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Certified: Organic Gluten-Free Kosher

Our organic cacao powder, also known as cocoa powder, is made from the finest cacao beans and has a decadent and full-bodied chocolate flavor. Enjoy unsweetened cacao powder in hot chocolate, smoothies, and brownies, or top your dessert with an elegant dusting of this fine powder. The savory chocolate taste will take you to chocolate heaven; cacao's health benefits are just the cherry on the top.

What is Cacao Powder?

Our organic cacao powder starts with high quality organic raw cacao beans that are roasted and then ground into a fine paste. The excess cacao butter is then squeezed out of the cacao bean paste and the remaining solid blocks of cacao powder are grated into a fine powder. Our natural processed cacao powder isn't treated with alkali so it has a deep, bitter flavor. It is pure unsweetened cacao powder with no sugar or preservatives. This product is heated during the manufacturing process and is not considered raw, however we have raw organic cacao powder, too!

What Experts Say about Cacao Powder

Dr. Oz from the Doctor Oz Show: "You don't always have to say no to that piece of chocolate! In fact, if you are looking to lower your blood pressure or boost your mood, a bite of dark chocolate or a sip of hot cocoa might be the perfect answer. The cocoa found in some of your favorite desserts contains many super powers that can help improve your health, inside and out."

Health Bits and Bites

1. High Concentration of Antioxidants: Organic cacao powder contains more flavonoids, a type of antioxidant, than any other food. The presence of the high amounts of antioxidants can protect normal cells against damage by free radicals. Furthermore, the phytochemicals in flavonoids may fight diabetes. Did you know that cocoa contains more antioxidants per cup than wine or tea?

Researchers at Cornell University published remarkable findings about the antioxidant concentration of cocoa in the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. They found that a cup of cocoa contains almost twice the antioxidants present in a glass of red wine, up to three times the antioxidants found in a cup of green tea, and five times the concentration of a cup of black tea.

2. Improved Heart Health: According to researchers, regular cacao intake may reduce blood pressure by thinning blood and relaxing blood vessels. The Zutphen Elderly Study (2005) found that flavonoid intake was inversely associated with coronary heart disease, and high systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

3. Mood Booster: There's scientific research that explains why we reach for chocolate when we're feeling down. Cacao stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin, the two chemicals that naturally boost our happiness levels. The presence of the lipid anandamide, also known as the 'bliss chemical,’ further contributes to a euphoric feeling, and, unlike caffeine, is not addictive.

4. Brain Food: Preliminary research from Harvard University, published in the journal Neurology, suggests cocoa may improve cognitive function and the flow of blood to the brain.

5. Magnesium and more: Cacao is one of the richest food sources of magnesium. Although magnesium gets less spotlight than calcium, a proper balance of the two minerals is essential to support healthy bones and teeth. Magnesium also plays an important role in over 300 chemical reactions in the body, protects the heart, maintains healthy blood pressure, increases energy, and controls blood sugar levels. Organic cacao powder is also a natural source of calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and other nutrients.

Customer Reviews

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“Wow my box came so fast, I love you guys, thanks for the great maca and cacao powder I use it everyday in my power juices, and the raw honey in my vegan flax seed banana bread!! Your on my grocery list from now on. ”

, Milwaukeekk, WI - Wisconsin October 6, 2012

“Wow, what a service. Thank you!!”

, Deltona, Florida September 20, 2012

“My order came very fast!!! The UPS man was bringing it to my door and he was laughing and I asked him Why ..he said have you read this box?? I said No this is the 1st time ordering from them..when I read the outside of the box we both started laughing!!! What I got inside was GREAT..all the products were sealed,cute packaging and quality was 5 stars...have passed your website to 7 people so far....thanks”

, Pa September 16, 2012

“Thank you I received the Organic Maca powder and the organic Cacao today. fast shipping. Thank you for the extra.”

, Newtown, CT July 9, 2012

“I have been ordering hemp protein powder and cacao powder about once a month to make my yummie protein shakes every morning! I used to try to buy it locally, but it was always hit or miss and sometimes I would have to run all over the place to find it. With the "NUTS", I know I can always find it and it is always delivered within a couple of days. Thank you!!!!”

, Sterling, VA June 6, 2012

“Super fast delivery! I ordered my stuff and it arrived within two days. And they even included a free sample of raw cacao nibs! Also, the prices are super cheap - everywhere else they charge anywhere between $25-30 for a 16oz pack of raw cacao powder but here I got one pound for only $13! Will definitely be ordering from here again!”

, Boston, MA March 1, 2012

“Great products! Thank you for the added treat~ the goji berries are a nice little treat. I used my last helping of Red Maca yesterday, tried it in a morning smoothie on day one and took away my craving for coffee. Cacao powder is awesome for a chocolatey treat, sweetened with the stevia powder another great smoothie~

, Milwaukee, wi February 29, 2012

“The thing I hate about ordering online is that you have to wait for the goods....... but not with!!! I had read some testimonials that said they received their stuff the next day and I could hardly believe my eyes when my box was sitting out front when I got home from work! Love the hemp powder and cacao. GREAT for smoothies and the almond are YUMMIE!!! Will be ordering again for sure!!!! ”

, Sterling, VA January 28, 2012

“I am blown away by the quick service! So excited, I will purchase from you guys again, I also ordered coconut flour and cacoa. I am very excited about using them, will definitely be back to comment on the quality of the product!! But awesome service, and thanks for my little gift!!! How sweet, I feel so loved!”

, Richmond Hill, New York November 16, 2011

“Just could not ask for better service than this website.... nutsonline! I am so happy that I found you and I love the 1 lb idea! Thank you!”

, NY September 2, 2011

“It has an excellent taste.”

, Trenton, NJ September 5, 2014

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 28g (~1 oz.)
(Approx. 16.2 Servings/Pound)

Amount Per Serving
Calories 120
Calories From Fat 40
Total Fat 4g 6%
Saturated Fat 2g 11%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 6mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 15g 5%
Dietary Fiber 9g 38%
Sugars 0g
Protein 6g
Vitamin A 0% Calcium 5%
Vitamin C 0% Iron 22%


Organic Cacao Powder

Packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and milk products.


Store in a cool dry place for up to 1 year. It is ok to refrigerate.

Country of Origin: Ecuador

ID: 7511

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