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  • Almond Jewels Almond Jewels

    These almond jewels are coated in delicious dark chocolate then topped off with a beautiful and shiny jewel finish. Amazingly, these taste even better than they look.

  • Creme Brule Cordials Creme Brule Cordials

    Delicious chocolate cordials filled with a great creme brule liquid center.

  • Cocoa Cappuccino Cordials Cocoa Cappuccino Cordials

    These cocoa cappuccino cordials are so incredible. A cappuccino flavored liquid center enrobed with dark and white chocolates and then dusted in a cocoa powder. A real treat.

  • Caramel Twist Caramel Twist

    Caramel twist is a delectable combination of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate swirled over caramel.

  • Cherry Marshmallow Twists Cherry Marshmallow Twists

    A Joyva classic. Only the finest dark chocolate covering a cherry marshmallow center.

  • Dark Chocolate Marcona Almonds Dark Chocolate Marcona Almonds

    Imported Spanish Marcona almonds covered in rich dark chocolate.

  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters

    Dark chocolate peanut clusters also known as Turtles. We take fresh roasted peanuts and cover them in gooey and delicious caramel. Then smother them in only the best dark chocolate.