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Wholesale Blanched Hazelnuts 25 Pound CasesWholesale Blanched Hazelnuts
Blanched hazelnuts from Turkey. These are also called filberts.
Wholesale Chopped Hazelnuts 25 Pound CasesWholesale Chopped Hazelnuts
These raw chopped hazelnuts make the perfect topping for ice cream. Try coating your next meat or fish dish for a deliciously nutty crunch.
Wholesale Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts 25 Pound Cases Wholesale Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts
Delicious dark chocolate covered hazelnuts
Wholesale Dry Roasted DuChilly Hazelnuts 25 Pound CasesWholesale Dry Roasted DuChilly Hazelnuts
Perfectly dry roasted DuChilly Hazelnuts are superior and sweeter tasting than traditional hazelnuts. Grown in the shadow of the North Cascades in the fertile soil of the Nooksack River Valley in Washington, these thinner skinned hazelnuts pack an unbelievable and unique taste.
Wholesale Hazelnut Flour 25 Pound CasesWholesale Hazelnut Flour
Natural filbert flour is great for baking. Makes a great alternative for standard wheat flour.
Wholesale Hazelnut Praline Paste Cases of 12 ContainersWholesale Hazelnut Praline Paste
Hazelnut Praline paste is an all natural sweetened nut paste ideal for fancy and elegant pastries. Ideal in cookies, cakes, candies, and breads.
Wholesale Hazelnuts / Filberts (In Shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Hazelnuts / Filberts (In Shell)
Harvested at just the right time, these Jumbo Hazelnuts from Oregon are quite tasty. Loaded with nutrition filberts can be eaten whole, ground, flaked or made into butter or oil.
Wholesale Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts 25 Pound Cases Wholesale Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts
Delicious milk chocolate covered hazelnuts.
Wholesale Organic Hazelnuts (Raw, No Shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Organic Hazelnuts (Raw, No Shell)
These fresh organic hazelnuts are certified organic by CCOF. They contain no additives or preservatives and are grown without pesticides.
Wholesale Raw DuChilly Hazelnuts 25 Pound CasesWholesale Raw DuChilly Hazelnuts
Raw DuChilly Hazelnuts are superior and sweeter tasting than traditional hazelnuts. Grown in the shadow of the North Cascades in the fertile soil of the Nooksack River Valley in Washington, these thinner skinned hazelnuts pack an unbelievable and unique taste.
Wholesale Raw Hazelnuts / Filberts (No Shell) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Raw Hazelnuts / Filberts (No Shell)
Natural hazelnuts (filberts) are high in protein and low in fat.
Wholesale Roasted Hazelnuts / Filberts (Salted) 25 Pound CasesWholesale Roasted Hazelnuts / Filberts (Salted)
The largest hazelnuts from Oregon roasted and lightly salted with skin on. These are absolutely delicious.
Wholesale Roasted Hazelnuts / Filberts (Unsalted) 25 Pound casesWholesale Roasted Hazelnuts / Filberts (Unsalted)
We select the largest Hazelnuts from Oregon then roast them to delicious perfection.


"I received two pounds of hazelnuts for Christmas and just four days out one pound is already gone. There was not one bad nut and all of them are very fresh. I could not find them shelled anywhere but my niece Allison came through with your help and your web site. Thanks again."
-- rose, Hudson, MA
"First of all, the hazelnuts are fresh and have a great flavor! The packaging is exceptional. The delivery time was very fast. Would recommend to anyone wanting to buy nuts, this is the place."
-- Joyce, Independence, Missouri
"Hazelnuts are great! And two-day delivery was phenomenal. As a Swede, I use a lot of hazelnuts but can't find them much here in VA. Now I know where!"
-- Eva, Great Falls, VA
"Thanks for the quick service...Hazelnuts are awesome and fresh!!!"
-- Mary
"We are totally impressed with the service AND the delectable treats we ordered. The filberts are exceptional and well priced. The apricots and the pepitas are superb. We will continue to order from you."
-- Susan, Northport, Maine
"wow--- what a product, and what service! As a first time customer, I am delighted with your company--- I am a discriminating home chef, and your hazelnuts will make their way into buttercream, cookies, ganache, and truffles---- Thank you for an outstanding business----"
-- Bill, Leesburg, VA
"Great delivery time. Delicious hazelnuts in the shell, roasted and coated in dark chocolate! Hazelnuts are hard to find and a favorite. Thank you."
-- jane
"Very happy with our Hazelnuts. The service was tremendous. We ordered on Friday and had them by Monday."
-- Carol, Newington, CT
"Great service tried both the salted and unsalted filberts are excellent, the pepitas are a Christmas gift."
-- Terry, St Clair, Mi
"Dear friends,you are officially adopted now into OUR nutty family. Your hazelnuts are big,sweet and fresh.I am cracking and eating then non-stop.Are they low in fat ?(Don,t answer,I don't want to know.)They are delicious and I will buy more after I finish these 5 pounds.Thank you !!!!!"
-- Ludmila, Port Aransas , Texas
"The hazelnuts arrived exactly when expected. They are larger than I had hoped and are absolutely wonderful. I plan on buying all my nuts from you guys from now on. Thanks, Sally"
-- Sally, Lewiston, Idaho
"I always look forward to getting hazelnuts around the winter holidays, but this year none of the local stores had any. I found some in a healthfood store on a visit to east Texas, but really wanted more! I was delighted to find that you sell raw hazelnuts, and even more delighted to receive them quickly and find out that they are DELICIOUS!!!!"
-- Kellie Snider, Irving, TX
"received the hazelnuts in good shape, called for advice and was very satisfied. Nice company to do business with Ed"
-- ed, bedford, va
"I have been very pleased with my orders! The raw hazelnuts are fresh and delicious and my packages have arrived very quickly. Thank you!"
-- D'Anna, Evergreen, CO
"I ordered hazelnuts on Thursday and received them on Saturday morning. What a surprise when the FedEx man brought them to the door. This is the fasted I have ever received anything I have ordered online. They arrived in perfect condition and they are simply delicious. Thank you for your prompt service and for providing a quality product. I am so glad that I found you."
-- Diane, Marietta, GA

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