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One of our most delicious dried fruit treats. Strawberries are a fan favorite! Excellent for cereals, muffins, cakes and snacks.

These soft freeze-dried strawberries are so healthy and delicious. We do not add any sweeteners or preservatives. Just the natural sweet taste of fresh strawberries.

Our top selling dried strawberries, just in a baby size!

All natural organic and natural simply strawberries. These organic freeze-dried strawberries are crunchy and an excellent snack or addition to granola.

Whole dried strawberries smothered in smooth and absolutely delicious dark chocolate.

Organic raw strawberry powder(freeze dried) is loaded with flavor , vitamins and nutrients. Packed with vitamin C. Mix 1-2 Tbsp in any drink, smoothie, yogurt, or any food.

All natural strawberries with no added sugars or corn syrup. These great tasting strawberries infused with the natural sweetness of apple juice.

Organic wild strawberries taste great! Grown without any pesticides and contain no added sugars. These thin strawberry slices resemble a fruit leather. Finally, an all natural organic dried strawberry!

Strawberry rhubarb is dried rhubarb infused with natural strawberry flavor. It is absolutely delicious.

These freeze-dried whole strawberries are so healthy and delicious. They are simply strawberries with no added sweeteners or preservatives. Just the natural sweet taste of fresh strawberries.

Get that classic rhubarb strawberry jam taste.

All natural strawberry fruit leathers pack a great sweet taste. The perfect snack when you are on the go.

These moist and delicious whole wheat strawberry bars are delicious. A whole wheat crust filled with a delectable fig filling sweetened with natural strawberry flavoring.

Made with Grandma's secret recipe, this Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam (No Sugar Added) is delicious

Our Strawberry Jam with no sugar added is a healthy delight

Whole strawberries coated in milk chocolate and then covered with pastel strawberry couveture.

The exotic taste of Kiwi with an old favorite, Strawberry, creates an great flavor.

These dried organic strawberries are absolutely perfect. Great texture and even better flavor. Well worth the price. These are certified by CCOF.