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Wholesale Roasted Pistachios (Salted, In Shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Roasted Pistachios (Salted, In Shell)
These wonderful, lightly salted Colossal Pistachios are literally out of this world...or at least the biggest you will find in this world!
Wholesale Organic Pistachios (Raw, No Shell) 30 Pound CasesWholesale Organic Pistachios (Raw, No Shell)
Organic raw California pistachios out of the shell. Certified organic by CCOF.
Wholesale Turkish Pistachios (Antep) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Turkish Pistachios (Antep)
These are the most popular Turkish pistachios. Antep Turkish Pistachios, the closest to the supreme Iranian variety, are the smallest pistachio and a little harder to open than the California, but pack the most punch. These roasted and salted nuts are the sweetest pistachios we sell.
Wholesale Roasted Pistachios (Unsalted, In Shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Roasted Pistachios (Unsalted, In Shell)
A great treat for pistachio lovers who cannot have any salt.
Wholesale Raw Pistachios (No shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Raw Pistachios (No shell)
Naturally raw with no shell California pistachios. For those who like as many nutrients as possible. What a gourmet's treat! You never have to worry about the shells.
Wholesale Raw Pistachios (In Shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Raw Pistachios (In Shell)
Raw pistachios (in shell) are great as a snack! They are really good for birds too!
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"I used to get Sunkist's shelled and salted pistachios at our Wegmans market, but they quit carrying them. So I did an Internet search and found your site. I ordered unsalted shelled pistachios. When they came, I was very pleased! Excellent nuts, and excellent service. I can even reuse the resalable bags! Nuts Online will be my primary source for fine nuts."
-- David, Bellefonte, PA
"This was the fastest shipment I ever received. The pistachios I ordered were perfect. I will definitely order from you guys again and again....."
-- kelly, baltimore, md
"Oh my received my order yesterday- Gave my husband the pistachios -- and he stated that they were the BEST ever.!!! I had a sliver of the Crystalized Ginger in a cup of tea!!! Awesome--- Thank you so much for the wonderful goodies you deliver.. I have not opened all the items however as I do -- I will let you know because I have ordered some new things I have not tried before.. Have a Blessed Day, Joyce Strange"
-- Joyce, Anna, Tx
"Great pistachios!! Fast shipping - very impressed with customer service and communication. Will definitely recommend to others and will buy again!!!"
-- Janet, Bristol, VA
"Ordered 4 pounds of Pistachios. Shipped two pounds to my Brother in Florida and kept two for myself.They were the BEST I ever had and same from Brother.Now I am putting together my next order and there is so much choice its difficult to decide but lots of fun deciding.So keep up the great work and Thanks for being there.. Tom"
-- Tom, Clarksviile, Tn
"This was my first experience with your company. Great job. I ordered 2 packages of turkish pistachio nuts. They were delivered in 2 days, and they tasted great. I especially appreciated the resealable and strong packaging. I went online, but ordered by phone, and the lady was extremely helpful. I will definately order from you in the future."
-- Robert
"Now this is what pistachio nuts are supposed to taste like! It's hard enough to find any imported pistachios, let alone 2 varieties at a great price. I just ordered 2 more pounds as a father's day gift to myself!"
-- Richard, Boulder, CO
"Outstanding pistachios and even better service! Love the friendly updates and tracking responses :)"
-- Laura , Greenville , NC
"Hello, I'm so glad I found you Nuts online. Everything I have tried I have liked a lot. I keep coming back for your Pistachios. Love,love,love them. Good products, fast service, friendly helpful people. What more could you ask for !!!! Keep up your excellent business. A very satisfied customer. Elaine"
-- Elaine M. Jayne, DeRuyter, New York
"FANTASTIC!!! Placed the order yesterday, got it today. Pistachios are out of this world as are the chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Couldn't be more satisfied. Thank you!!!!!"
