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Wholesale Glazed Orange Peel 22 Pound CasesWholesale Glazed Orange Peel
Glazed orange peels are great for baking and snacking!
Wholesale Glazed Orange Peel (Diced) 30 Pound CasesWholesale Glazed Orange Peel (Diced)
Glazed diced orange peel- perfect for baking.
Wholesale Glazed Lemon Peel (Diced) 30 Pound CasesWholesale Glazed Lemon Peel (Diced)
Glazed lemon peel (diced)
Wholesale Glazed Red Cherries 30 Pound CasesWholesale Glazed Red Cherries
Glazed red cherries are used for fruit cakes and decorations. It is very moist and sugary.
Wholesale Glazed Mixed Peel 30 Pound CasesWholesale Glazed Mixed Peel
Glazed Mixed Peel is a diced combination of orange peel, citron peel, lemon peel, cherries, and pineapple. Ideal for fruit cakes.
Wholesale Glazed Pineapple Wedges 30 Pound CasesWholesale Glazed Pineapple Wedges
Glazed pineapple wedges are used for fruit cakes as well as cake decorations.
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"These were the freshest nuts and fruit, delivered promply..packaged nicely.. I for sure will be a repeat customer.. Can't wait to start of the yearly fruit cake for the family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.. Mary C"
"Ordering my glazed fruits for cake from "Nutsonline" was a pleasant experience for me. They filled the order promptly, and sent the package same day. The items are of high quality, and the price is very reasonable. Siva"
"I ordered a bunch of nuts, raisins, and glazed fruit from you, and I have to tell you, the quality is outstanding. Everything is very fresh and there?s not a hint of sugaring in the glazed fruit. I?m telling everyone I know!"
-- Jacquelyn, Imperial Beach, CA
"Thanks a million! As promised, I got my order the next day (Nov. 18). I am impressed with your constant contact regarding the status of my order and your prompt response to my e-mail. I am most impressed and satisfied with the quality of the glazed fruit I ordered. It is very fresh and more than I expected by ordering online. I usually have a very hard time finding fruit for my annual fruit cakes. I often must go from store to store and still not get the quality I want! Now, I will never have to do that!! NutsOnline, you're a savior!!"
-- Delores, Silver Spring, Maryland
"The glazed fruit I ordered are the best I've ever gotten from a US supplier, and the dried apricots are so plump and fresh! This was my first order, but it definitely will not be my last! Super-fast shipping, too. I'm VERY glad I found NutsOnline."
-- Louise, White Haven, PA
"I'm emailing for my mom Elizabeth M. She ordered glazed fruit from your company this year (first time) and we made our fruitcakes yesterday (11/26/06). This has been our tradition for over 20 years. The glazed fruit she received this year was great. It was very moist and really made a difference in our cakes."
-- Cheryl, Grovetown, GA
"WOW !!! I just accepted delivery of my order and what a pleasant surprise! Not only did I get prompt delivery, but I also received products that are far superior compared to what's available locally. I am confident that with your ingredients and my recipe, this years holiday fruitcakes are going to be a home run with my family and friends!. Thank you, Dino Rossi"
-- Dino V Rossi, Bronx, NY
"Couldn't believe how quickly I received my order. The candied cherries and candied fruit mix were the best I've ever used for my cookies.Great prices also!!"
-- Lois, Holmdel
"I received my fruit today and I am thrilled with it. Since I can only purchase this fruit around the holidays I am excited to find a place where I can order it online. I like to have my fruit cake on hand all the time and now I will be able to make it year round. Thank you for the great service."
-- Jenny Cole, Snoqualmie, WA
"Thanks for providing quality products at reasonable prices. I couldn't get the glazed cherries at the supermarket, they told me they only sell around Christmas time. Now I can bake cakes all year round."
-- gill, Seattle, WA
"I try to make German Stollen during the holidays, and I did get it made last Christmas. My Mom and Dad are in an assisted living facility and have been asking for more. I tried to explain that the candied fruit was a seasonal thing and I couldn't get it. I looked on line and there you were. I received the candied fruit today, and will get the stollen made in the next couple of days. They will be so happy."
-- Sandra, Hillsboro, OR
"Received my order to-day, thanks guys a really great service, my wife is over the moon now she can get her traditional Scottish christmas fruit cake made and stored away as is the custom. thanks again we now know where to look and depend on!!!"
-- alexander, ottawa, ontario/canada
"I probably am the only person left who bakes my own fruit cakes. Over the weekend I used the fruits and nuts for my family recipe. I cannot tell you how surprised I was at the quality of the fruits. It has become very difficult to find good glazed, sugared fruit (the reason comedians joke about fruit cake is that most people use cheap raisins and citron in theirs). I am waiting for my family's response when we eat these during the Christmas season. Please keep me on your list. I will be back."
