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  • Light Blue Whirly Pop (3 Inches) Light Blue Whirly Pop (3 Inches)

    Light blue and white whirly pops are famous from amusement parks, carnivals, and boardwalks. These classic old time lollipops are a real treat. 1.5 ounces and 3" diameter.

  • Blue and White Sixlets Blue and White Sixlets

    Sixlets are a round candy coated chocolate classic. The chocolate centers are a mixture of cocoa and carob giving them a unique malted flavor! These blue and white colored candy sixlets are great for weddings, parties, and favors.

  • Blue and White Jordan Almonds Blue and White Jordan Almonds

    Our premium jordan almonds, already mixed as blue and white jordan almonds.

  • Blue and White M&M's Blue and White M&M's

    A favorite candy of many, these will melt in your mouth not in your hand! Perfect for wedding favors, candy buffets, or just snacking. These Blue and White M&M's are sure to please.