Customized Tray Customized Tray

This feature allows you to design your very own custom tray. As you select the tray contents, you will be able to view the layout of your tray.


Movie Tin Assortment Movie Tin Assortment

AND...ACTION! This amazing movie tin assortment is straight out of the movie theater. Packed with all of your favorites. Milk Duds, Chocolate Covered Peanuts (Goobers), Chocolate Covered Raisins (Raisinettes), Chocolate Non Pareils (Snow Caps), Twizzler bites, Swedish Fish, and Sour Patch Kids.


Golden Gift Basket Golden Gift Basket

Want to show someone they are worth their weight in gold? Show them how much you love and appreciate them with this overflowing gift basket.


Royale Gift Box Royale Gift Box

Want to give someone the royal treatment this holiday season? You surely will with this gorgeous royale gift box.


Overflowing with Love Basket Overflowing with Love Basket

This beautiful gift basket is literally overflowing with love! We packed it with so many goodies, they barely all fit in the basket!


Box of Love, Mom Box of Love, Mom

This charming box will show Mom just how much you love her. Inside she will find some really tasty treats.


Sweetheart Box Sweetheart Box

Show someone just how much they mean to you with this gorgeous box of delicious treats.


Large Mixed Nut Sampler Large Mixed Nut Sampler

A large delicious sampling of Jumbo Red and Natural Pistachios, Milk Chocolate Peanuts and Raisins, Jumbo Roasted and Salted Cashews, and Sugar Toasted Peanuts, packed in an over 2 pound plastic reusable container.


Mixed Nut Sampler I Mixed Nut Sampler I

A delicious sampling of Jumbo Cashews- roasted and salted, Honey Roasted Peanuts,Chocolate Covered Cashews, and Chocolate Covered Raisins packed in a clear one pound plastic container.


Gourmet Chocolate Covered Trio Gourmet Chocolate Covered Trio

Wonderfully rich chocolate covered raisins, almonds and cashews come together to create a delicious gift.


Chocolate Supreme Tin Chocolate Supreme Tin

Wanna really make a chocolate lover smile? Try this mouth-watering combination of almonds, pecans, cashews, and raisins, all dipped in our luscious milk chocolate!


Peanut Galore Tray Peanut Galore Tray

Anyone who is nuts about peanuts will go nuts about this tray! Our 6 favorite peanuts items come together for over 2 pounds of peanut heaven in this nutty tray. Roasted salted peanuts,chocolate peanuts, cajun peanuts, sugar peanuts, wasabi peanuts, and butternut peanuts. A little salty, a little sweet, a little spice, and a whole lot of taste!


Almond Galore Tray Almond Galore Tray

This 2 1/4 pound Almond Galore Tray contains our best: Hickory Almonds, Natural Almonds, Roasted Almonds No Salt, Tiramisu Almonds, Chocolate Covered Almonds, and Cocoa Dusted Almonds- a delight for any almond lover.


Sugar Free Tin of Indulgent Treats Sugar Free Tin of Indulgent Treats

Treat that special someone in your life with this decadent tin of sugar free goodies.


Pistachio Galore Tray Pistachio Galore Tray

Pistachios are one of the most popular nuts! Why not give someone a sampling of some of our favorite pistachio items? Inside this tray you will find the best assortment of pistachio nuts you can find.


Premium Gift Basket Premium Gift Basket

This premium gift basket is sure to bring a smile to anyone! Overflowing with our finest snacks.


Chocolate Lovers Dream Tray Chocolate Lovers Dream Tray

A chocolate lovers dream! Just designing this tray was painfully irresistible. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans, milk chocolate coated raisins, sugar coated chocolate hazelnut almonds, deluxe mixed nuts, and jumbo pistachios!


Chocolate Indulgence Tray Chocolate Indulgence Tray

Get your friends, family members, and co-workers in the chocolate spirit with this Chocolate Indulgence special- creamy pastel chocolate covered apricots, milk chocolate covered hazelnuts, dark chocolate covered orange peel, and white chocolate toffee cashews.


Grande Gourmet Basket Grande Gourmet Basket

A grand gesture of thanks for a special person, the Grande Gourmet Gift Basket sends a message of appreciation.