-- Deborah, New York, NY
"Wow! Incredibly fast shipping and the Turkish pistachios are JUST like the ones my sister-in-law's family brings straight from Turkey! Thank you so much!"
-- Tamara, NJ
-- mark e manning, mcclure, pa
"I am so delighted with my order. I especially enjoyed the Turkish pistachios as I consider them the best and most flavorful pistachios.In addition, my order arrived quickly and was packaged superbly. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends."
-- Leslie, Marietta, GA
"I purchased pistachios as a gift for my husband. He absolutely loved them!!!! Wonderful site. And affordable, too!!! Go Nutty!!"
-- Karland, Kansas City, Missouri
-- Darcel, Chandler, Arizona
"I would like to be able to write you a good review but I am to busy stuffing my face with these awesome pistachios. Maybe later"
-- Sean, sherwood, ar
"Excellent quality nuts, especially the organic pistachio. I placed 4 online orders that day and it's the first one to arrive. Thumbs up."
-- Paul, Brooklyn, ny
"A friend had come back from Iran with a gift of pistachios. I had never had pistachios before, but I was addicted from the first one. Once they were gone, which was very quickly, I bought some from my local market. Very disappointing, no comparison to the Iranian variety. I tried candy shop versions and sampled others I found in gourmet shops, but nothing came close. I don't want to say I was desperate by then, but I Googled pistachios and your site popped up. I decided to give the Turkish pistachios a try, not expecting much, but I was thrilled with the pistachios. They are excellent! They come very close to the Iranian variety. I also love how quickly your product arrives and also love the packaging. You get a full bag, not half product/half air. I also ordered sesame sticks to try, and they are wonderful as well. I'm always picking out the sesame sticks from a cajun mix that I get, and my family hates that! Bottom line, love your products, love your fast delivery, love your packaging. Keep up the great work!"
-- Holly
"They were the BEST pistachios that I have ever tasted. I had trouble stopping eating them !!! THANKS !! It was my first order but not my last."
-- Sue, Columbus, OH
"I live in the state that grows most of the pistachios in the country, but I buy my nuts from nuts on line, I know that I get fresh, roasted, and perfectly shelled nuts for all my baking and snacking needs! Thanks"
-- Carol, Prescott Valley, AZ
"I bought 75 pounds of your pistachio nuts and have absolutely no regrets! Your pistachios are awesome! They are salted just the way we like them. Kids, family, and coworkers can't stop eating them. I used to buy them from stores every X-mas. This is the first time I'd order them. You can be sure I'll be back next year for another 75 pounds!"
-- Jimes
"I haven't tasted pistachios so good in years, & the goji berries were fantastic too. Everything I received was much fresher and reasonably priced than I've found in stores and I also appreciate the super fast shipping. I'll be recommending this site to all the foodies I know!"
-- Jonathan, New York, NY
"I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! They were everything I expected! I was so excited when they got here I could hardly wait to open the bag. For anyone who enjoys a great pistachio this is the place to go!!!!!!!"
-- Mary, Moosic, Pa
"Your pistachios are wonderful. Nice and big and so easy to get out of the shell. Now that I know how great tasting they are I will surely make a larger order the next time. Thanks for such great service and such good products."
-- Patty, Woodbridge, Connecticut
"I placed my third order for Turkish pistachios in less than one month, and continue to be very impressed not only by your prompt delivery but also with the quality of your product. Thanks!!"
-- Gene, Harrisburg, PA
"OMG - I ordered a pound of your salted, in-shell pistachios to see if they really were better than the ones I buy in my grocery store. My husband and I were amazed at the size and the flavor. We are now ready to be lifetime customers. Thanks!!!"
-- Lisa, Lincoln, NE
"The quality of your products exceeds expectations. When I compare your products with what I have on hand from local supermarkets, there is no comparison. Most recently the pistachio nuts I received made the ones I had remaining from a supermarket purchase look like they must have been "seconds." Yours were twice the size and very uniform in color. Bravo"
-- james

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