you for making it available on line. I did try them right away."
Sep 2013 -- Louella

"This website is awesome! I wish I had discovered it sooner! The matcha green tea is delicious and the bubbles were super easy to make. You also have the best sunflower seeds around! I'll never go back to David's! Thanks Nutty guys!"
Sep 2013 -- Kelli, Lakenheath, UK

"I did not read a single review. I had no expectations, but the second I cracked the first sunflower seed between my teeth I felt as if I had discovered a untapped higher power. Quality, the highest. Aesthetic, brilliant. You will NOT be disappointed. I feel as if I will buy anything I need from this website in the future, and no where else. Sign me up for a t-shirt and I will gladly be a walking billboard. Thanks!!!"
Sep 2013 -- Matthew, Baltimore, MD

"I stumbled onto your website while searching for organic sunflower and pumpkin seeds and am so glad I did. After reading the reviews I placed an order. I tried the organic raw almonds and they are the best I've ever had. Look forward to drinking the lemon spice tea. Look forward to placing another order soon."
Sep 2013 -- Karen, Spring Hill, TN Tennessee

"Everything I got from you is nuts. No I mean all is so good it is nuts. In particular the sunflower seeds. They are quite good and nuts. Thanks."
Sep 2013 -- Richard, San Francisco, CA

"The sunflower seeds are great."
Sep 2013 -- Lo

"Crazy quick delivery! Had my first taste of Goji berries. 5 minutes later had them in a smoothie. Awesome! Tasted the almonds and the sunflower seeds. Everything is fresh. I own a service business and can be a tough person to please. Your company has definitely exceeded my expectations. Thanks!"
Aug 2013 -- Michael, Johnsburg, IL

"I am so glad I found your company. Everything that I have tried has been wonderful. The no salt sesame sticks, sunflower seeds and the different trail mixes are delicious. Thank you so much!!!!"
Aug 2013 -- Brenda L Robertson, Washington, DC

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