Top Treats for Super Bowl XLVIII

Bagel and Bits Mix Bagel and Bits Mix

Looking for some crunch in your snack? Try this variety of bagel chips, crackers and pretzels! This will surely satisfy your salty and crunchy craving.


Bar Mix Bar Mix

This is the ultimate bar and cocktail mix. The perfect amount blend of spicy, salty and crunchy!


Bucket of Peanuts Bucket of Peanuts

A pound and a half of our fresh roasted peanuts (unsalted) in the shell, delivered in a classic wooden bucket.


Bucket of Pistachios Bucket of Pistachios

A full buckets' worth! 2.5 pounds of our hand selected, natural pistachios, roasted in the shell and lightly salted.


Denver Party Tray Denver Party Tray

Support Denver with this perfect party tray for the Big Game! Buffalo peanuts, Hickory Smoked Almonds, Chocolate Foil Footballs, Ranch Corn Nuts, Chocolate Pretzels and M&Ms!


Garlic Bagel Chips Garlic Bagel Chips

Crispy and crunchy garlic flavored bagel chips. A great snack. You can even use in with dips!


Honey Mustard Pretzel Pieces Honey Mustard Pretzel Pieces

Crunchy hard pretzel chunks covered in a great honey mustard seasoning. This will surely make your taste buds tingle!


Jumbo Roasted Peanuts (In Shell) Jumbo Roasted Peanuts (In Shell)

Roasted daily to inner perfection, these Jumbo Virginia Roasted Peanuts Unsalted will surely be the highest quality and freshest nuts you will have ever tasted. We have been roasting the old fashioned way since 1929.


Customized Tray Customized Tray

This feature allows you to design your very own custom tray. As you select the tray contents, you will be able to view the layout of your tray.


Melting Parmesan Cheese Sticks Melting Parmesan Cheese Sticks

Wow! These twice baked sourdough cheese sticks are absolutely incredible. Made from all natural ingredients, these are packed with flavor from tons of melted parmesan cheese, unsalted creamery butter, and many different herbs and spices. Great for snacking, soups, salads, dipping and so much more.


Mix of Champions Mix of Champions

Inspired by David's back to back Shug Softball Championship teams, this truly is a mix of champions. Perfect for satisfying that inner competitiveness and your taste buds.


Organic Mixed Nuts (Raw, No Shell) Organic Mixed Nuts (Raw, No Shell)

This is one premium mix of nuts! This delectable combination of organic cashews, Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, macadamia nuts, and filberts are sure to please. All raw and all organic!


Seattle Party Tray Seattle Party Tray

Support Seattle with this perfect party tray for the Big Game! Buffalo peanuts, Hickory Smoked Almonds, Chocolate Foil Footballs, Ranch Corn Nuts, Chocolate Pretzels and M&Ms!


Tough Guy Basket Tough Guy Basket

Know someone who thinks they're tough? Show them your support, put them to the test, and see if they can really take the heat.


Twizzlers (Strawberry) Twizzlers (Strawberry)

Twizzlers make mouths happy. Make your own mouth happy with our Strawberry Twizzlers.


Ultimate Peppah Snacker Ultimate Peppah Snacker

Are you ready for the coolest-looking and best-tasting mix EVER? Score a huge hit with this spicy snack, that's sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.


Ultimate Sports Snacker Ultimate Sports Snacker

This makes one amazing gift for any sports enthusiast! We packed this oversized nostalgic sports box full of some of the best snacks to munch on while cheering on your favorite team.