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  • Christmas Gummy Bears Christmas Gummy Bears

    Soft and chewy gummy bears in fun Christmas colors.

  • Christmas Hershey Kisses Christmas Hershey Kisses

    An old time favorite milk chocolate Hershey Kiss wrapped in Holiday silver, green, and red.

  • Christmas Nonpareils Christmas Nonpareils

    These eye catching dark chocolate Christmas colored nonpareils are delicious.

  • Christmas Pretzels Christmas Pretzels

    These yogurt covered Christmas Tree shaped pretzels will really put someone in the Holiday spirit. Christmas tree shaped pretzels smothered in a delicious vanilla yogurt coating then frosted in red and green. Oh so beautiful and delicious.

  • Christmas Spice Drops Christmas Spice Drops

    Chewy Christmas Gum Drops with a little sugary spice on top!

  • Creme Drops Creme Drops

    A smooth and sweet vanilla cream center is what makes these old fashioned milk chocolate creme drops so delicious.

  • Old Fashioned Christmas Candy Old Fashioned Christmas Candy

    Remember that classic hard candy you only found during Christmas time? Well we have it!

  • Peppermint Malted Milk Balls Peppermint Malted Milk Balls

    Malted milk balls with crushed peppermint sticks swirled in. A real treat.

  • Peppermint Sticks Peppermint Sticks

    An old time Holiday favorite. Small peppermint sticks are great when you are craving that minty treat. Try mixing with some hot chocolate for a really delicious drink.

  • Ribbon Candy Ribbon Candy

    Hard peppermint candy stretched out and curled into a ribbon that is pretty to look at and fun to eat. Peppermint ribbon is one holiday favorite that can't be beat.

  • Truffles Truffles

    This pack of 8 assorted flavors look so amazing you can almost taste them without even putting them in your mouth!

  • Yogurt Snowflake Pretzels Yogurt Snowflake Pretzels

    Celebrate the Holidays with these beautiful and delicious yogurt snowflake pretzels. We can't decide what we like more, staring at them or eating them all up!


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