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Wholesale Black Walnuts 35 Pound CasesWholesale Black Walnuts
When you want an intense nutty flavor paired with an amazingly satisfying crunch, few things compare to our big, rich black walnuts. A decadent ice cream topping.
Wholesale Candied Walnuts 25 Pound CasesWholesale Candied Walnuts
Candied walnuts, also known as glazed walnuts, are fantastic for snacking or as salad walnuts. It took us a while to perfect this recipe and think you will love these candied walnuts.
Wholesale Chocolate Covered Walnuts 25 Pound Cases Wholesale Chocolate Covered Walnuts
Chocolate covered walnuts, a combination of one of the most popular nuts, and a deliciously smooth milk chocolate, are a match made in heaven.
Wholesale Chocolate Walnut Fudge 6 Pound BoxesWholesale Chocolate Walnut Fudge
Old fashioned moist and delicious fudge with pieces of walnuts.
Wholesale Chopped Walnuts 30 Pound CasesWholesale Chopped Walnuts
These chopped walnuts make the perfect topping for ice cream. Try coating your next meat or fish dish for a deliciously nutty crunch.
Wholesale Cinnamon Walnuts 15 Pound CasesWholesale Cinnamon Walnuts
Try one of these great tasting cinnamon walnuts, and you will be craving for more
Wholesale Dark Chocolate Covered Walnuts 25 Pound CasesWholesale Dark Chocolate Covered Walnuts
Dark chocolate covered walnuts are a match made in heaven - deliciously decadent dark chocolate poured over top notch walnuts.
Wholesale English Walnut Halves (Raw, No Shell) 22 Pound CasesWholesale English Walnut Halves (Raw, No Shell)
English walnut halves are beautiful and delicious. This is the nicest walnut on the market.
Wholesale English Walnuts (In Shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale English Walnuts (In Shell)
English Walnuts are grown primarily in California and Oregon. This delicious nut is the most popular nut in the shell.
Wholesale English Walnuts (Raw, No Shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale English Walnuts (Raw, No Shell)
A very common ingredient found in many baking items. These walnut halves and pieces are mainly grown in California and Oregon.
Wholesale Maple Walnut Fudge 6 Pound BoxesWholesale Maple Walnut Fudge
Classic maple flavored fudge loaded with chunks of walnuts. Sweet, moist, chewy, and delicious.
Wholesale Organic Walnut Date Rolls 15 Pound CasesWholesale Organic Walnut Date Rolls
All natural and delicious combination of organic dates rolled in chopped organic walnuts. A truly great tasting snack.
Wholesale Organic Walnut Pieces (Raw) 30 Pound CasesWholesale Organic Walnut Pieces (Raw)
Organic all natural walnut pieces. Perfect for snacking, baking, and cooking.
Wholesale Organic Walnuts (Raw, No Shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Organic Walnuts (Raw, No Shell)
Organic English raw walnuts out of the shell. Organic walnuts are rich in nutrients and are great for snacking, cooking, and baking.
Wholesale Peanut Butter Explosion Fudge 6 Pound CasesWholesale Peanut Butter Explosion Fudge
We have never tasted anything as decadent and amazing as this. Premium peanut butter fudge packed with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and walnuts. A true explosion of flavor. This one has literally left us speechless.
Wholesale Roasted Walnuts (Salted) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Roasted Walnuts (Salted)
These English walnut halves and pieces are roasted to perfection and then lightly sprinkled with salt. High in protein.
Wholesale Roasted Walnuts (Unsalted) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Roasted Walnuts (Unsalted)
These English walnut halves and pieces are roasted to perfection. They make a tasty snack for those on salt-free diets. Packed with protein.
Wholesale Walnettos 30 Pound CasesWholesale Walnettos
A favorite candy from the late 60's, Walnettos are a chewy caramel mixed with real bits of walnuts. Walnettos are a truly classic candy from a classic era.
