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  • Assorted Chocolate Chips Assorted Chocolate Chips

    This assortment of chocolate chips can make the most amazing chocolate chip cookie or topping for ice cream. A mixture of milk, dark, raspberry, white , and peanut butter chocolate chips.

  • Mini Chocolate Pretzels Mini Chocolate Pretzels

    Mini chocolate pretzels are covered with a rich milk chocolate coating making them a classic treat and a decade old favorite.

  • Chocolate Stars Chocolate Stars

    Milk chocolate stars are that old time candy that not only looks great but tastes great too.

  • Mini Reese's Pieces Mini Reese's Pieces

    Great for baking, and ice cream topping, or just snacking by hand, these Mini Reese's Pieces candies are a cute peanut butter candy treat.

  • Crushed Heath® Bars Crushed Heath® Bars

    The classic Heath® bar crushed. Bite into the crunchy butter toffee and savor the delicious chocolate. Perfect as an ice cream or yogurt topping.


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