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Wholesale Sesame Sticks 15 Pound CasesWholesale Sesame Sticks
Fresh and crunchy with a hint of salt added. Sesame Sticks are a great treat for any party!
Wholesale Cheddar Sesame Sticks 15 Pound CasesWholesale Cheddar Sesame Sticks
Fresh and crunchy with that complementary flavor of cheddar cheese. A great treat for any party, or any other event.
Wholesale Honey Sesame Sticks 15 Pound CasesWholesale Honey Sesame Sticks
Fresh and crunchy with that complementary flavor of honey and a hint of salt added. Honey sesame sticks are a great treat for any party where kissing is permitted!!
Wholesale Chia Chips 20 Pound CasesWholesale Chia Chips
We are huge fans of chia here at Nuts.com, and we finally found chips with chia in them. These chia chips are a crunchy, healthy snack and also contain flax seeds for a further nutritional boost.
Wholesale Sesame Sticks (No Salt) 15 Pound CasesWholesale Sesame Sticks (No Salt)
Sesame sticks with no salt make a great snack for those watching their sodium.
Wholesale Guacamole Bites 20 Pound CasesWholesale Guacamole Bites
Love guacamole? So do we! These bite sized snacks are perfectly seasoned using natural avocado flavors and are sure to taste great. A delicious treat for a fiesta!
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"The packages arrived exactly when you said they would. The sesame sticks were excellent and tasted very fresh. Thank You, Susan Beck"
-- susan, Daytona Beach, Florida
"Once again you have delivered the best snacks on the planet! The sesame sticks really were the freshest, tastiest I have ever had, as some others have said before me. The cashews are always marvelous and I am loving the dried cantaloupe. This is my second order on that, I got two bags this time, instead of just one. Honestly, I could spend all my extra cash with you guys (some months I do) and be happy as a clam. Thank you so much for your timely delivery and scrumptious stuff. Holly H."
-- Holly, Martinez, GA
"Hi All, Well I'll be that's the first thing I've ordered online that was shipped and delivered when they said it would be. I ordered three types of sesame sticks and they were sampled immediately, and you'll get no argument from me theeyy'rrree ggrreeaaatttt! (don't let Tony the Tiger see that). You can really be proud of your nuts (and sesame sticks of course). Will not hesitate to order again. John T."
-- John, East Haven, CT.
"I ordered your sesame sticks as a gift and was so impressed with the prompt shipping. The birthday boy loved them. Can't wait to order again, Thank you!!!"
-- Cheryl Percival, Stoughton, MA
"I had my order in my hands in less then 24 hours. I always liked sesame sticks but did not realize how good they really were until I had FRESH ones! The almonds were roasted to perfection. Got alot of stocking stuffers in about 5 minutes of easy on line shopping."
-- Karen, ellenville, ny
"Received my order in record time. The sesame seed sticks are exceptionally fresh and good. Will order again. Thanks, Chuck"
-- charles, Winston Salem, NC
"Yippee and hip hip hooray. Rec'd the huge order of sesame sticks (in different flavors) and after gorging myself all evening, haven't made up my mind which flavor I like best. They are deeeelicious! Keep up the good work. You will be hearing from me for other goodies."
-- Pat, Albuquerque
"There was a store here that used to sell Sesame Sticks, they haven't had them for a long time. I would snack on them at work. I found you guys online- and BAM- I have 2 huge bags stuffed in my desk now- THANK YOU, great service, great quality, fast delivery :)"
-- Chris, Spokane, WA
"I received my order just in time to take for snacks on a four day trip to Dallas/Ft.Worth. The sesame sticks were just what I have been looking for; so fresh, crispy and very tasty, too! I look forward to ordering more!"
-- Susie, Fayetteville, AR
"I purchased the sesame sticks for my wife who just loves them. She was delighted and said that they were the very best she has ever tasted. I will be making future purchases as the ordering was easy and shipment was quick and on time and the product was excellent. I will be recommending your site to all my friends and family. Thanks again for a great products and service."
-- Peter, Birmingham, Alabama
"My order came within a day of ordering. They were sooooo fresh. Its been hard to find sesame sticks and these are beyond what I expected. I will definitely order again and refer my friends and family. Thank you :-) Michelle"
-- Michelle, Capitol Hts, MD
"My sesame sticks are absolutely.... A-W-E-S-O-M-E.....thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! :)"
-- MaryJane, San Antonio, TX
"We just received our order of 5 pounds of sesame sticks and without a doubt they are the best we have ever tasted. They taste as though they were made yesterday, incredibly fresh. Unlike any other sesame sticks we have experienced, these are wonderfully crispy, yet not hard and have just the right amount of salt. A great product !"
-- Robert, New Brighton, MN
"Just opened the box of my sesame sticks recently ordered. I ordered 3 1lb bags. These are amazingly good. The freshness and flavor are beyond compare. Thank you!"
-- Gregory, Dallas, Tx
"Hello, Due to a health condition, my husband really has to limit his love of nuts. I found that sesame sticks fit the bill for him instead. To our despair, my grocery store stopped selling them! Thankfully, I found NUTSONLINE and just received our first order. Ordering was easy (accept for the temptation of wanting everything), my shipment arrived quickly, packaging looks great and the sesame sticks were just what we had hoped they would be! Thanks very much and we'll see you when our box is empty!"
-- pnewton, Magnolia, MA
"This was our second order of sesame sticks in 2 month. I think that speaks for its self. These sticks are the best I have ever tasted and they melt in your mouth. Marcie & I are certainly glad we found you. Bob"
-- Robert, New Brighton, MN
"I was very pleasantly surprised with order. Delivered a day earlier than expected and packaging was adequate to protect contents. The Honey and regular Sesame Seed sticks are great on salads, in yoghurts, as a snack, and even for desert sprinkles! Will be coming back for more. :D"
-- JOHN, Albuquerque, NM
"Just received my sesame sticks today and I must say they are fantastic. Will purchase again in the near future. Thanks."
-- Mo, GA
"You guys are incredible! Two days after placing an order I find a package of some of the most amazing and delectable snacks ever! You sesame sticks are to die for!! Thanks again. Mary"
-- Mary, ballston lake, ny
"I ordered the sesame sticks. They arrived today (quick delivery). The quality and taste is outstanding. Thanks, it is good to finally have a source for top quality sesame sticks."
-- Charlie, Hendersonville, N
"The sesame sticks are great. Ordering and service was Superior. If you want Nuts or other like products with quick response, "NUTS ONLINE" is the place to go. You guys are great."
-- Peter, Birmingham, Alabama
"I got it!! Opened everything and am nibbling on my Sesame Sticks-I've died and gone to Heaven!!! Had a Mary Jane and memories flashed thru my mind!!! Thank you sooo much-I'll be ordering again!!Marg"
-- Margaret, Salisbury, MD

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