Wholesale Walnut Meal 30 Pound CasesWholesale Walnut Meal
Walnut meal, slightly coarser than walnut flour, is great for baking and cooking.
Wholesale Walnut Pieces 30 Pound CasesWholesale Walnut Pieces
Delicious and fresh English walnut pieces. Perfect for baking, cooking, or as toppings.


"Our order arrived today, earlier than promised. Of course we tested all the nuts, freshest English Walnuts I've had since the times as a kid when we harvested (we called it knocking) walnuts to help earn our school supplies. Thank You for these great products. Lee Stockman"
-- Lee, Silver City, New Mexico
"I purchased walnuts. They are the freshest nuts I have ever tasted. The prices are great. I definitely recommend Nuts Online. I rate them OUTSTANDING!!"
-- Matricia , Jasper, AR
"I just received my order of Walnuts. They are very nice and taste great. Thanks"
-- Bettie, Greenwell Spgs., LA
"The walnuts are excellent. Arrived exactly on the date. My husband really loves them. They are good for the heart."
-- Patricia, Springfield, Illinois
"I was amazed to receive my order in one day! Thank you for such great service with a sense of humor. Yours are the freshest and most delicious walnuts I have found anywhere. Every bite is perfect."
-- Angela, Baltimore, MD
"Ordered one 5 pound bag of English Walnuts. Order arrived promptly in two days with standard shipping! Packing was done well to protect contents. Upon opening the package, had to immediately sample the product and they are the tastiest walnuts. Keep up the excellent work of providing great service and products."
-- Lee, Chesapeake, VA
"I had been looking all over town for fresh walnuts. Everywhere I found them rancid whether shelled or not shelled. I just received the shelled walnuts from NutsOnline. The package arrived quickly and the nuts are fresh and delicious. Thank you."
-- Monique, New York, NY
"My order was received on time and in perfect condition and the walnuts are absolutely delicious! Thank you all so much! Take care, Charles"
-- charles, san diego, california
"I ordered my walnuts yesterday and they were delivered to my door today! I can't believe how fast they came ... I am amazed and very, very pleased with this kind of service. Thank you."
-- barbara, Andes, New York
"Having received the English walnuts in the shell today enough good things can't be said about the size and condition of the nuts. The taste is exceptional too. The service is absolutely exemplary. The next order will be for a new nutcracker! The nuts have become the latest "treat" in our house."
-- Lynne, Enosburg Falls, VT
"You do indeed deserve praise. The walnuts are the freshest (and best) I have ever tasted and they arrived the next day. I'll be glad to recommend you."
-- Jean, Tarrytown, NY
"WOW! Just received 10# of shelled English Walnuts and they are above and beyond our expectations. This isn't a 5 star company . . this is a million star company. They came faster than I could get dressed; out to my car and drive to the store. Won't be driving to the store to get dark & dried out nuts anymore..these nut meats are light and moist and so tasty. Who would think something so healthy for you could be so good."
-- Jeanne, Antioch, IL
"I am thrilled that I found your site on line. My order arrived quickly, after a very good experience in ordering, and the walnuts you sent were of the freshest and wonderfully tasting I have experienced in almost all of my 65 years. I have already recommended you to many of my friends and acquaintances, and will willing do so in the future."
-- Dennis, Marlinton, WV
"They have the best walnuts I have been able to find anywhere. There online service and shipping are what you wish all companies would do when you buy from them."
-- Steve, Houston, Texas
"Fastest service ever--I have been ordering from you for quite awhile. The walnuts are great."
-- Judith, Lancaster, PA
"The walnuts were so fresh, and not bitter like they can get sometimes. I love the veggie chips - they're addicting, glad I took other people's advice and got two containers. And the dark chocolate almonds are awesome. Intense chocolate, not very sweet, only need 2 or 3 to feel satisfied. Shipment came fast, and in good shape. Thanks guys!"
-- Sara Jane, Verona, PA

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