-- Rebecca, Omaha, NE
"WOW! Just put up my holiday fruitcakes. Your glaceed fruits and nuts were beautiful! Can't wait until the cakes mature. Also, those MUTANT raisins...glad I bought more than I needed. I'll have to hide them from my teenager! Thanks, and will definitely purchase from you again soon!"
-- Michele, saddle river, nj
"I found your website while doing a search of places from which to order candied fruits and nuts, and after reading your BBB rating decided to take a chance! I placed a huge order of glazed fruit, as well as dates, figs, raisins and currants so as to make a batch of fruit cakes for the first time in years. The items arrived three days after they were ordered, just in time for me to spend Sunday, November 23rd in fruit cake baking. I was so floored when I saw the condition of your products: how plump they were and fresh appearing, some of the best quality ingredients I have ever used in my baking. As a matter of fact, I was so pleased with the 2 tube pan size cakes and 4 loaf pan size cakes all of this produced that I've decided to go for more this coming weekend. I'm placing a second order right now! I have already let others know about your company, and I'm sure that as Christmas approaches, I'll be using you again. All I can add is that if the products you ship to our troops are even half as wonderful as the ones I used in my kitchen, they are in for a great treat. Thanks for your products, your excellent service and I look forward to many years of future dealings!"
-- Tina, Louisville, KY
"We bought the candied fruit to make fruit cake, something we do every 3 or 4 years (It lasts that long). Your products look great and I am sure the fruit cake will be as good as ever. However, it will take more than a month before we taste it. The one item we need that we can't get locally, and that you don't offer is seeded (muscat) raisins. Could you consider adding them to your list? You could then be one stop shopping for fruit cake."
-- Neal, Ann Arbor, MI
"For years I trekked into Pittsburgh to a hole-in-the-wall confectioner's shop to purchase glazed fruit for my extraordinary white fruitcake--knowing that the quality of the fruit was far above that I could purchase at local grocery chains. When I arrived at the shop this year I found to my consternation that it had closed . . . leading me to you. To my good fortune, your product is superior to that I purchased for years. Thanks."
-- Kathy, Washington, PA
"Wow! The candied cherries were at my front door less than 24 hours from when I placed my internet order! We had spent hours the week before Christmas and visited 7 food stores but were unable to find this necessary ingredient for the family butter cookie recipe. Your Cherries were consideratly moister and exceptional! Your price is the same I always paid for inferrior cherries. Your overnight FEDEX shipping special for the same price as 3-5 day ground shipping was a bonus! I will now be a loyal customer....hmmm...I plan on checking out your site for other finds!"
-- Maureen, Springfield, PA
"Each time I have ordered from NOL, It is delivered almost the next day...and everything is top-notch. It's great to be able to get the glazed cherries to make fruitcake any season of the year."
-- Marj., Farmington Hills, Mich.
"The candied fruit I ordered from Nuts Online came incredibly quickly and was wonderful quality. So good, I ordered another batch."
-- Ella, Memphis, TN
"I could not have been more excited when the candied cherries arrived. I tasted them immediately. Never have I had any that would compare with yours. They were absolutely delicious."
-- Joyce, Greenville, SC
"Just as promised, I received my order on Wednesday, Feb. 11 . Over half of the first fruitcake made with your fruit has been devoured ! It is by far the best fruit that we have ever used . The fruit is soft and moist, which greatly enhances the texture of the cake . Thank you for giving us an unlimited, any time of year supply line for one of our favorite treats ."
-- Roy, Pineville, Kentucky
"I ordered the glazed/dried fruits because I can't find them in the supermarkets until around harvest time. They're the best fruits I've found...moist, tender and tasty! I've just made a white and a dark fruitcake for the Kentucky State Fair competition, and am hoping that they'll win first prize. They're beautiful!"
-- Terri, Jeffersontown, KY
"Despite the hot summer weather, thanks to Nuts Online's special packing, my chocolate arrived in perfect shape! And the fruit for my fruit cakes is top quality."
-- Jena, CA
"As usual, the product arrived the day after I ordered them. But much more importantly than speed, is how they taste. For years, we were able to procure excellent product outside of Philadelphia in bulk. After moving to NW New Jersey, it was too much of a hike to plan a trip there. (We make at least 150 pounds of fruit cake every year...and NO, we don't sell it; we use them for gifts, and for our own eating pleasure)! :0) However, some how we found nuts on line when looking for organic items. We tried your glazed fruit, and other items, and we found that your glazed fruit was EVEN BETTER than what we had purchased outside of Philadelphia. And last year, people were telling us that our fruit cakes tasted better than ever before! SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! You're the best, Nuts-On-Line. And...thank you so very much for being available to bakers such as we. Neil and Bob Criste-Troutman"
-- Neil, Washington, NJ
"your dried and glazed fruit is so fresh and delivery is so quick i do appreciate doing business with you for 3 years now. Thank you N.P."
-- Nancy, The Woodlands, Texas

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