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Barbeque (BBQ) Snacks

Roasted sunflower seeds in the shell perfectly seasoned with that great barbeque flavor. These barbecue sunflower seeds are some of the best you can find anywhere.

Jumbo Virginia peanuts perfectly roasted and seasoned with smokey barbeque seasoning.

Salty and crunchy corn sticks in that delicious barbeque flavor.

Hold on to your seats for these BBQ toasted corn nuts! And your taste buds for that matter! You've asked for them and we finally delivered. Smokey barbeque corn nuts are incredible.

Hold on to your taste buds! BBQ veggie chips are an unbelievable snack. We promise you have never tasted anything like this before.

There is a reason why Kansas City BBQ is some of the most famous BBQ in the world. One taste of these Kansas City BBQ flavored almonds will do all the explaining. We promise these will not dissapoint.

These BBQ cashews are jumbo roasted cashews seasoned with a smokey barbecue flavoring. One taste of these, and you will agree that we definitely found it!