Berry Medley Gift Tin Berry Medley Gift Tin

3 shades of red come together in a wonderful assortment of Pastel Milk Chocolate Covered Dried Strawberries, Dried Bing Cherries, and Dried Cranberries.


Giant Gourmet Gift Basket Giant Gourmet Gift Basket

This giant, Gourmet Gift Basket is a mega-hit, overflowing with our most popular nuts, sweet treats, and gourmet goodies.


Chocolate Valentine Chocolate Valentine

Want to show someone special just how much you care? We promise our Chocolate Valentine tin filled with chocolate and cherry yogurt pretzels will put a huge smile on anyone's face!


Supreme Gift Basket Supreme Gift Basket

For those who reign supreme. A gift basket overflowing with our very favorite treats and sweets.


Apricot Espresso Tray Apricot Espresso Tray

Over 2 1/2 Pounds of dried Turkish Apricots, Mixed Chocolate Espresso Beans, and Dark Chocolate Covered Apricots- a really delightful assortment!


"Just for You" Gift Basket "Just for You" Gift Basket

This is one of our favorite gift baskets. A beautiful hand woven wood basket, overflowing with our favorite snacks. Anyone is sure to love receiving this gift basket!


Valentine's Passion Gift Tin Valentine's Passion Gift Tin

Passion chocolate strawberries, milk chocolate cashews, passion chocolate cherries, and milk chocolate almonds will certainly stir the passion of your Valentine!


Yummy Bucket of Treats Yummy Bucket of Treats

This cute little bucket of sweet treats is perfect for telling someone just how special they are to you.


Box of Love Box of Love

This elegant box makes a perfect gift. Inside is filled with a few of our favorite treats.


Extravagant Mix Tray Extravagant Mix Tray

A delicious combination of our Chocolate Pastel Berry Mix, Coconut Dates, and Roasted and Salted Mixed Nuts, delicately placed in a reusable wicker tray.


Hole in One Gift Basket Hole in One Gift Basket

This gift basket is sure to make that special person feel like they just hit a hole in one!


Bunny's Bucket of Sweets Bunny's Bucket of Sweets

This festive bunny bucket of treats is sure to brighten anyone's Easter. Inside you will find some classic goodies.


Chocolate Covered Delight Circle Chocolate Covered Delight Circle

A sweet mix! Pastel chocolate covered apricots and cranberries, chocolate covered espresso mix, jumbo buttercrunch mix, and powder dusted chocolate almonds make for a really fine gift. Comes in a beautiful round wicker tray.


Chocolate Covered Delight Square Chocolate Covered Delight Square

Pastel chocolate covered apricots and cranberries, chocolate covered espresso mix, jumbo buttercrunch mix, and powder dusted chocolate almonds make for a really fine gift. Comes in a beautiful square wicker tray.


Easter Sweets 'n Treats Basket Easter Sweets 'n Treats Basket

This festive basket is sure to be a hit for Easter or even just to welcome in the Spring season. Inside of this welcoming basket are some really yummy treats.


Indulgent Valentine Indulgent Valentine

This is one of our favorite gifts. Inside this heart designed tub you will find some of our classics.


Springtime Gift Basket Springtime Gift Basket

A beautiful and cute basket with nearly 6 pounds of goodies will bring a big smile to anyone's face!


True Love Box True Love Box

Nothing shows true love like an amazing gift box of goodies.


Yoga Nut Yoga Nut

Our yoga nut mat is the perfect gift for the yoga lover in your life. This mat comes with a pound of yogurt or chocolate-covered pretzels: the perfect afternoon break!


Gourmet Christmas Basket Gourmet Christmas Basket

This super large gourmet Holiday basket is sure to leave a lasting impression, with almost 8 pounds of goodies.


A Very Merry Christmas Basket A Very Merry Christmas Basket

This amazing and overstuffed gift basket will definitely show just how much you want the recipient to have A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Nutty Sled Nutty Sled

This a great gift to help celebrate the holiday season. A beautiful sled filled with delicious goodies.


Box of Winter Wonderland Box of Winter Wonderland

Get in the holiday spirit with this winter wonderland of a present, packed in an awesome snowflake box!