Gift Baskets

"Just for You" Gift Basket "Just for You" Gift Basket

This is one of our favorite gift baskets. A beautiful hand woven wood basket, overflowing with our favorite snacks. Anyone is sure to love receiving this gift basket!


1950's Retro Candy Box 1950's Retro Candy Box

This swell medley of sweets is guaranteed to bring you back to an unforgettable decade where Moms stayed home, girls wore poodle skirts, and boys revved the engines of their Chevys and T-Birds.


1960's Retro Candy Box 1960's Retro Candy Box

This happenin' assortment of candy is sure to bring you back to the sixties, a decade of rebellion, peace, love, and music.


1970's Retro Candy Box 1970's Retro Candy Box

This 'far out' collection of sweets is sure to knock you right off your platform shoes and back into the 70's, a decade where bicycles had banana seats and everyone did the Hustle.


1980's Retro Candy Box 1980's Retro Candy Box

This bodacious mix of candy will totally bring you back to the 80's, a decade of synthesized music, video games and acid washed denim!


A Very Merry Christmas Basket A Very Merry Christmas Basket

This amazing and overstuffed gift basket will definitely show just how much you want the recipient to have A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


All Natural Gift Basket All Natural Gift Basket

This is a great gift basket containing some of best tasting all natural treats.


Apples and Honey Gift Basket Apples and Honey Gift Basket

Apples and honey are the classic way to celebrate and this basket will surely make a sweet new year for your family and friends!


Box of Love Box of Love

This elegant box makes a perfect gift. Inside is filled with a few of our favorite treats.


Box of Love, Mom Box of Love, Mom

This charming box will show Mom just how much you love her. Inside she will find some really tasty treats.


Box of Winter Wonderland Box of Winter Wonderland

Get in the holiday spirit with this winter wonderland of a present, packed in an awesome snowflake box!


Care Package Care Package

This care package is sure to remind a special person just how much they are missed at home. We included some of our favorite treats from when we were younger.


Delectable Organic Gift Basket Delectable Organic Gift Basket

Looking to impress someone with a gourmet gift basket? Do they only eat organic? Try this incredible and delectable organic gift basket.


Extravagant BBQ Gift Basket Extravagant BBQ Gift Basket

Don't be fooled by the picture. This is one AWESOME gift for that barbecue fan in your life. This gift basket is over flowing with that amazing classic BBQ taste.


Giant Gourmet Gift Basket Giant Gourmet Gift Basket

This giant, Gourmet Gift Basket is a mega-hit, overflowing with our most popular nuts, sweet treats, and gourmet goodies.


Golden Gift Basket Golden Gift Basket

Want to show someone they are worth their weight in gold? Show them how much you love and appreciate them with this overflowing gift basket.


Gourmet Christmas Basket Gourmet Christmas Basket

This super large gourmet Holiday basket is sure to leave a lasting impression, with almost 8 pounds of goodies.


Gourmet Pistachio Gift Box Gourmet Pistachio Gift Box

This is the most elegant and tasty gift for a pistachio lover. A beautiful box loaded with an assortment of our pistachios.


Grande Care Package Grande Care Package

This large care package is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. It will definitely remind a special person just how much they are missed at home.


Grande Gourmet Basket Grande Gourmet Basket

A grand gesture of thanks for a special person, the Grande Gourmet Gift Basket sends a message of appreciation.


Hole in One Gift Basket Hole in One Gift Basket

This gift basket is sure to make that special person feel like they just hit a hole in one!


Indulgent Valentine Indulgent Valentine

This is one of our favorite gifts. Inside this heart designed tub you will find some of our classics.


Customized Tray Customized Tray

This feature allows you to design your very own custom tray. As you select the tray contents, you will be able to view the layout of your tray.


Nutty Sled Nutty Sled

This a great gift to help celebrate the holiday season. A beautiful sled filled with delicious goodies.


Organic Bucket of Treats Organic Bucket of Treats

This Organic Bucket of treats is over stuffed with healthy, delicious organic goodies.


Overflowing with Love Basket Overflowing with Love Basket

This beautiful gift basket is literally overflowing with love! We packed it with so many goodies, they barely all fit in the basket!


Premium Gift Basket Premium Gift Basket

This premium gift basket is sure to bring a smile to anyone! Overflowing with our finest snacks.


Royale Gift Box Royale Gift Box

Want to give someone the royal treatment this holiday season? You surely will with this gorgeous royale gift box.


Springtime Gift Basket Springtime Gift Basket

A beautiful and cute basket with nearly 6 pounds of goodies will bring a big smile to anyone's face!


Supreme Gift Basket Supreme Gift Basket

For those who reign supreme. A gift basket overflowing with our very favorite treats and sweets.


Sweetheart Box Sweetheart Box

Show someone just how much they mean to you with this gorgeous box of delicious treats.


Tough Guy Basket Tough Guy Basket

Know someone who thinks they're tough? Show them your support, put them to the test, and see if they can really take the heat.


True Love Box True Love Box

Nothing shows true love like an amazing gift box of goodies.


Ultimate Peppah Snacker Ultimate Peppah Snacker

Are you ready for the coolest-looking and best-tasting mix EVER? Score a huge hit with this spicy snack, that's sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.


Ultimate Sports Snacker Ultimate Sports Snacker

This makes one amazing gift for any sports enthusiast! We packed this oversized nostalgic sports box full of some of the best snacks to munch on while cheering on your favorite team.


You're the Best Gift Basket You're the Best Gift Basket

This gift basket is right up anyone's alley:-) Mixed Nuts, Peanuts, Macadamia Nuts, Cashews, Pistachios, Royal Mix, Strawberries, and Hickory Smoked Almonds.


Yummy Bucket of Treats Yummy Bucket of Treats

This cute little bucket of sweet treats is perfect for telling someone just how special they are to you.