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Sampler Packs

Looking for foods to give you an energy boost? Try samples of these 10 power packed foods!

New to a gluten-free lifestyle or looking for inspiration for gluten-free products? This "gluten-free starter pack" of 10 samples should help you find tasty snacks to add to your routine and spice up your day!

Looking to manage your cholesterol, blood pressure or heart health? This sampler pack of 10 heart-healthy foods is designed just for you.

Do you love yummy sweets and chocolates? This sample pack will let you try 10 of our most indulgent favorites!

Looking for the finest premium products from Nuts.com? Start your foodie journey with this set of 10 samples.

Looking for foods that are clean and that still pack the nutrition that nature intended? <br /> Try this sample pack of 10 raw foods!

Trying to manage your sugar levels? This set of 10 samples picks from some of our best sugar free and insulin friendly foods. Even though they're sugar free, they don't compromise on taste!

Looking for a mix of vegetarian foods that will be nutritious, high in protein, and that don't compromise on taste? <p> <p>This starter pack of 10 samples will help you see some of the best of what Nuts.com has to offer!