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  • Chocolate & Caramel Coconut Haystack Bon Bons Chocolate & Caramel Coconut Haystack Bon Bons

    We've heard these candies called haystacks. They do favor the old fashioned way hay was stored in the field. You'll love their taste; chocolate and coconut and caramel and coconut.

  • Coconut Macaroons Coconut Macaroons

    Golden, toasted coconut on the outside and a creamy soft coconut center is the mark of a perfect coconut macaroon. These cookies are truly a macaroon lovers delight.

  • Dark Chocolate Coconut Haystacks Dark Chocolate Coconut Haystacks

    Each delicious bite of these dark chocolate coconut haystacks is sure to be filled with soft and chewy coconut covered in rich dark chocolate.


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