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Recipe for Sweet Earth Cookies

Recipe Ingredients:
1/2cup  Almonds soaked and peeled
1/2cup  Sunflower seeds soaked and sprouted
1/2 cup  gojii berries
1 cup  Dried apricots
1 cup  Dried apples
1/2 cup  Dried black mission figs
1 cup  Shredded couconut
1 tsp  Cinnamon
1/2 tsp  Cloves
1/4  Fresh nutmeg
1 tsp  Orange Zest
pinch  Himalayan crystal salt

Cooking Directions:
1.  Coarsely grind almonds and sunflower seeds in food processor with the S blade and set aside. Blend all other ingredients until fruit is chunky. Add nut mixture and pulse to mix well. Press into 2 inch diameter drops onto cookie sheets and dehydrate 6-8 hours, transfer to the mesh and dry until desired moistness.

    Cloves Cloves
Cloves are an extremely aromatic spice. Historically used in Indian cuisine, these cloves will make a welcome addition to any dish.

Dried Apples Dried Apples
These sweet California apples not only taste great as a snack but are perfect for baking.

Dried Apricots Dried Apricots
Vibrant not only in flavor and color, these dried apricots are great and ideal for snacks. Rich in minerals like potassium, they're good for you too!

Ground Nutmeg Ground Nutmeg
Ground nutmeg has a slightly sweet taste and makes a wonderful addition to cheese sauces. It is used often in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines as well.

Organic Goji Berries Organic Goji Berries
Organic goji berries have long been known for their medicinal purposes in Far East medicine. These 100% natural organic dried goji berries are extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamin A.

Organic Ground Cinnamon Organic Ground Cinnamon
All natural organic ground Cassia cinnamon. Perfect for cooking, baking, or any recipe that calls for that classic cinnamon flavor.

Organic Mission Figs Organic Mission Figs
All natural dried organic mission figs. Grown with no chemicals or pesticides. These small black mission figs pack a mellow sweet flavor.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
All natural finely ground Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

This amazingly special salt is used as a delectable ingredient in food, and is enjoyed as a soothing addition to any bath.

Raw Almonds (No Shell) Raw Almonds (No Shell)
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Sprouted Sunflower Seeds Sprouted Sunflower Seeds
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